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Oct. 25, 1938.
H.. F. swENsoN
Filed Jan. 22, 195e
ç HqrvcgyESweïwop '
Patented Oct. 25, 1938
ICE ’f
y f -
10E CREAM Finalizan
Harvey F. Swenson,` Seattle,> Wash. -.
Application January 22, „1936.kk
3 claims.- (ci. 1259-9)
My invention relates to ice cream freezers .and
particularly to an ice crealm freezer that is
adapted for use in ice cream parlors, hotels,- drug
stores and restaurants where the ice cream [is
¿7,5 servedl to the trade directly from the freezer.
Certain mechanical objects of the invention are
first, to provide an ice cream machine having> a
freezer drum equipped with a plurality of ñns
or splines whereby the area of the freezing: trans
.119 fer surface is considerably increased, and av uni
form passage is provided for the flow of the re
frigerant whereby settling and collection of 1u
bricant on metal surfaces in the refrigeration
system is eliminated; second, to provide a foot
¿l‘ë pedal for electrical operation and -control .of the
freezer whereby ice cream may be discharged
directly from the freezer drum into receptacles
thus leaving both hands free to handle there
ceptacles; third, to provide .a cut-off door for
V¿240 the discharge port of the drum which doorr is de
signed and shaped in such manner that both large
and small receptacles may be equally and read
ily ñlled therefrom; fourth, to provide afsimpli~
fied front bearing for the dasher which is trouble
¿2_.5 free, simplifies the opening and closing `of >the
drum door, and eliminates expensive replacement
cost; and fifth, to provide a leak-proof gasket
consisting of a small rubber tube set into an 4an
nular groove on the inside of the drum door_whích
:.3‘0 is easy to remove, clean or replace.
The most important electrical object of the in
vention is to provide means whereby the motor
of the compressor unit, which unit supplies the
compressed refrigerant to the freezer unit, cannot
:35 operate without accompanying operation, of the
YReferring.in_deijail A to Ltljie Adrawing ~ throughout
whichliklerevference >*designate like parts', .the nu'
meral 5 indicatesïthe main >frame` of the machine
which may have a housing l6 superimposed there
>on`ir1 l`any„desirablei manner. i A >freezer>
t‘I _.5
is mountedl within thehousi?g _inany suitable'
manner, and _ya l'refrigler'atking
f8 e envelopes
saidfreezer drum vleaving an expansionvchamber
'therebetween A l sheetfmetal casing . 9v surrounds
.the.rêflîigeratingfdrum and the space_between is 11_,0
'ñlled'~with 'cork or Í other ` insulative" IriaterialV as
shown at, l 0.' The forward-ends" ’of` the casing'and
refrigerating ldrum are @closed-byva front lwall’ ,Íllll ~
leavingfthe' forward end> of> the. freezer 'drum' open
as most~v clearly _shown inlî‘igj, 3 ofV the’d'rawing. >15
A drum idoorflzis' hinged atlete thejfront "
wail Il. Av barili is also connected to the hinge », '
_I¿3..and extends`directly~`across'the' outside ofthe .
door with its forked end »|¿5`r arranged tostr'addle '
abolt .i6 which 'is pivot'ally connected to Lthe 20
Lfront wall >`ll anÍd I?iayflie 'swung' outwardly fas
yshown'i'ny dotted‘lines'in Fig‘. 1. Saidbolt is‘fpr'o
same islscreweclv down_` tightly against the `forked
.end -I_.5,Íthe.b,ar I4`Íwill hold the door I2 in a closed 2.5VV `
leaky-‘proof position; An important~ feature of »the
invention 1j_esides'„_in.the` small rubber _'tub'e gasket
Vided'in the 'rear surface efthedoor ¿|21 `Thus,
when .the ¿door is >held lm ‘the‘lciösed A.pòsition' by 30 ì
the barkeit. thegas'ket will _’_b'e pressed -against the
front -~wall >il 'thereby`.preve`r1tin`g"any leakage
from the door.
The tube gasketmay be readily _ '
removed for cleaningpurposes.`
îThe upper portiondof. the drum door I2 is pro- _35 - .
freezer motor which operates the dasher ofthe .vided :with ka 'down-_spout_entry_portj Z0 which `
freezer unit.
communicates -directly:'with’fthe interior ,of the
In the drawing:
freezer _drum`1 Whenftlíe door i's closed'. The lin
Figure 1 is a View in front elevation of the com
gredients4 for makingfice cream` areiedw into „the
450 plete machine; Fig. 2 is a view in vertical section `.drum through'thisentry port and its top- is pro- ,40
taken substantially on a broken line.2-.2f0fVF_ì.g.
kvidedlw'ith a `hingedlid 2l which *excludesdust‘ "
1 and showing certain parts in elevation; Fig. :3 and other foreign matter.r The'lower Afportion'of ,
is an enlarged fragmentary View> in vvertical sec "the door l2 jis}provided„_wíth' a projectingÍ dis
tion of the forward part of the freezer drum and ‘ ` chart-,felv port >.22] fwhlich‘ alsoy ` communicates' , with
45 associated parts; Fig. 4 is an enlargedv'de'tail the‘freezer drum Iwhen ->itsjdoo’r is closed. [Af cut- _4_5
View in rear elevation of the drum door and con toffe door .23 ‘is "pivoted to this port by v`a boli-,.24
nected parts; Fig. 5 is a View in transverse verti
, cal section taken on a broken line 5_5 of Fig'.'3;
Fig. 6 is an enlarged detail view in longitudinal
50 section of the front dasher bearing; Fig. .'7`isa
corresponding view showing the connection >of
the dasher shaft with the drum stub-shaft; and
Fig. 8 is a View in diagram showing both the elec
trical and refrigerating elements Yand their ar
E*55 rangement.
whichfhas a heavy spring 275 interposed between
the- hea'd'of the boltand the door for compressing
the Vcut-,off >door 'against the open end lof Á thev
port 'thusßmaking it leak-proof. `This door -is v5„0
pivotally raised by a` handle 26;'_and lan important'-` ‘ .
feature xof thisdoor residesîin `the sonrievvhat'reef- y
ltangular recess"21 provided in its lower edgepor
tion. This `rectangular recess, withits- rounded
"cornersglÍisyso'shaped ~that it lwill vpermit a small’i5?5 n' `
quantity as well as a large quantity of ice cream
to be discharged from the port 22, depending
upon the distance the door is raised, and thus
large as well as small receptacles may be filled
with equal facility.
When filling receptacles,
they are either held in the hands or placed upon
the shelf 28 which is secured to the frame 5 or
housing 6.
Another important feature resides in the small
front bearing A29, shown in detail in Fig. 6, which
toward the discharge port 22 when the dasher is
rotated, say, in a clockwise direction. A foot
pedal 48 is fulcrumed to the lower portion of the
frame 5, and a rod 49, which is pivotally con
nected to said foot pedal, extends upwardly to av
foot pedal switch 50.k Pressure of the foot upon
said pedal causes the switch to rise and close the
>circuit from lead-in wires 5| and 52 to the dasher
motor 45, as shown in the diagram View in Fig. 8.
This foot switch is provided with a spring 53 10
has a flanged head 30 and a hollow recess 3|.
This bearing fits into a hole 32 through the drum
which causes it to return to its normally lowered
gaged by the bar I4 which _thus Aserves the double
`are of prime importance for the reason that an
Yattendant may ñll a half dozen receptacles, such
position when the foot is removed from the pedal,
door l2, between the entry and discharge portsl thus shutting off the dasher motor 45. It will
2| and 22 respectively, and. is centrallydisposed thus be seen that this foot pedal and its switch
with respect to the freezer drum '|. VItsA head 3D ` are for momentary use and as a convenience in 15
.filling and serving ice cream receptacles. They
bears against the outside of the _door_and is en
purpose of retaining both the d'ö'or andthe bear
ing in a closed leak-proof position as willbe Aun
as saucers or cones carried in both hands, by
stepping on the foot pedal thus causing the 20
derstood. The recess 3| in’this bearing receives
the reduced end of the'dasher shaft' 33 `which
dasher to force the ice' cream within the freezer
isïsimple and _inexpensive to install andrenew,
drum ‘I into the discharge port 22, and by raising
andY lowering the cutfoff door 23 with the wrist
V'freely rotatesl therein;j This small front bearing
and provides _novel means whereby the freezer
or other disengaged part of the hands or arms.
drum door |2` may be opened and closed without
The foot pedal results in quicker service, the use
ofless electrical power, and in a better quality of
expensive and complicated structure.
The finsior splines 34, which are interposed in
>the expansion chamber between the freezer and
refrigerator 'drums 1 and 8- respectively, form
still another important feature of the invention.
_These fins are rectangular in cross section and
are preferably, though " not necessarily, an in~
tegral part of the refrigerator drum`8. They‘ex
`tend longitudinally of the drums,_each alternate
‘ one terminating shortof the rear end of the drum
'and withthe other intermediate ones terminating
short of the frontend of the> drum, as shown at
'35, so as to form a continuous and circuitous p_as
ice cream.
A refrigerating unit, comprising a compressor
54,`a"motor 55 for operating the compressor, a
pressure tank 56, and a pressure control switch
51, is mounted on the lower part of the frame 5.
It is understood that no claim of novelty is made
for the compressor except insofar as it may en_ter
into novelcombination with the elements of the
ice cream freezer. The small pipe 36 conveys the
compressed refrigerant from the pressure tank
56 tothe expansion chamber between thefreezer
and refrigerator drums 'l and 8 respectively
sage back and forth allaround the drum'. Thus,
wherein the refrigerant expands, creating the „
the refrigerant, whichl Venters the expansion
chamber under pressure inthe form of liquid
necessary frigidity, and then returns through the
larger pipe 31 to the compressor 54 and tank 56
through a small pipe 36„divides itse1f,.h'alf flow
vthus completing its cycle. I prefer to use methyl
Vchloride as the refrigerant by reason ofits non
explosive nature, although any desired refriger- .,
ying around one sideofthedrurn' and half going
‘around the other side, and passes‘joutthrough a
-larger Ypipe 3l. These splines ‘or fins provide a
vant may,Y of course, be used. A pressure'jof from
uniform -passage for-the flow ~ofthe refrigerant
>eighty to one hundred vand twenty pounds is .
-'around >the drum whereby lubricating oil,v which
-is v>carried ‘in- suspension> bythe refrigerant, is
maintained by the compressor depending upon
conditions of operation, and the pressure- switch
,1. vpreventedjiîrorrfA settling and collecting von, the
metal surfaces in the` refrigerating system, and
materially increase the area ofthe freezing trans
fer surface, and `thus increase the efficiency of the
Y ' machine.
The rear end of the‘dasher shaft 33 is enlarged
by a flange head 38 whichis' Vcentrally provided
51'is`conn'ected to the compressor and interposed „ .
in the circuit for reasons presently set forth. A to
thermostatic expansion valve 58 is interposed in
the small high pressure pipe 36, and theV entire
portion of the pipe between said expansion valve
'andthe compressor tank 5S, being normally at a ,.,
partialk vacuum or under low pressure, the pres
with a recess and groove or slot v39'diametrically Ysure within said pipe portion will increasev upon
operation of the compressor and extend into the
across the rear end ofthe head which `recess re
ceives the inner end of arstub shaft 40, and a pin expansion chamber between the drums 'l and 8
60 forms’ a detachable connection'for the rear 'end
where it will rapidly expand thus absorbing high ,
’temperature and creating low temperature which
of the dasher as'shown in Fig.V 7. Thestub shaft
¿freezes the ice cream mix within the freezer drum .
f4| passing therethrough andiseated in the groove
" 65
40 isfjournaled through the reaïr end of the freez .1." A magnetic valve switchv 59 is also interposed
ing and refrigerating drums, and "its outer end is in thehighÍ pressure pipe 36 for reasons presently
providedY with a large pulley 42 >having belts 43 Íset forth.
extending to a small _pulley 44 keyed to the shaft , A thermal bulb 60 is connected to the low pres
of a dasher motorv 45. The dasher shaftv 33 has a
'pair of oppositely curved blades 46 secured to or
integral with each of its ends'which blades rotate
finjuxtaposition with the inner wall of the freezer
'drum"|, and aplurality of oppositely disposed iiat
"spacedëapart‘paddles‘or ñngers 4T'integrally con
`>nected to the dasher shaft,_terminate inside or
'short of the dasher blades; "j
" ’ ‘
58, which valve is'so adjusted that, when frost is
on the-low pressure pipe, the bulb causes the said ’
Aexpansion valve to close, thus operating the ex
pansion valve in direct relation and proportion to
the- temperature or amount of frost ron-«the low
>The'paddles or fingers> 41j' aresofslanted as to 'pressure return pipe.H The'frost line does not
` cause’the >semi-'frozen ice cream' to move forward
ure'return pipe 31 and a capillary tube connects
¿said bulb with the thermostatic expansion valve
reach the thermal bulb until the latterstages‘of
freezing takes place when Vthere isV less expansion
out of circuit. This willfprevent current> from
ofV the refrigerant and a consequent overflow` of »
passing over the wirep68 through the compressor
the same, in the compressed liquidstate, into the hand switch 63'and to thecompressor motor 55
low pressure pipe 31, whose continued expansion over. the Wire‘ 69, vthus stopping said compressor
causes low temperature and frost to a point on
motor. ‘u This featureis important Afor the reason
the return pipe whereby the thermal bulb will be that it'preventsthe ice cream mixture within '
caused to operate and shut off the expansion '
the freezer: druma‘l .from being frozen solid while l
Valve 55, thus enabling the compressor1 54 to func
in a static conditioncaused by non-operation of
tion more rapidly and increasing the speed of the the dasher as will be understood.
10 freezing process.
'I‘he dasher motor 45 may beV operated by the
In the operation of the system, assuming that foot 'pedal switch 50 without closing the Acom 10
ice cream mix at a temperature of from forty
pressor hand switch 63, and the circuitisso ar
to seventy degrees Fahrenheit is placed in the ranged
that the dasher motor may be operated
freezer drum 1, the freezer hand switch desig
by the foot pedal switch independently of the
nated by the numeral 6| is manually closed pressure switch 51 or any of the other controls
whereby the circuit wire 62 is also closed. The on the machine except the thermal switch 61. 15
current will ñow through the magnetic valve 59, In the operation of the foot pedal switch, the
opening same and allowing liquid high pressure current flows through same in its normally low- '
refrigerant to pass into the thermostatic ex
20 pansion valve 58 which allows a measured ered position only when the pressure switch 51
is closed, and in this position the dasher motor 20
amount to pass on into the expansion chamber
cannot be operated by said foot pedal switch.
between the drums 1 and 8. It being understood However, when pressure is applied tothe foot
that the double pole compressor hand switch 63 pedal and said foot pedal switch is raised to
is closed at all times, and inasmuch as the pres
25 sure switch 51 is connected to the magnetic complete the circuit through the wire 5I, which
is connected directly to the outside source of
valve 59, by wires 64 and 65, and said pressure power and is alive at all times, the dasher motor
switch being set to close at a pressure of substan
will be set in motion. Inasmuch as the com
tially ñve pounds, this switch will close and pressor
motor is wired in ahead of the foot pedal
allow the current to flow through a wire 66, switch at the point designated by the numeral
30 through the foot pedal switch 50 in its normally
1I, the operation of the foot pedal switch does 30.
lowered position, through the wire 5l and a not
effect the operation of the compressor motor.
thermal coil operated dasher motor switch 61, This independent feature of operating the
to the dasher motor` 45, operating same and com
dasher motor is particularly useful in serving iceA
pleting its circuit by returning over the wire V52. cream as hereinbefore mentioned.
35 At the same time the current will also ñow ~
through a shunt wire 68, through the double
I claim:
1. In yan ice cream freezer comprising a freezer
pole hand switch 63, then through a Wire 69
to the compressor motor 55, operating same and
drum having an openend, a front wall surround- .
cause a partial vacuum to be built up in the
wall and arranged to close the front end of the ’
returning through a wire 10, through the other ing the open end, a doorr hinged to the front wall
40 pole of the compressor hand switch 63 and thus ` and arranged to bear against the> front wall and
completing its circuit through the wire 52. The close the open ydrum end, an outwardly project- 40
thermal switch 61 is provided in case the dasher ing discharge port carried by the door and com
becomes stalled by over frozen cream or other municating with the drum, Va cut-off door pivoted
flatly to the outer end of the port and arranged
cause which would build up an overload of cur
Yto open and close the port when it is pivotally
45 rent, this switch will throw out thus breaking the
circuit and preventing the dasher motor from swung up and down, and said cut-off door having
a rectangular recess in its lower edge portion
being burnt out. Provision is also made for oper
ating this thermal switch by hand in cases of `ranged to be brought into communication with
the port when the door is pivotally moved to reg
the size of the port opening.
When the ice cream mix is frozen to the proper
2. In an ice cream freezer comprising a freezer»
consistency, the freezer hand switch 6l is opened
which closes the magnetic valve 59 and thus- drum having an open front end, a front `wall
shuts off all ñow of the refrigerant. This will surrounding the opening, a door hinged to the
55 compressor 54 by suction thus reducing the com
pression which causes the pressure switch 51
to open. This pressure switch, being wired in
circuit with both the dasher motor 45 and com
pressor motor 55, both of said motors will be
60 stopped.
Herein lies the most important elec
trical feature of the invention, namely, the com
pressor motor 55 cannot operate without'running
the dasher motor 45 for the reason that the
current which operates the compressor motor
65 must iiow through part of the same circuit which
operates the dasher motor, namely through the
wire 56, it being understood that the foot pedal
switch 50 is in its normally lowered position.
For, if we assume that the freezer hand switch
6l is open and the compressor hand switch 63
is closed, it is apparent from the foregoing that
the said open hand switch will close the magnetic’
valve 59 thus reducing pressure of the com
pressor 54 and thereby causing the pressure
75 switch 51 to open and the wire 66 to be thrown
drum, said door having a hole therethrough con
centric with the drum, a dasher mounted for ro 55
tation within the drum and having a central
shaft with a reduced projecting end arranged to
register with the hole through the door, a small
bearing ‘having a recess and a flange head. insert
ed into the hole with its head bearing against 60
the exterior of the door, the recess in the bearing
arranged to receive the reduced -end of the dash
er shaft, a cross bar hinged to the front wall and
arranged to `engage the flange head of the small. 'Y y
bearing, and means. for clamping said bar against 65
the head of said bearing.
3. In an ice cream freezer comprising a freezer
drum having an open front end, a front wall
surrounding the open end, a door hinged tc' the
wall and arranged .to close the front end vvof the
drum when the door is swung into engagement
with the front wall, said door having a hole there
through concentric with the drum, a dasher
mounted for rotation within the drum` and hav
ing a central shaft with a reduced projecting end
arranged to register _with the'hole through the' gagement With the 'head'of the bearing, and
door, a» small bearing inserted in `the ~ho1e in the
door, saídrbearíng havîhga 'recess and a‘flangev
head bearing against the-exterior of the door, the
reduced .end of the dasher shaft mounted in the
recess of the'bearíng, across barrßhînged» to the
front wall andrextendíng across‘vthe door’in en
means for clamping the cross Ybar against the
head vof the bearing whereby same is held in se
cure engagement with the door and the door
is held; in secure engagement with the front wall. 5
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