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Filed Feb. 24, 1936
Huang \2
«f -hx [A:
/s .249”
Patented Oct. 25, 1938
_UNrrso STATES PArENr orgies
Herbert Brühe, Berlin, Germany, assigner to
Siemens & Halske Aktiengesellschaft, Siemens
stadt, near Berlin, Germany, a corporation of v . f
Application February 24, 1936,> Serial No. 65,533
In Germany March 22, 1935
_2 Claims.
In antenna arrangements on vehicles such as
trains for train telephony, for example, it is of
importance to provide antenna Wires which only
sag a small amount. Consequently, they must
5 always be maintained straight. The antenna
conductors are, however, subjected to vibrations
and high wind pressure so that in order to
avoid breakage a yielding tensioning means
should be provided. To this end spring arrange
10 ments or weights are inserted between the an
tenna support and the conductor. Such spring
tensioners are subject to especially rapid de
struction since they are continuously exposed to
atmospheric conditions, especially frost and ice,
15 and to chemically active constituents contained
in the smoke of the locomotive especially effective
in connection with humidity. These influences
mainly cause deterioration of the material and
finally lead to complete destruction.
My invention relates to anarrangement for
tensioning antennas, and which is protected ef
fectively against destructive inñuences. Accord
ing to the invention a helical spring producing
the tensioning of the antenna is arranged within
25 a weather proof, cup-shaped casing resting at
one side against the cover of the casing and con
nected at the other side to a member attached to
the antenna and inserted through the inner
space of the spring and through the cover of the
30 casing. Said member may constitute a cylindrical
bolt, for example. The casing preferably consists
of a material having high resistance against cor
rosion or it is coated with a paint, thereby re
sisting the destructive actions caused by the
35 aforementioned influences for a long period of
time. In order to prevent humidity or the like
(Cl. 267-71)
thereof in partial section .along the axis of the
Numeral I represents the cup-shaped casing of
the new tensioning device, closed at its open end
by means of a cover 2 placed by means of an in- 5
terposed packing 3 of leather, rubber or the like
upon the flange-shaped rim Il of the casing.
For fastening the cover, four screws 5 are em
ployed equally distributed about its circumference
and serving at the same time for fastening the l0
tensioning device to an angle-shaped support 'E
which may be mounted on the roof 20 of the ve
hicle. In the casing I there is arranged a heli
cal spring l shown in a greatly de-tensioned state
resting at its right end against the inner side of l5
the housing cover 2 and attached at the left end
to a plate-shaped flange 8 provided at the end of a
bolt 9. This bolt is inserted through the cover
and the guide bushing I0 fastened to the cover
2 and is attached to the antenna. It can readily
be seen that in case of longitudinal variations of
the antenna, such as shortening for instance, due
to temperature influences or high wind pressure,
the spring l will be compressed and the flange
shaped disk 8, together with bolt 9, is moved to 25
the right.
For fastening the antenna to the end of bolt 9
projecting from the guide bushing lil, a link I I is
provided passed through a lateral bore I5 of the
bolt. To provide a continuous tension in the an 30
tenna it is necessary that the device be mounted
under a certain initial tension i. e. the spring l
is in a tensioned state whereby the ñange 8 is
Withdrawn from the bottom I2 of the housing
and the spring is compressed to about one-half of 35
the length thereof shown in the ñgure by means of
entering the interior of the tensioning device the the ñange 8 and the bolt S. In this manner move
casing is suitably filled-in with a grease resistible ment of the bolt in any direction of its .axis is as
to acid and low temperatures, and serving at the ' sured so that it can adjust itself to any length
same time as packing material for the passage of of the antenna.
The guide bushing Ill is inserted through the
the bolt attached to the antenna. At this place
of through passage the bolt is inserted with a bore I3 of the support 6. For the purpose of
certain play so as to obtain at this place always fastening the support 6, bores Ill are preferably
provided in the part resting on the roof 20 of the
a sufñcient lubrication.
car which serve to receive fastening screws or
The entrance of humidity and moisture be
bolts l I4’ and the like.
tween casing and cover is prevented by the pro
As already pointed out, the interior of the
vision of an interposed packing ring. At the
housing is preferably filled in with a grease which
cover the tensioning device rests against a sup
is free of acid and p-roof against cold while con
port maintaining the antenna at a certain dis
tance from the roof of the car and fastened to the tinuously effecting a suñicient sealing of the bolt
casing by means of the screws used for fastening 9 passing through the bushing Ill with sufficient
play thereby preventing the entering of detri
the cover in place.
For a better understanding of the -invention mental particles into the tensioning device and
reference is made to the accompanying drawing finally assuring a sufficient lubrication of the
in which the drawing shows a single embodiment bearing.
2,134,027, »
Having described my invention, what Iclaim
2. Means for tensioning and yieldably sup
as novel and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:
1. Means for yieldingly supporting an antenna
porting one end of an antenna, said means com
prising a rigidly supported tubular casing closed
comprising in combination, a tubular casing
at one end, a rod member Within the casing and
closed at one end and open at the other, a mem
ber for rigidly supporting said casing, a cover
casing, a cover plate secured at the open end of
extending partly through the open end of the 5
plate having an aperture therein, securing means
the casing having an opening through which the
for attaching said cover plate to the openvend of
rod member extends,`a helical spring contained
said casing, a rod passing through said aperture, A Within the casing and encircling the rod member,
a coil spring within the casing having one end one end of the spring being fastened to the inner 10
connected to the inner end of said rod and the end vof the rod and the other end of the spring
other end abutting the cover plate, a body of
lubricant within said casing around said rod and
spring, and means for connecting the outer end
15 of said rod to the antenna.
abutting the cover plate, and means at the free
end of the rod member to which the antenna is
adapted to be attached.
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