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Oct. 18„ 1938.
w. cqTHoMAs
Filed April 2, 193s
4`Prisma-«i ocr. 1s, 193s
' 2,133,909
UNiTa-D >sin'riezs- IrA’risN'r` OFFICE '
_William .0. Thomas, Fries, Va.
Appneaupnnpru z, 193s, serial No. 199,715
1 claims.
`(c1. zoe-2a) _
-This invention relates to packaged safety
In the drawing:
particularly to an improved safety match book.
As is, of course, well known, it frequently hap
Figure 1 is a view in_- perspective of the device
matches designed for pocket useJ and pertains ~
’ embodying the _ present invention.
Figure 2 is a longitudinal section through the
match packet with the match cover flap opened. 5..
Figure 3 is a section similar to Figure 2 show
5» pens that with the use of safety matches put up
in the form of a fiat package‘or bookI particu»
larly painful accidents occur when the user of.
ing the fiap closed.
the match book strikes a match on the >striking `
surface provided at the base of the match group,
10 without first closing the protecting` flap which
is provided to cover the heads of the group of
matches remaining in the book. Various means
-Figure 4 is a view of the blank from which the
cover isy formed.
Figure 5 is a view of the slide strip per se, with ` 10
the elastic attached.
Figure 6 is a section on’ the line’G-B of Fig
- have previously been devised for preventing such
vure 1.
Referring now more particularly to the, draw
ing, the numeral I >generally designates the card
the match While the heads of the matches re- - board strip which ils employed to-provìde the car
maining in the book are exposed,f if the user of rierfor the group of matches,'here indicated gen
the match book is disinclined to use the book erally by the numeral 2, and shown as compris
accidents but none has been satisfactory in view
l5 of the fact that in all cases it is possible to strike
ingthe usual- two .rows of lcardboard matches
as it is supposed to be used.
'I‘he present ¿invention has for its primary >ob
ject to provide a safety match >book wherein the
which are disposed one in front of the other to 20
be secured together at `their bases, in the manner .
striking surface provided for igniting a match
hereinafter ldescribed. The -cardboard strip l,
is covered so long as the protecting flap'of the -
forming in the body vof the match book, is de
signed to be folded transversely intermediate its
book is open so that it is necessary for the user
25 of the book, in order to expose the striking sur
face, to first close the flap over the matches re
maining in the book.
ends along the line 3vso as to form thelback por
tion 4 and thefront portion ror cover flapy 5 bee i
tween which two portionsthe matchgroup is
Another object of- the invention is toprovide a
safety matëh book of the above described char
, In carrying out the present invention, 'a por
30 acter which is of relatively simple construction
tion of the »free end-‘of the body I is turned back 30
to form the bottom flap -6 whichv is relatively wide
ing dies and have the parts of the book secured " and which has the transverse window opening 'i
together in working relation‘by the use of only formed therethrough. This window opening is
three of the ordinary wire staples which'are used formedso as to leave a relatively wide'portion
35 for securing together articlesof this character. between‘it vand the free vend edge yof the flap, as
Still another object of the invention is to pro
indicated at 8, which, portion constitutes a cover
vide a safety match book of the above described means for the match scratch or abrasive surface
character wherein the matches may be provided hereinafter described. > _
and which maybe easily stamped out with form
in the usual two row group to be secured at the -
40 base of the group in the usual manner between
a back and edge flap of a cardboard holder which
is formed in the usual manner to have one end
folded over the heads ofthe matches and engage
behind the base ñap so as to close the book.
The invention will be best understood from a
match group substantially in the line of the top
edge of the window opening ‘i and there are dis
posed across both side faces of the match group
at the lower end of the matches and at each side
of the match group, the spacer strips 9 which
maintain a part of the match group at the front
and at the back thereof in spaced relation with
the panel 8 and the back 4 and the usual Wire
securing staples I0 are ther passed through the
parts 4 and 6 and the spacer strips 9 and inter
posed portions ofthe match group so as to secure
consideration of the following detailed~ descrip
A tion taken in connection with the accompanying
drawing forming part of this specification, with
the understanding, however, that »the invention
50 'is net_to be confined to any strict conformity
with the showing of the drawing but may be
. changed or modified so long as such changes or
modifications mark no material departure from
the salient features of the invention as expressed
5g in the appended claims.
The bottom ends of the matches. of the match
group are disposed in the assembled book to .lie 40
between the panel-like end portion 8 of the flap
6 and the back 4 with the bottom edge ofthe
these parts in assembled relation.
' .
Prior to the application of the securing ‘staples
2, 188,909
III, there is folded across the lower edge of the
match group 2, one end of a sliding strip II.
This said end of the sliding strip II is made
slightly wider than the remaining portion of the
strip, as indicated at I2, and is provided upon
one face with the abrasive material- I3 which
mustl be employed in association with safety
matchës in order to eil'ect their ignition and the
abrasive carrying part I2 of the sliding strip II
10 positions between the front spacer strips 9 and
in the area betwe'en the lower part of the match
group 2 and the panel 8.
From the foregoing it will be readily apparent
that unless the en'tire match book is torn apart,
it is impossible for the user to strike a match
while the cover iiap. of the book is raised and
the heads of the remaining matches are ex
posed. 'In other words, the user is compelled to
replace the -?ap into .the usual shielding or
covering position before he can obtain the abra
sive material in a position for striking the match
and thus the user will be protected against acci
dent in spite of any inclination to use the match
'I'his area is indicated
by the numeral I4. The other part of the strip
II lies at the back of the match group in the
15 area between the 'group and the back wall 4 of
the book and between the back spacer strips 9
and extends upwardly behind the match group as
shown. Secured to the back 4 in spaced rela
tion with the free end oi’ the sliding strip I I 'is
a means for attaching a resilient band I5 to the
back 4 of the book, which band is secured in any
suitable manner to the adjacent end oi’ the slid
ing strip II as, for example, by engaging it in
notches I6 formed in'the edges of the strip II
25 and the securing means here shown` for the band
I5 comprises a small square I1 of cardboard or
. other suitable material which is secured to the
back 4 of the book by a wire securing staple I8.
It will, of course, be readily apparent that anyl
30 other suitable means ‘may be employed for at
taching the elastic band Il to the back oi' the
book carelessly.
I claim:--
1. A match 'package comprising, a group of
matches adapted to be separated for individual
use. an abrasive striking panel shiftably .at- -
tached to the match group at the base of the
same, a shield panel for said abrasive panel,
resilient means normally maintaining the abra
sive-panel behind the shield panel, a carrier for
thematch group. and a shield ñap forming a
part of the carrier and adapted when in shield
ing relation with the match group to eilect the
shifting of the abrasive panel relative to’ the
.shield panel.
2. A match package comprising a match group
in which the matches are 'adapted to be separated
for individual'use, a carrying body to which the
match group is secured, means forming a cover- '
ing for. the secured end of the match group and
having a window opening, an abrasive carrying
book and also for connecting the band with the . panel slidable between said last means and the
adjacent Aend of the sliding'strip II, therefore, match group for exposure through said window
while this particular securing means, together opening- and normally shielded by a portion of
with the other parts described, is considered to said last means. resilient means normally urging
- be novel, it is to be understood that the inven
tion is not to be'restricted to the specific means
illustrated and described for connecting these
, Parts together.
'I'he free end oi' the iiap portion l oi' the book
is formed to provide a tongue I l which Yis of the
proper width to be inserted between the upturned
end portion I2 of the sliding strip and the bottom
said sliding panel into shielded position, anda
cover ilap connected with the carried body and '
adapted to overlie the match group, and means
forming apart of the cover iiap for effecting the
Áshifting of said panel into the window opening.
3. A match book, comprising a group of joined
matches adapted to be separated 'for individual
use, a carrying envelope for said group ccm
of the match group 2 so that the bookiiap I will ' prising a 'foldable -strip of material >_having the
be frictionally retained in coverlng'relation with ' portion of one end folded back upon itself to
the group of matches.
In the use oi the present device, after one of
>the matches has been removed> in the usual
manner, the flap 5 is turned down and the tongue
I9 is inserted between the match group and the
abrasive carrying iiap portion I2 of the sliding
strip II. Itwill be seen, however, that the said
abrasive carrying portion of the sliding strip will
be hidden behind the protective panel l as the
elastic band .Il will constantly exert an upward
- form a seeming flap between which flap and the
adiacent portion oi' the strip the bottom of said
match group is secured, a portion forming ~a
cover flap the free end of which is adapted to
frictionally engage between the securing flap
and the match group, said securing iiap having
a window opening therein and a panel portion
between the opening and its adjacent end edge
of the securing flap, an abrasive carrying body
slidablypodtioned between said panel and the
-111111 upon the strip andasthedower endsofthe " match "group and adapted when""shifted,inl one
strip is folded over the lower-edge of the match
group, the abrasive carrying portion I2 will be
pulled up until its further movement is stopped
by the secured match group.
resilient means normally retaining said body
behind said panel, and said cover iiap having its
In order that the ` free edge adapted for use inshiftlng said body
abrasive I3 mavbeexposedforusatheuserof
thebooklnust exert longitudinal pressure against
thetlaplsothatthetongue IIwillbeforced
„ direction to be exposed through said opening,
into position for exposure through said opening.
4.Asafetymatchbook,comprising agroup
oi' matches secured together at one end and -
downwardlyagainst the folded lowerpart ofthe
sliding strip II and this will effectth'e longi
tudinal movement of the sliding Strip against
adapted to be separated for individual use, a
carries- for said group comprising‘an elongated
--~A of the resilient band II and will
plume against the ñap l is re
»stituting a cover nap to be folded over the match
shifttheailaslvecsrrying portion Ilintoposi
opening'l. Themtdxmaythenbedrawnacross
strip ofmaterial lmving aportionofoneend
grounmklsecuringflaphaving awindow ope -
ing formed therein and having a portion .provid
ingacovuimpaneLanelongated strip oi'ma
terisl slidably positioned between the match
3 ,
secured, said sliding strip having an end turned >ing panel slidably~ disposed between said base
and said shield panel for 'movement downward
into said area, the striking panel when moved
an abrasive striking material on the said turned into _said area being exposed '_for use, a. cover
portion of the sliding strip and adapted for ex-. flap for the matches connected with said means
posure through said opening when the strip is and having a free edge insertible between the
shífted‘in one direction, resilient means normally base and shield panel, and means engageable by
urging the movement of said sliding strip to a said cover panel edge when in match covering
position where the abrasive material is covered position whereby movement of said edge in one
by said panel, said resilient means connecting direction will effect the uncovering of said strik 10
the sliding strip with the ñrst mentioned strip, ing panel.
'1. A match package, comprising -a group of>
and a tongue forming .a lpart of said _cover ñap
and insertable between the panel and the match matches joined together by a base portion from
group and adapted to effect the shifting of the which they may be individually separated, means .
sliding strip for the exposure of the abrasive secured to said base portion forming an en 15
closed area therebeneath and including a shield
material through said opening.
5. A match package, comprising a group of panel spaced from the base portion, an abrasive
up across the end edge of the match group to
provide a portion which is covered by said panel,
matches separable for individual use, an abra
sive striking panel disposed across the match
20 group adjacent the base thereof and slidable
in a plane parallel therewith, shield means se
striking panel slidably disposed between said base
panel may be positioned, and a cover for the
match group having a free edge insertible be
25 tween the shield means and said base when in
covering relation with the matches for engage
ment with the said panel to shift the panel from
and having a free edge insertible between the
base and shield panel, means engageable by said
cover panel edge when in match covering posi
tion whereby movement of said edge -in one di
rection will eiîect the uncovering of `said striking
panel, resilient means' normally urging said strik
ing panel to move between the shield panel and
said base, and said flap edge engaging means
limiting the movement of the striking panel un
and said shield panel for movement downward
into said area, the striking panel when moved 20
into said, area being exposed for use, a cover
cured to the match group behind which the » flap for the matches connected with said means
> behind kthe shield.
6. A match package, comprising a group of
30 matches joined together by a base portion from
which they may be individually separated, means
secured to said base portion forming an enclosed
area therebeneath and including a shield panel
spaced from the base portion, an abrasive vstrik
der the urge of said resilient Imeans throughl con
tact with said match base;
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