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Oct. 25, 1938.
Filed Fleb. 21, 1933
6mm 70. 039W.
Patented Oct. 25, 1938
Edward M. O’Donnell, San Francisco, Calif.
Application February 21, 1938, Serial No. 191,702
2 Claims. (01. 220-55)
This invention relates to a closure for aper
tures such as manhole openings in tanks and like
metal containers.
The object of the present invention is to gen
erally improve and simplify the construction and
operation of removable covers; to provide a read
ily operated fastening means whereby a manhole
cover may be quickly applied or released; and
particularly to provide a fastening means which
10 is carried by the cover and removable therewith
also longitudinally removable with relation there
to, as will hereinafter appear.
The upper ends of the lugs are provided with
flat faces 22 and angular faces 23. A washer
such'as shown at 24 (see Figs. 3, 4 and 5) is 5
placed over each bolt, and on top of the lugs and
cooperating therewith are wing nuts 25.
Flg. 3 shows the cover in closed position. In
this position the lower hook-shaped ends 21 of.
the bolts engage the rim or ?ange l5, and by
so as to leave a free and unobstructed opening tightening the wing nuts 25, the cover will be 10
through which entrance or‘exit may be readilyv ‘pulled against the rim l4 and there secured. If
it is desired to release the cover, it is only neces
The cover and fastening means are shown by sary to loosen the wing nuts and to swing the
15 way of illustration in the accompanying draw
bolts about their pivots to assume the position 15
ing in which
shown in Fig. 4. By again tightening the wing
Fig. 1 is a plan view of the manhole cover and nuts, the bolts will be held against pivotal move
the fastening means;
ment about the pins 2|, and will furthermore be
Fig. 2 is'a side elevation of. the same;
held in a position which permits the cover to be
Fig. 3 is an enlarged cross-section taken on readily removed or applied as the case may be,
line III—-IH showing the cover in closed posi
asthe hook-shaped ends 21 are held outwardly
tion and the bolts secured;
free of the rim or ?ange l5.
Fig. 4 is a similar section showing the bolts
The washer 24 (see Fig. 5) is an elongated
in released'position and the cover ready for re
washer with a hole 24a at one end to permit it to
25 moval; and
be slipped over the bolt. The washer is also bent
Fig. 5 is a perspective view of one of the bolt to fit the angular faces 22 and 23 of the lugs, and
is furthermore provided with a lug 24b which ex
Containers such as tanks, and even boilers, are tends into the space formed between each pair of
often provided with manhole openings and covers lugs so as to secure the washer against rotation
30 which are secured by bolts and the like. Either and the nuts being tightened.
pivoted bolts or stud bolts are usually employed,
When the cover is in place and. secured by
and they extend through the cover and are tightening of the‘bolts I9, the washers 24 will as
secured by nuts threaded to the bolts and sume the position shown in Fig. 3—that is, the
engaging the face of the cover. When the nuts lugs 2417 will engage the space between the angu
\_ and cover are removed, the bolts usually sur
lar faces 23 of the lugs l8. When the bolts are
round the manhole opening, and as such, make it released, as shown in Fig. 4, the washers are r0
di?icult for an operator to enter, as his clothing tated a half-revolution so that the lugs 24b will
will invariably get caught on one or another of engage or extend downwardly between the faces
the bolts. The present invention relates to a re
22 of the lugs Hi. In either position, the washers
movable manhole cover which leaves a free un
are held against rotation so that the nuts may
obstructed opening for an operator to crawl
be tightened or released without displacing the
When the cover is released, as shown in Fig. 4,
Referring to the drawing in detail, and par
Figs. 2, 3 and 4, B indicates a portion
of a tank, and 2 an opening formed therein. Se
cured around the opening is a rim H on the outer
face of which is formed a hook-shaped annular
it may be lifted off or completely removed, and an
entirely free or, unobstructed opening is effected
for the operator to enter or make an exit from
without danger of any of his clothing being
?ange IS. The cover proper is indicated at It
caught by any bolts, lugs or other protuberances.
60 and is provided with an annular ?ange I‘! on
If desired, the cover may be hinged as shown at
26 (see Figs. 1 and 2) and as such, may be swung
to one side when the manhole is to be opened.
which are formed pairs of spaced lugs I8. A bolt
19 is disposed between each pair of lugs. Each
bolt is slotted longitudinally as shown at 20, and
is secured against removal by pins 2|. The bolts
55 are free to pivot about the pins 2|, and they are
While these and other features of the present
invention have been more or less speci?cally de
scribed and illustrated, I wish it understood that
various changes may be resorted to within the
scope oi.’ the appended claims, and that the mate
2. The combination with a container having an _ -
rials and ?nish oi the several parts employed may - opening formed therein oi’ a rim member _se-,
be such as the judgment and experience of the cured to the container and surrounding the open
manutacturer may dictate or other conditions ing, a cover seated on the rim and iorming'h
may demand.
‘closure for the opening, pairs of spaced lugs on
Having thus described my invention, what I
claim and desire to secure by Letters Patent is
1. The combination with a container having an
opening formed therein or a rim member secured
10 to the container and surrounding the opening,
a cover seated on the rim and forming a closure
for the opening, a plurality of bolts pivotally
mounted on the cover and having hook-shaped
lower ends movable into and out of engagement
15 with the rim, said bolts being longitudinally mov
able with relation. to their pivots, a nut on each
bolt to draw the cover tight, and means ior se
curing the bolts against pivotal movement when
their lower hook-shaped ends have been swung
outwardly away from the rim.
the cover. ‘a bolt pivoted between each pair oi
lugs, said bolts being longitudinally slotted to
permit longitudinal movement or the bolts be
tween the lugs, a hook-shaped lug on each bolt
engageable with the rim, a face on each pair of 10
lugs parallel with the cover, a second face on each
pair of lugs disposedson an angle with relation to
the face ot‘the cover, an elongated washer for
each'boit, said washer being bent to engage both
the parallel and angular faces of the lugs, a nut 15
on each bolt and engageable with the washers, and
means for securing the washers against rotation
when the nuts are rotated.
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