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"g‘potcrited Nov. 1,1938
2,134,751; '
> . -i
Gerald .ll. Leuck, Evanstcn, llll.,
assignor, by
mes'iie assients, to Corn Products Bellm
ing Company, New York, N. EL, a. corporation
oi New Jersey
Apulicetion June it, loss,
serial No. truss
i t'lllnim. lei. ice-col
.‘fi‘his ‘in/vention relates to the production of ?ned product than a product mode from corn!
plustic ahd adhesive substances (referred. to gluten after a dertrinization pro-treatment.
e'e erally' herein as plastics, or plastic solo»
stances); and the object of the invention is the
w production of such substances iroin corn gluten.
Corn gluten, as the term is here used, is a icyproduct of the manufacture of starch irom com.
It consists of the insoluble protein of the corn
with a very considerable admixture, ordinarily,
The ingredients used may he mixed by any
known method which will give an intimate and
uniform mixture. in some cases ordihury stir“ 5
ring will he sumcient, end in other cases, partim
ularly if any of the solid ingredients are not in
e'?nely eouted stute, it will be found ad
vantegeous to bring about intiinete mining es
m of starch. In fact, the ordinary corn gluten
which tails off from the starch rubles,
it 1. ,only
by use of di?erential rolls.
rlf’he formaldehyde should be used in a form
used for separating gluten from starch, may ccntain about 50% protein, 35% sterch and 15%
other com constituents such as ?bre, pentosons,
it; oil and ash. Gluten is used to refer speci?cally
to the protein fraction or corn, hut in common
parlance in this industry the term “corn gluten”
is used to designate the protein-starch mixture
above referred to and the term is so used herein.
dd That is, all corn gluten contains in addition to
suitable for thorough mixing with the other in
eredients, for example. either the humid prone
ration lmown as formalin. 01‘ the Solid- prel?dme
tion known us peralormaldehyde, may he used. it
To obtain the host results the acid used should
be e Strong om
ucid, thetis on acid having
e strength oi‘ the order oi‘ magnitude 01? Still
phurie or hydrochloric ucid. Usable products
the other corn substances mentioned a consider»
could be made by the employment or other acids 2i)’
than those mentioned.
\ ”
ahle amount or starch which can he removed .
Depending upon the use to which the product‘
only by rather expensive methods, >
is to he put, the curing or heat treatment of the
The present invention is based upon the dis»
co covery that this protein and starch mixture may
be plasticized and rendered, touch, hard and water resistant ?rst by treatment with iormaldehyde and acid, in the presence of a su?cient
quantity 01;‘ water and than ‘by being subjected
lJlaStmi-Zed substance ml?’ be under quite Widely
di?erent temperature conditions. For eromhle, so
to to high temperatures,
oi erect form is the desideratuin, in case the to
Plastic substances have been made from corn
protein, after removal or all or the starch by
chemical treatment, the removal of the starch
having_ been regarded as necessary became of
35 the solubility, partial or complete, oi’ the reec-
if it is desired to code a. molded mass with as
little deformation d5 lws?ible. & gradual incl‘e?rfi?
from mom temlml‘eture to Self 259? F- is ?esh’
able. ll speed oi or rather than retention
Product WIVES as it Water resistant Bldihtisive» 1m
initially high temperature may he used
The process is not
tell, to any particuler
proportions of starch to protein in the material
tion substance or substances of the starch in the
' The Products, genel'auy speaking, may be
?nal product which. seriously impairs the water
minded and subjected to heat and some ‘Wes’
resistance of the product. By the method of
this invention the starchy materials are rendered
Sure for ‘39h? Prodlmtion of herd, tough water ref.
sista'nt homes of Whatever shape may he desire??
40 insoluble by the treatment to which the “corn
gluten” is subjected so that a plastic product
may be produced’ and made e?ecmvely Wmer
or they may ‘be spread in 3‘ ?uid or Semi'?uid '19
State’ as adhesives’ 0“ W‘md' paper or other Sm"
faces and subiected to heat for the production
resistant without the expense elf-purifying the if water refistant ponds; 0!“ in the mnume_
“corn gluten” of its starch content.
“if; of 13.? ged a'f?’icles’ the plloducts may? be
The process of the invention may be applied mgtergjl $112112‘: w‘gd gggrpomdmg mm ?ning 45
to the raw corn gluten as it comes from the
The general term “modi?cation” as applied t0
glut??- settlelis i 0_1‘ the driifatelgaitrlinaiy
be i?rsm the pro-treatment by which the character of the
tree. ed to go a mze, m0 ‘.7. B
11 Kt? 01‘ @011" starch in the corn gluten is changed. is intended
m vert the starch; and these di?erent pretrestments 0f the gluten will result in different Chill‘acteristics in the ?nished product. For example,
corn gluten subjected to a gelatinlzing: pretreatment will yield, when treated in accordance
to include the range of treatments from gelat- so
inization through conversion t0 dextrine,
The following examples are given for the pun
pose of illustration. They are not to be consid
ered as limiting the invention to the particular
55 with the present invention, a tougher but softer
formulas speci?ed, the intention being to cover 55
all variations and modi?cations within the scope
01' the hereto appended claim.
current 01' air. The product 01' this treatment
is then placed in an initially cold oven and heated
Example 1
to 265° F.-275° F. for eight hours after the oven
01‘ by otherwise 111181!!! the mated!“ 1mm 9' 1'98"
1o sonably homogeneous mass results. This mix_ ture, after standing for a day, enclosed in a con-
tainer to prevent evaporation, has mixed there-
with 20 parts oi a halt normal water solution of
proportion of 100 parts is then thoroughly mixed
with the plastic substance. I This compositics,
when molded and cured, as in the case 01' Ex
ample 1, yields a hard strong water resistant
hydrochloric acid. Nitric or sulphuric acid could
1; be used. The resulting plastic material-is molded
The plastic substance may, however, be molded
without the ?ller, or, by giving it the desired de
under 81111018111? Pressure to yield a compact prod-
sree 01' ?uidity by addition 01' water, it may be
used as an adhesive and cured as in Example 2.
Example 4
100 parts 01’ corn gluten is thoroughly ground
in a pebble m?l- 10 Parts Of 11811’ normal hydro
uct. The amount 01’ pressure is not important ex-
molded product is heated in an oven to a tem-
20 Derature between 200° and 300° E, preferably
212° F.,_ior two days by which treatment it acquires hardness, strength and water rwstance.
_ Example 2
chlorlc acid solution is introduced into the mill
and the material again ground. The material is
30 parts of corn gluten,_ oi’ the same composition as the corn gluten of Example 1, is mixed
with four times its weight of water in a semienclosed container and placed in an oven at 212°
30 treatment involves loss of about 5% of water.
After cooling the material is mixed with 30 parts
oi formalin, 6 parts of a halt normal water soluftion of sulphuric acid and 20 parts of water and
the mixture allowed to stand for mm- hours, The
35 formalin may be added mat and the acid after
an interval 01' time as in Exgmple 1, The plasticized substance may be used as an adhesive
for wood or papen' After the material has been
withoutof intermediate
265°-275° I". drying.
for eight
hours as in Example 3 for the purpose oi’ dex
trinizing the starch. The plasticizing and our
ing steps may be the same as in Example 3.
Example 5
The procedure is the same as in Example 3 ex
cept that the pre-treatment is such as to ‘convert
the starch in the gluten to British gum. The
gluten, without acid, is placed in a cold oven and
the temperature raised during a two hour period
to 265-275° F. and maintained at this tempera
ture for twenty hours.
It will be understood that methods for modi
spread between the articles to be pasted together,
‘0 heat is applied, preferably a temperature of about
350° 1''. The bond is 0! very considerable strength
fying the starch, to the extent desired, other
than those speci?ed in the above examples may
be employed. The prescriptions'given are merely
Example 3
I claim:
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