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Oct. 11,, 1938. >
_ 2,133,231
FiledOct. 19',_19sa
7 Map H-L/éjer
Patented Oct. 11, 1938 _
' 2,133,231
mz'rnon or momma METAL
Nathan H. Schermer, Detroit, Mich.
Application October 19, 1933, Serial No. 106,365
1 Claim. (01. 148-8)
This invention relates to the pickling of metals,
moval usuallygrequiring prolonged pickling re
but has reference more particularly to a novel sulting in considerable loss of metal and over
method of pickling metals in the form of sheets ‘ pickiing. In demonstrating my method in a
and strip.
simple beaker, two pieces of scaled metal are
A primary object of the invention is to provide immersed in the pickling solution, one being =
?exed while so immersed and the other left in
a method of pickling metals wherein a more
thorough pickling or cleaning is effected than is tact. The piece which is ?exed becomes pickled
possible in the usual methods of pickling, and in
a fraction of the time and with much lessmate
10 rial and equipment than'is required in pickling
by such usual methods.
\ A further object of the invention is to provide
almost instantaneously where the scale is broken,
but several minutes are required before‘ pickling
of the other piece‘ begins.
The ?exing or stretching apparatus isprefer
ably made of an acid-resisting metal, which will
a method of the character described which is operate in a sulphuric acid bath for long periods
with very little loss in weight. _Such apparatus
preferably continuous in character.
is To the accomplishment of the foregoing and' can be installed in existing pickling tanks, and 15
related ends, said invention, then, consists of the _ can be so arranged as to be readily removable
steps hereinafter described and particularly
pointed out in the claim, the following descrip
from the tank, and in a manner similar to that"v
in which tinning equipment is removed from a
tion setting forth in detail one approved method
tin plating apparatus.
of carrying out the invention, such disclosed
method, however, constituting but one of the
various ways in which the principle of the in
vention may be used.
The ?gure is a diagrammatic central vertical
v25 ’section.
The method, broadly stated, consistsin ?exing
or stretching the metal while exposed to ‘the
action of the pickling solution. This ?exing or
stretching can be accomplished by the use of a
scale breaker'or roller leveler immersed in the
pickling bath, or by means of an electromagnetic
vibrator which acts on the metal while it is so
The _metal‘ is preferably drawn or pulled
35 through the pickling bath by the ?exing means
or auxiliary devices, such as pinch rolls, and is
?exed ?rst in one direction and then in the other
direction so that‘ both surfaces of the metal are
bent or ?exed. Since the scale'or oxide. adhering
40 to the metal has considerably less ductility than
the metal itself, the ?exing causes the scale to
crack and break off, at least the ?exing is so
. .
By way of example, there] is shown in the 20
' accompanying drawing apparatus which may be ‘
utilized in carrying out the method. Such appa
ratus, as shown, comprises a pickling tank I con
taining a pickling solution 2. The tank contains
a multiplicity of rollers 3 extending transversely
of the tank and in staggered arrangement longi 25
tudinally of the tank.
The rollers 3 are, as
shown, immersed in the pickling solution, ‘that
is to say, the rollers are disposed below the level
of the solution in the tank. The strip S, which 30
is to be pickled, is caused to pass over some of
the rollers and under the upper set‘ of rollers
_ through the solution in the manner shown, being >
drawn through the tank by suitable pinch rollers,
not shown. This passage of the strip S between 36
the upper and lower set of rollers 3, ?exes the
strip alternately in opposite directions. " All of
the ?exing, it may be noted, is performed while
the strip is immersed in the pickling solution.
Other modes of applying the principle of my 40'
invention may be employed, instead of the one
explained, change being made as regards the
performed as to accomplish this result. In some method herein-disclosed, provided the step'or
cases, the ?exing is carried to a point which re ~ steps stated by the following claim or the equiv
45 sults in slightly stretching the metal.
As the scale cracks, the pickling solution im
mediately wets the bared metal‘ and pickling
alent of such stated step orsteps be employed. 45
I therefore particularly point out and distinctly
claim as my invention:—
The method of pickling metal in strip form‘
takes place much more rapidly‘ than in ‘the case
where the metal is ?rst ?exed outside the pickling which comprises drawing said strip through a
pickling solution, ?exing it in .one direction, then 50
50 bath and then passed through such bath. In the
former case, the heat generated by the ?exing ' ?exing it in a reverse direction from the ?rst
seems'to energize the pickling solution and causes direction and then ?exing it in the ?rst direction
the scale to readily break 01!, while in‘ the latter and repeatedly-?exing portions of said stripin‘
case, the scale rarely breaks oil and the base such manner while it is immersed, said ?exing
55 metal is therefore not readily wetted. In most being su?icient in extent to break the scale on 55
hot rolled metals, the scale, owing to the presence said strip and permit wetting oi.’ the bored base
metal by the solution.
of pits and other surface defects, is tightly an
chored to the metal, and is extremely di?icult-to
remove by the usual‘ pickling methods, such re
NATHAN 11..‘ '. >
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