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NW1, 1938-
~2,135,191. \
Filed June'l, 1957
' 26 . l'
,24J "W '
John A. Mc Brady
Patented Nov‘. 1, 1938
Joan A. Meßmdy, valley city, N. Dak.
Application June 1, 1937,-Serial No. 145,660
s cláíms- (c1. 4o-_125)
My invention relates-to plate assemblies and
has for an object to provide a plate assembly
which may be readily attached to the license
bracket of a motor vehicle.
Fig. 4 is a fragmentary view similar to Fig. 3_
showing the plate assembly attached to the li
cense bracket through the license plate.
In the use of motor vehicles it frequently be
’ Another object of the invention resides in pro
comes-desirable toapprise the public of informa- 5 '
viding a plate assembly whereby a companion tion in conjunction with the operation of the'mo
plate may _be supported in proximity to the li . tor vehicle in addition to that ordinarily furnished
cense plate of the motor vehicle.
on the license plate. For this purpose companion
An object of the invention resides in providing _ plates have been secured to the license plate and
10 a construction whereby the companion plate may have been variously attached thereto. In the 10
be properly mounted without alteration of the
attachment of such platesthe companion plate
license bracket or the license plate.
is usually insecurely held in position with the
result that frequently the vsame becomes disen
A still further object of the invention' resides
in providing a support for the plates adapted to
15 accommodate any type and size of license plate
gaged and broken or lost. The present invention
provides a construction whereby the two plates l5V
are rigidly held attached to a support _which is
and companion plate. `
A feature of the invention resides in providing
a companion plate adapted to be used in con
. junction with a license plate having a slot in the
20 upper marginal portion thereof.
A still further object of the invention resides
in constructing the companion plate with a
secured to the license bracket in such a manner
as to prevent disengagement of the plates one
from the other or loss of either thereof. '
My invention can be used with any of the stand- 20
ard formsof license plates and the license bracket
for supporting the same and for the purpose of
-tongue adapted to enter the slot, whereby the l illustration an ordinary form of license plate I2
has been shown in the drawing. This license
. companion plate is positioned relative tothe 1i
plate is provided with a body I3 and is construct-l 2_5 i
25 cense plate.
Another object of the invention resides in pro
ed from sheet metal, -being preferably stamped
viding a support on which both plates are mount
into the desired shape. The body I3 has a head
or ridge I4 extending circumferentially about the
same. Upon the face of the body I3 `are provided
ed and in securing said tongue directly to the
¿ 30
A still further'object of the invention resides
in constructing the support with two arms adapt
ed to overlie one-_another and to utilize- a bolt
»the usual numbers I5 which give the license num- 30
ber of the owner of the >vehicle and with vfurther
extending jointly through the tongue and both
State from which the license was issued and the
year during which the license is in force. The
various notations on thev plate Vmay be printed 35
thereon, as_shown 4in the drawing, or the .same
maybe both printed and embossed as isfrequent
of the arms for holding the parts assembled.
Another object of the invention resides in conf'
structing the arms with slots through which the
bolt extends and which slots are adapted to over
lie the other slot of the license plate and an open ,
data .such as indicated at I6 and I1, giving the
ly the case. For the sake. of simplicity plain
ing >in the companion platel so that the plate- printing has been illustrated, though it can> be
assembly may be attached to the license bracket
either through the companion plate or license
Other objects of the invention reside inthe
novel combination and arrangement of parts and
in the details of construction hereinafter illus
trated and/or described.
In the drawing:
- "
readily comprehended that the invention is ca- 40 _
pable'of use with plates of either type.
l. -
The license plate` I2 is constructed at its up
per marginal portion with two longitudinally ex
tending slots I8 and I9 and at its lower marginal
portion with two longitudinally extending slots 45
2l and 22. These slots are disposed. inwardly of~`
the bead Il and are symmetrically situated, the
Fig. -1 is a front elevational view of a plate a's- I slot I8 being directly above the slot 2| .and the
sembly illustrating an embodiment of my inven~- slot I9 being .directly above the slot 22. ' These
slots are provided for attachment of the license 50'
-».' Fig. 2 is _a cross sectional view taken l011 line
2-2 of Fig. 1 and drawn to a larger scale. -
plate- to the license bracket provided with the
motor vehicle.
Inasmuch as the invention can be applied lto
Fig. 3 is a rear view of the plate assembly show
ing the same` attached to the license -bracket . any license bracket, a conventional fonnpof li
t through the companion plate,
_ cense bracket has been shown in the drawing, "55 A
2,135,191 .
which is indicated in its entirety by the reference
surface' of the plate I2. Before the plates are
numeral 23. >This license bracket consists of a ' brought into coplanar relation the bolts 5I are
inserted through the opening formed by the
shank 24 which is provided with a bar 25 con
nected therewith. The shank 24 is attached t0
some portion of the motor vehicle and supports
the bracket relative thereto. The bar 25 is con
sockets 54 and the heads 53 of said -bolts caused
to- be received within said sockets. The two 5
plates are then adjusted until the same are in
structed with slots 26 and 21 at its ends‘by means `~ 'coplanar relation, which holds the heads of the
of which the license plate I2 may be attached to
, the bracket through either the slots |8 o_r |9 or
10 the slots 2| and 22.
In conjunction with the license plate I2 a
compa on plate 28 is utilized vwhich may be
construct y7d similar to the license plate I2. This
companion plate is provided with a body 29 con
15 structed “of sheet metal which, similar to the
license plate I2, has a bead 3| extending mar
ginally about the same. lUpon the body 29 is
printed any appropriate notation which may be
For the l purpose of illustration, I have
20 shown at 32, 33 and 34 suitable notations in
dicating _desirable messages or >giving desirable
data to be conveyed to the public. In addition
bolts in contact with the rear surface of the
plate I2. The `assembled structure is then laid
face downward upon a table or other ñat _sup
port. Support 36 is first applied. Arm 39 there
of is next applied and the ñnger 44 thereof
hooked under the lower edge of the plate I2.
The shank 53 of bolt 5I is at the same time re
ceived in the slot 45 thereof. _Arm 38 -is next 15
applied in the same manner. The two arms are
then drawn together by applying pressure to the
ends thereof and the nut 55 screwed upon the
shank 53 of the bolt and tightened down to hold
the parts in rigid position. Thereafterthe sup 20
port 31` is similarly appliedand the plate yas
sembly is ready to be attached to the bracket 23.
the State of the driver and the year of his license`vr - Attachment of the plate assembly to the brack
may be indicated at I 34 and |35. The various. et 23 may be accomplished in three different
25 notations on the plate 28 may be either printed Ways. If desired, the shanks 53 of the bolts 5| 254
or printed and embossed, the same as the license vmay be inserted through the slots\26 and 21
'plate I2. At the uppermost marginal portion of thevbar> 25 of bracket 23 and lcïck washers
of the body 29 of plate 28 and adjacent the 56 and nuts 51 applied tothe same to hold the
bead 3| are provided two openings which are assembly attached to the bracket by means of
30 situated in alignment with the slots I8 and 2|
these bolts. This arrangement of parts is shown 30
and the slots I9 and 22. These openings serve a in Fig. 2.- If desired, however, the assembly may
purpose tobe presently more fully described.
be supported through the companion plate 28
For supporting the two plates on the bracket in which case bolts indicated in dotted lines in
23 two supports 36 and 31 are employed.- Both Fig. 3 by the reference numeral |51 are inserted
35 of these supports being identical in construction through the openings 30 of the companion plate
only the support 36 will be described in detail. 28, the slots 42 in the arms 38 of the supports
This support consists of two arms 38 and 39 36 and 31 and the slots 26 and 21 of the bar 25
which are identical in construction. Arm 38 is of bracket 23. These bolts are provided with
elongated in form-and is provided at one end nuts and lock washers as described in conjunc
'40 Awith a' ñnger 4I which is adapted> to hook over tion with the attachment of the device as shown 40
the upper edge of the plate 38 and overlie the in Fig. 2. >In Fig. 4 theassembly has been shown
bead 3|.thereon. This arm is of a length greater ~ as mounted through 'attachment to the license
than the Width of the plate 28 and extends down
plate I2 which is accomplished by using bolts
wardly over the plate I2. Arm 38 -is provided 58. which pass through' the> slots 2| and 22 of
45 with a slot 42 which extends to within a short
distance of the finger 4I- and to within a short
`distance of the other end 43 thereof. Arm 39
is similarly providedwith a finger 44 which en
gages the lower edge of the plate I_2 and is fur
50 ther provided with a slot 45 which extends across
the slot 2| and to within a short distance ofthe
other end 46 of. said arm. ,
the plate I2, the slots 45 of thearmsl 39 of'sup
portsf 38 and 31 and through the slots 26 and
21 of the bar 24 0f bracket 23. Nuts 59 and
lock washers not shown clamp the parts in rigid
It will readily be comprehended that with my 50
invention the two plates are rigidly and secure-A
ly assembled relative to one another so that
The lowermost marginal portionl of the plate
neither plate can' become accidentally detached
28 is formed with two tongues 41 and 48. These
55 tongues are adapted to extend through the slots
I8 and I9 of plate I2 and to overlie. the back
side of the plate I2. These tongues prevent rel
ative longitudinal movement of the plates with
from one another. By means of the tongues used
and the particular type of supports used the 55
plates are rigidly supported and ñrmly held in
coplanar relation. By means of the three meth
ods of assembly to the license bracket, the as
respect to one another and also hold the plates ^ sembly'may be _adjusted to'accommodate dif
60 in coplanar relation. The manner in which ferent conditions so that the assembly can be 00
the tongues cooperate with the slots I8 and I9 mounted on any motor vehicle without- chang
is best shown in Fig. 2. A bolt 51 provided with ing the bracketor interfering with parts of the
a countersunk head 52 and a shank 53 is uti
vehicle which might be in the way. The sup-’5"
lized to secure the parts together. -This bolt ports are extremely'simple in construction and
\passes through the two slots 42 and 45 at the> consist _of identical arms which'permit of econ 65
ends 43 and 46 of arms 38 and 39 and the head omy 'in manufacture. By means of this con- 52 thereof is received within a socket 54 in the struction the companion plate may be attached
„ tongue 48.. A‘nut 55 screwed upon the lshank> to the motor vehicle without altering the license
53 of this bolt holds the parts in" assembled bracket’or drilling or altering the license plate. The only'tool necessary to install the invention is 70
70. relation.
The manner of assembling the parts ofthe in
a pair’of pliers.
vention is as follows: The plate~29 _is ñrst ‘ap
Changes in the specific form of my invention,
plied to the plate I2 by-inserting~ the tongues as herein disclosed, maybe made within the scope
41 and 48 into the slots I8 and I9 so that the of what is claimed without departing from they»y
said tongues project outwardly _beyond the back
spirit of my invention. _
_. ^..
Having described my invention, what I claim ` a slot=at the upper -I1L18'rgix1a1` portion thereof as new and desire to protect by Letters Patent is: _and avcorresponding slot at the lower marginal
1. In combination with a licenseïplate having- portion thereof,- a'companion plate formed with
a slot at the upper marginal portion thereof, a a tongue adapted to extend through the upper'
companion plate formed with a tongue adapted slot and to overlie the back of the license plate,
to extend through the slot and to overlie theV an arm overlying thejback of the license plate
back side of the license plate, a pair of arms, one . and‘having- a slot extendingacross the lower slot ,
for each plate, `:?ngers on the ends of the arms . inthe license plate andsaid tongue, a second _arm
- for engagement~ with theouter-edges of the plates,` extending across -the- companion plate, means on ~
l10 said arms overlying said> tongue, and fastening
means vextending jointly through said tongue and said arms for attaching the plates thereto, and a4 10
bolt*ß extending jointly through said tongue and
slot in said ñrst named- arm" and `said second
2. In combination with 'a license plate having a ' named
arm for holding the parts secured relative _
lslot at the upper marginal portion thereof, a com
another,_and fastening means extending
15 panion plate formed with a tongue adapted to ï jointly through the lowermost slotv of.l the license
extend through the slot and’to overlie the back plate and the slotv of said first named'- arm for 15
l arms.
side of the license plate, a pair of arms, one for
each plate, iingers `on 'the ends of the arms
` ' for engagement with the outer -edges of the plates,
20 said arms overlying said tongue, and fastening
attachment to a license bracket.- ‘
5. In combinationwith a plate having 'a slot
therein adjacent one of the edges thereof, a com-l
means extendingjointly through Said tongue and
panion plate disposed in coplanar juxtaposition 20
endsl of the arms for engagement with the outer
edges of the- plates, said arms overlying said
with the opening in said tongue anda fastener
extending through the- opening in said vtongue
with respect to said ñrst named plate and having
arms, said fastening means being disposed en-_ an edge adjoining the denoted edge of said
tirely in back of said license plate.
A -named plate, _a tongue on said companion plate f
3. In combination> with a license plate having issuing froin said denoted edge of said companion
a slot at the upper marginal portion thereof, >a
land onset. -fromV thev plane# thereof, Vsaid 25
companion' plate formed with a tongue adapted plate
tongue extendlng'through said slotl and overlying .
to extend ‘through the slot and to _overlie the said iirst named plate-on .one side thereof, said
back side of the license plate, a p_air of elongated j tongue having an opening therein, a. support for
arms, one for each plate,- said arms having longi
engaging the plate formed with the
tudinally extending slots therein, fingers' ón ‘the `-saidplates
slot therein and havingan opening registering 30
tongue, and a-bolt extending jointly through `said> ` andsupport for securing the parts together and
tongue and the slots in the arms for holding thev
35 plates attached to said arms.
being disposed wholly on >one side of 'said plates
view.4.1m' combination with a. license ‘plate having - to` conceal the -same fromJOHN
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