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Oct. 25,v ‘193s.
Filed Nov. 10, 1937
7 as
Patented Oct. 25,1938 7
2,134,600 ‘ I
Roger S. Oalnan, Washington, D. 0., assignor to
The Richter & Phillips Company, Cincinnati,
Ohio, a corporation of Ohio
Application November 10, 1937, Serial No. 173,897
3 Claims. (Cl. 241—8)
This invention is directed, to a belt and it is
among the objects of the invention to provide
means of preventing slippage of the belt. Wher
ever belts are used in conjunction with sport
clothing I have observed that it is quite dif?cult
to keep the belt in its proper location. In order
to overcome that I have provided means which
exerts a gripping action upon the body of the
wearer at points substantially immediately in
front of and behind such wearer’s hips.
‘Another and important object of the invention
is to provide comfort promoting means which
function to space the buckle portion of the belt
outwardly from the abdomen of a wearer.
In the past considerable discomfort has been
occasioned by pressure of the buckle upon the
abdominal region. As a means of insuring com
fort, at all times, I employ spaced projections
which have a tendency to offset the buckle por
tion of the belt outwardly;
Another object'of the invention is to promote
comfort by offsetting the portion of the belt out
wardly adjacent to the back of the wearer, thus
avoiding pressure upon thekidneys of the wearer.
In the drawing submitted herewith I have dis
closed one embodiment of my invention but it
will be understood that I am not to be restricted
to the speci?c means employed, nor to the exact
belt - construction illustrated as equivalents of
such means will appear obvious upon reading
of the following speci?cation.
In the accompanying drawing:
and having inwardly extending projections ‘l, 8,
9 and I0, such projections being arranged pref
erably in pairs with grooves I l and I2 between
the individual projections of each pair.
' If desired, the inner layer or lamination 3 may
be dispensed with as set forth above and if this '10
is done the insert 6 may be secured to a single
layer 2' and such securing can be effected by
means of adhesive, stitching, riveting and the
like, as shown in Figure 6.
In Figure 3 the belt is shown as used in actual 15
practice and here it will be seen that the pro- ’
jections "I and 8 lying forwardly of the hips of
‘the wearer have a tendency to offset the buckle
5' outwardly.‘ At the same time the projections 20
grip the soft ?esh in the vicinity of the hips thus
preventing slippage of the belt. I' have found
that this construction is exceedingly comfortable ‘
and in addition to the promotion of ‘comfort the
belt, is positively retained in its desired position. 25
Likewise the usual pressure of the buckle 5 is
diminished which adds to the comfort even after
the wearer has partaken of a heavy meal. The
depression l3 lying between the projections 8
and 9 snugly engages the hips of the wearer thus 30
easing the strain usually caused by a conven
tional belt. .
Figure I is a perspective view of a complete
multiplicity of laminations, or if desired, can con
sist of a single piece.
The insert generally indicated at 6 in Figure 5
comprises a strip preferably composed of leather
7 From the foregoing description it will be seen
that I have provided a belt which is free from
a Figure 2 is a section view taken on line 2-2
slippage thus presenting a neat appearance .at 35
of Figure 4. .
all times even though the wearer be engaged
Figure 3 is a partial elevation showing the belt ‘
in vigorous sports. In addition it will be seen
in place on a wearer.
that I employ the non-slip means as a' comfort
Figure 4 is a plan view taken from above of
the ‘belt shown in Figure 1.
Figure 5 is a perspective view of the insert.
Figure 6 is a section similar to Figure 2 of a
promoting agent. A belt constructed in accord
ance with the previous description eases the pres
' Referring now to the drawing, and more par
ticularly to Figures 1 and 2, it will be seen that
I‘ have devised a belt generally indicated at l
which in this particular instance comprises lay
ers 2 and 3 of any suitable material secured to
‘gether, by substantially parallel lines' of stitching
4 and 5. The belt I is provided with‘the usual
buckle 5' but it‘will, of course, be understood
‘that any other fastening means may be substi
tuted for the conventional belt shown. It should
also be noted that the belt may consist of a
sure of the belt upon the abdomen as well as the
In conclusion it will be seen that the belt is
neat appearing as well as comfortable.
I claim:-—
1. In an article of the character described, an
outer layer and an inner layer united to said
outer layer there being a pair of inserts between
said layers, said inserts overlying and extending 50
forwardly and rearwardly of the hip portions of
a wearer and each insert comprising a member
having spaced pairs of projections thereon, said
projections lying immediately in front of and
behind the hips of a wearer, the portion of an 55'
insert between said projections comprising a flat
hip engaging portion.
3. In an article of the character described, a
belt comprising an outer layer and a pair of mem
prising a strip having a ?at hip engaging portion
and having spaced pairs of projections that ex
bers attached thereto said pair of members being
attached to the inner side of said belt and each
of said members comprising a strip having a
smooth ?at hip engaging portion and spaced pro
jections that extend radially inwardtoward the
tend inwardly toward the body of a wearer, one
of said pairs lying in front of the hips of a wearer
body of a wearer, one of said projections lying
in front‘of the hips of a wearer and the other
2. In an article of the character described, a
belt comprising an outer layer and a pair of mem
bers attached thereto, each of said members com
and the other pair lying behind said hips, the lying behind said hips with the ?at hip engaging 10
flat portion of said member between said pairs v portion between said projections.
overlying said hips.
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