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Nov. 1, 1938.
1.‘ w. HELMUTH
Filed Aug. 16, 1937
2 Sheets~$heet l
LOU/J‘ Id. #515707”.
NOV. 1,
|__ w_ HELMUTH
Filed Aug. 16, 1937
2 Sheets-Sheet 2
Patented Nov. 1, 1938
. 2,135,336
2,135,286 ~
Louis W. Helmuth, Lakewood,‘ Ohio
Application August 16, 1937, Serial’ No.15_9,218 '
2 Claims. (Cl. 2-—114)
separated upwardly converging stripes or legs I‘!
This invention relates to new and useful im
provements in sleeping garments. ,
An important object of the invention is to
provide a comfortable sleeping garment with an
5 open skirt effect with no, crotch, and to make
this skirt effect assimilate pants, shorts, pajamas
or the like.
Other objects and advantages of the invention
will become apparent during the course of the
10 following description.
In the accompanying drawings forming a part
of the application and wherein like numerals are
as shown in Figs. 4 to 6 inclusive, is also effective
in giving a more decided appearance of pants legs. ,
The stripes l6 and ll of color contrasting with '*
the skirt material, are preferably trimming bands
sewed onto'the skirt material. so as to assist in
causing the'skirt to hang relatively ?at in a
manner to expose the stripes when the garment
is donned by the wearer. To augment this pur L10
pose, ‘these stripes may be of heavier or stiffer
material than the garment itself, or it may be
employed to designate like parts throughout the
spun or woven in a different way than the gar
several views,
ment material or as integral parts of the skirt
to get the same results. In case these stripes are 15
Fig. 1 is a front plan of one form of the in
vention of the knee length type,
Fig. 2 is a side elevation of the same,
Fig. 3 is a bottom elevation of the lower end of
the garment,
continuing around the lower edge of the skirt,
Fig. 4 is a front plan of a modi?ed form of the
invention showing the pajama length type of
Fig. 5 is a side elevation of the same,
Fig. 6 is a bottom plan of the same.
As stated, the primary object of the invention
is to provide a comfortable sleeping garment with
an open skirt effect and to make this skirt effect
assimilate shorts or pajamas. Referring to the
?gures in general, the garment comprises a sub
30 stantially open ended tubular body portion l0
and skirt portion ID’. This skirt portion may be
of any length desired, but at least approximately
of knee length or thereabouts. The modi?cations
shown in Figs. 4 to 6 illustrate the skirt portion of
35 a length below the knees. The neck opening
II in the body portion may be of any shape or
style and this upper shirt end of the garment may
be sleeveless or have sleeves I2 of any desired
length or kind, preferably of the raglan or
4-1.; kimona style.
In order that the lower skirt portion 10' of the
garment be camou?aged to assimilate shorts or
pajamas for persons who are fastidious about
their nightly appearance, the front and back
4-3 panels or portions [3 and M respectively of the
skirt portion are each provided with a demarca
tion or ornamentation IE to give the appearance
of the two leg portions of shorts or pajamas.
In Figs. 1 to 3, this demarcation I6 takes the
5);) form of a vertical relatively wide stripe to give
the appearance of the garment having a crotch
and a pair of leg portions, while actually, it has
no crotch.
This demarcation may be of any de
sired shape, but an inverted solid V-shape, gives
55 the effect, or an inverted V-shape with a pair of
printed directly upon the garment fabric, the
coloringmaterial, will of itself, add to the thick
ness, density or bulk of those portions of the
garment material upon which the trimmings are
disposed to, in effect, stiffen the skirt and cause 20
it to hang in a manner to expose the stripes. The
stripes around the bottom edges of the skirt, aug
ment this purpose. In some forms of the inven
tion the skirt may be made to hang with an in
verted V-shaped fold or kick pleat at the front
and back folded inwardly at the lower edge of the
skirt and extending up to a point adjacent the
wearer’s crotch. In such cases that portion of
the skirt de?ned down within the V-shaped fold
is colored a contrasting color. Any of these 30
forms may have the addition of a vertical slot
19, of any desired length, separating each front
and rear skirt portion into leg portions 20 and 2|
to render the pants effect more pronounced. The
two sides of the skirt portion l0’ may each be 35
provided with a slit or slot 22 bordered with a
continuation 22' of the stripe or band from
around the lower edge up to the vicinity of the
hip of the wearer to give greater freedom of body
parts within the garment and to enhance the ap 40
pearance thereof, or the sides of the garment
may be entirely closed. The back panel may have
a similar vertical stripe from the lower edge up
to a point about the middle of the skirt portion,
or this vertical stripe may be augmented with a 45
small horizontal stripe at the upper end of the
vertical stripe to form substantially a T or Y
The mid-section of the body part may also be
provided with a belt effect 23 at waist height to 50
give the garment the effect of being composed
of an upper shirt piece and lower pants piece.
The belt effect and demarcations l6, l1, and 22'
may be printed directly upon or incorporated
directly in the fabric by any known methods of 55
} I claimf
obtaining color "effects. To accentuate this ef
fect, the shirt and pants portions ‘may be made
of different colors, designs or striping by such
The neckband and cuffs of the sleeve
'may be ornamented witha colored band or other
trimming to further assimilate the pajama shirt
effect. Either the‘short or the ‘long pants type
-1. A sleeping ' garment comprising an 'open
tubular skirt of at least knee length, the front of:
the skirt having its lower edge at the middle of the
front provided with a slit extending from the '
bottom edge of therskirt'toward the crotch of the '~
wearer but terminating below the same to leave
the skirt with an’ apron portion covering the
may be slotted or slit only upon their sides, or
only up the middle of the front and rear skirt wearer’s crotch, the skirt continuing unbroken'
at the sides thereof, and said skirt having a color 16
'10 panels to-a point well below the wearer’s crotch ' contrasting.
with that of the garment extending
rwith the‘ trimming l?'or I1 extending‘ farther
V‘ toward the actual crotch of the wearer, as shown,
or may be slit or slotted both upon the sides and
from the’ top of the slot to a point closer to the '
wearer’s crotch than the top'_of the slit and to
the front and rear panels as desired. As shown' approximately the wearer’s crotch to form, in
16 in Fig. 4, the inverted V-sha'p'ed slot laterminat'es
at‘ a pointy below the wearer’s crotch, leaving the
' “skirt with an apron portion covering the wearer’s
' crotch to make the garmentmodest. In this ?gure
efIectLa continuation of vthe slit effect substan- .
tially up to thepointof the wearer’s crotch.
2. A sleeping garment comprising .an open
tubular skirt of at least knee length, ‘the middle . '
it will be noted that the trimming ‘l1 bordering the‘ of the lower edge of the front and back of the
20 slot I79 extends farther toward the actual crotch of
the wearer than the'slot. The effect‘ is accentuj
skirt each having a slot extending from the bot- '
tom edgev and dividing the skirt into a pair of ‘
*atedfby. extending the'trimming to the point side panels extending continuously around the
where the wearer’s’ crotch’ is actually disposed, ‘ sides, said slot terminating at a point. below the
~ ‘as ‘shown inyFig'. 1,' as‘this gives thereffect of the
slot extending all the. way‘up' to the wearer’s
25 crotch‘ ‘without its, actually» doing so, so thatan
trasting color extending along the sides of the slot
and the trimming extending from the top’ of the
slot to a point closer to the wearer’s crotch than
‘ ‘Other changes invthe size, shape, and relation
‘ship of parts and ornamentation may be resorted ~ ~ the top of the slot to form; in effect, a c0ntinua~ 1
to'without departingfrom the spirit of the in-' tion of the slot e?ect up' to the we'arer’scrotchg
‘entirely ‘modest garment ‘is provided.
wearer’s crotch to reserve an apronportion'cover
ing the wearer’s crotch, and a trimming of con
"ventioni or‘ the scope of the appended claims. '
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