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Get. 11, 1938. ‘
Filed Aug- 13, 1937
ytlr i
Anthony J. Latrecqg
I \ His Attowmn ey.
Patented Oct. 11, 1938
Anthony J. Larrecq, Beach Bluff, Mass., assignor
to General Electric Company, a corporation of
New York
Application August 13, 1937, Serial No. 158,925
1 Claim.
(Cl. 220-—75)
The present invention relates to ?anged joints,
that is, to arrangements for securing two ele
ments such as conduits or turbine casing portions
together by means of ?anges forming parts of
5 such elements and a plurality of bolts disposed
in openings of the ?anges. At times when the
conduits or casings are subjected to considerable
stresses, as for instance in an elastic ?uid turbine
subjected to high pressures and temperatures,
10 it becomes necessary to fasten together the
?anges by as many bolts as possible. In the
ordinary bolted ?ange arrangement the number
of bolts which may be provided is limited by the
diameter or maximum width of the nuts and
15 heads of such bolts.
The object of my invention is to provide an
improved ?anged joint arrangement in which
the aforementioned limitation as to the spacing
of adjacent bolts is overcome so that the spacing
20 of adjacent bolts may be reduced to a minimum.
For a consideration of what I believe to be
novel and my invention, attention is directed to
the following description and the claim ap
pended thereto in connection with the accom
25 panying drawing.
In the drawing, Fig. 1 illustrates a sectional
view of a ?anged joint embodying my invention;
Fig. 2 is a section along the line 2-—2 of Fig. 1;
and Fig. 3 is a perspective view of a nut or head
30 and a locking member forming part of Fig. 1.
The ?anged joint shown by way of example
shows a part of an elastic ?uid turbine casing
having a lower portion I0 with a ?ange || secured
to an upper portion l2 with a ?ange |3 by means
5 ofaplurality of bolts l4, |5, |6, ll and I8. Each
bolt has a head l9 and a nut 20. The heads IS
in the present instance are screw-threaded to the
frictional resistance between these locking mem
bers and the adjacent walls of the recesses or by
pressure exerted by the nuts of adjacent bolts.
‘Thus, nut 20 of the bolt l4 exerts a pressure
onto the locking member 23 pertaining to the 5
head IQ of the bolt I5.
The assembly of the arrangement may be ac
complished in several ways. For example, after
assembly of the bolt l4 and its nut and locking
member the bolt l5 and its nut and locking mem- 1O
ber are inserted whereupon the nut for the bolt
I4 is tightened. Thereafter the head and look
ing member for bolt I6 is inserted and the nut for
bolt l5 tightened.
The dismantling of the ?anged joint arrange- 15
ment is preferably accomplished by ?rst remov
ing the nuts and the bolts and thereupon forcing
the bolts through the openings in the ?anges.
Thus, with my invention I have accomplished an
improved construction and arrangement of 20
?anged joints or bolted ?anges whereby the
number of bolts which may be provided is con
siderably increased and a safe and secure connec
tion of the ?anges thereby attained.
Summarizing, a ?anged joint according to my 25
invention comprises a ?rst and a second ?anged
member which are connected together by a plu
rality of ?rst and second bolts having heads and
nuts. The ?rst and second bolts alternate with
each other and the heads of the ?rst bolts are
disposed within recesses in the ?rst ?anged mem- 30
her so that the nuts of the ?rst bolts overlap the
recesses and the heads of the second bolts located
in said recesses. Likewise, the nuts of the second
bolts overlap the recesses and the heads of the
?rst bolts.
Having described the method of operation of
bolts proper and disposed within recesses 2| and . my invention, together with the apparatus which
,22 in the upper and lower ?ange respectively. I now consider to represent the best embodiment
40 Each head 2| is prevented from rotation by the thereof, I desire to have it understood that the 40
provision of a locking member 23 in the present apparatus shown is only illustrative and that the
invention may be carried out by other means.
, instance shown in the form of a separate disk
‘with a rib 24 disposed in a slot 25 in the head.
In the drawing the heads for the bolts l4, l6 and
5 )18 are disposed in recesses 2| in the upper ?ange
l3 while the heads for the bolts l5, l1 are dis
‘posed in recesses 22 in the lower ?ange II or,
from another viewpoint, the heads of adjacent
bolts are disposed in recesses in the upper and
50 lower ?ange respectively.
Thus, bolt I5 has its
head disposed in a recess in the lower ?ange,
whereas bolts I4 and I6 which are adjacent to
the bolt l5 have their ends disposed in recesses
in the upper ?ange I3. The nuts 20 and the
55 .heads I9 of adjacent bolts overlap each other as
regards their spacing. The locking members 23
may be prevented from rotation either by the
What I claim as new and desire to secure by
Letters Patent of the United States, is:—
Flanged joint comprising a ?rst and a second
?anged member, ?rst and second bolts with heads
and nuts securing the ?anges together, each ?rst
bolt being located intermediate two second bolts,
recesses in the ?rst ?anged member for receiving
the heads of the ?rst bolts and recesses in the 50
second ?anged member for receiving the heads
of the second bolts, the heads being screw
threaded to the bolts, a locking member for each
bolt forced into the recess by the nuts of adjacent
bOltS. '
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