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Oct. 25, 1938.
Filed July 19, 1937
I’? 3 2
Patented Oct. 25, 1938 I
2,134,296 ‘7
PATENT "lorries
Charles E. Bluhm, Rochester, N. Y.
Application July 19, 1937, Serial No. 154,390
2 Claims.
(Cl. 120—111)
The object of this invention is to provide a pen
of special form that is adapted for the purpose.
of making letters that would be used principally
for advertising purposes, but for other purposes
as well.
Another object of the invention is to provide
a pen by which shaded letters can be made either
in script or in printed letters.
Another object of the invention is to provide a
10 pen that will ,normally carry a considerable
quantity of ink, so that a considerable number of
the pen is indicated in Figure l by reference
numeral 1.
The parts 3 and 4 constitute the points of the
pen and because they are brought close together
they will hold ink by capillary attraction when 6
dipped into a bottle of ink, and the ?ared portion ‘
or open space indicated between 5 and 6 will
form a reservoir that will hold one or more drops
of ink from which the ink will feed forward to
the points.
As shown in Figure 2, the top of the pen point
letters can be printed or written therewith with
a single ?lling or dipping of the pen.
is beveled as indicated at 8 and the end of it is
made blunt as indicated at 9, and the bottom of
Another object of the invention is to make a
pen that can be made in one piece bent out of
one blank.
the pen point has a square corner as indicated
These and other objects of the invention will
be‘ illustrated in the drawing, described in the
speci?cation, and pointed out in the claims at
the end thereof.
In the drawing:
Figure 1 is a view of the pen looking at it from
the bottom side thereof.
Figure 2 is a side elevation of the pen.
Figure 3 is a plan view of the blank from
which the pen is made.
In the drawing like reference numerals indi
cate like parts.
at l0; By bearing on the paper with the square 15
corner the pen will make a narrow or ?ne line.
By bearing on the paper with the blunt portion .
9 the pen will make a broad line, or will make
the horizontal bars of a letter with a heavy shad
ing, or will make the corresponding portions of 20
script letters thin or heavy as may be desired. ' ‘
By bearing on the paper with the beveled por
tion 8 of the pen, the pen will make a ?ne line
on the downstroke and will make a coarse line
on the side stroke. In each case the pen and 25
penholder will be held with reference to the paper
in the position most suitable to secure the desired
I claim:
Pens embodying my invention may be made of
1. A pen formed from a single blank, said pen 30
thin sheet metal such as copper, brass, or of
having at its forward end two layers of metal
other materials such as Celluloid.
The pen shown in Figures 1 and 2 is formed placed close together at the point by folding on
from the blank shown in Figure 3. This pen is - a central axial line, said layers being separated
made by bending the right hand side of the blank back of the point su?iciently to form a pocket
for a small quantity of ink that will feed between 35
35 I shown in Figure 3 along the dotted line 2
shown in Figure 3, the metal being bent with a the two layers.
2. A pen formed from a single blank, said pen
sharp bend so that the two sides are brought
having at is forward end. two layers of metal
closely together as indicated at 3 and 4 in Fig
placed close together, said layers being separated
ure 1. The left hand side of the blank shown in back of the point sufficiently to form a pocket for 40
4 O Figure 3 is bent to a curve having a radius of
a small quantity of ink that will feed between the
about a half inch or more, forming the segment two layers, the layers being beveled off at one
of a cylinder, the curvature of which segment side of the point and rounded off on the other
corresponds to the curvature of the socket that side, the intermediate part of the point being
is provided in the pen holder for receiving the left square.
base of the pen. This curved cylindrical part of
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