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Nov. 1, 1938.
Filed May 20, 1955
Eugene lid/army, ' '
Patented Nov. 1, 1938
Eugene B. Young, Medford, Mass.
Application May 20, 1935, Serial No. 22,446
2 Claims. (CI. 24-73)
This invention relates to improvements in
shoulder strap holders and it consists in the con
structions, arrangements and combinations here
in described and claimed.
It is an object of the invention to provide a
holding device which is of light construction;
readily applied to a garment; invisible when ap
plied to a garment, and which will‘ e?iciently
support a shoulder strap.
It is a still further object of the invention to
provide a device upon which a shoulder strap
may be readily attached or removed therefrom.
Additional objects, advantages and features of
ency of the strap I‘! to slide toward the shoulder
is of course obviated.
In Figures 3 and 4, a modi?cation of the
holder is shown, and in this form the holder
body 18 is shown as an elongated member, ad 5
jacent one end of which there is mounted a
small pin I9. The pin l9 may be of various con—
structions, but preferably is of the “bar” type
including a safety catch. The body 18 may be
formed from any suitablelight, ?exible material, 10
and the bar 20 of the pin is positioned longitu
invention will be apparent from the following
description and accompanying drawing; wherein
Figure 1 is of a garment, a portion thereof be
ing broken away, illustrating my invention 'in
Figure 2 is a fragmentary bottom plan view of
20 the device attached to a garment.
Figure 3 is a view similar to Figure 1, illus
trating a modi?cation of the holder. I
Figure 4 is a fragmentary top plan view of the
garment of Figure 3, with a portion broken away,
25 indicating the relation of the shoulder strap in
applied position.
Attention is ?rst directed to Figures 1 and 2
cf the drawing, wherein a garment I0 is indi
cated, generally, and upon the under face of the
30 garment there is secured the shoulder strap H.
' The strap holder H is substantially T-shaped
in plan, the cross bar 12 extending transversely
of the seam l3. The cross bar 12 is provided
with a series of. apertures l4 around its edge,
35 by means of which the holder is secured to the
garment by stitches l5. The cross bar i2 will be
positioned adjacent the shoulder of the garment
and the free end IE will therefore be presented
toward the neck of the garment.
The entire holder may be stamped in a single
operation, from any suitable material, such as
Celluloid, which will retain its shape, yet will be
?exible enough to accommodate itself to the
a formation of the shoulder without creating an
45 uncomfortable feeling to the wearer.
In use, it will only be necessary to slightly
?ex the free end downwardly slightly from the
garment, to permit the strap H to be positioned
As soon as the free end It assumes
dinally of the body l4 and permanently secured
thereto. The pin portion 21 thereof will there
fore be free for insertion in the shoulder seam
of a garment.
The free end of the body l8 will of course be
presented toward the neck of the garment, as in
the ?rst form, and placement of the shoulder
strap I‘! will likewise be the same.
In use, a smooth surface will be presented to 20
the shoulder of the wearer, and as the safety pin
will only project very slightly above the body I87,
no unsightly bulge will be presented to the outer
While I have shown and described certain pre 25
ferred forms of the invention I am aware that
modi?cations may be made, and I therefore con
sider as my own, all such variations in con
structions as fairly fall within the scope of the
appended claims.
I claim:-
1. A shoulder strap holding means consisting
of an elongated member of sheet material having
means adjacent one end but spaced from said
end for securement of one end of the member 35
to a garment, the other end of said member be
ing free but normally contacting the garment
yieldingly, said free end being ?exible whereby
to permit placement of a shoulder strap between
the garment and the free end, and whereby the 40
strap will be clasped between the member and
the garment.
2. A shoulder strap holder consisting of a ?at
thin body member of'sheet material, said body
member having a transverse bar at one end, said 45.
bar having a plurality of apertures for reception
of securing means and the other end of the body
being free but normally contacting the garment
yieldingly, whereby to permit placement of a
shoulder strap between the garment and the free
its normal position the strap l'l will be borne
into frictional contact with'the material of the end of the body member.
garment, and the pressure and frictional con
tact will amply support the strap. Any tend
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