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‘Nov. 1, 1938.
_ 2,135,179
Filed ‘Aug. 38, 1957
I % g/li’mwORNEYl.
Patented Nov. 1, 1938
v 2,135,179
Frederick 'Hudes,‘Kew Gardens, N. Y.
Application August 28, 1937, Serial No. 161,374
2 Claims. (Cl. 131-176)
This‘ invention relates to devices such as to
Fig. 2‘is a perspective view of the tobacco pipe
bacco pipes.
with the cover removed.
One object of the invention is to provide ato
Fig. 3 is a vertical sectional view of the cover.‘
bacco pipe'havingimproved means for covering
Fig. 4 is-a vertical sectional view of the pipe
the pipe bowl to prevent wind from blowing burn
ing tobacco from the-bowl, and to regulate the
burning of the tobacco.
I have observed that‘ tobacco burns more read
ily in a pipe bowl in thepresence of wind than
10 when‘ the atmosphere is calm. In the former
case, I ?nd that-a cover is a de?nite aid in
smoking, whereas in calm weather thecover acts
as an obstruction‘ for draft‘ ‘and renders it dif
ficult ‘to keep the pipe vlit. Hence I have con
ceived of a removable cover, and preferably one
bowl, with the cover in dot-dash lines in course *‘ 5"
of being applied thereto.v
Fig. 5 is a horizontal fragmentary sectional
view of the pipe bowl.
Fig. 6 is a verticalsectional fragmentary View
of the tobacco pipe.
Fig. 7 is a fragmentary View in side elevation of
a modi?ed tobacco pipe.
The advantages of the invention as here out
lined are best realized when all of its features
and instrumentalities are combined in one and
that the smoker can readily apply and remove the same structure, but, useful devices may be
without-requiring tools,'nor any particular ma _ produced embodying vless than thewhole.
nipulation, and which shall aiford‘ a neat-ap
It will be obvious to those skilled in the art to
pearing pipe both- with and without the cover, which the invention appertains, that the same
and yet permit the cover- to beopened and closed may be incorporated in ,several di?erent con
in normal use without detachment from the structions. The accompanying drawing, there
pipe bowl.
fore, is submitted merely as showing the preferred
' It is therefore'an object‘ of the invention to
provide-a tobacco pipe which shall provide the
advantages noted without’any of the correspond
ing disadvantages, and in particular to provide
a cover that‘ is pivotally- engageable with a pipe
exempli?cationof the invention. 7
Referring in detail to the drawing, l0 denotes a
tobacco pipe embodying the invention. The same 25
may include a. pipe bowl I I having an integral
stem portion :l2, anda detachable extension stem
bowl by resilient action for easy attachment and _ portion or mouth piece l3.
Another object of the invention is to furnish a
tobacco pipe having a cover pivotally mounted
thereon according to an improved arrangement
such that a minimum of clearance space is re
quired in swinging the cover between open and
closed positions.
A further object of the invention is to pro
vide a tobacco pipe having relatively few and
simple parts, and which is inexpensive to manu
facture, compact, neat, durable, reliable and ef
40 ficient to a high degree in use.
Other objects and advantages of the invention
will become apparent as the speci?cation pro
With the aforesaid objects in view, the inven
tion consists in the novel combinations and ar
rangements of parts hereinafter described in
their preferred embodiments, pointed out in the
subjoined claims, and illustrated in the annexed
drawing, wherein like parts are designated by
the same reference characters throughout the
several views.
In the drawing:
Figure 1 is a perspective view of the tobacco
pipe with the cover shown in closed position, and
55 in dot dash lines in open position.
The pipe bowl H is preferably of generally cir
cular or cylindrical shape, this being of rela 30
tively universal con?guration for tobacco pipes.
Opposite sides of the pipe bowl II are formed to
provide ?at parallel seating surfaces I4 for a
purpose hereinafter described. _
Cooperating with the pipe bowl is a cover I5 35
which may comprise a disc portion l6 having
draft perforations l1. Depending from the disc
portion are integral legs l8. The latter may have
parallel inner faces l9 spaced to snugly receive
therebetween the pipe bowl II, with the faces
l9 seating on those at M. ‘ The outer surfaces of
the legs I 8 may be of are shaped form to com
plement the outside surface of thepipe bowl
to maintain a circular con?guration as shown in
Fig. 1, when the cover is in closed position.
To permit easy removability of'the cover l5
while providing for opening and closing move
ment of the cover in its'attached position, I pro
vide alined projections or tits 2!)‘ on the legs l8
at the inner faces l9. For pivotally receiving 50
these projections, I provide depressions or re
cesses 2| in the opposite faces '14 of the pipe
By constructing the cover l5 of a material
such as-briar wood, composition, or the like, the 56
legs l8 are adapted to be sprung apart, so that
the- cover may be manipulated as shown in dot
.dash lines in Fig. 4 to secure the cover to the
pipe bowl. The latter engages the tits or heads
VI 20 to spring the legs apart, until the tits are re
ceived in the recesses or sockets 2!. By exerting
a su?icient pull on the cover I5, the tits 2!] may
be sprung out of the recesses 2| and the cover
In swinging the cover I5 about the tits 2!] be
tween open and closed positions considerable
clearance is required at the disc portion 1670f
the cover. This necessitates a special con?gura
iton of the cover which increases the cost there
of. Furthermore, a cut away is required in the
pipe bowl; as shown in Fig. 7, which, when the
cover is detached, destroys the effect of regularity
in the pipe bowl, and reduces the capacity there
of. I ?nd that these drawbacks can be di
minished or avoided by offsetting the recesses'2l
and the tits 20 toward one side of the center of
‘the pipe bowl, as, shown'in Fig. 1. A compara
tively small bevel 22 will then afford all the
_requisite clearance while permitting the ‘disc
portion IE to be of even thickness. In fact, the
bevel at 22 affords a desirable air opening to
facilitate draft.
If it be desired to reduce the stress that re
sults in. springing the cover onto the pipe bowl,
as in Fig. 4, I may provide a slight bevel at each
?at face M at the bottom thereof as shown at
23. Hence the cover l5 may be ‘attached to the
pipe bowl from the general tilted position in
dicated in dot dash lines in Fig. 1, by moving
the cover legs [8 upward and toward the left to
cause the tits 2!} to pass over the bevels 23 and
snap into recesses 2|. This arrangement will
prevent accidental upward removal of the cover,
and yet, when the cover is in open position, the
40 disc portion i6 thereof rests upon the stem por
tion l2 as shown, avoiding accidental release of
the cover.
If the tits andtheir recesses be generally cen
trally disposed as indicated‘at 25 in the device
26, the bowl must be substantially cut away as
at 2'! and the disc part 15a of the cover must
correspondingly shaped
and thickened._
These irregularities are undesirable as pointed
out above. However, a bevel as at 23 may still
be used.
It will thus be seen that I have provided a
tobacco pipe which ful?lls the objects of the
invention and is well adapted for practical use,
and that the invention is also applicable to pipe
bowls of other contours.
1. A tobacco pipe including a pipe bowl, a 1O
member including a cover for the bowl and legs
dependingly connected to the cover, the bowl
being disposed between said legs, and pivot means
interengaging said legs and opposite sides of the
bowl for swinging opening and closing movement 15
.of the, cover about the axis of the pivot means,
said member including resilient material so that
the legs are adapted to be sprung apart for en
gagement and disengagement of the member at
the pivot means, the latter including releasably 20
interengaging head and socket portions, the sides
of the bowl being beveled from the pivot means
to provide cams inclined for facilitating interen
gagement of the head and, socket portions, and
the bevels being remote from the upper part of
the bowl to prevent accidental upward release of
the member.
2. A tobacco pipe including a pipe bowl, a one
piece member including a cover for the bowl and
legs dependingly connected to the cover, the
bowl being disposed between said legs, and pivot
means interengaging said legs and opposite sides
of the bowl for swinging opening and closing
movement of the cover about the axis of the
pivot means, said member consisting of briar 35
wood so that the legs are adapted to be slightly
sprung apart for engagement and disengagement
of the member at the pivot means, the latter in
cluding releasably interengaging head and socket
portions, and the sides of the bowl‘being beveled 40
from the pivot means to provide cam inclines for
facilitating interengagernent of the head and
socket portions withoutcausing breakage of said
member, the bevelsjbeing'remote from the upper
portion of the bowl so that accidental upward 45
removal of said member is avoided.
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