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Nov. 1, 1938.
Filed March 2a, 195e
Fig'î Fig8'
Patented Nov. 1, 1938
John Henry Flatley, Little York, Ill.
Application March 2s, issaserial No. 71,437
1 Claim.` (Cl. ISI-_184)
My invention relates to improvements in smok
ers’ pipes.
The objects of my invention are:
1. To provide a simple, easilyl cleaned smok
with means for separating the
a small bore or opening 2b is provided to permit
passage~ of smoke and condensation from the
bowl into the stem l.
The bowl end of
condensed moisture, solutions of nicotine, etc.
and saliva, from the smoke, so as to afford a
‘ dry smoke and to prevent solutions being drawn
into the mouth with the accompanying disagree
able taste;
ure 10.
2. To provide a reservoir to retain the liquids
produced in the smoking of tobacco, including
saliva, and which may get into the stem of the
3. To provide convenient, rapid means for
cleaning out such liquids from the stem and
reservoir; and,
dental displacement,
Ll. To provide a simple, easily cleaned pipe of
The cap 3 has a cleaning rod 4 united thereto,
and this cleaning rod extends preferably ap 10
proximately the full length of the stem and the
mouthpiece end da, thereof is widened and curved
transversely so as to form a trough or conduit
to conduct any saliva that may be introduced 15
therein to the reservoir portion of the bore l,
the bore 'l being substantially enlarged for the
improved construction.
I accomplish these objects by the means illus
trated in the accompanying drawing, in which,
Figure l is a vertical sectional elevation of my
pipe on the middle line of the bowl and stem, but
showing the cleaner rod and wiper in full lines;
Figure 2 is a detail top View of the cleaner
At the inner end of the conduit section 4a I
form a small opening 4b to lead the saliva from
the conduit section 4a to the reservoir formed 25
by the enlarged portion of the bore 1. The rod
4 may be either flat or round and is preferably
made of slightlyresilient material so that it may
be readily given a quarter turn as shown in Fig
ure 1 which shows a fiat rod 4 with the cap end 30
turned a quarter turn.
Figure 3 is a side elevation of the cleaner rod,
but omits the notches, 4c;
Figure 4 is a top or plan View showing the
30 bore of the pipe in dotted lines;
Figure 5 is a side elevation of the stem alone
showing the bore and the seat for the bowl in
dotted lines;
When a iiat rod d is used and turned as shown
Figure 6 is a detail elevation of the bowl;
in Figure 1, it provides free passage for the smoke
and fluids of condensation or combustion which
may be formed in the bowl, from the bowl to the 35
reservoir portion of the bore l.
The reservoir portion of the bore 'I is prefer
ably cylindrical, but the portion of the bore ex
Figure 7 is an enlarged detail section of the
wiper, 5;
Figure 8 is an enlarged detail end view of the
wiper, 5;
Figure 9 is an enlarged sectional View of the
40 mouthpiece on the line 9-9 of Figure 5;
Figure l0 is` a section elevation showing an
tending through the mouthpiece, is made semi
cylindrical in section as shown in Figure 9, so 40
as to retain the curved end, or conduit section
#a of the rod 4 in proper position to act as a
alternate form of closure member;
Figure 11 is an enlarged sectional detail of a
portion of the trough of the cleaner rod on the
45 line lI-Il of Figure 3.
Similar numerals refer to similar parts
throughout the several views.
My pipe comprises an elongated stem I having
a central bore 1 extended lengthwise through
50 the central portion of the stem.
The stem I is
provided with a threaded seat or socket iw into
which the reduced threaded end 2c of the bowl
2 is seated. The bowl 2 is provided with the
usual bore or cavity 2a to hold the tobacco while
55 being, smoked and at the lower end of the bowl,
conduit for the saliva.
In order to clean.the reservoir readily, I at
tach to the rod 4 a small cleaning ring or washer 45
5 of rubber, which is secured in place within the
reservoir portion of the bore 'l upon the curved
end portion 4a of the rod 4 and in order to seat
the washer ñrmly upon the same, grooves or
notches 4c are formed in the section lla of the 50
rod 4. These notches act to keep the washer in
place while the rod is being withdrawn through
the bore l and the washer, preferably of elastic
material, is made large enough to sweep the
sides of the bore 'l so as to clean all fluids and
other matter therefrom.
In the operation of my pipe, it is filled and
lighted in the ordinary manner. As often as
desired, preferably at least once a day, the rod
4 is withdrawn by the cap 3 which may be of any
desired form to be conveniently grasped, and as
the rod 4 is withdrawn, the washer 5 performs
the sweeping or scrubbing operation described
and the pipe is thoroughly cleaned thereby. The
rod itself may be wiped 01T or cleaned in any
desired manner before being returned to the
pipe, and is then returned to the pipe with the
section 4a` seated properly in the mouthpiece.
the smoke as it passes through the reservoir, thus
insuring a cool smoke.
In the form shown in Figure 10, instead of
a cap 3 mounted upon the extension of the stern
l I enlarge and taper the bore at the bowl end
of the stem and insert therein a tapered plug 8
to which the cleaner rod 4 may be united by any
suitable means.
The plug 8 and the enlarged bore are made to
ñt closely so that the plug will be retained in any
position in which it may be placed manually and
of course, Will hold the rod 4 in the same manner
that ‘1t is held by the cap 3 when the cap is used.
I claim:
In a pipe, a stem with mouthpiece united 15
The cap 3 is then given a quarter turn so as to
turn the rod 4 in a position to prevent any ob
thereto, a bore extending longitudinally through
struction of the bore 2b but if desired, the bore
2b may be made large enough lto avoid any
necessity for turning the rod 4, as described.
The bore 1 is preferably formed of uniform
diameter from the bowl end of the pipe to the
mouthpiece, but the mouthpiece end of it is pref
large cylindrical section extending through the
erably reduced.
lin place to close the outer end thereof, and a
cleaning rod having one end united to said means
and extending through the bore of the stem and
mouthpiece, the portion of the rod extending
It should be observed that as the smoke passes
downward from the bowl into the bore 1 any
condensation or fluid products of combustion will
naturally gather in the bore 1, the reservoir .por
tion thereof being made large enough to accom
modate a considerable amount of fluid, while
leaving ample room for the passage of the smoke
50 and that a dry smoke will thus be afforded. The
size of the reservoir is also preferably made suffi
cient to añord a measurable degree of cooling for
the stem and mouthpiece having a relatively
stem and a reduced semi-cylindrical section ex
tending through the mouthpiece, a bowl united to 20
the stem, an extension formed upon the end of
the stem adjacent the bowl, closure means re
movably united to the extension, adapted when
into the mouthpiece being widened and curved to
form a trough ñtted into the semi-cylindrical
bore of the mouthpiece so as to prevent its turn
ing therein.
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