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New., L w38.
Filed April as, 1957
Patented Nov. 1, 1938
Edward J. Lawless, Chicago, Ill.
Application April 23, 1937, Serial No. 138,510
3 Claims. (Cl. 217-32)
This invention relates to improvements in to `,be contained therein to support the eggs in
packaging devices, and more particularly to an spaced-apart relation in the carton.
improved carton and filler for containing and
The carton and filler parts are preferably
supporting eggs for storage and transportation. stamped or otherwise cut from flexible fibrous
It has become the practice to make up pack
material, such as heavy paper or cardboard. `5
ages of twelve eggs in cartons as eggs are usu
While Athe carton may be of any shape desired,
ally purchased by the dozen, and to divide the the one illustrated is a commercial type de
cartons into pockets to receive the >individual signed to contain two rows `of six eggs each.
eggs by placing fillers forming transverse and
In the carton illustrated in Figures 1, 2 and 3
longitudinal partitions in the cartons to form the rectangular ends l are joined by elongated `1.0
the pockets.
It is an object of this >invention to provide an
egg carton that may be readily stamped from
a sheet or roll of heavy paper or cardboard and
easily assembled to receive a pocket-forming
ñller. It is another object of this invention to
form the tops and bottoms of the cartons with
means coacting with the transverse partitions
of the‘filler to secure the tops and bottoms of
litt) the containers in closed position, and in addi
tion thereto provide the tops with releasable
locking means adapted to engage the transverse
partitions. It is a further object Yof this inven
tion to provide the ñller with separated rows of
egg-receiving pockets and provide each pocket
with egg-supporting means preventing the eggs
from engaging the sides or bottom of the con
taining carton. It is a still further object of this
invention to provide the carton with means to
observe the color or .character of the contained
eggs wíthoutopening the carton.
With these and other objects in view reference
is made to the attached sheet of drawing illus
trating a `preferred form of this invention, with
the understanding that minor -changes may be
made without departing from the scope thereof.
rectangular sides 2, the longitudinal edges of
which are extended to form top and >bottom clos
ures 3 and 4, >each of which are formed to Vmeet
along` the longitudinal center line of the carton
with flaps 5 and 6 bent to extend inwardly in `L;
contact with each other, as shown in Figure 2,
and secured as hereinafter described.
The filler includes a plurality of transverse
rectangular cards or partitions l dividing the
carton into six equal sections supporting two v
pairs of longitudinal rectangular egg-supporting
>strips i8, with each strip in each pair equally
spaced apart from the other with the pairs equal
ly spaced Íapart throughout their length by en
gagement with the partition cards- 'l to form 25
therewith twelve egg receiving and supporting
pockets, as shown in Figure l. The supporting
strips 8: are preferably a little more than half
the »heightof-the partition cards 1 and the strips
8- and partition ca-rds 'I are interconnected with V30
each other to form a filler unit independent of
the .carton which may be readily assembled there
with or removed therefrom.
The strips 8 and cards 'l are interconnected so
that the strips `of each longitudinal pair are
Vnearer each other at the bottom than at the top,
thereby providing egg-receiving pockets which
Figure 1 is a top plan view of this improved egg
carton with the top opened and showing the
eggs as received in the pockets formed by this
improved ñller.
Figure 2 is a View in transverse vertical section
taken on the line 2_2, Figure l, showing the
tops and bottoms of the carton in the engaged
closed position.
Figure 3 is a fragmentary view in longitudinal
vertical section taken on the line 3_3, Figure l,
with parts broken away.
Figure 4 is a detail View in elevation of a lon
gitudinal supporting strip.
Figure 5 is a detail view of a transverse parti
tion card.
The embodiment of this invention as illus
trated includes a carton particularly designed
for containing and transporting eggs with a filler
taper toward the bottom to support the eggs
and `prevent the` lower ends of the eggs coming
in contact with the bottom of the carton. The 40
partition cards 'l are spaced apart from each
other and from the ends ofthe carton at a dis
tance usually employed .in egg cartons and the
upper longitudinal edges of the strips 8 are like
wise spaced apart. The filler being constructed 4
Lof flexible material with the longitudinal sides
of the Apockets arranged `at an angle to the bot
tom of the carton forms egg-receiving pockets
which engage and support :each egg above the
bottom of` the carton so that jars or blows re- 50
ceived by the carton during handling or in trans- ‘ ‘
portation will only wedge the eggs into the pock
ets without injuring the eggs,
This result is obtained by providing four slits
in the bottom of each partition card 1, as shown
in Figure 5, through which the strips 8 pass.
20 with its upper edge suliioiently spaced apart
Each slit has a portion S perpendicular to the
bottom of the card 1 and an oppositely-dis
for the top of the card 1 to allow the locking lugs
I9 to engage therein when the carton is closed
and hold the flaps 5 in releasable engagement
posed portion I0 extending at approximately 15°
from the perpendicular from the bottom of the
with the cards 1.
card 1. The top of each slit ends in a substan
tially square portion II with one side forming
It is’ also preferable to provide each side 2 of
the carton with circular openings 2l opposite
a slightly offset extension of the perpendicular
portion 9 and the body of the card between the
each pocket formed by the filler and adjacent
the top of the carton through which the color
of the eggs in the carton may be observed with 10
10 bottom of the square portion II and the top
of the angular portion I0 projecting toward the
perpendicular portion 9 under the offset portion
of the top portion II to form a locking lug I2.
The bottom of each slit is expanded with the part
15 I3 below the perpendicular portion 9 cut away
at an angle parallel to the angular portion I0.
These slits are arranged in complementary pairs
out opening the top of the carton.
It is to be understood that While this im
proved carton and ñller when combined provide
an improved container for eggs, the carton may
be used with other ñllers, provided the trans
verse partition cards are perforated to be en
gaged by the locking lugs on the top flaps, with
with the respective square portion spaced apart
out departing from this invention, and, likewise,
from the vertical center line of the card 1 and
the improved filler may be employed with other
cartons, may be constructed to provide a greater 20
20 the vertical edges thereof.
Each longitudinal
Vstrip 8 is provided with a plurality of equally
spaced apart notches I4 along its top horizontal
edge and the body below each-notch is provided
with a rectangular vertical slot I5 so arranged
25 that when the strips 8 are inserted in the slits
of the cards 1, the bottoms of the notches I4
will engage the tops II of the slits and the lock
ing lugs I2 of the cards will engage in the slots
I5, as shown in Figure 5, so that the strips 8 will
30 >be interconnected with the partition cards 1 at
an angle to the vertical to form pockets taper
'ing toward the bottom.
The outer side portions of the square por
tions II of each pair of slits in the partition
cards form vertical continuations of the angular
portions Ill of the slits beyond the lugs I2, so
as to cause the strips to bulge outwardly between
the top and bottom edges thereof when they are
forced into engagement with said angular side
40 portions upon insertion of the eggs in the pock
_ets. Thus, the eggs will be more firmly held in
the pockets by the side Walls of the pockets em
bracing a portion of the sides of the eggs so that
the eggs are effectively prevented from being
45. dislodged from the pockets in the event the car
or lesser number of egg pockets, or may be
stacked one upon another in cartons or boxes of
greater depth by providing horizontal partitions
of any desired character between the filler units.
What I claim is:
l. A filler for egg cartons or the like, includ
ing a plurality of transverse partitions, each par
tition being provided with a pair of slits extend
ing upwardly from its lower edge to approxi
mately the longitudinal center line of the parti 30
tion, the lower portion of each slit being of sub
stantially inverted V-shape, the outer edges of
each pair of slits immediately above said por
strips when assembled with the partition cards.
tions diverging upwardly and the corresponding
inner edge portions of each pair of slits being 35
substantially vertical, the slits immediately above
the last-mentioned portions being shaped to
form tongues which project toward one another,
vand the slits :forming slots immediately above
said tongues, and iiexible longitudinal strips in
terlocked with said partitions and having equally
spaced apart notches upon their upper edges and
apertures aligned with such notches and ar
ranged immediately below the same, the tongues
of the partitions extending through said aper
tures, and the body portions of the strips en
gaging the diverging edges of the partitions so
as to support the strips in upwardly diverging
relation, each strip being of unbroken formation
50 When the strips are caused to bulge outwardly
>by the insertion of the eggs in the pockets, thel
between its notches and apertures so as to pro 50
vide an unbroken wall immediately above the
lugs will be forced into the slots I5 and form a
wedging connection between the stripsrand the
partition cards to firmly hold the strips in as
55 sembled position with the partition cards.
It is preferable to provide the flaps 5 and 6
of the top and bottom portions 3 and 4 of the
vcarton with equally spaced-apart slits I6 to re
ceive the edges of the partition cards 'I when the
60 flaps are bent inward in closing the top and bot
tom of the carton. It is preferable to provide a
releasable locking means for the top 3 of the
carton to allow the opening and closing for the
tongues of the partitions.
2. The structure of claim l, wherein an edge
of each slot contiguous to and immediately above
each tongue is arranged at an angle to the same 55
edge immediately below said tongue to impart a
bend extending longitudinally of each strip when
wedged upon the tongues.
3. A ñller as claimed in claim l, wherein the
upper edge of each tongue is arranged parallel 60
to the lower edge of the partition of which it
is a part, and the lower edge of each tongue ta
pers downwardly toward the lower edge of the
ton is inverted.
The locking lugs I2 of the slits are tapered so
as to be freely received in the slots I5 of the
.removal of eggs.
In the form shown the outer
65 edges of each slit I1 in the flaps 5 of the tops
3 of the carton is cut out to form a notch I1
and the bottom expanded into a rectangular
>portion I 8 forming complementary locking lugs
I9 below each notch I1. Each partition card 1
70 Yis provided with a central circular perforation
partition whereby the tongues force the portions
of the strips between the notches and apertures
into engagement with edges of the partitions
above vthe tongues when the strips are wedged
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