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NOV. 1, .1938.
w_ A_ WH|TM|RE
Filed Aug. 4! 1937
- ‘ 2,134,991
Patented Nov. 1, 1938
William A. Whitmire, Boca, Calif;
Application August 4, 1937, Serial No. 157,330
9 Claims. (01. 214-145)‘
This invention, a dipper or can for mucking
machines and other types of excavating machines
which have rigid dipper arms or sticks, incorpo
rates new features which ‘are conducive to in—
creased speed and e?iciency in mucking and ex
cavating operations, and also provides for clean
- ing up the ?oor or footwall of the excavation or
tunnel as the work progresses.
This invention is an improvement over my
patents, numbered,2,067,879, issued January 12,
1937, and 2,036,687, issued July 13, 1937, and may
be used in conjunction with other elements dis
closed in these patents, as also with the devices
disclosed in my copending applications, Serial No.
157,331, ?led Aug. 4, 1937 for a Mucking machine
lease arm IS.
The dipper or bucket is also provided with teeth
20 and a, bail or ball arms 2|, one end of the
arms being pivotally secured to the side walls I l
of the dipper as shownat 22,'and the other end
of which arms have the hoisting cable 23 con
_ nected thereto.
The main feature of the invention consists-of 10
the connection between the dipper-back l2'_and
the dipper sticks 24,125, 26 and 27, one'end of
dipper hoisting system, and Serial No. 157,332,
which are pivotally connected to a Wrist head 28
by means of pins 29 and 30, and the other ends of
which are pivotally connected to the head 3| of
the crowd 32 by means of the pins 33 and34.
?led Aug. 4, 1937, for a Mucking machine and
conveyor system, as also with any type of rigid
the dipper and the wrist head 28 is hingedly cone
A bearing 35 is mounted on the rear wall E2 of V
dipper sticks or arms on usual types of dredges
nected thereto by means of the pin 36; suitable,
and mucking machines.
adjustable members, such as set screws 31 being
provided to limit the wrist action to at predeter
mined value at will, these set screws or, other suit
The objects and advantages of the invention
are as follows:
First; to provide a dipper connection with
which crowding and relieving can be alternately
accomplished to provide a true digging orspad
ing action of the dipper teeth, instead of the
usual straight or curved forcing action.
Second; to provide a wrist connection between
the dipper and dipper sticks or varm, and to pro
vide means for limiting the wrist movement there
of to any predetermined value at will.
Third; to provide a bail for said dipper with
back stops to convert the bail into a rigid lever
arm during the mucking and initial hoisting op
35 erations whereby the relieving action may be ac
complished through the medium of the hoisting
Fourth; to provide a heel on the dipper so that
the floor may be cleaned up through manipulation
40 of the dipper as the work progresses.
Other objects and advantages of the inven
tion will become apparent as the following de
scription is read on the drawing forming a part
of this speci?cation, and in which similar ref
erence characters are used to designate similar
parts throughout the several views, of which;
Fig. 1 is a side elevation of the invention.
Fig. 2 is a sectional elevation taken on a line
2-2 of Fig. 1.
the automatic latch I6 which is pivotedat l1 and
counterweighted at 18 and provided with the‘ re
Fig. 3 is a fragmentary view showing the dip
per-stick connection to the crowd of the mucking
The dipper has an open front 10, side walls ll,
back wall l2, bottom wall 13, and a cover I4 which
55 is hinged at 15 and latched in closed position by
able adjustablemembers being cooperatively re
lated to the wrist‘ head 28; the combination of
bearing 35, wrist head 28, and pin 36 forming the 25
wrist joint.
Mounted on the forward end of the mucking
section frame 38 is ashelf or stop 39 on which the
wrist head 28 rests when the canor dipper is low
ered after dumping, acting as a stop and support
for the outer end of the dipper sticks while per
mitting the front end of the dipper to drop until
the lower member 31 cooperates with the wrist
head,.thus- permitting the teeth 20 to be presented
in a more definite engaging position to the muck.
As soon as the crowd forces the dipper forward,
the wrist head slides off the support39, and the
dipper and dipper sticks function in their usual
The bail back-stops 40 are ai?xed to the sides
of the can, ‘and. it will be noted that the bail is
capable of swinging forward, which is necessary
for hoisting and dumping, but during the mucking
operation and initialv hoisting the bail functions
as a rigid lever arm by cooperation with the back
stops, permitting the can or dipper to be radially
reciprocated about the pivot 36, causing an action
of the teeth 20 in the muck similar to the action
of a spade or shovel forced into the ground by the
foot and the spade canted after each downward
thrust, loosening the material after each thrust
to ease up the further crowding or forcing.
With this machine, the dipper is ?rst forced
into the muck by the crowd, then the hoisting ca
ble is'operated, and pulls the bail against the stops
andcants the dipper on its heel which functions
as a fulcrum, the wrist action permitting this
ing means to provide a spading action to the
the crowd again operated, the hoisting and
crowding being alternated, and thus producing
teeth of the dipper when alternated with for
ward lunges of the crowd, said dipper stick con
sisting of two pairs of crossed dipper sticks, a
head on said crowd, said respective pairs hav
ing one end pivotally hinged or attached to op
a true digging or spading action.
posite ends of said head, said hinge connection
Since the material is loosened up by canting of
the dipper following each crowding action, it fol
lows that the material can be handled more rapid
ly and with far greater efficiency, and that the
dipper can be more completely ?lled than if the
comprising a wrist head having the other end
of said respective pairs pivotally attached to op
action, and which could not be obtained other
wise. The hoisting cable isthenreleased, and
posite ends thereof, a bearing secured to said
dipper and a pivot connection to said bearing
intermediate the ends of said wrist head.
4. In a mucking machine, a mucking section
frame, a dipper, a bail pivotally attached to said
entire operation were dependent on crowding, “
A clean-up heel 4| is integral with or ‘a?ixed
to the bottom of the dipper, and‘ isxindicated as
dipper, and stops limiting backward swing of 15
said bail, a wrist head, a crowd and a head
consisting of two arms 42 and 43 affixed to the therefor, crossed dipper sticks pivotally connected
bottom of the dipper and inclined downwardly between said heads and connected in pairs at
and projecting beyond the rear end of the dipper,’ opposite ends thereof, ‘a wrist pin bearing af
and having a cross-member or heel 44 affixed to ?xed to said dipper, and a wrist pin connecting 20
. the bottom thereof. Thus, if the dipper is drawn said bearing and said wrist head, and hoisting
back by the cable as far as the wrist connection
will permit without hoisting the dipper, the rear
edge of the heel plate 44' will ride on the floor
or footwall 45, and the crowd can then force
the scattered muck on the ?oor forwardly so
that it can be picked up by the dipper.
Thus there is provided the wrist joint, which
in conjunction with suitable manipulation’ of the
crowd and the hoisting means, will create a true
digging or spading action to'the dipper, and with
the clean-up heel, permits cleaning up of the
?oor directly by the mucking machine, saving
means operatively associated with said bail.
5. A structure as claimed in claim 4, and stop
means cooperating between said bearing and said
wrist head, limiting the wrist movement between
said wrist head and said dipper.
6. A structure as claimed in claim 4, and stop
means on said frame cooperatively related to said
wrist head to limit the drop thereof and form
a support therefor when the dipper is in its most 30
retracted position to initially tilt the forward end
of the dipper downwardly to muck-engaging posi
7. A structure as claimed in claim 4, and a
It will be understood that variations in con
heel af?xed to, or integral with the bottom of
said dipper and inclined downwardly and pro
jecting beyond the rear end of the dipper for
the time and expense of manual clean-up.
struction and arrangement of parts, which varia
tions are consistent with the appended claims,
may be resorted to without detracting from the
spirit or scope of the invention, or sacri?cing
40 any of the advantages thereof.
I claim:
1. In combination, an excavating machine dip
per and hoisting means therefor, a dipper stick,
and a hinge connection between said dipper and
said dipper stick, permitting movement of said
dipper relative to said dipper stick, and means
adjustable at will limiting the movement of said
hinge connection to a predetermined value.
2. In combination, an excavating machine dip
per and hoisting means therefor, a dipper stick,
and a hinge connection between said dipper and
said dipper stick, permitting movement of said
dipper relative to said dipper stick, and a heel on
said dipper projecting downwardly and rearward»
ly from the bottom of said dipper permitting
cleaning up of scattered muck by tilting and
crowding the dipper, and functioning as a ful
crum for spading operation of' the dipper.
. 3. In a mucking machine having a frame and
a rectilinearly acting crowd, hoisting means, a
dipper stick, a dipper, and a hinge connecting
the dipper and the dipper stick providing for
radial reciprocation of said dipper by said hoist
cleaning up operations, and to serve as a ful
crum during digging or spading operation of
the dipper.
8. In an excavating machine; two elements
comprising a dipper and a dipper stick; a hinged
connection between said elements; adjustable
stop means associated with one of said elements
and cooperatively related to the other of said 45
elements limiting the pivotal movement of one
of said elements relative to the other in both
directions; and ?exible hoisting means associated
with said dipper whereby reciprocal action of
predetermined value may be imparted to said
dipper relative to said dipper stick at will through
takeup and release of said hoisting means.
9. A structure as claimed in claim 8; a bail
pivotally secured to said dipper; a backstop on
said dipper for said bail limiting the rearward
swing of said bail relative to said dipper while
permitting complete rearward inversion of said
dipper; said hoisting means functioning through
said bail and urging rearward inversion of the
dipper when said bail‘ is brought into cooperation 60
with said backstop.
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