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Nov. 1, 1938.
Filed Sept. 16, 1936l
IÍ! Nl
I7 Il
N #WMO/5%,
Patented Nov. 1,1938 I
Movme Plc'rmm Carman
Helmut Becker, Wetzlar, Germany ,
Ernst Leitz, G. m. b. 1I., Wetzlar, Germany
application september 1e, 193s, sex-nu No. 101,0sz
In Germany October 10, 1935
zclalms. (Cl. 242-45)
This invention relates to improvements in mo
Each sector is provided with a plurality of notches
tion picture cameras and has particular refer
I6 for holding the sectors and the shafts in
ence to a novel »mechanism for supporting and operative positions by means of springs I1 en
adjusting the shafts which receive and operate gaging the notches in an obvious manner.
5 the film reels contained in a film reel casette
When the smaller casette 'I is used, then the 5
which is attached to the camera.
shafts 3 and 4 are positioned to receive the
The object of the invention is to provide means smaller reels 5 and 6. If the larger casette is '
j for adjusting the film reel shafts in the camera used then the shafts 3 and 4 are moved outwardly
so that a film casette larger than the casette into positions to receive the reels I and l. The
10 space provided in the camera may be attached reel -receiving shafts of the camera are thus ad- 10
to the outside of the camera with the film reels justable to receive reels from casettes of dif
lfitted upon the ñlm reel shafts. Inl a larger ferent sizes in which the distance between «the
film reel casette the distance between the centers reel~ centers are correspondingly different. '
of the film reels is obviously greater than the
In cameras, in which the film moves in only
15 distance between the centers of smaller ?lm one direction, only one adjustable reel receiving 15
reels within a smaller casette. The object of the shaft is used because the location of the other
invention is therefore to arrange the film reel shaft is ñxed. `In such case only one of such
shafts in the camera in such a manner that ñlm shafts, for instance the shaft 4, is made adjust
casettes of different capacities may be used with able.
the same camera. accordingly the invention is
The invention provides a very simple mecha- 20
embodied in a moving picture camera arranged nism for _spacing the reel receiving shafts of a
as hereinafter set forth and as illustrated in the moving picture camera to correspond with the
accompanying drawing in which
positions of the hollow shafts of the ñlm reels
' Fig. 1 is a plan view illustrating the invention in the casettes.
u with details omitted.
Fig. 2 is al sectional view on line 2-2 of Fig
1. In a motion picture camera, a pair of spaced
ure 1.
film reels operating shafts, mechanism for ad
In the drawing the moving picture camera I Justabiy positioning said shafts in one of several
has an upstanding wall 2 against which the film predetermined positions to receive and operate
30 casette is placed and attached in a well known ' film reels of different film carrying capacities, 30
manner. The camera is provided with two film means automatically operable to maintain the
reel receiving shafts 3 and 44. These shafts are said shafts in any one of the said positions and
made adjustable to receive either the reels 5 and _ means .for driving the said shafts.
t in the smaller casette l or the larger reels l
2. In a motion picture camera, a film reel
35 and l in the larger casette l0 which is shown operating shaft projecting through a slot in said 35
in dotted lines. Each of the shafts 3 and 4 is camera, a pivoted swingable sector supporting
carried by a sector Il which is pivoted upon a said shaft, notches in said sector and a spring
shaft I2. This shaft carries a gear I3 for driv
engaging any one of said notches to maintain
ing the gear., i4 upon the reel shaft to operate the said sector and shaft in any one of several '
40 the film from one reel to another and vice versa ‘ predetermined positions.
in a well known manner.
The shaft' 3 and 4
projects through slots Il in the camera casing.
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