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Oct._18, A1938.
Filed July 6, 1937
3 Sheets-Sheet l
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7, f(o5,
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„lm,`,l „/29. e„7J
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Oct. 18, 1938.
Filed July e, 3.837
3 Sheets-Sheet 2
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B _Y
Patented Oct. 18, 1938
Glen G. Barnard, Denver, Colo.
Application July 6, 1937, Serial No. 152,073
6 Claims. (Cl. 1911-69)
Fig. 13 is a detail perspective View of the plung
This invention relates to vending machines
operable in response to insertion of a coin of
certain dimensions.
Objects of the invention are to provide a de
v5 vice of the class described which (a) is adapted
to contain a supply of and deliver for a single
coin and by a single operation a plurality of arti
cles of different shapes and sizes but which are
designed for conjoint use such as a paper cup
and a predetermined number of medicinal tablets
to be taken with water in such cup; (b) shall be
compact, convenient, simple, economical and ef
ficient in construction and operation; (c) shall
be eñìciently safe-guarded against “milking”, i. e.
unauthorized extraction of contents; (d) shall
at all times show at a glance the number of
tablets remaining in the container and (e) shall
protect the contained tablets from damage or
atmospheric deterioration.
With these and other objects in view, `all of
which will more fully hereinafter appear, my
invention comprises certain novel constructions,
combinations and arrangements of parts as will
be hereinafter fully described and claimed and as
r25 illustrated in the accompanying drawings in
which like characters of reference -indicate cor
responding parts throughout and in which
Fig. l is a front elevation of my vending ma
Fig. 2 is a right side elevation of Fig. 1.
Fig. 3 is an elevation View of the rear of the
housing and contained mechanism as viewed
when opened for servicing, the back of the hous
ing being viewed at an angle and somewhat
35 foreshortened.
Fig. 4 is a horizontal section on line 4-4 of
Fig. 3.
Fig. 5 is a horizontal section on line 5-5 of
Fig. 3.
Fig. 6 is a section on line 6-6 of Fig. 3.
Fig. ‘Tis a view like Fig. 6 but illustrating the
parts in position at completion of inward stroke
of the plunger with single cup dropped.
Fig. 8 is a section on line 8-8 of Fig. 3.
Fig. 9 is a section on line 9-9 of Fig. 3.
Fig. 10 is a fragment illustrating position of
certain parts when dropping a >tablet at comple
tion of inward stroke of the plunger.
Fig. 11 is a fragment illustrating position of
er element complete.
The Figures 10, 11 and 12 areon a relatively
enlarged scale.
My invention is designed for ythe vending of a 5
paper cup and two medicinal tablets- and will
be described interms of such construction and
use though, obviously, the number of Y tablet
containing and dispensing units may be increased
or diminished as desired in order to vend, with l0
a single cup, the number of tablets desired for
a standard dose.
My invention comprises a back 20, to be at
tached to a wall or other support in any suitable
manner, not shown, to which back I attach a 15
housing 2| preferably by hinges 22 and lock 23. ’
The principal part of the mechanism is mounted
in and carried by the housing 2l, a few parts
beingcarried on the back 20 and thereon posi
tioned to cooperate with certain parts carried 20
in the housing when vthe-device is closed.
Exteriorly, the housing is provided with a cup
rem'oving opening 24, a tablet removing opening
25, windows 26, a coin-chute housing 21 having
a coin slot 28 therein,and a plunger bar 29 having 25
push button 30.
Interiorly of the housing and above the open
ing 25 I provide shelf 3| suitably supported on
the walls of the housing and covering a coin box
33 having receiving chute 33a and slidably sup- 30
ported by flanges 33h on brackets 32. Gaskets
34, of rubber or other suitable material, for seat
ing and sealing the lower ends of the tablet tubes,
later described, are carried by shelf 3| which
shelf is also provided with holes 35 and 36 aligned 35
between the gaskets and for the purposes here
inafter described.
Tubes 3l, preferably of glass, normally have
their open lower ends seated upon gaskets 34,
the tops of the tubes being covered by caps 38, 40
the capped upper ends of the tubes having a loose
sliding fit within cylindrical guides 39 depending
from the top of housing 2l.
Resilient means, as
springsliû within the guides 39, are provided for
normally holding the lower ends of the tubes 45
tightly against gaskets 34.
Bar 4l performs several functions, including
holding the tubes in fixed interrelation, providng
means by which the tubes may be lifted and co
operating with fixed guides hereinafter described, 50
for holding the tubes in proper alignment during
reciprocation. This arrangement is conveniently
Fig. 12 is a fragment illustrating the catch in ~ accomplished by forming the bar 4l in two parts
as-clearly shown at Figs. 4, 8, 10, 11 and 12, and
_position to prevent unauthorized inward move
coin and -certain parts during the inward stroke
of the plunger.
56 ment of the plunger.
providing ridges 42,\which may be> molded `with tillY
2 .
1 the tubes, between which the bar 4| engages the
tubes 31. The two parts of the bar 4| Vare
clamped together, with the tubes thus clamped
between them, by suitable means, such as cleats
43 fastened to bar 4|, by any suitable means, not
The bar 4| is provided with a suitable
runway in which it vertically reciprocates when
the tubes are raised and lowered, such runway
being conveniently formed by members 44, pro
jecting from the back 20, the end wall of the
housing 2|, guide 45 and cleats 46 and 41 at
tached, respectively, to the end wall of the hous
a hook 1| adapted to engage in hole 35 under
certain conditions and resilient member 12 is pro
vided for forcing hook 1| into hole 35 whenever
hook 1| is over hole 35 and there is no coin of the
required size in slot 65.
Spring 13 is attached, by any suitable means
indicated at 14, to the front wall of housing 2|
and to spring post 6| whereby to retract the
plunger assembly to and resiliently hold it in for
ward, inoperative, position.
The tubes being supplied with tablets 48 sur
mounted by the plug 49 as illustrated at Fig. 9'
ing and to guide 45.
' ' and a nest of cups being placed on plate 51 as
' The tubes 31 are adapted to be loaded with
illustrated in Figs. 3 and 6 and the device being
tablets, indicated at 48, above which, freely slid
able within each tube, is a plug 49,ì having a coni~cal base 50, for the purpose hereinafter described
and having characters upon the sides of the plug
visible through windows 26 when the tablets with
20 in the tubes have been reduced to or below the
level of the windows, all as clearly illustrated at
Fig. 9.
A bent coin-chute 5| is provided within the
housing 21 leading from the coin slot 28 to the
25 hereinafter described point'at which the coin is
received for operative purposes.
closed and the plunger assembly in forward, in 16
operative, position all as illustrated in Fig. 4, the
operation is as follows:
A coin of the dimensions for which the machine
is constructed, preferably a nickel, is inserted in
slot 28 and drops through chute 5| into slot 65 20
coming therein to rest on member 61 all as illus
trated at Fig. 8. Pressure is then exerted on but
ton 30 forcing the coin against bar 4 I. It will be
noted that the parts areV so proportioned that the
coin will contact the lower front edge of bar 4|
I provide a compartment for an inverted nest of
Cups as illustrated in Figs.,3 to ’1 inclusive. The
at a point on the edge of the coin above its hori- `
zontal diameter as it thus rests upon member 61
so that the pressure on the button 30 will cause
the coin to act as a cam and lift bar 4| and,
opposed guide 52 is positioned oppositely on the
the tubes and the pressure of springs 40. The bar
Also within housingV 2| and above opening 24,
30 guide 45 forms one ,wall of this chamber and an
side wall of housing 2|. The front wall of housing
2| forms a third guide 53 while a fourth guide'54
is carried bythe back 20. Guides 45 and 52 are
35 opposite and spaced apart slightly in excess of
the diameter of the periphery of the rims of the
cups and the guides V53 and 54 are similarly spaced
when the device is closed so that in closed posi-`
tion of the device the four guides form a run
40 way in which the inverted nest of cups may move
freely up and down. Normally the nest of cups
rests on a portion of the plunger assembly as
illustrated at Figs. 3 and 4 and as hereinafter
more fully described.
Slide 55 is provided beneath the tablet dis
therewith the tubes 31, overcoming the weight of
4|, with the tubes, will be lifted to the height
of the top of the coin and the parts are so pro
portioned that the vertical distance to the top of
the coin from the point on the coin where it ñrst 85
contacts bar 4|, is slightly greater than the thick~
ness of one of the tablets in the tubes so that
when Vbar 4| is raised sufficiently to permit the
coin to pass thereunder, the bottoms of the tubes
will have been raised above the gaskets 34 a dis 40
tance sufficient to expose one tablet under each
tube and permit the same to be slid from under
the tube. 'I'he pressure being continued, the coin
slides beneath and supports bar 4| with the
attached tubes and'wings 56 contact the exposed 45
charge mechanism to slide the dropped tablets. ~tablets and push them from under the tubes and
coincidently support the remaining tablets within
easilyY reached manually through _said opening. the'tubes. When the stroke is completed the ex
This slide is preferably attached, by any suitable posed tablets have been pushed to the rear and
forward toward opening 25Y so that they may be
50 means not shown, along its lower edge, to the
bottom of the housing and along its side edges to
the wall of the housing adjacent hinges 22 and
partition 19 which separates the two chambers of
the machine.
comprises the push button 36, plunger bar 29,
wings 56, semi-circular plate 51, runners 58 and
runner 59, wedges 68, spring post 6| and lug 62.
60 The runners 58 slidably rest on shelf 3| and run
ner 59 slidably rests on bracket 63 carried by the
receiving chute 33a and onto guide 55 which
causes the tablets to slide forward toward open
mg 25 through which they may be manually
reached and removed.
The plunger assembly is a complete, rigid mem?
ber shown in perspective in detail at Fig. 13 and
side of the housing.
drop (as' illustrated at Fig. 10) on either side 50
Y Coincidently, when the plunger assembly 55
reaches the end of its inward stroke- the inertia
of the coin will cause it to roll down along the
inclined Vend 61a of member 61 and into coin re
ceiving chute 33a and thence into coin box 33.
Should the inertia fail to thus drop the coin, 60
it will be shoved off into the chute 33a by bar14|
when it contacts said bar on the return stroke of
Plunger bar 29 is notched as at 64 and bifur
cated to form a coin receiving slot 65 and the
the plunger assembly responsive to the pull of
spring 13.V
Coincident with the above described tablet 65
dropping operation, the plate 51 is ~moved out
Such downward extension and recess being pro
vided for> the accommodation of member 61 which
performs the combined function of a coin stop
from under the nest of cups but during this move
mentgwedges 60 enter the space between the rims
65 bifurcation continues to the bottom of the bar 29
and backwardly therefrom forming recess 66,
and ksafety catch. Member 61 is pivoted between
or beads of the two lowest cups thus separating
the bottom cup from the balance of the pile by 70
the bifurcations as at 68 and is notched as at 69, lifting said next-to-the-bottom cup and those
a stop 10 being mounted between said bifurca
thereabove, leavingl the bottom cup resting on
tions and within said notch 69 to limit the down- » shelf 51 until the plunger assembly reaches the
ward movement of the inner end of the member
75 61. The outer end of member 67 iS PI‘OVìded, With end of the inward stroke at which time the semi
circularinner edge of shelf V51'will have cleared 75
the rim of the bottom cup and the cup-,Will drop
to position-shown in Fig. 7.
When the dropping of the tablets, cup and
will drop onto and lbe supportedbyshelfßl and,
likewise whenv wings ¿55 areretracted from be
of the tubes so thatwhenthe tablets have al1
been ejected there will vstill be three cups in the
nest and the rimof the top cup will be within
and in contact with-thev lower endsy of guides 45
and 52, and the nest will thus be held in align
ment within said guides all as clearly illustrated
at Fig. 3.
When the machine is open, as illustrated at
Fig. 3, a new nest of oups4 may be readily `inserted
on shelf 51 and between the guides 45, 52 and 53
and upon closing-the machineguide 54 will also
contact the rims and form the fourth side of the
neath the tiers of tablets those tiers willdrop
run-way for~the cups.
coin have been completed, as-,above described,
Ul the pressure on button Sli islreleasediand spring
'i3 will retract the plunger »assembly to normal,
inoperative> position ready. for the- next‘ operation
it being obvious that shelf 5l willmove under
the nest of cups while the wedges 60 are still
supporting them so that when the wedges are
retracted from contact with the> cups the cups
onto the gaskets and, practicallycoincident there- .
with, the wings 55 vwill be retracted from'under
Vthe tubes and the tubes .will drop onto the gaskets,
enclosing the tablets and sealingthem from the
cupsin excess .ofthenumberof tablets .in one
Likewise, when'the machine is open», coin box 15
33 may be removed by sliding yalong brackets 32
and out from under shelf 3|` for emptying, it
being understood that the box has no cover ex
cept when in _place beneath shelf 3| which then
It will be noted that the outside of hook 1I
is rounded and the forwardedge of hole 35 is
inclined so that during retraction of the plunger
assembly the hook 'H will slide over hole 35.
covers the box.
The tubes may be removed for reloading bv
lifting them free of the gaskets` moving them`
backward until they clear the rear of shelf 3l,
(the ñt in lguides 39 being suiiiciently loosefor
In case an eiîort be made to “milk” the machine
~by stopping the retraction‘of theY plunger unit this purpose) and then dropping the tubes out
when the top edge of bar 29' is supporting Ybar
4l, and then moving the'plunger inward again, moved and the tubes filled with new tablets
such inward movement will be prevented by through the tops. so that the older tablets will
spring 'l2 forcing hook 1l down into hole 35 always be at the bottom. The plugs 59 and caps
38 are then replaced and the tubes placed in
30 whereupon inward movement of the plunger unit
operative position on the gaskets by the reverse
will be prevented.
The insertion of a coin of less diameter than of the above described removing operation. The
coin box is then slid into position and the ma
a nickel will be ineffective. Such coin will not
lift bar 4l and the top of bar 29 above notch 64 chine closed and locked.
While I have shown and described details of
35 will strike the edge of bar 4I or` the edges of
wings 56 will strike the tubes. Either such con
tact will stop the inward movement of the plunger in. as will be obvious to those skilled in the art.
unit and, in any event, there will be nothing to rbut all within the spirit and scope of the fore
going disclosure and the appended claims and I
lift the tubes or uncover any tablets. By reason
40 of the reciprocation of the plunger any effort to do not wish to be conñned to such details.
I claimt
operate it, in such case, will cause the coin to roll
1. In a vending machine in combination. a
down incline 61a and into the coin box 33 through
plurality of tablet-containing tubes intercon
hole 3B.
nected by a bar. a reciprocable plunger includ
In case all thetablets are exhausted and, not
ing a stop normally contacting said bar to limit 45
viewed through window 26, an attempt be made reciprocation, a seat in said plunger adapted to
to operate the machine with a nickel, damage seat a coin vertically with its horizontal diameter
l to the machine is prevented by forming plug 49 below but with its top above the edge of said bar
with the conical base 50 so that when wings 55 whereby to raise said bar and tubes when the
strike the plugs they strike the cone shaped base plunger is projected beneath the bar, wings on 50
and raise the plugs in the tubes and slide beneath said plunger adapted to remove tablets from be
neath said tubes when the tubes have been raised,
the plugs.
The runners» 58 raise the wings 56 sufliciently a shelf on said plunger adapted to normally sup
to clear the gaskets 34 during reciprocation of port a nest of inverted cups but removable from
55 the plunger unit.
For convenience in removing the dropped cup
and also to prevent access to the nest of cups
through opening 24, rake 'l5 is carried by and
depending from shelf >5'! so that when the plunger
unit is retracted the rake will shove the dropped
cup forward toward ‘opening 24 through which
it may be manually removed, in which position
the rake prevents reaching the nest of cups. Slide
~ ‘l5 may be provided to prevent catching of the
cup on the housing edge at the bottom of open
ing 24. To hold the plunger unit in sliding align
ment with and upon brackets 32h and 63 I pro
vide complementary bracket 11 slidingly engag
ing the top of runner 58, and bracket 18 slidingly
70 engaging the top of lug 62 and the top of the
wedge 6D directly in front of said lug 62.
In order to insure the alignment of the nest
of cups with the inner surfaces of guides 45 and
52 at all times, it is necessary only, in loading
75 the machine, to place in the nest of cups three
under said nest by projection of said plunger .55
when said coin is seated therein and means car
ried by the plunger for supporting all of said
cups above the bottom cup when said shelf is
removed from under the nest.
2. In a vending machine, in combination, a 60
plurality of tablet-containing tubes intercon
nected by a bar and normally resiliently seated
on gaskets, a reciprocable plunger including a
stop normally contacting said bar to limit re
ciprocation, a seat in said plunger adapted to 65
seat a coin vertically with its horizontal diameter
below but with its top above the edge of said
bar whereby to raise said bar and said tubes when
the plunger is projected beneath the bar, wings
on said plunger adapted to move between the
gaskets and the lower ends of the tubes when
the tubes are raised whereby to remove tablets
resting on said gaskets.
3. In a vending machine, in combination, a
plurality of tablet-containing tubes intercon
nected by a bar, a reciprocable plunger including
a stop normally contacting said bar to limit re
ciprocation, a seat in said plunger adapted to seat
a coin vertically to act as a cam to raise said bar
and tubes when the plunger is projected beneath
the bar,l wings on said plunger positioned to slide
beneath said tubes and remove tablets when the
tubes have been raised and means for removing
the coin from the- seat after the coin Yhas passed
Vthe bar.
4. In a vending machine, in combination, a
plurality of tablet-containing tubes intercon
nected by a bar, a reciprocable plunger including
a stop normally contacting said bar to limit re
ciprocation, a seat in said plunger adapted to
seat a coin vertically to act as a cam to raise
said bar and tubes when theplunger is projected
beneath the bar, wings on said plunger positioned
to slide beneath said tubesY and remove tablets
20 when the tubes have been raised and means for
removing the coin from the seat after the coin
has passed the bar, and a catch operable when
~no coin is in the seat to prevent inward move
ment of the plunger.
5. In a vending machine, -in combination a
plurality of tablet-containing tubes intercon
nected by a bar, a reciprocable plunger having
means for seating a coin in position `to contact
and raise the bar and tubes and to remove tablets
from beneath the raised tubes all by reciproca
tion of the plunger, said tubes being transparent
and being enclosed in a housing provided with
windows through which the tubes and contents
are visible, plugs in said tubes having gradua
tions thereon visible through said tubes and said
windows whereby to indicate the number of
tablets remaining in the tubes.
6. In a vending machine, in combination, a
plurality of tablet-containing tubes, and a cham
ber containing a nest of inverted cups, a plunger
comprising a shelf normally supporting said nest
but removable from under the nest by projection
of the >plunger inwardly and means associated
with said shelf for supporting all but the lower
cup of the nest when said shelf is removed from
under the nest, said plunger also including wings
projectible beneath the tubes when the tubes are
raised and a stop carried by the plunger normally
contacting a bar interconnecting the tubes to pre
vent inward movement of the plunger and means
on the plunger to seat a coin vertically to act as
a cam beneath said bar when the plunger is pro
jected therebeneath whereby to raise said bar and 25
remove tablets from beneath said tubes by the
forward movement of said wings.
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