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Oct. 11, 1938.
Filed oct. 9, 1929l
. Y
2 Sheets-Sheet4 1>
mmf Mrz;
Oct. 1l, 1938.
2, 133,084
Filed Oct. 9, 1929
2 Sheets-Sheet 2
Patented Oct. 11, 1938
i 2,133,084
Ernest W. Davis, Oak Park, Ill., assignor '-to Ále
`mite Corporation, Chicago, Ill., a corporation of Y '
Y "Application October 9, 1929, `»Serial No. 398,322
(Cl. 184-29)»`
22 claims,>
tightening ofthe reservoir in the body without
chipping the upper edge of the reservoir.
- My invention relates generally `to centralized
lubricating ‘systems and apparatus therefor and
more particularly to» an automatic'pumpior'isuch . Y,
A plunger type lubricant pump 22 is mounted
.adjacent ` the bottom of the reservoir upon a
It is an object of my invention to Vprovide anew ' `tubular support 24 screw threaded into an aper
and improved fluid-operatedk pump for -lubricat-._Y ture 26 _in the lower portion of the body I0.
» .The pump generally includes- a screen 28, a
It' .is an Vobject of my invention> to >provide in
an automobile an improved centralized lubricat
cylinder block 30 having inlet'ports 32 and a
cylindrical bore 34, a plunger 36, _an outlet check
ingzsystem wherein the air suctionin the intake
valve 38,-and-a conduit 40 leadingv up, into a suit
manifold of the automobilefengine isrutilizred as - able .coupling bushing 42 mounted in the lower
part 44 of'body l0. y, A passageway 46 formed in
fa source of power for'operating'the system. " ‘
' the body lllextends from Ibushing 42 outwardly
, 1 It is a further Vobjectof -my inventionto pro,- "
>through aY boss ,48j to which, 'in the illustrated
embodiment of my invention, a suitable conduit 15
Y5l)> is kconnected leading to thevarious `bearings
vide a new and improved type of combined spring
>and suction operated pump.
-‘ YIt is a further object` of my inventionto `pro
vide a manual control for starting the'opera'tion` `(not shown) `tobe lubricated. l
Thek mechanism 'for operating the above
of the pump and an automatic stopping device.
It is a further object of my invention to provide mentioned pumpV will now be described. 5 The
4a pump that will operate only vwhen the engine ~ , upper portion of body I0 is formed with> a cylin 20
~ drical vbore >52 and an >inverted'cup 54 is pressed
automobile is running. ,
A further `object is to provide in a lubricating ' into ,placethe?ein to forman air-tight chamber
y system of the above-mentioned type'a- pump 56; An operatingpiston 51 is mounted in this
which cannot >be shut oil.’ until‘the lubricating chamber andcomprises generally a cup leather
of 'the
5B a- faceplate 60~and a backing plate 62. The
back plate 62 has an upturned flange 66 adapted ‘
A further object of my invention is to provide
a pump installation _for a lubricating system that
to >seat a’compression spring 68 placed between
is simple in construction, durable, and >which , it and the roof of chamber`56.` _Piston 51 is se
may beccheaply manufactured and easilyin , cured to a reduced portion 10 ofv a connecting rod
. 12 in any suitable manner,` as, for example, by
lupsetting `the end, as shownV on the drawings at
» `Other objects and advantages will appear more
iully- from the following description, reference, 12’. Operating rod 12 extends down through the
being` had to the, accompanying drawings, VKin -tubular pump support'24 and is universally con
nected rat its lower end tothe upperv end of pump
Fig. 1 isa somewhat 'diagrammatic view of my _plunger 36 Vand thus serves to connect the piston
improved -pumpinstallatiom the oilV reservoir , v1with lthe`¿_pump-plunger. A 'valve 14 overlies a
and» associated parts being shown` in: crosse ` »port'ì16 ini the roof of‘chamber 56'directly above
.the head12’iof operating rod 12, and valve 14 is
the linev 2-2
i lf'ligplVv Y Vnormally heldspaced slightly away from port 16
anclshows the control Vknob mounted on the dash ` by spring-15. ï To insure an airtight seal vvalve .
¿'14 yis provided with a felt washer 18,v which ñts
Yof an> automobile; and
‘ '
Fig.v 3 isa vertical `sectional »view through` they.; over a valve guide stem 19 extending downwardly
Fig. 2 isa view taken on
section motor control-mechanism'taken on V'theV '
into chamber `56.
V, Chamber.’56~`contains§an`inlet port 8|) com
municating through >suitable passageway's 80a,
; ¿ In the drawings, the pump >comprisesa body I0
which` is preferably rajdie casting Vand ¿may be`
80h and 88o, in> thebody’ll) with a suitable cou
supported upon brackets »bolted to the frame or
any other suitable partof the vehicleto’ be lubri
pling V_i:»ushing .82 threaded in a boss 84. A con
yduitilûfleads fromthisfbushing to av remote con
trol mechanism Vmounted for convenience upon
Thebody llll hasan externally.- threaded up
. Vthe dashboardßß of an automobile. `
wardly vpro_1`ecti11,°,'~flange l2fto which- air cover I4 , v
is «normally secured and an_ internally 'threaded
=The control mechanism -isjprovided with a
`housing 98 which,A is fastened tothe dashboard
annular downwardly projecting Yflange |,6'to re-V y ßßìbybolts 92. i The bolts pass through a ilange
ceive a glass reservoir I8, agasketdZll beingintei’ , 98' of vthe housing body, the dashboard and an
posed to vprovidea seal and also to `allovirla indicating-dial `or <panel >Sill' mounted insidev the
driving compartment of the automobile (as shown device may be operated either when the vehicle
is being driven or when the vehicle is parked.
most clearly in Fig. 2).
Conduit 86 is connected to housing 90 by a _As the greatest suction in an intake manifold is
coupling bushing 96 and communicates with the obtainable when the engine of the automobile
chamber |00 in the housing 90 by means of the is “idling” it may sometimes be advantageous te
passageway 93. A flexible disc diaphragm |0| is operate the pump when the automobile is not
mounted at its edge upon a flanged cup-shaped being driven. It will further be apparent that
portion |533 of housing 90, being in direct com
the number of strokes of the pump may be regu- ,
munication with the chamber |00 through the , lated by enlarging or decreasing the size of the
openings |02. A pawl |04 is pivotally mounted ratchet wheel in the control.
My invention is capable of wide variation with
on a bracket |06 attached to the center of the
diaphragm, and engages a ratchet wheel |08 in equivalent limits and I contemplate such vari
ation as may
desirable or useful in the par
which has a tooth removed as indicated at H0.
Ratchet wheel |98 is secured to rod ||2 which ticular adaptation of the invention shown, or in
is journaled in the reduced portion||4 of the its Vadaptation to other apparatus. I do not
housing 90 and extends through the dashboard 88 restrict myself in Vany unessential particulars,
and indi-:ating panel 94, and at its end carries a . but what I claim and desire to secure
Patent is:
pointer i6 and a control knob IIB. The indi
.1. A Vpump and reservoir unit for centralized
eating panel may have the Words “Finish” and
“Start” printed .thereonl for a purpose herein
after described.
`lubricating systems including a reservoir, a pump 20
and conduit lines in Connection therewith, a
A coiled spring |20 is interposed between Wall
vacuum operated motor for operating said pump,
Y |22 and the ratchet wheei |03 and normaliy tends
to press the ratchet wheel against the opposite
manually operable starting means and means for
wall |24 of the housing 90.
The ratchet wheel
|08 is provided with four flat arms extending
radially from its hub, one of which has a widened
portion |26 that overlies a port or opening |28
, vin the rear wall |211 of the housing 90. Qpening
30 |28 communicates with a suitable coupling bush
ing |30 screw threaded >into a boss |32 on the
housing 90. vA conduit
leads from this bush
automatically stopping said motor after a pre
determined' plurality of operations thereof.
pump and reservoir unit for centralized
lubricating systems including a reservoir, a pump
rand conduit lines, in connection therewith, a
vacuum operated motor for operating said pump,
manually operable starting means and dia 30
phragm operated means for- stopping said motor.
_ 3. A pump and reservoir unit for centralized
ing to any convenient part of the intake manifold , lubricating Vsystems including a reservoir, a pump
|38 of the engine, being connected thereto by
and conduit lines in connection therewith, a
the coupling bushing |36.
vacuum operated motor for operating said pump, 35
manually operable starting means and pawl and
ratchetïoperated means for stopping said motor.
'Y When it is desiredto have the device operate,V
. assuming that the engine of the automobile is
running’the operator will turn the control knob
H8 clockwise until the indicator has moved from
40 “Finish”ï`to “Start”
Through the medium of
operating rod i|2 the ratchet wheel |08 will be
rotated clockwise (Fig. 3) until’v port |28 is un
covered, vand the ñrst tooth onratchet wheel |08
will bey engaged'by pawl „ |04.Y When .this port is
45 uncovered the intake manifold Will be in com
munication with chamber 5B, valve '|l|Y will close
port'lâ vand the pressure in chamber 56 will be
reduced. The partial vacuum thus created in
„the chamber 56 will cause piston 51 to rise, re
4. A pump and reservoir unit for centralized
lubricating systems including a cylindrical lubri
cant, acap‘member for said reservoir, a plunger 40
pump secured to said cap member and located
adjacent» the bottom of said reservoir, and vac
uum operated means mounted in the upper part
of Ysaid cap for 'actuating said pump.
55A pump and reservoir unit for centralized 45
lubricating systems, including a body„a reservoir
depending therefrom, a plunger pump secured
within vsaid reservoir, and vacuum operated
means mounted within the upper part of said
ducing the size of the chamber and compressing
spring 68 until the endy 12’ of the piston rod
strikes the end of valvestem 19, opening port 16.
body for actuating said pump, said means in- I
cluding Va cylinder, a piston- therein, a valve as
The spring ‘l5 will open the valve 'I4 quickly, al
lowing the chamber 56 to fill’rapidly with air
for restoring said piston to normal position. ,
6. In a lubricating system, the combination of a
and permit the spring 08' to expand moving piston
5l’ downwardly and through rod 12J operate the
suction operated lubricating pump and a cham
ber communicating through a passage with said
sociated with said'cylinder,`and a return spring
>plunger ofi the pump ’in the reservoir. ~ When ' pump, a suction conduit having an inlet com
piston 5l. vstops against the end of `tube '24, _the
valve, 'I4 will close and due tofthecontinuous
suction. from the,~_manifold the operation will be
The operation above described results in a pul
sating pressurein conduit 86 and causes a. recip
rocating movement ofthe central portion ofthe
municating with ysaid chamber, and a control de
vice serving as valve means normally to'close said
inlet, said control device including a ratchet
mechanism normally held against movement and
adapted to be manually shifted to uncovery said
iniet for establishing a communication Vbetween
the pump and said inlet.
V,diaphragm |0| andv ratchet pawl |04 attached
"i. In an automobile» lubricating system, the
thereto. kPrawl |04 rotates ratchet wheel >|08 step
’ combination of a suction operated lubricating
by stepv through a complete revolutie-n until the
mutilatedportion ||0 is returned toritsoriginal
pump, a chamber communicating through a pas
sage with said pump, a suction conduit havingan
position.y At thisopoint the indicator .H6 will
`point to theword f‘Finish” on 4dial 94 anden
inlet communicating _with said chamber, and a `
Vcontrol device serving as valve means normally to
larged'portion |26 or" the ratchet wheel arm will
close said inlet, said control deviceV being adapted
have covered inlet port |28, thus shutting 01T suc
' tion from the manifold and stopping the opera
tion of the lubricating pump.
` yFrom the above it will readily be seen' that the
to be operated by a control knob mounted inside
thedash o'i‘the automobile’and including a ratchet
mechanism normallyheld against> movement and
adapted to bemanually shifted to uncover said is
aragón „
¿niet fer establishing"cqmmúniçnmgjbattaglia@ ‘ Linder,Í a v'valveY overlying saidv port having a stem
rextt-inding'Sinto said cylinder, a compression spring
pump and said suction ,c_onduit,
l, y8. In a'lubricating system, hefcoriibinatiónïoff surrounding said stem and engaging said piston,
a suction operated lubricatingpuîmpfa >chamber ‘ an'airexhaustport connected to asource of vac- ,
Vcommunicating throughVK a> >passageywith ~said _ uum, and remote control means for starting and
pump, a suction Vconduit havingfan'inlet com ‘stopping the'operation ` oi said lpux'np).
14. A pump and reservoir- system' for lcentralized
municating with said chamber, land-anïinletvalve
'control device within said "chamben'fsaiddcontrdl ‘lubricating systems, including an oil reservoir, a
device including a suction actuated ’pawlfmecha . ‘plunger’l 'pump' secured therein, vacuum impelled
nism, and a ratchetwheel'normally held against >means for operating Ysaid pump, rsaid means in
movement and adapted to be advancedîfbyçsaid ‘ cluding a body containing a cylinder, said> cylin
pawl mechanism to cover saidy .Linktip rtfaftßïì? ' 'zd'er provided with a vacuumïport andan air'inlet
lportj'a- valve member adapted to'close said air
>predetermined period. ~`
9. In a lubricating*system’,ferf‘jautomotiveîjve- " inlety port _and havinga stem extending into said
hicles having a Asuction operatedv lubricating` cylinder, a pistonreciprocably mounted in said
pump, a control device for said f'pump 'including a >>cylinder and a returnspring for said piston said
ratchet mechanism forjccntrollingrthe inlet öf‘a piston being 'adapted-'to engage said ¿valve stem at
suction supply line, and means for‘actuating -the ' 'the top,v of its stroke to ‘unseatsaid'valve member.
ratchet mechanism Ato uncover said inlet- to place
20 the supply line ‘in'communication with said pump. Y
l0. In a lubricating system for automotive ve
hicles having a suction operated lubricating
pump, a control device for said pump including’a
„ l5. _A;pumpandreservo'ir system lfor centralized
'lubricating systems, including> an oil reservoir, ja
plunger pump secured therein, vacuum impelled
Y means for operatingfsaid pump, said means com
prising a Vbody containing a cylinder ~ provided
ratchet mechanism for controllingthe inlet of a . with a vacuum port and an air inlet port, a valve
25 suction supply line and means including a dia.
member adapted to close said air inlet port hav
phragm operated pawl for advancing said ratchet ' ing astem extending into said cylinder, a, piston
mechanism step by step through a cycle of opera- ‘ and return spring in said cylinder, said piston
tions to close said inlet after a predetermined `> adapted to engage said valve stem at the top of l
11. In control mechanism for a‘suctionoper
ated lubricating pump, a chamber, a flexible dia-`
phragm mounted therein, a suction inlet in said
chamber, a pawl operably connected to Vsaid dia
phragm, a ratchet'wheel cooperating with ’said
35 pawl, a portion of said ratchet wheel being adapt
its stroke to unseat said Vvalve member, and a
compression spring for accelerating theA opening 30
of said valve.
16. In lubricating apparatus, a vacuum oper
ated pump and reservoir installation comprising
a combined cap and body member, an oil reser
voir secured thereto, a suction chamber in the 35
upper part vof said body, a movable wall therein,
a spring for urging said wall in one direction, a
ed to overlie said suction inlet, an outlet lconduit
communicating With said chamber and with said
suction motor, and manually operable means for plunger stemj extending downwardly from said
rotating said ratchet wheel touncover said linlet wall into said reservoir, apump plunger secured
whereby suction is permitted to communi ‘to said stem, a pump body positioned near the
cate with said motor for operating sameand set- ' lower end of said reservoir, >said plunger extend
ting up a pulsation in Ysaidy chamber causing said ing therein, an oil inlet in said pump body,
diaphragm to vibrate and operate >saidfpawl and Y and- an oil filtering means between' said inlet and>
ratchet mechanism to cover the rsuction "inlet,-_
the oil insaid reservoir.
17. In lubricating apparatus, a combined vac
uum >operated pump and reservoir installation in
cluding’ a glass oil receptacle,V a cap therefor, a
depending therefrom, aïplunger pump secured to
pressure chamber in the upper part of said cap,
45 thereby stopping said motor.
12. A pump and reservoir unit for
lubricating systems, including a body,` a reservoir
said body and located adjacentthe bottom of said
50 reservoir, suction operated means mounted with- `
in said body for actuating said pump, said meansV
including a cylinder, a piston therein, a valve
means to connect said chamber to a sub-atmos
pheric pressure source, a movable Wall in said
chamber, a'plunger stem extending downwardly
from said ¿movable wall, a plunger universally
associated with said cylinder, and a return spring connected thereto, a cylinder supported from said
for restoring said piston to normal position, and a cap in which said plunger reciprocates, an oil
filter secured to said cylinder, and an oil conduit 55
55 control mechanism for saidsuction pump includ-V extending from said cylinder` through said cap
ing a chamber, a suction inlet therein, a flexible
diaphragm, a pawl operably connected to said dia-Y for thepassageof lubricant under pressure.
phragm, a ratchet wheel'cooperating with VVsaid . ‘ 18. linr lubricating apparatus, a combined vac
pawl, a portion of said ratchet wheel adapted to A uum operated pump and reservoir installation
including a glass oil receptacle, aV cap for the top 60
60 overlie said suction inlet, an outlet conduit ccm
a pressure chamber in the upper part of
municating with said suction chamber and with
said suction motor, and manually operable'means r said cap,l a movable4 Wall therein, a ‘spring for
for rotating said ratchet wheel to uncover _the in-.l normally urging said movable wall in one direc
let port to allow said motor to operate. Y .
13. A unitary pump and‘reservoir installation
for a lubricating systemY including a body, a
ì reservoir attached thereto,fa plunger pump se
cured to said body in communication with said
reservoir, suction operated means mounted with
70 in saidbody for actuating said pump, Ysaid means
including'a cylindrical borein the top of «said
' tion, a plunger stem extending downwardly from
said movable wall, a plunger universally vcon 65
nected 1thereto,_a cylinder supported from said
-cap in which said plungerreciprocates, an oil
iil'ter secured to said cylinder, and an oil conduit
extending froml said cylinder through said cap
for therpassageof lubricant under pressure.
19. Afpump. and reservoir unit for centralized
body, an inverted cap pressed into said bore form Y lubricating systems including a body, a lubricant
ing a cylinder, a return spring and >piston mount- ,i reservoirfdepending therefrom, a plunger pump
ed therein, said piston connected to> the plunger
75 pump, a valve port in Vthe upper wall'oi said cyl,-V
secured to said body within said reservoir, vac
uum operatedmeans mounted in the upper part 75
of said body for actuating said -pumpïÀ-fa rotatable said motor manually openable to initiate the op
control -Valve associated with said motor manually eration of said motor, and -means cooperating
openable to initiate the operation oi”> said motor l«With'said valve for rotating the same a prede
and automatic means for rotating said valve to
Yclose the same.
20. A pump and reservoir unit for centralized
lubricating systems including a body, a reservoir
detachably secured thereto, apump secured to
wsaid body Within said reservoir, anfoil ñlter asso
ciated with said pump, a vacuum operated motor
mounted in the upper part of said body for ac
tuating said pump, a control valve for said vac
` uum motor, and means for manipulating said
Valve vto initiate the operation of said motor for
a'plurality of operating cycles.v
v21. A pump and reservoir unit `for centralized
lubricating systems including a reservoinapump
and conduit lines in connection therewith, a vac
uum operatedy motor for actuatingsaid- pump, a
rotatable Valve for Acontrolling the operation of
termined `degree and to- close the valve after a
pluralityof operating cycles of the motor have
been completed.
Y 22. In a lubricator for a centralized lubricat
ing system a source of pressure, a unit compris
ing a pump, a lubricant reservoir rand a motor
for operating said pump, a conduit disposed be
tweensaid motor and said pressure source, a
Valve in said conduit manually openable to put
said source in pneumatic `communication with
said motor to actuate the same, said motor adapt
ed to lcreate pressure pulsations in said conduit,
andrrmeans operable to close said valve after a
predetermined number of pulsations in said con
duit for stopping said motor.
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