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Filed April‘ 10, 19:55
v 6/6622‘ Cgzsc?ez'
I '
Patented Oct. 18, 1938
~ ‘UNITED STATE-sf Pam-menu
1 imitation April .10, 1935, ‘Serial ‘Ho. 15,538}. ~
This inventionrreiates ,to vwaterproof surface
covering strips, and particularly pertains to com
' ndnutedl?brous‘and/or ‘mineral materiaLf " The
position roo?ng elements formedinto strips with ' ~ ?bres of the ‘?brous ?ller are of su?l'ci'ent length
ornamental designs imprinted-‘upon the weather ' to bond theibituminous"material ‘into a cohesive
. ,Heretofore ornamental prepared asphalt ‘roof- _
‘mass: The mineralfiller' gives body 'to'th'e'lmass, "
and a greater‘ ‘degree 'of_.fden_sity., ‘' If'pdesi’reld, the 5
ing sheets or slabs have been manufactured from
?lling contentam‘ayleomprise as much as seventy-
a a foundation felt orfabric saturated and coated '
?ve (75) ‘per center ‘the ‘mixture, but prefen -
exposed surfaces.
faced with granular mineral material partially
vv‘embedded in thecoating as is. conventional‘ in ‘
I the asphalt- coating, and then-the granular Ina-r
ably itj-is‘ combined fvvitlifthev bituminousmate- ‘
with bituminous compositions,=and..then sur- ~'
roo?ng manufacture, Thereafter. various de
signs maybe effected-by further embedding cer
_ the granular material into theicoatfi
tain areas of
18 ing
to expose areas of asphalt coating to contrast
with the color of the granular material. ‘Or
grooves of slight depth-may ?rst be depressed in
‘density {in thesresultingmassi" ,
_. .7
a suitable mixture, the bituminous
' ‘
and ?lling‘components' arelmixed' into a. ,warm
plastic mass inxa'n'y corventional steam heated "15 .
Imixer' or‘ the like "until they‘have been'com-tv ‘
mingled f into “a ': homogeneous mass. Thereafter
terial is appliedandpartially embedded in those the warm,,p'lasti_c mass is fed into ‘a steam..iack
areas between the grooves. The depth of the eted. extrusion device to be formed into a con
groove is accentuated by ,reason- of the granular tinuous densely compressed strip,.which may sub- 20
} surfacing. -
However, ~ in: carrying‘ out \'these
methods on ordinary asphalt saturated ‘and coat
sequently be subdivided into; suitable lengths.
1While the strip is._warm, andpreferably before
being subdivided, one face ,is ‘imprinted; with >
an ornamental design.
one design‘ ' (Figures; 1 and->2)‘ inlay-y; be.
the ‘25' ' I 7
form ofj'complemental'y. concave depressions 3
?exible rather than being thick ,and board-like vand’convex'ridges 4 alternately disposed andex
in character.
‘ '7
tending transversely of'the strip. Preferably the
strips which themselves are relatively thin and
The present invention aims to'provide orna
strip is of tapered con?guration with the thicker.
portion 5 comprising'the weather edge of‘ the 30_
mental roo?ng which is made'relatively thick
and board-like, whereby depressions or ridges
strip, and the transverse depressions and ridges
may be formed on the exposed'face-to provide
formed only on the weather. exposed face. If it
ornamental and artistic designs irrespective of
is desired to‘ cover'the weather exposed face'of
35 the granular surfacing'and'without weakening ' the strip withg'ranular material, one marginal
the strips. The roo?ng is preferably composed of edge 6 is preferably left uncoated in order that 35
a homogeneous mixture molded into sheets of - it may contactwith the under marginal surface
substantial thickness.
of an adjacent strip whenoverlapped in courses.
For a full and more detailed understanding of In imprinting the depressions, some of the bi
40 the invention reference is made tolthe accom
tuminous material will be caused to flow or roll
panying drawing, in which‘:
over the edge of the strip in the form of artistic . 40
Figures 1 and 2 are perspective views of one waves 1_. These waves may vary, in extent,
_ embodiment of the invention;
Figures 3 and 4 are perspective views of a
45 modi?ed form of the invention;
‘Figure 5 is a perspective view‘of another em
bodiment of the invention;
Figure 6 is a top plan view of Figurel; and,
terminating short of the reverse side of the strip
or, it desired, extending flush with the reverse
side of the strip as shownat 8 in Figure 3. Also
they may be'formed- on the edges of the ridges 45
as'at 9 in Figure 4 aswell as on the edges of
Figures 7 arid 8 are perspective views of still ‘
_'I'heembodiment in Figure 5 shows a different
further embodiments.
design formed on the ‘weather, exposed side of
Referring to the drawing, numeral 2 desig-l ‘the roo?ng or siding element. The strip has one, 50
nates a roo?ng sheet which is composed of a
edge thickened and a series of raised portions illl '
mass of bituminous material, such as asphalt,
and a ?lling thoroughly intermixed and molded
into form. A suitable ?lling may comprise com
forming the depressions and raised portions'a
are set off at intervals by depressions ' ii.‘ In
portion ofthe material is squeezed ,to project
beyond the base edge of the strip in order to pro- 55
vide a continuous marginal lip l2 and I3.‘ Nu
meral i2 designates that portion of the‘marginai
lip which projects from‘ the raised portion, and
I3 designates that portion which projects from
the depressed portions II.
-~_ _
In the embodiment in Figure "7 the same gen
eral structure results in the strip as in that em
' bodiment in Figure 5,’ but the raised portions I01
are of different contour, being somewhat convex
10 on the outer surface. Formation ‘oflvthe recesses
H1 and the raised portion 1011 squeeze the mate- '
may be made therein without departing from
the spirit of the invention.
I claim:
1. A covering strip comprising a homogeneous
mass'of adherent plastic material having a plane
undersurface, a series of elongated raised por
tions and depressions formed on the weather ex
posed face to provide an‘ ornamental design, some
of said depressions being extended to merge with .
the butt» edgeof the strip,and~a1marginal pro 10
jection» extending along the butt edge of the
rial to provide a continuous‘ lip, including the strip and conforming to the surface contour of,
portions I21 which project from the raised pore the raised portions and those depressions which‘
tions and I31 which project from the recessed merge with the buttedge oi’ the strip.
2. A covering strip comprising a homogeneous 15
i5. portions H1. The raised portions in any of the
embodiments may be merely coated with a wa . mass of adherent plastic material having a plane
terproo?ng coating or may have'granular vmate’ undersurface, a series of elongated raised por
tions formed on; the weather exposed face to
rial partially embedded ina waterproo?ng coat
ing or in the composition material from which provide an ornamental design, all of said raised
portions" and depressions being extended to merge
" "
20 the roo?ng or siding sheet is made.
In Figure 8 aisiding or roo?ngsheet of the - “with the 'rbutt‘edge i‘of-th'er strip, and a marginal
same' composition as the, other ‘embodiments is
shown. ' This, however, is. molded or ;embossed
to e?ect a di?erentjdesig'ni. Sheet I4 is provided
with a series of terraced or stepped portions l5
extending longitudinally hither strip- l4; 7 ,These
terraced or steppedJportionsuIS may be further
set off into 'raisedportions I‘! by providing a
series of cross 'groovesor lines il?ifthe roo?ng
39 or siding i_s1provided,jwith ‘granular. surfacing
material. The lines "may be etlected~ by leav
ing these portionsqnncovered, thereby causing
the composition material to beexposed at these
‘areas to‘ contrast with ‘the other portions which ‘
35 are covered with the granular material. Asa
result the roo?ng or siding effects certain novel
designs by virtue of the stepped portion and also
the'exposed'surface isvin‘ade to simulate indi
vidual shingles by the transverse divisions IS.
The top edge of the shingle is preferably of, re
‘duced thickness in order that it may underlap,
and a‘ series'lof these shingles or‘strips may be
laid in overlapping courses tov cover a roo?ng
'or siding structure.
projectionextendirig along the butt edge of the
strip and conforming to the surface contour of
the raised portions and depressions. -'
3. A coverin'g'strip comprising a homogeneous
mass of adherent‘piastic' material having a‘plane
undersurface, a‘series of elongated raised ‘por
tions and depressions'formed on-the weather ex
posed face to providean- ornamental design, ‘one,
’ of said depressions‘being extended tom'ergewith "
Q the butt edge of the strip,‘ and a marginal pro
.iection extending along the butt edge‘ of the strip
and, conforming, to the'surf'a‘ce contour‘ of the
strip adjacent itsbutt edge.
, -
4. A covering strip comprising a homogeneous
mass of adherent plastic ‘material having a plane
undersurface,. aseries of elongated raised por
tions and:depressions formed on the weatheriexe
posed face to provide ‘an'ornamental design, some
of said depressions being extended to merge with
the butt edge of the strip, a marginal projection
extending along-the butt edge or the strip’ and
conforming to the surface contour of the raised
portions and those'depressions which merge with
While I have shown several preferred .embodim thebutt edge of Y‘ the strip,‘and granular coating
. ments of my invention, and-detailed descriptions material applied to the raised portions.
thereof, it will be understood that the invention
is not limited thereby but that varloim changes
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