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NOV. l, 1938.
_ _
Filed June 19, 1936
jrieaß )DOOM
Patented Nov. l, 1938
PAT laur-?
Fred Pocell,` Chicago, Ill., assignor.»to._Edward E.`
Barthell, Winnetka, Ill.’=
Applicationl June 19, 1936; Serial No. 86,075‘
8 Claims.
(C1. 427e-13s).
This invention pertainsto amusement devices
in. general" and more particularly` to the type
wherein the skill of the player is .exercisedin di
recting a movable object towardA a stationary
` target in an endeavor to project the object into
the target.
More specifically my invention contemplates a.
target submerged a substantial distance beneath
the surface of a liquid andthe projection of 'a
l'non-spherical object through the liquid toward
the targetßthe object being of greater specific>
gravity than the liquidsothat it will `sink therein
and so shaped that the resistance to itstravel
_ offeredby the liquid will divert it from a right
‘ ' linev movement', thereby enhancing the difliculty
of projecting the object into or against the target.
For the purpose of facilitating an understand
ing of my invention, I am illustrating in the ac
companying drawing a preferred embodiment
Referring to the drawing,
, -.
have shown„for. illustrative purposes.,l the con
tainer as being' provided-with- an >opening I6,
through> which -the cord projects,
When-the target is to be'emptied ,a pull upon.
the cord’willltiltîthe cup, from thefull 'lineposie
tion shown in Fig. 2 to the. dottedglineposition.
shown therein,.thereby- discharging. the object
from the cup..` A second_arrn. Il mountedupon.
the shaftris adapted, when the cup is inverted.;>`
to abut against theupright 9 sogasr to preclude..
complete rotationl of the, cup.` The, center of."
gravity of the cup being belowY the shaft, the,`
target will automatically right itselfcwhenl the
cord‘is released;
'I‘he container is provided" with a top I8', also’ löt
preferably of glass, having an opening, prefer
ably in the form of an elongated slot I9, through
which the objects to be- projected toward the
target may be introduced. 'I‘he object_s or mis
siles to be projected are preferably in the formV 20
of flat discs 2l, or may be of other non-spherical `
Fig. 2 is a similar View at right angles to the
shape, which will be-diverted from a right line
path of travel by a liquid into which the objects
are projected. This liquid, indicated by refer
showing in Fig. 1, certain p_arts being shown in
elevation; and
transparent liquid through which the progress of
Fig. 1 is a vertical sectional view of a device
embodying my invention;
ence character 22, is preferably water or other 25
Fig. 3 is a sectional view on the line 3-3 of the object in its travel may be observed.
The discs, colloquially referred to as sinkers,
Fig. l.
being of greater specific gravity than the liquid,
On the drawing reference character 5 indi
will sink when dropped or projected into the 30
30 cates generally a container which is preferably
made of glass in order that the progress of the liquid, but the resistance oifered by the liquid
causes the objects, because of their shape, to
propelled object toward the target and the re
sults of the skill exerted may be observed by the divert from a straight line path, so that they
mayor may not enter the target, depending
player and the spectators.
Within the container, and preferably near the upon the skill and accuracy with which they 35
bottom thereof, is positioned the target 6 which -have been projected into the liquid.
The player, in accordance with my invention,
preferably, although not necessarily, is of cup
shape, adapted to receive and retain an object drops or forcibly projects one of the disc-shaped
when dropped thereinto. The target is supported objects through the slot I9, which is in vertical
alignment with the target, into the container. 40
40 in upright position in a ring ‘I carried by a shaft
8, the ends of which are journaled in uprights 9 During Vthe progress of the object downwardly`
and, II which project upwardly from a base I2 through the liquid under the influence of gravity
removably positioned upon the bottom of the the resistance to its movement offered by the
In order that the target may be inverted to
discharge an object which has been received
therein, the shaft is provided at one end with
an arm I3 to which one end of a cord or ñne
wire I4 is attached, the other end extending out
50 side the container and being equipped with a
suitable weight I5 which will retain the cord or
wire I4 relatively taut, so that it will not inter
fere with the objects projected into the con
tainer. While the cord may obviously be ex
55 tended out through the top of the container, I
liquid may cause it to divert from a straight
line, with the result that instead of entering the
target it will come to rest on the bottom of the
The relative skill and accuracy dis
played by the various players in their efforts to
direct the objects into the target afford a high 56
degree of entertainment to both players and spec- ’
Obviously the structural details illustrated and
described are capable of considerable modifica
tion and variation'without departing from the 55
principles of'my invention as deñned in the fol
lowing claims.
bottom of said container and provided with a
Vpair of shaftsupporting uprights, a shaft jour
naled in said uprights and provided intermedi
I claim:
1. An amusement device comprising a station
` ary, uprighty container partially filled with liquid,
ate its ends with a target supporting ring, a cup
shaped target seated in said'ring, an’actuating
atarget positioned near the bottom of said con
arm projecting from said shaft, means con
nected with said arm and extending'outside the
' tainer and submerged insaid liquid, a. top pro-V
vided with an opening in alignment with said Y container whereby said Vshaft, may be ro
target, and a sinker adapted to `be vinserted tated, an arm carried by said yshaft whereby the
10 through'said opening, said sinkerbeing so shaped
rotation of ythe shaft'is limited, a top for said 10
that the resistanceto its travel"offered Vby said
liquid will divert 4the sameY vfrom a right line
2. An amusement device comprising a station-,ï
container provided Ywith a slot, and a disc-shaped
object adapted to be introduced into said con
tainer through said slot.
6. A game comprising
a container having
y15 ary, upright container, ,liquid therein, Ya target f transparent lower side Walls, an'upwardly facf
positioned yin the container and submergedY in ing target within and at the lower portion of 15
said liquid, atop forV said container provided withV
an opening therethroughV in vertical alignment
withY said target, and a disc of greaterV specific
gravity than said liquid adapted to be projected
through said opening toward said target.
3; An ‘amusement device comprising'a liquid
-container partially filled with liquid, a cup'
Y '
shaped target rotatably mounted in `said con
and submerged inV said liquid, and means
' extending voutside vthe l container whereby 'said
target may be inverted.
V4. An amusement device comprising Ya con
tainer, 'liquid therein, a cup-shapedrtarg'et ro
30 tatably mountedwithin the container and sub
Vmerged in saidliquid, means whereby said target
may be'inverted, and means for preventing com
plete rotationïof the target.
5. An amusement' device comprising a trans- .
parent container, a support positioned upon the
the container, a bath'liquid in the container
submerging the target, a cover for the container
having a missile slot therein, and ?lat missiles
adapted to pass edgewise through the'slot. `
7. A game comprising a relatively large con
tainer having transparent side walls, Va rela-Y
tively small upwardly facing lower receptacle
at the bottom of said container, a bath of liquid
in the container deeply submerging the receptacle, 25
a cover for the container having a missile vslot
therein, and flat missilesadapted torpass freely
' through the slot.
8.1 A device ofthe characterdescribed compris-’KV
ving a coin receiver, means enclosing the lreceiver
and having a coin slot above'zthe receiver, liquid
in the enclosingmeans in which the coin receiver ~
is submerged'and means -for tilting the receiver e
to displace the coin therefrom.
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