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Oct. 18, 1938.
Filed Ila-rah 7, 1954
.l|e x
Gudiaue S, Baxter
Patented Oct. 18, 1938
' 2,133,339
Gustave S. Baxter-{Detroit Mich", assign'or, by
mesne assignments, to American Machine and
Foundry Company
‘Application March '1, 1934, Serial No. 714,508
, 11 Claims.
. .This invention relates-to bread wrapping‘ ma
chines of the typeemployed where a waxed paper
(01; 33-2),
series of cooling tubes 21 adapted to be positioned
along the board 2| for cooling the belt 12 as'it
wrapper is applied-v to-the loaves and the endsv moves along the board. The headers are provided
sealed, by the wax carried on .thepaper- =C0n
with connections 28 adapted to be connected to a
,' siderable difficulty has been. experienced in hot
weatherin getting a perfect seal on machine
wrapped breads, especially the long sliced-sand
wich loaf. » The; combinationof the warm bread,
the-hot waxand high room: temperature causes
7 the pressure belts to becomeso hot that the wax
refrigerating system for circulating‘a cooling me-. ‘
dium through the headers" and tubes.
The entire structure» thus de?ned except the
machine In and the conveyor belt H is support
ed by means of the arms 29 ’which are ?xedto
the shafts l9 and mounted on suitable mechanism--v
would notset properly, thus'resulting in the wrap
to permit‘thestructure on e'ach‘sid'e of the'belt
- pers not being sealed at the ends of the loaves.
II to be moved to and from each other depend
The object, therefore, of this invention is to pro
ing on the length of the loaves or.‘ articles vibeing
vide means for cooling the wax 'seals to insure wrapped. The arms“ are of ‘su?icient ‘height
proper sealing of ‘the wrapper after the‘ .wax = and.v are curved to permit the mechanism ‘tov'be‘rv
has vbeen heated.
’ ~
moved‘ over the belt II to accormnodate'frather
Referring-to the accompanying drawing, which
is made a part ‘hereof and on which similar
short length articles-
reference characters ‘indicate similar-parts, :
.The, operation of the mechanism ab‘o‘ve'fde
scribed is quite obvious, th'e'belts ‘I2 are fspaced
' Figure 1, is a plan view of ‘the’machine show
apart according to the length of the ‘loaves"‘be—'
ing’ the .Icooling apparatus applied thereto.
, Ming Wrapped; Loaves of bread are wrappedi‘lby
FigureLZ is a‘se‘ctionion. line 2-—2 of Figure 1, v:~ the ‘wrapping machine and vare then projected on
the moving conveyorsbelt H with the'ends of the
Figure 3 is a section on line 3-3 of Figure 1. loaves in contact with the belts l2. As the loaves
In the drawing reference character l0 indicates travel along the conveyor belt with the ends in 25
a conventional bread wrapping machine with a
conveyor belt || extending therefrom.
sure belts |2 positioned on each side of the con
veyor belt II are mounted on spaced pulleys |3
and M. The pulleys l3 and M are positioned
on the vertical shafts |5 and I6 mounted in suit
able supports I1 and I8. The outer supports l8
are adjustably mounted on the shafts IQ for ten
sioning the belts l2. The conveyor belt I I and
the pressure belts |2' are driven by suitable mech
anism, not shown.
A pressure board or plate 20 formed of any
~ suitable material, preferably brass, is positioned
against the belt l2 to hold it in contact with the
V ends of the wrapped loaves of bread. A similar
pressure board or plate 2| is likewise positioned
against the outer surface of the belt I 2. The
board 20 is held in position by means of the spaced
clamps 22. ?xed to the shaft l9, being adjusted
with respect to the clamps 22 by the bolts and
nuts 23 on the ends of the clamps.
The other
board 2| is held in adjusted position by the bolts
and nuts 24 attached to the shaft | 9. The ends
25 of the pressure board 2| are beveled to pre
vent undue Wear on the belt l2 as it travels along
the board.
Cooling means comprising the headers 26 ?xed
by any suitable means to‘ the shaft I9 intermedi
ate the pressure board 2| and the shaft are
provided at each end' and are connected by 9.
contact with the belts |2 which are chilled by con
tact with the pressure boards, the wax is hard
ened quickly even though the surrounding tem
perature conditions are very high. Brine or some
other suitable refrigerating medium is circu
lated through the tubes to maintain the pressure
boards in chilled condition.
It may be readily seen therefore, that by the
use of refrigerating’ tubes a more perfect and
satisfactory sealing operation is afforded. The 35
mechanism described is rather simple, quite ?ex
ible in use and may be employed for various other
purposes, other than wrapping bread, as for
wrapping any articles or_ package requiring a
waxed paper wrapper where a perfect seal is
Having thus fully described my said inven
tion, what I claim as new and desire to secure by
Letters Patent, is:
1. Cooling mechanism for a wrapping machine
comprising means for conveying the wrapped
article bearing hot seals, pressure belts contact
ing the ends of said article to cool the hot seals,
_ and refrigerating means including plate members 50
having contact surfaces in contact with said belts
along a considerable portion of the length there
of > and engaging the article-contacting face
thereof for chilling same to insure a perfect seal,
said cooling means being adjustable toward and 55
; amasse
,n, ‘jot-a package and ‘absorb’ heat therefrom,
awayiromthe articles to accommodatelarticles ~and
reflfls’erating'means engaging andlchilling
of various lengths.vv
‘ J
-; ‘2. A-bread wrapper seal'cooling'mechanism: the inoperative-runs of said belts wherebythe
- comprising a belt ‘conveyor, laterally adjustable; heat ‘absorbed by the same vfrom the“- heated
package seals will be dissipated.
at right angles
the edges
of vsaid
'15- The combination with a set oi traveling end
engage‘the ends of a wrapped loaf of bread for less belts arranged _jto,e'ngage ‘the seals oi heat‘
cooling the hot seals, rigidmeans for maintain; ‘sealed packages to. chill?and setthe same, and
Iing the loaf-contacting portion of said, belts-‘in dry'cooling' elements engaging'the package con
position and-refrigerating coils mounted‘ adia-w = tactIngoperating-Iaces only of said belts to cool‘
cent another portion oi! said- belts tolma'intain: f
vthem inla chilled condition for properly- sealing ‘
the wrapped loaves oi'bread.
"3. The, combination with ‘ " a
the same.
_ 8. .The'co‘mbination with a set of traveling end
less' belts arranged to engage the seals of heat
sealed packages to chill and set the same, and
machine 01 a conveyor for receiving‘the wrapped ' dry'. cooling elements engaging the package-con
I‘ flo‘aves- bearing-hot seals,:_belts positioned along ; tacting operating ‘faces only of said belts to cool
' the edges._,o_f {said conveyor ‘contacting v‘the > ends, , _-the
same,‘ said cooling elements comprising tanks
oi said‘loaves :for ‘cooling same, pressure'means -' having awall' engaging said faces of the belts,
,for maintaining said belts'in contact therewith; and;v means 2 for‘vcirculati'ng a, cooling medium
20 andreirigerating means positioned adjacent por-i 1‘ through saidtanks, '
' tions of the belts remote from the said pressure. '
9;; A delivery'runway ior wrapping machines
means for chilling said belts to insure proper set-* having .heat sealing means comprising a set oi~
dry‘liraveling endless ?exible members arranged
ting oi the'vhotseals. .
1 _
_4. In sealing'eqiiipmentl'oi’ the character§de1¢ ' ‘tofenga'ge the‘ seals of the heat sealed packages.
scribed, a pair of ‘refrigerated cooling plates, an I to chill andset the, same, and'co'oling means ena
endless belt associated with each of said‘ plates‘-v ‘gagingv package‘contacting faces only of said
respectively, an'd'rigidly mounted members dis-I .' members;
posed to divert. an. intermediate length-'ofone ' '10,: Thecombination with a setvoi dry travel
stretch of each _'belt toward the other stretch ling endless ?exible members__ having operating
30 thereof to provide space forth'e associated. plate; . runs arranged'to engage the seals oi heat sealed
5. The combination with‘ a’ set‘ of traveling packages and having returning non-operating
members arranged ,to engage heated seals oi " runs, and cooling means engaging the operating
packages and absorb vheat therefrom, '0! station v"faces only ,‘oi' the vnon-opera_ting. runs of said
ary plates engaging the operating faces ‘of said members.’ .' . ‘
members, and means for chilling said, plates
iii,11.;The'combination'with a set oi traveling
whereby the operating faces oi-said members will I memb¢1'8',:.?1'ranged .tovengage heated seals 01'
slide over said plates and the heat absorbed by; packages-andiabsorb heat therefrom‘, of .station- - '
said 'members from’the heated package seals "ary means engaging the‘operating'iaces of said
' ’
' " members and cooling the same whereby the op
6; The combination with a set of traveling end- " _' - ei-atingiaces of said members, will slide over‘ said 40
will be dissipated by said means.
, ' less belts, of separate sets of pulleysover which". :meansianq the ,heat, absorbed
saidbeltsare trained, one run of each belt‘being \. _ the"; heated ‘package seals ‘will
'‘ arranged to engage heated seals on the opposite,‘
by the‘ same from
be dissipated.‘
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