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Get. 18, 1938. ‘
Filed May 14, 1957
Patented Oct. 18, 1938
Marcel A. Addor, Noranda, Quebec, Canada
Application May 14, 1937, Serial No. 142,642
1 Claim. (Cl. 240-218)
The present invention relates to improvements
in re?ector assemblies and particularly to are
flector adapted for use in connection with auto
mobiles and the like.
An object of the invention is the provision of
a re?ector assembly designed so as to enable a
person to view the underpart of an automobile
from an upstanding position.
Another object of the invention is the provi~
sion of a re?ector assembly adapted for detach
able connection with an automobile so that the
underpart may be surveyed without the neces
sity of bending or stooping.
A further object of the invention is the pro
vision of a re?ector assembly of the aforesaid
character which is particularly adaptable for po
sitioning a support jack under an automobile
from an upstanding position.
Still another object of the invention is the
provision of a re?ector of the above character
which is relatively simple in construction and
which is e?icient in use.
Other objects and advantages of the invention
will become apparent as the description pro
25 gresses.
In the accompanying drawing forming a part
of this specification and in which like reference
characters are employed to designate correspond
ing parts throughout the same:
Figure 1 is a fragmentary side elevational view
of an automobile, showing the re?ector assembly
operatively connected therewith,
Figure 2 is a perspective view of the re?ector
Figure 3 is a side elevational view of the same,
Figure 4 is an enlarged section taken on the
line 4-4 of Figure 3,
Figure 5 is an enlarged section taken on the
line 5-5 of Figure 3,
Figure 6 is an enlarged transverse section taken
on the line 6-6 of Figure 3,
Figure '7 is a side elevational view of the re
?ector plate showing a light operatively attached
_ thereto, and
Figure 8 is an end view of the re?ector plate
showing the light supporting elements disposed
in light engaging positions.
Referring to the drawing, wherein for the pur
‘ pose of illustration is shown a preferred embodi
ment of the invention, C generally designates a
support clamp embodying a rigid approximately
U-shaped body Hi. In a relatively short leg ll
of the clamp body is mounted a clamping screw
I2 engaging a threaded bore in this leg and dis
posed to cooperate with the opposite, compara
tively long, leg 13 to effect clamping action. At
the ‘outer end, the longer leg l3 of the clamp
body'is bifurcated to provide a slot l4.
7 ,.
A screw l5 extends transversely through the
slotted end of the clamp body leg l3, this screw
extending through a smooth bore at one side of
the slot and engaging an internally threaded bore
at the other side. The head of the screw [5 is
preferably shaped to form a wing-head l6.
Into the slot I 4 of the clamp body is inserted 10
the ?at end portion l8 of a coupling element IS,
the opposite outer end portion thereof being
shaped to provide a cylindrical shank 20. On the
shank 20 is rigidly ?tted the inner end of an
arm 22, in the present example embodying a
straight metallic tube.
On the tubular arm 22 is ?tted a slide clamp
24 which may embody a sleeve embracing the
arm and split clamp sections formed to receive
therethrough a screw 25 engaging the sections 20
so that the clamp may be tightly secured on the
arm or loosened so as to permit longitudinal slid
ing movement of the clamp‘ on the arm.
To the slide clamp 24 is connected a re?ector
21, in the present instance embodying an elon
gated rectangular shaped metallic plate having
the top face formed to provide a re?ecting sur
face, that is, either a highly polished metallic
surface or a mirror re?ector.
At one side of the
plate 21 is an angularly bent lug 28 which is at 30
tached to the side of the clamp 24 by a screw 29.
At each end of the re?ector plate 21 is formed
a rolled eye 30 adapted to form a hinge connec
tion for a light supporting bracket. To the front
eye 30 of the plate is connected an approximately
U-shaped bracket 3| having the intermediate
transverse portion pivotally connected with the
eye .30.
This bracket may be formed of wire or
other suitable material and is preferably shaped
so that the side legs are bowed outwardly for a 40
purpose which will be described hereinafter.
the rear eye 30 of the plate is connected a com
plementary bracket 32, similar in construction to,
but of substantially greater length than the
bracket 3|.
This re?ector assembly is especially adaptable
for use when employing a jack to elevate one of
the wheels when changing a. tire of an automo
bile. As shown to advantage at Figure 1, the
clamp C of the re?ector assembly is connected to
the vehicle, in the example illustrated to the rear
bumper, and the arm 22 is adjusted at a proper
inclination to dispose the re?ector so that the
operator may, from a standing position, view that
part of the understructure to be engaged by the
It is to be understood that the form of my in
jack. The jack is slid in to an approximate
working position and is thereafter accurately ad
justed to engage the vehicle axle, or other part of
the vehicle it is to engage, by determining its
position through the reflector. As shown, this
may be conveniently effected from an upstanding
position and obviates the necessity of assuming
a downwardly bent or reclining position. Thus,
the device obviates the necessity of assuming un
comfortable positions and soiling the clothes.
When employing the re?ector assembly at
vention herein shown and described is to be taken
as a preferred example of the same, and that
various changes as to the shape, size and arrange
ment of parts may be resorted to without depart
ing from the spirit of the invention or the scope
of the subjoined claim.
Having thus described my invention, I claim:
In a re?ector assembly for rendering readily
visible the underpart of automobiles having
bumpers, a clamp adapted for detachable bumper
night, a light, such as the electric ?ash-light
shown at Figure '7, is attached to the underside
of the plate 21 through the medium of the brack
15 ets 3|. The shorter bracket is disposed to resil
and circumferentially on the arm, a flat re?ecting
iently grip the front portion of the light, while
connection, an arm pivotally connected to the
clamp, an attaching clamp slidable longitudinally
surfaced plate secured to the attaching clamp 15
laterally of the arm, eyes formed on the edges of
the longer bracket engages the rear portion so ‘ the plate at right angles to the arm, and a long
that the light is held substantially horizontal with . and a short clip pivoted in said eyes for the pur
reference to the angularly inclined plate in order pose of holding a ?ashlight in substantially hori 20
zontal position with respect to the inclined plate
20 to direct the light rays properly under the car.
which is adapted to reflect, upwardly the image Due to the pivoted connection of the brackets 3|
the position of the ?ashlight can be adjusted of parts illuminated by the ?ashlight under said
somewhat in order to ?nd the best illuminating
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