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Oct. 18, 1938.
Filed March 12, 1938
Patented Oct. „v 1938
ori-‘ICE .
’ 2,133,600
Norman DSV“, Dover. Ohio, assignor to Knapp
Monarch Company, St. Louis, Mo., a corpora
tion of Missouri
Appuminn umn iz, 193s. serai No. 195,534
s claims. (ci. 21a-25)
My invention relates to sadirons and particu
larly to electric irons wherein a detachable guard
supplied with a plug is ordinarily used for at
tachment to terminal posts on the iron. -Among
5 the objects of my invention is the provision of a
new and improved sadiron structure comprising
only must material costs be reduced to a mini
mum but the number of operations necessary to
assemble the parts must be made just as few as
possible and this can be accomplished in many in
ber adapted to serve as a support for the termi
nal posts and simultaneously provide a cover
stances by reducing the number of separate ln
dividual connections which must be made in or
der to secure all of the parts together. Another
factor which cannot be overlooked during this
simplifying process is the inevitable requirement
or closure for a portion of the iron casing com
monly known as the heel.
of safety which is especially necessary in electric 10
appliances of this sort designed for household use.
Another object is the provision in an electric
sadiron structure of a mounting for the terminal
In the invention disclosed, meeting to-a large.
extent the rigid requirements above recited, there
the formation and adaptation of a metallic mem
posts supplied by a single separate metallic part
15 which is clamped in the iron between sole plate
and casing and which acts also in the nature of'a
columnar reinforcement between the sole plate
and the casing.
Still another object is the provision in an elec
20 tric sadiron of a .combined support for the termi
nal posts and cover for the under side of the heel
has been provided a structural unit integral in
itself, serving a plurality of purposes and re 15
quiring a minimum of operations to install it in
an appliance. In the embodiment shown the part
in question is composed of a sheet metal stamping
formed substantially in the shape of the letter Z
as viewed in cross section providing a plate or
support at the top leg to which terminal posts
' which is made from a single stamping provided l -may be attached and extending rearward at the
with means'for engaging portions of the casing
and adapted to be clamped into position against
25 the sole plate of the iron bythe casing wherein
it is firmly supported by pressure and friction in
such a manner as to provide a solid base for the
terminal posts while at the same time acting as a
reinforcement for the casing or shell adjacent the
30 point where the terminal posts are attached.
With these and other objects in view my in
vention _ consists in the construction, arrange-~
ment and combination of the various parts of my
device whereby the objects contemplated are at
ß' tained as hereinafter more fully set forth and
pointed out in my claims and illustrated in the
accompanying drawing in which:
extending rearward to form what is known as a
heel or heel rest.
As shown in the drawings an electric iron hav
ing a base A is provided with a handle B for
manipulating it over an ironing board. A control
D is provided for turning the iron on and off.
The 'base -ls composed of a sole plate III within
which is embedded a heating element i2 and sur
mountlng the sole plate is a weight member Il at
tached thereto. Above the sole plate and weight
is a shell or casing I6 which entirely covers the 35
base portion of the iron and extendsy rearward at
Il in the form of a hollow heel or heel rest. The
Fig. 1 is a small scale side elevation of an iron
withthe device installed therein.
_bottom leg to close a cavity formed at the rear of
the iron by the application of a shell or casing
Fig. 2 is a fragmentary longitudinal elevation
partly in section showing the rear portion of an
iron with the device installed.
_casing is 'secured to the sole plate structure by
means of screws 20 threadably engaged in the
weight Il. The handle B is attached to the base 40
by means of a bracket 22 at the front and an
other bracket 24 at the rear 'and these brackets ,
y Fig. 3 is a top view of the'rear portion of the
are secured to the handle by means of a. bolt 26.
iron partially in section taken on the line 3_3 of _ In the top of the shell-or casing I6 there is formed
ß Fig. 2.
Fig. 4 is a top view of the stamping forming the
combined terminal post support and heel cover.
an opening 2l immediately forward of the heel I8 45
within which are positioned a pair of terminal
posts $4.
At the rear .ofthé ironv underneath the shell or
Fig. 5 is a cross sectionalview taken `on the linev « .casing the substantially 'Z shaped metal stamping
'l0 5_5 of Fig. 2 looking in the direction of the ar-,
. )rows
Inthe construction of _electric sadirons many
-factors must be taken into-v consideratlon when
` ' it is desired to build a ‘rugged structure which be-`
55- 'cause ofl weight of the iron alone is subjectto a
î great deal of strain and abuse. It is furthermore
essential to reduce the manufacturing cost of de
'vices of this_.sort to a figure as low as possible in
order that the manufacturer may be able to meet
I competition inthis highly developed art. Not
above describedeis positioned and is designated
by the character 3l. 'I‘he upper leg of the Z
shaped stamping formed in the shape of a plate
32 lies adjacent the casing partially closing the
plate Il
and the
2l and the other leg forming a cover
extends rearward adjacent the sole plate 55
heel Il. The plate I2 is provided at the
end with a lug 36 vadapted to engage a
depression 3l in theshell adjacent the opening
2l by means of which it is partially anchored to
the casing. Formed also on the plate are a pair
in which are a pair of apertures 44.
combined terminal post~ support and heel cover
comprising a metal plate having upper and lower
portions and a connecting plate therebetween.
one of said portions being adapted to provide a
The central bar 46 of the Z shaped section 3.0
is a plate like element somewhat trapezoidal in
shape connecting the upper and lower plates 32
means for engaging a portion of the casing and
locating means for -positioning the leg in the
of projectionsl 48 designed to position the plate
Within the opening 28. As viewed in Fig. 4 the
plate 32 has a central'slightly dished portion 42
and 34.
At the upper- end 48 the element is
rounded slightly where it presses against the
10 bottom of the casing I6 adjacent the hole 28.
-The lower plate 34 extends rearward substan
tially horizontal-'to the soleplate and is provided
with a flange 58 extending downward to add ri
gidity to the plate and is provided also with an
16 upward extending rim 52 which ñts snugly within
‘edge of the heel I8.
The upper plate 32 extends almost completely
across the opening 28 forming a rigid bottom for
the opening supported at both front and back
20 upon which the pair of terminal posts 54 previ
ously referred to are mounted. 'I‘hese are insu
lated from the plate by a series of mica. washers
58 and are held in place by a nut 58. Ample
clearance is provided between the terminal posts
25 54 and the adjacent edges of the holes 44 in the
«plate for insulating purposes. The terminal
pests are connected by wires 60 to the heating
element of the iron and a guard 62 protects the .
posts from accidental blows which would tend to
knock them out of alignment.
When the device is assembled the terminal
posts are mounted and tightened into the holes
44- of the combined terminal support and heel
cover which is then positioned upon the sole plate
on a shelf at the rear indicated as numeral 62
and in this position the lower leg 34 extends rear
wardas previously described. The lug 26 on the
plate 32 is then positioned in the depression 38
provided for it adjacent the hole 28 in the casing
and the shell or casing is then lowered into -place
over the sole plate and there attached. Attach
ment consists of pressing the Z shaped member
30 between the casing and the sole plate and
supporting it at one end by üie lug 36. During
45 the operation the-»rim 52 of the Zshaped plate
is engaged frictionally within the inside portion
of the hollowfheel plate. The Z shaped part by
the means described is securely clamped between
stationary parts forming a base for the iron.
Once the „parts are in place the insulated ter
minal posts 54, become ñrmly attached to the
casing by means of the rigid positioning thereon
of the part 30 and its upper plate 32. Due to
the support provided by the lug 38 resting lupon
-the shell and the somewhat columnar support of
the cross bar 46 the dished portion 42 supporting
the terminal posts is made extremely rigid when
once secured in place. The central bar A46 by
resting at one end on the sole plate and at the
60 other end against the shell, forms a spreader and
reinforcement for the shell at a point of contact
which is adjacent the terminal post opening 28
serving thus an added purpose.
Some changes may be made in the construction
and arrangement of the parts of my device with
cut departing from the real spirit and purpose of
my invention and it is Amy intention to cover by
my claims any modiñed forms of structure or use
of mechanical equivalents which may be reason
ably included within their scope.
A70 _I claim as my invention:
1.- In anelectn'c sadiron structure including a
sole plate, a pair of terminal posts and a shell
havinga'ïterminal post opening and a hollow
. >rearward -extending heel, the combination of> a
support for the terminal posts having anchoring
opening, another of said portions having a rim
positionable frictionally within the heel forming
a cover for the under side of said heel.
2. In an electric sadiron structure including a
sole plate, a pair of terminal posts and a shell
having a terminal post opening and a hollow rear
ward extending heel, the combination of a combined terminal post support and heel cover com
prising a metal plate having upper and lower
portions and a connecting plate therebetween.
one of said portions being provided with a plate
for _supporting the terminal posts, anchoring
means for engaging a portion of the casing adja 20
cent the opening and locating means for posi
tioning the leg in the opening, the other of said
_portions having a rim- positionable frictionally
within a corresponding rim of -the heel, said con
necting plate having one end adapted to bear
against the underside of the shell and the other
end adapted to engage the sole plate to provide a
reinforcement for the casing at the point of con
‘3. In an electric sadiron structure including‘a
sole plate, 'a pair of terminal posts and a shell
having a terminal post opening and a hollow
rearward extending heel the combination of a
combined terminal lpost support and heel cover
including a stamping substantially Z shaped in
cross section, said stamping having upper and
lower plates forming legs and a connecting plate
forming the cross bar, one of said legs being pro
vided with a support for the terminal posts and
a lug at the edge overlying a p0rtion of the casing A
adjacent the opening and locating projections
on the leg for positioning said leg in the opening.
another of Ysaid legs being provided with a flange
positionablefrictionally within a rim formed on
the' heel forming a cover for the underside of said
heel, saidcross bar having one end adapted to
bear against the underside of the shell and the
other end adapted to engage the sole plate to
provide>a reinforcement for the casing at the
point of contact.
4. In an electric sadiron structure including a I
sole plate, a pair of terminal posts and a shell
having~ a terminal post opening therein, the com
bination of a combined terminal post support
and shell reinforcement comprising a metal plate
having portions bent ata sharpangle one with
the other, one portion being adapted to ñll the
terminal post opening to support said posts and ' ~
to engage the shell adjacent thereto, another por
tion being positioned with one end -resting on the
sole plate and the other engaged beneath the 'shell
to provide a columnar support for said shell.
5. In an electric sadiron structure a base com
prising a soleplate and shell held together as a
unit, a pair of terminal posts, means forming an =
opening in the shell for the terminal posts, and
a supportfor said posts comprising a bent metal
plate having a portion positioned in said opening
forming a mounting for said terminal posts, said
plate being supported in the base by a Vpressure
engagement therewith at three or more isolated
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