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Oct. 25, 1938.
2,134,050 ’
Filed Feb. 27, 1937
1__L 119 1a
BB W.C.Kimbmugh
Patented Oct. 25, 1938
Warren 0. Kimbroug-h, Omaha, Nebr.
_ _ _
Application February 27, 1937, Serial No. 128,208 3 ‘
_ 3 Claims' (01, ‘is-I193)
.fThis inventionarelatesvtoi gas detectors,-and
more ‘particularly to gas traps andhas for an ob
ject tolprovide ‘means. for detecting whetheror
not a gasmain' or pipe in a street has become
I5.‘ broken: and-to~ provide means for preventing
poisonous fuel’ gases from entering a dwelling. ‘
- 1A, further» object of- the invention is to provide
means for'the above stated purposes which are
economical in construction and may be readily
to installed for usein connection with gas pipes
ther'etofore buried in an'd'below the service of’ the
ground, said means: adapted to warn the occu
pants of a dwelling of the escape of poisonous gas
thereby ‘giving opportunity to check dangerous
ll g'as'leaks'and for repairing the pipeconductors of
shown-for supplying gas for conventional fuel
purposes in a .wellikn‘own manner. At this‘ time
the pipe ID is installedina trench and loose earth 5
filled into the trench about‘the pipe. In manyin
stancessaid earth‘ settles away from the bottom
‘oflthepipe, providing thereby an open-passage
way "through which igas‘which escapes from a
broken‘ main‘ may flow or is forced by pressure of 10
gas escaping from the ‘said main in instances
where the latter is broken, said 'gas‘following
along said passageway and traversing the bottom
of the pipe‘and'entering a dwelling through the
brick'walls of 'the‘ibasement, particularly in’ in- '15
the'inv'ention will‘be understood from the follow:
stances where the foundations of the dwelling do
not extend‘ below ‘the pipe l0, and’ the‘new device
is adapted to prevent deadly andv noxious gases
ingfd'etailed description thereof, reference being
from entering said dwelling.
Other'and‘ further
' Y‘
objects and advantages of
20 had to the accompanying drawing in which:
"'}_"Figure§1 isa longitudinal vertical section of the
the end I5 of said pipe is closely adjacent to‘and
enters through a basement wall or a dwelling, not
The gas trap of the present inventionincludes 20
a hollow housing having side walls’lG and end
invention installed in 'a position of use in con
Walls l'|= which are joined together providing a
nectioniwitha pipe conductor of poisonous fuel
gasesjthe vlew"be'i'ng‘taken substantially on line
having an open bottom, the lower edeges 18 of
of Figure 2,,
' '
frame'which is rectangular‘ in plan,- said housing
‘said Walls are disposed below the level of the 12.5 V
’" Figure 2 is an" end view of‘ the said device. _
" " Héret'ofore resultant from theintensive cold of
pipe ill, in use. Opposite disposed notches I9
being provided in oppositely disposed sidewalls
wintersfffrost entering the ground and the like,
asgw its other; causes, the alignment of ‘gas
the oppositely disposed ‘sidewalls of said notches '
‘ .30 pipe'sl-"o‘r'imains becomes disrupted, causing fuel
for permittingthe housingto be lowered,'whereby
receive the pipe 10, therebetween and whereby 3-9
a gas to leak therefrom and since said pipes are ‘ the pipe _ l4_ extends longitudinally through said
buried below the 'surfacefof the ground the gas ' housing and notches, a hole having been ?rst
does not escape to the atmosphere, but follows
‘along the loose‘earth about and ‘specially ad
to (a ja’c'e'nt‘the bottom of the pipe, seeking an escape
specially-as'thepressure supplied by'the main
increases," whereby the gas ‘follows ‘lateral
branches of ‘the main and enters basements of
dwelling houses'wpois'oning the occupants vthereof
4D and said causes during the'preceding winter in
the city of Omaha, Nebraska, did occasion several
fatalities ‘to the sleeping occupants of several
dwelling houses and it is an objectof the inven
dug from the surface ll of- the ground to a point
below and in vertical alignment with the pipe l0.
»"-I‘he ‘housing‘is preferably‘“manufactured with =35
a detachable roof >20, the-latter being preferably
of pyramidal shape, having an outlet 2| at the
top portion or apexthereoi and ?anges 22 at the
vbase of said pyramid, said ?anges extending in
parallelism with the‘ walls I6 and-l1, the latter 40
being provided ‘ with _~ccmplernental receiving
troughs 23 for the flanges as shown in Figure 1.
tion to obviate the undesired practices of the
Theloutlet ‘2| ‘is preferably provided with‘an
upstanding neck-24 adapted to receive‘ thereover
prior art.“
a‘ conduit '25 which during installation may be ¥45
rivetedorotherwi'se suitably secured to said neck.
Referring'now to the drawing for a more par
A conduit 25 extends above the surface l2 of
ticular description, 10 indicates a pipe conductor
of and for gas, the latter normally ?owing 'the ground and is preferably provided with a
through the pipe in the direction of the arrow H, gooseneck or semi-circular portion 26 whereby the
a 50 the normal position of said pipe being below the free end of the conduit or the open end 21 there- 50
of is closer to said surface llv than the semi
surface l2 of the ground I3.
It will be understood that the end M of the circular portion 26 for preventing débris from en
pipe is in communication with a supply of gas tering the housing through the conduit such as
under pressure from a main, not shown, buried might otherwise enter by means of unauthorized
55 under the surface of an adjacent street and that persons, children or the like placing said débris 55
in said conduit and, if desired, a screen may be
placed acrossrthe open end of said conduit and
Preferably the roof 20 is provided with-a plu
rality of hoods 3| having open ends which func
secured to the latter.
tion for the same purpose as the hoods 29 in
connecting stray gases and concentrating the
As best shown in Figure 2, one of the notches
I9 is of lesser transverse width than the other,
said notch of lesser width being diposed towards
the dwelling and means are provided for plugging
or closing said notch, said means preferably com
prised of split washers which collectively are
10 adapted to encircle the pipe I0 and abut the latter
for saidv purpose,.s'aid washers being secured to
same for discharge or escape through the outlet
2|, whereby detection of gas leaks is facilitated.
It is obvious that various changes and modi
?cations may be made in the details of construc
tion and design of the above speci?cally described
embodiment of this invention without departing
from the spirit thereof, such changes and modi
?cations being restricted by the scope of the in
the adjacent wall l6 during installation, where
by gas is prevented from ?owing outwardly of the . vention as claimed.
housing and toward said dwelling along said pi
What is claimed is:—
1. A gas trap comprising a hollow housing 15
The notch opposite to said smaller notch is having side walls, means for permitting the ap
plication and withdrawal of the housing without
of larger area or transverse width than the di
ameter of the pipe I4 and remains open in use for disturbing the fuel gas pipe to which it is applied
permitting gas following along the pipe Ill from including a roof and an open bottom, oppositely
20 said main to enter thehousing or trap through disposed side walls being provided with notches 20
15 and through said notch.
said wider notch.
The ‘roof of the housing is preferably manu
factured removable from the walls thereof to
opening. from the bottom edge of said walls,
oppositely disposed‘ side walls of said notches
adapted to be lowered about and receive‘ there
facilitate installation and shipping and after
between a pipe conductor of fuel gas while the
25 s‘aidhole is dug in the ground the walls are low
ered and installed as abovedescribed, the roof
latter is disposed below the surface of the ground,
whereby said pipe extends through said notches
andv said walls, and the’lower portions of said
being ‘detached at this time, whereby the oper
ator may stand within ‘the walls and settle-the ' walls are disposed below said pipe, one of said
notches being of such awidth with respect to the
latter ?rmlyintothe ground, packing ‘earth up
30 wardly of, the walls above the lower edges I8 diameter of said pipe that escaped gas may enter
said housing therethrough, and means adapted
thereof and securing the washers for pluggin
the smaller notch as above, described.
to encircle and abut ,said pipe for closing the
‘ 7
At this time if so desired, theoperator may other of said notches for preventing passage of
install a transverse disposed rod orsupport 28 gas therethrough, said‘roof provided with an out
35 under the pipe ID, as shown in Figure 1, for ‘pre ' letadapted to be disposed above the surface of
venting frostor the like from heaving said walls said ground for permitting communication of
upwardlyof their selected position with-respect
tothe .pipe i0; ¢The roof is now placed ‘on the
walls and cement may be applied to the member
40 -23 for sealingtherflanges 22, if desired." The
conduit 25 being placed in position, earth is re
placed about the device and upon the roof there
of until said earth reaches the level l2 or surface
‘of the ground.
2. A gas trap comprising a hollow housing
having side walls, a roof and an open bottom,
'meansion oppositely disposed side walls for per 40
mitting fuel gas pipe to pass through saidhous
ing, with the lower portions ofqsaid sidewalls
extending “below said pipe and for permitting
entrance of escaped gas to the housing through
" >
45 M Inoperation'escaping gasfollowing along the
pipe Iii ,as‘above described enters the hollow
:housing, but is prevented from entering ‘the
gas from vthe housing to the atmosphere. ' ;
‘dwelling, said. gas escaping through‘the outlet
~2l of the roof- and the occupants of the dwelling
upon‘detecting an escape, of gas by sense of smell
,rnayapprise workmen that the main should be
repaired. In instances where several of the new
one side wall and preventing passage of said es
caped gas-through said side walls, ‘means carried
‘by the roof. for-'conductingthe escaped gas to the
atmosphere, and hood means on saidihousing for
collecting other escaped gas within said housing
comprising a‘plurality of hoods each having an
,openbottom» communicating with the interior
_of the housing and a closed top.
devices are installed at different points along .the ' }
, ‘
3. ‘ A gas trap comprising a hollow housing hav
ing side walls, a roof and an open bottom.‘ means
on oppositely disposed side walls for permitting 55
fuel gas pipe to pass through said housing with
»of at a-lessened cost for theisame and; as com
pared to uncovering an extensive length of main _ 'the vlower portions of said side walls extending
street, the place where the main is broken may
‘be more readily located thereby for repair there
below said pipe and for permitting entrance of
each‘ provided with an outstanding hood 29 hav
ing-open bottoms and roofs 30 which are inclined
and. preventing passage of said escaped gas
through said side walls, means carried by the
‘upwardly and toward said side walls, said hoods
.functioningto collect‘ gas which may be present
about said housing but not entering the latter
"as Ithrough the latter notch i9, said hoods being of
roof for conducting the escaped gas to the at
mosphere, and means cooperating with said'pipe
vfor'r’naintaining the housing. in operative posi
for locating a leak.
_ Preferably the end walls I‘! of-the device are‘ escaped gas tothe housing'through one side wall
particular advantage when installed in loose or sandy soils.
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