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Nov. 1, 1938.
Nov. 1, 1938.‘
Filed July 20, 1957
‘2 Sheets-Sheet '2
JSse/UZ Wis/[l4
By M 5m
Patented Nov. 1, 1938
Joseph Malik, Cicero, Ill., assignor of ten per cent
to Edward Zinny, Cicero, 111.
Application July 20, 1937, Serial No. 154,670
1 Claim. (Cl. 206-122)
This invention relates to improvements in ac
Also to hold the bandage rolls and/ or containers
cessories primarily intended for use in connec
l2 in position the rear wall of the box 5 is pro
tion with automobiles; and an object of the in
vided with a series of spring clips I‘! that serve
vention is to provide such an accessory which to frictionally retain the articles 12 in place.
5 will serve as a ?rst-aid kit by which such para
Further the containers and/or rolls I2 are held 5
phernalia as bandage materials, adhesive tape, in engagement with the clips I’! through the me
antiseptics, etc., can be contained.
dium of a retaining bar I8 hinged at its oppo
The invention together with its objects and side ends to the bottom of the box 6 through the
advantages will be best understood from a study medium of hinges IS.
10 of the following description taken in connection
The pouches M are accommodated within one 10
with the following drawings wherein:
end of the box 5 to extend transversely of the
Figure 1 is a perspective view of the ?rst-aid box. These pouches 14 are conventional in
kit with the kit in open condition.
structure and a detailed description thereof is
Figure 2 is a perspective view of a splint.
therefore deemed unnecessary.
Figure 3 is a transverse sectional view through
Also at the inner side thereof the front wall 15
the kit with the kit in closed condition.
of the box is suitably provided with an upper
Figure 4 is a perspective view of a hinged re
pair of clips 20 to accommodate a tourniquet 2|
taining bar hereinafter more fully referred to.
and with a lower pair of clips 22 for releasably
Figure 5 is a detail view showing the glove securing in position within the box a pair of
20 compartment of an automobile and in which the scissors 23.
kit may be stored, and
Also ?tting loosely within the lid 6 of the kit is
Figure 6 is a transverse sectional view through a container 24 for cotton 25. Container 24 is
an automobile body and looking toward the rear provided with a hinged lid 24a and any suit
thereof to illustrate an alternate provision for able latch means may be provided for releasably
carrying the kit in the automobile.
securing the lid 24a in closed position.
Referring to the drawings by reference numer
Also the lid 6 of the kit is provided with a
als it will be seen that in the preferred embodi
handle 26 through the medium of which the kit
'ment thereof the ?rst-aid or emergency kit in
may be easily carried about and positioned with
cludes a box 5 having a lid 6 hingedly secured in, or removed from either the glove compart
30 thereto as at ‘l. The lid 6 is provided with a latch ment 2'! now generally provided in the instrument 30
8 cooperable with a suitable keeper device indi
board 28 of ‘an automobile, or a pocket 29 pro
cated generally by the reference numeral 9 on the .vided in the rear cushion 30 of the rear seat 3|
front wall of the box 5 for releasably securing the of an automobile as suggested in Figure 6.
lid 6 in closed condition.
In Figure 2 is detailed one of the splints II. It
The front and end ?anges of the lid 6 are , will be seen, from a consideration of Figure 2, 35
formed to provide grooves 10 which accommodate that the splint ll comprises a plurality of sec
the front and end walls of the box 5 when the tions 32 which sections are of varying length
lid 6 is in closed condition whereby to provide a and are hingedly connected together as at 33 to
substantially moisture and dust-proof closure.
permit the splint to be folded as suggested in Fig
The interior of the box 5 is suitably provided ure 5 for disposition within the box 5.
to accommodate a plurality of splints ll, con
Also the sections 32 at their hingedly connected
tainer l2 adapted to contain rolls of bandage or edges are provided on the sides thereof opposite
bottles of iodine, antiseptics, or the like, a con
tainer [3 for adhesive tape and sterile ?rst-aid to the hinges 33 with complemental hinge sleeves
34 for receiving hinge pins 35 through the me
45 pouches M.
In connection with the above it will be seen dium of which the sections 32 are held in rigid
that the splints, in the present instance four in alinement, as of course will be desirable when
number, are accommodated in the box 5 between the splint is in actual use.
When it is desired to fold the splint the pins
the front wall of the box and spring standards
35 are removed whereupon the sections of the 50
50 I5 rising from the bottom of the box.
To releasably hold the container l3 in position splint are then folded relative to one another in
within one end of the box an end wall of the
an obvious manner in order to permit the splint
box is provided with a suitable spring clip l6 that to be stored within the box 5.
bears against the top or crown of the cap of the
It is thought that a clear understanding of
55 container I 3 as shown in Figure 1.
the construction utility and advantages of an 55
invention of this character will be had without a
more detailed description.
Having thus described the invention what is
claimed as new is:
A ?rst-aid kit comprising a substantially rec
tangular shaped box open at the upper end there
of, a cover hinged on the box for opening and
closing the latter and having a depth to prevent
the top wall thereof from contacting the upper
10 ends of the receptacles arranged in standing po
sition along a wall oi.’
latter when said cover
box with overlapping
edges of certain walls
the box and Within the
is positioned to close the
relation with the upper
of the‘box, spring clips
arranged in a horizontal plane with each other
and secured on a wall of the box to receive and
grip the receptacles a limited distance below the
upper ends of the receptacles, a strip engageable
with the receptacles from the lower ends of the
latter upwardly for a selected distance to co
operate with the clips in retaining the receptacles
from accidentally moving in the box, and hinges
connecting the strip on the bottom of the box
whereby said strip may be positioned out of en
gagement with the receptacles to permit removal
of the latter from the clips and torest on the
bottom of the box.
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