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Oct. 25, 1938.
*Filed June 22, 1937
2 Sheets-Sheet 1
` Oct. 25, 1938.
Filed June 22, 1937
2; Sheets-Sheet 2
Patented Oct. 25, 1938
%134344 I
V'Humason, Houston, Tex.
Application June 22, 1937, Serial No. 149587 '
' 6' Claims.
The invention relates to a tubing head and ?ow
,control assembly.
It is an object of the invention to provide a
device of the characterdescribed including means
5 for releasably supporting tubing in a well› bore.
Another_ object is to provide a deviceiof the
character described for releasably supporting
tubing in the well bore with a ?uid tight=joint
between the tubing and the surrounding casing.
10 I _A further object is to provide a means for sup
porting a tubing within a well bore including` a
novei mechanism for controlling the ?ow of oil
from the tubing..
Further objects, together with the foregoing,
20 will be' apparent from the following description
_ taken in connection with the drawings in which:
»Fig. 1 is a vertical sectional View of the upper
portion of the device comprising the invention..
Fig. 2 is a similar view showing a lower por-c
25 tion of the device of the invention and constitutes
a continuation of the view of Fig. 1.
Fig; 3 is a sectional view taken on line 3-3
Fig.v 4 is a sectional view taken on line 4-4
of Flg. 2.
Fig. 5 is an assembly view, partly in section,
showing the general construction of the present
the tubing hanger &has an internalchamber 2|
connectingswith ?ow !ines` 22 which maybe indi
vidually provided 'with suitable control valves
(not shown), The upper end of the extension 20 _
is threaded at 23 _for connectionwith a collar 24, 5
which isinturn threaded and is connected with
upwardly extending valve housing 30 surround
ing valve actuating mechanism, generally 'desig
nated as 3l, and to be?further described.
Referring to Fig. 2, it will be noted that bowl 10
3 is provided with an enlargedbore 35 above the f
end of casing 2, ?ow lines,36 being connected
struction the ?ow from and the pressure within '
the annular space between the tubingr [4 and cas- 15
ing 2 may be controlled by -~uitable valves not
A circumferential groove 40, having parallel
of Fig. 1.
with this enlarged bore.› By means ofrthis con
A more specific object is to provide' a novel
15 casing head and tubing hanger assembly in which
the hanger may be easily and e?'e'ctively brought
into or releasedirom sealing engagement with
the casing head bowl.
(01. iee-15›
Referring'?rst to Fig. 5, it will be noted that
35 the present invention comprises a casinghead unit
generally designated as i, attached to casing 2 at
the 'mouth of the well bore. The casinghead unit
l' includes casinghead bow1'3 having a tapered
seat 4 to receive a complemental tapered surface
40 5 on tubing hanger-6, anannular resilient sea]
ing member |0 serving to sealthe joint between
' taperedsurfaces 4 and 5; The outer'surface of
bowl 3 is provided with coarse threads H such as
square or acme threads to threadably engage a
45 hold-down ring l2, having ears I 3, whereby the
ring may be engaged› for tuming movement
thereof to force the hanger 6 downwardly into
scaling position and to retain thehanger in that
position 'against .pressure tending to lift the
50 hanger and tubing string |4 connected thereto.
vThe?tubing l4 is connected to the lower end of
side walls, is provided in hanger 6 above tapered
surface 5 of the hanger. This groove 40 is 20
adapted to receive dogs 4| which are retractively
positioned within arcuate recesses 42 in the hold-e
down ring l2, which is provided with threads for
complemental engagement with the coarse
threads _||_on the bowl 3. The cars, |3 on the 25
hold-down ring permit engagement of the ring
whereby it may be e?ectively rotated to force
hanger E upon its seat in bowl 3 or to receive the
hanger therei'rom.
An important feature of the present invention
is the construction whereby dogs 4| are releasably
engaged within groove 40 of the hanger 6. This
feature is best illustrated in Fig._4 in which the
arcuate dogs4| are shown as slidable internally
from the recesses 42 in the hold-down ring I2- 35
under the in?uence of compression springs 43,› '
which engage the dogs and the inner surface of I
boss 44 on the hold-down ring l2. Each of the
dogs 4| hasan cutwardly extending stud 45 fixed _
thereto and passing through an opening 46 in the? 40
boss 44. A nut 41 on the outer end of the stud
45 maybe rotated to withdra\ the dogs 4| from
within the groove 40 wherebythe hanger is re
leased from the hold-down ring and may be lifted
from the bowl 3, together with its attached tub- 45
ing string l4. On the other hand, the dogs may
be moved to an inwardly advanced position and r
the hanger inserted in _thebowl and the-hold- '
hanger 0 which has a central bore to threadably
down ring assembly. The downward movement v
of the hangerwill cause dogs 4l to ride upon the 50
tapered surfaces _5 'of the hanger whereby the'do'gs v
will be `forced to retracted position against com-'
receive ,the tubing and extends upwardly there
pression springs„43.~
from at |5 and terminates'in an upwardly fac
Continued downward movement of the hanger
will bring the groove 40_ in the plane of the dogs 56 s
55 ing valve seat 16. An upward extension 20 of
ll, whereupon the dogs will snap inwardly under
the pressure exerted by the springs. The hold
downring II' may then be screwed downwardly
to complete the connectionbetween the hanger
I and the bowl i. This feature is particularly
the passage from the ?ow tubing. The particu
lar arrangement of parte has many advantages
that will be obvious to those skilled in the art.
What is claimed is:
desirable_ in iacilitating speed in obtaining a
sealed connection between the bowl 3 and the
hanger O. At the same time, the constructionn '
is such' that the hold-down ring I! may be
1. A ?ow control unit for wells comprising a
tubular bowl connected to the end oi, a 'pipe in
a well bore. said bowl having an inner tapered
seat therein, a tubing hanger on said seat, a tub- i `
ing string supported by said hanger, a peripheral
in said hanger above said tubular bowl. ?o`
break the sealed connection between the hanger
ring threadably connected to the
. and the bowl preliminary to releasing the hanger ,
tubular bowl, and radially movable latch means
from the hold-down ring I: and withdrawal of in
said hold-down ring above the bowl !or re
the hanger and its attached tubing from with
engagement with said peripheral groove ,
in the bowl.
i „
whereby 'the ring and hanger may be interen
The tubular valve housing ”is coaxial with 'gaged
the bowl andhanger brought into
the extension 20 on the hanger i, and is thread-_ seating and
ably secured thereto by _means o! collar 24 and
is provided with internal threads Bl' for engagement with complementary threads 'El on the ing' a tubular bowl connected to the end of a
pipe in a well bore. said 'bowl having an inner
shan!!! of the valve, generally designated as seat,
a _tubing hanger on said seat, tubing sup
ll.` The lower end oi' shank 52, has a reduoed, ported in the casing by said hanger. a peripheral
section u, provided with a circumferentlal groove groove in ,said'hangen a 'hold-down ring* sur
N. as best seen in Flg. 3._ A coilar 5! slidably
?ts upon the reduoed end' u and has screws 50 rounding said bowl and hanger, and dogs within ~
?xed radially thereinpthe inner ends 51 of the said ring i'or engagement in said groove whereby
the bowl and' hanger are brought into'intimate i
screws p'roiecting' into the groove 54 whereby the seatingengagement;
collar 55 is threadably Secured to the shani: 52.
unit including a concen
'me lower end of _collar 55 is threaded inter
nally for connection with valve stern 80 .whereby tric casing and tubing in -a well. a casinghead
cups li and rings 62 on the valve stern may bowl on said casing. said bowl having a tapered
seat therein, a tubinghanger adapted !or seat
be clamped to form a plunger assembly' This ing
engagement in said tapered seat. a periph'eral
plunger assembly sealably engages the inner walls
groove in ?the tubing hanger, a hold-down ring
of a sleeve'63, which is ?xed to the inner wall surrounding
said bowl and hanger' and thread
of valve' housing 30 as by threads 64 extending
to the bowl, and radially releas
below the threads i?in thévalve housing.
This construction provides a valve _that may able latch means in said hold-down ring for en
said groove. whereby thecasinghead bowl
be moved longitudinally oi the 'extension 20 and gaging
maybe drawn into scaling engagement
the housing 30 by turning of the hand-wheel". by said ring.
said hanger being releasable by_ g
The swivel connection between shank' I! and the
plunger assembly permits the plunger to move withdrawing said latch means. ;_ „
longitudinally ot the sleeve 83 without turning _- 4. A well head comprising abowi having a ta
movement therein. 'This feature obviates rota-' pered seat therein, a tubing hanger supported on
tiona? movement of the valve upon :its seat when said seat, av peripheral groove in said hanger
the valve is advancing to or receding from its above said bowl,`a hold-down ring surrounding
said hanger and 'bowl and having threadable en
To facilitate replacement of'jpartssubiect _to gagement with the latter, and interlock members
10 screwed upwardly to iiit the hanger i and to
fully closed position.
wear a valve cap member 'III is threadably at?,
tached to the lower end of valve stern to and is
50 locked in assembled relationthereto by a'set'
screw '||. . The lower end' oi' the cap member 10
is in the form oi' an inverted cup to receive the
valve washer 12 having a concave inner'surface
to closely ?t over the convex seating surface on
55 the valve seat IB. With this type 'oi' valve washer
and seat the cutting action o! abrasive sub
stances in the well ?uid?is minimized.
From the preferred embodiment of the inven
tion just described it will be apparent that the
60 invention comprehends a tubing head and ?ow
control assembly in› which the tubing hanger and
valve mechanism for control "of the ?ow or ?uid
through the tubing supported by the hanger may
be quickly and e?ectivelyibrought into assembled
- or detached relation.
"carried “by -said ring and ~ resillently urged in
ward?y thereoi' to enter said groove.
Ë i 5. 'A well head comprisi'ng a bowl having a ta
pered 'seat therein, a tubing'hanger supported
on said seat, a peripheral groove in said hanger
-abovesaid bowl, a hold-down ring surrounding
said'hanger and bowl and having threadable en
gagement with the latter, interlock members car- >
ried by said ring and resiliently urged inwardly
thereot to enter said groove, and means tor with
drawing said interlock members from within said
6. A well'head comprisin'g a bowl having a ta
pered seat therein; a tubing hanger supported
on said seat, tubing supported by said hanger,
said hanger having an internal chamber, and a
passage leading from the tubing to said cham
This is made possible by i ber, a valve seat in said passage. a valve in said
the novel constructioniof the holdédown assem
charnber adapted to ?tupon said seat when the .
valve is closed and manuaily operable means tor
device of the _invention` includes a novel valve advancing the valve to closed position upon the
construction twhereby there is an e?ective seal seat, said means including a shani: threadably
against the leakageoi ?uid past the valve stem v engaging said hanger. and a plunger swivelly con
nected to said shank and having cups thereon to
and at the same time the construction is such seal the chambe'r above the valve.
that there is no sliding contact between the valve
bly as best shown in Figs. 2 and 4.. Likewise, the
and its seat, either during opening or closing of
GRANVILLE A. mson. y
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