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Nov. 1, 1938.
Filed Sept. 50, 1957
Patented Nov. 1, 1938
~ 2,135,159 v'
2,135,159 '
John Zbock, Bellaire, Ohio
Application September so, 1937, sensing. 166,480
1 Claim.
(01. 2485-262‘) .
My invention relates to improvements in cur bracing arm 8 then drops down over the vertical
tain rod holders or brackets and the main object edge E of the frame with one edge extending along
is to provide a device of this kind which may be and in engagement with the wall F.’
readily applied to a window frame without mar:
A rod supporting arm H is then formed by
ring the same and which will rigidly support the bending the strip along a diagonal line l2 at the
curtain rod across the frame.
lower extremity of the arm 8 sothat this arm I l
Another object is to provide a device of the extends vertically on edge in a forwardly and hor
kind in a simple and inexpensive form made up izontally extended plane from the frame A. The
of a single length of strip material bent and extremity of the arm II is turned back on itself
10 shaped to provide a supporting ?nger adapted to at l3 forming altongue M which terminates in a
rest on the upper corner and edge of a window narrow lip l5‘ extended at right angles. ‘
frame and to which it is fastened by pins driven
In use the device is mounted as shown and de
into the frame edge, a downwardly turned arm scribed and the curtain rod B has its end 0 slipped
adapted to ?t against the vertical and lateral edge over the tongue l4 up against the lip l5 where
15 of the window frame, and a forwardly'and hori
upon the resiliency of this tongue will maintain a 15
' zontally extended arm adapted at its end to en
frictional engagement with the rod to hold it in’
gage and support the curtain rod, the weight of place.
the rod being transmitted back to the arm along
The weight of the curtain rod and the cur
side the frame which resting against the wall
20 rigidly supports the entire assembly in the de
sired position.
These and more speci?c objects will be made
evident in the course of the following speci?ca
tion, reference being had to the accompanying
drawing wherein
Figure 1 is a perspective view showing my in
vention in use, the window frame and curtain rod
being shown fragmentally.
Figure 2 is a perspective view of my invention
30 alone.
tain (not shown) thereon is supported rigidly by
the arm H since it transmits the weight back 20
to the arm 8 which,-bearing back against the
wall F, sustains the arm I I and the weight of
the curtain as will be understood. The arm H
cannot itself bend under the weight since it
stands edgewise to the strain. In this manner
the weight is actually supported against the wall 25
and the pins 9 serve only to; hold the device in
place on the frame and ‘consequently they will not
readily become loosened.
In any event the
mounting is entirely on the edge of the frame
Referring now with more particularity to the . and the face thereof cannot be marred.
drawing, Figure 1 thereof shows the upper right
The brackets are of course made in pairs for
corner portion of a window frame A and an end
use on both the right and left sides of the window,
portion of a conventional tubular form of cur
the only difference in construction being the di
35 tain rod B which has an extremity C turned at rection in which the various bends are made.
right angles and adapted to be supported hori- ,
‘While I have herein set forth a certain, pre
zontally across the frame A a short distance be
low the upper edge D of the frame. Hitherto,
this has been done bya bracket nailed or screwed
40 directly to the face of the window frame but in
‘ this case the entire weight of the ‘curtain and rod
' is carried by the nails or screws, causing them, to
loosen and require frequent replacement. This
I also mars the appearance of the frame and it
45 soon becomes very unsightlyn
My invention provides a holder or ‘bracket 5
made up from a single long strip of metal or
other suitable material bent at right angles to
its length at 6 to form‘ a mounting arm ‘I and
50 bracing arm 8 extended at right angles and
adapted thereby to fit over the upper corner por
tion of the frame A, as shown in Figure 1. In
this position the arm 1 overlies the upper edge D
of the frame and it may be secured thereto by
55 means of pins or prongs 9 which are secured at
ID to the arm and in use are driven into'the.
frame. These pins 9 might also take the form of
pointed teeth punched out of the arm itself. The
ferred embodiment of my invention, it‘ is under
stood that I may vary from the same in minor
details, so as best to provide a practical device for
the purposes intended, not departing from the 40
spirit of the invention and within the scope of
the appended claim.
I claim:
A ‘curtain rod bracket for mounting over the
' upper corner of ' a window frame projecting in
wardly from the wall surface, the said bracket
comprising an integral strip including a mount
ing arm adapted for ?atly overlying the upper
edge of the window frame, a bracing arm adapted
to extend downwardly and ?atly overlie the outer 50
lateral edge of the frame, a horizontallyextended
rod supporting arm, and a backwardly turned
spring tongue at the extremity of the rod sup
porting arm, the said tongue being adapted for
resiliently and frictionally engaging the inturned 55
.tubular end of a curtain rod.
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