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oct. l1a., 193s.
w. svE'JKovsKY
Filed Jan. 15, '1957
` ß
Patented Oct. 18, 1938
lWilliam ASteinwegy‘,Í okiahpinafcity; Okla.'
Application Januaryr 15, 1937,*se’ria1'No~a1’z0ß15 ¿ ..
, to the bu?n'ersrj'ï After the adjusting
. Qperation'the
' The invention relatesto furnaces and particu--
larly to the -pipeless type, and has’for its object'
to provide afurnace of this character wherein
the products Vof combustion pass to the flue
" through a plurality of drums in Yan upwardly and
downwardly direction, thereby wiping the walls of
theîdrum interiors so that the heat units therein
closure 4"'«is closedv It will 'be noted that thelma‘inl
drum 2 Lis rectangular shaped, thereby providing.
a plurality-'of lfl'at-'vwalls -I-2;--
v'Surrounding-the 'mainïv drum 2 yis a plurality of
auxiliary drums I3, which are triangularly shapedl
in` .horizontal- fcrossfîsectionß and _have ftheir .inner
will be taken up and radiated and absorbed by» _
wallsìl4lïin`~parallel relation' ¿tothe-Walls I2 ‘off
the falling of cold air, which is heatedso it will
the v-inain' A¿drum -2 landv in spaced «relation thereto,r
thereby îforming'ëpassage's' through which the - up' 1561
flowing' air,¿to be heated- will pass and be heated
pass upwardly andV be discharged into a room. ‘
A further object is to position all of the drums
in spaced relation but adjacent each other Where ~ from both sides of theco'lumnfof ïup`-1lowing air..v
by air passages for the heated air is formed be-V The heat from the burners 3 passes upwardly
tween the drums as well as to the outer side there
through-’the main drum12 tolthefupper end there-‘ï
` of, thereby obtaining-maximum radiating >surface ofl and v'thence outwardly-»through the ‘ branch> 15.1
from all the drums'.
A further object is to provide >spacedwalls
around the drums in spaced-relation thereto and
between the down-flowing cold air and up-flow
202» ing heated air -and'forming an insulating chamber
whereby the up-flowing air will not aiîect the
down-flowing cold air.
With the above and other objects in view. the
invention resides in the combination and arrange
25 ment of parts as hereinafter set forth, shown in
the drawing, described and claimed, it being un
derstood that changes in the precise embodiment
of the invention may be made Within the »scope
of what is claimed without departing from the
30 spirit of the invention.
In the drawing:
Figure 1 is a perspective View of the furnace
pipes I5 which connectrlthe upper ¿ends-ofthe
auxiliary drums to the main d-run'i..4
-The productsïo?combustion 'and 'the fheat thenï
pass-*downwardly fthrou'ghf the ' triangularly#
sl'iapec'll 4auxiliary drums -ïI 3 » intor engagement' with I 20
the baille plates I 6. Barile plates I6 are shapedl
whereby the products of combustion, in passing
each baille plate, are forced outwardly around the
edges I1 of the plates and into engagement with
the outer walls of the drums, thereby insuring 25
a wiping of the walls of the drums by the prod_
ucts of combustion and the radiation of the heat
units to the column of the air being heated as it
passes upwardly in engagement with all the outer
walls of the main and auxiliary drums within the 30
insulation casing I8. The insulating casing I8
surrounds the auxiliary drumsin- spaced relation
showing parts of the various casings broken ’thereto'and has a dead air space I9 therein for
away and in section to better show the structure. preventing loss of heat units to the downwardly
flowing cold air passing through the cold air
Figure 2 is a top plan view of the furnace.
Referring to the drawing the numeral I desig
chamber 20 within the casing I. The cold air
nates the rectangular shaped casing of the fur
passes downwardly in the direction of the arrows
nace which houses all of its parts. Disposed cen
trally within the rectangular casing I is a rec
tangular shaped main drum 2, Ain the lower end
of which is disposed a conventional form of gas
burner unit 3. It is to be understood however
that any kind of a burner unit may be used.
The upper end of the main drum 2 is provided
45 with a removable closure 4, which may be re
moved so the operator may see the flames from
the burners 3, or the pilot burner 5, during an
adjusting operation. Gas is applied to the
burners 3 through the gas supply pipe 6, and the
50 pilot supply pipe 'I in the usual manner, and
these pipe lines are provided with control valves
8 and 9 having upwardly extending valve stems
I0, terminating adjacent the floor II of a room
where they may be easily operated by a conven
55 tional form of key for regulating the ñow of gas
a and upwardly around the lower edge of the`
insulation casing I 8, and is heated as it passes up
wardly, wiping the outer walls of the drums, and 40
is discharged into the room. It is to be under
stood a conventional form of grating may be
placed over the furnace in the usual manner. To
prevent the too rapid flow of the products of com
bustion to the chimney ilue pipe 2| through the 45
discharge pipe 22 and downwardly draft pre
venter 23, a triangular shaped restricting plate 24
is provided in each of the auxiliary drums adja
cent the flue pipe 2 and'above the pipe 22, and
provided with a central discharge opening 25. It 50
will be seen that the plates 24 will have a chok
ing effect or back pressure effect which will Épre
vent the .too rapid passage of the heat and prod
ucts of combustion to the flue, thereby allowing
the absorption of the heat units to a maximum 55
` .
degree by the in-rushing cold air as it is re
heated, consequently reducing flue heat loss to a
The lower ends of adjacent auxiliary drums
I3 are connected together by pipes 26, which
discharge into the drums I3 adjacent the flue pipe
2| below the choke plates 24, thereby allowing
the equalization of the choking effect through the
The down draft preventer 23 is provided on
the iiue pipe 2| .for preventing a down draft
from extinguishing the pilot or burners or hav
ing an effect upon their efficiency. It consists
of a rectangular shaped casing as shown in Figure
15 1, which has its lower end open and a partition
21 extending to the bottom of the casing and
spaced from the upper end of the chamber
therein. The products of combustion pass?
through the pipe 22, thence downwardly and
20 over the partition I‘I in the direction of the ar-V
rows b to the chimney fiue pipe 2I. If there is
a `down draft, the down draft will engage the
partition 21 and will pass through the` open
bottom of the casing and be discharged from the
25 -device into the basement or room in which the
-furnace is placed.l
By forming the various drums rectangular and
triangular shapedL as shown in Figure 2, it will
be seen that a rectangular shaped assembly »is
30 obtained within the insulating casingA I8 which
baffle means which will positively force and de
flect the products of combustion outwardly
against the inner surfaces of the walls of the aux
iliary drums.
The invention have been set forth what is
claimed as new and useful is:
1. A furnace comprising a rectangularly
shaped main casing, an auxiliary casing with
in the main casing in spaced relation thereto and
rectangularly shaped, the auxiliary casing having 10
its corners in registry `with the Ycorners of the
main casing, insulating means carried by the v
auxiliary casing, a rectangularly shaped main
drum within the auxiliary casing and having its
corners substantially ninety degrees from the cor 15
ners of the îauxiliary casing, triangularly shaped
auxiliary drums inthe similarly shaped cham
bers formed by _the main drum and corners of
the auxiliary casing, a heating element in the
main drum, flue connections between the main 20
and- auxiliary drumsfor passage of- gases-there
through, the adjacent faces of all of the drums
being in spaced relation to each other and in
spaced relation _to the auxiliary casing thereby
forming fiat air passages for the passage of heat 25
2. A device as set forth-in claim l wherein the
flue> connections between the drums comprise
radially extending members from the adjacent
places all of the walls in parallel relation> and
fiat sides of the§drums and members extending 30
across the corners of the main drum and con
spaced so that large radiating surface is ob- -
necting thetriangularly shaped drums.
tained for the heat units and the 'heated air
3. A` deviceas set forth in claim 1 wherein the
rises in relatively narrow columns of uniform
adjacent sides of the main and auxiliary drums
, thickness thereby insuring a uniform heating of
the columns of up-moving air.
From the above it will vbe seen that a hot air
furnace is provided, which is simple in con
struction, and one wherein a maximum heating
40: surface is obtained, and the drums provided with
are flat and equidistant from each other and the 35
corner angles of the auxiliary drums and outer
sides thereof parallelto the adjacent portions of
the corners ofthe auxiliary casing.
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