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‘Nov. 1, 1938.
2,135,393 '
Filed June 8, 1937
Patented Nov. 1, 1938
Isadore J. Fisher, Dallas, Tex.
Application June 8, 1937,: serial'No. 147,103
6 Claims. ' (01. 146-8)
This invention relates to a machine for hulling
nut meats from the shells;
More speci?cally, the invention relates to a
machine for hulling the meats from the shells of
5 nuts, particularly pecans ‘which have been pre
viously cracked either by hand or by machine.
It is well known that the act of hulling the
meats from the shells of nuts and particularly
pecans, regardless of the care exercised in crack
ing the nuts, is monotonous, tiresome, and time
consuming when done-by hand which has hereto
fore been the usual practice.
A primary object of the present invention is
the provision of a machine capable of hulling the
15 meats from the shells ‘of a large quantity of
cracked nuts in a relatively short period of time.
A further object of the invention is the provi
sion of a machine embodying a plurality of beat
ers and means for feeding the cracked nuts by
Each of'the bolts 22 is threaded ‘
into the floor I6 and a relatively heavy coil‘spring
‘23 encircles'the bolt with its opposite ends engag
ing thefloor I6 and bar 2| for maintaining the
bar in engagement with the head of the bolt 22.
The bolts 22 may be replaced'by studs rigidly‘
fixed‘ in the floor I6 and having nuts onthe
nuts eifect substantially complete separation of
A still further object of the invention is the
25 provision of a machine as a means for separating
the meats from the shells of cracked nuts which
bar as is" more clearly indicated in Fig. 2..
Journalled in ‘the bearings 24 are the reduced
ends 25 of rollers 26 and 21 which, in keeping
with the varied spacing of‘ the bearings 24 on
With the above objects in view, as well as others
3 6 which will become obvious in the course of the
following disclosure, reference will be made to
the accompanying drawing, forming part of same,
and wherein '
Figure l is a side elevational view of a machine
constructed in accordance with a preferred em
bodiment of my invention.v
Fig. 2 is a right end elevation of the machine
as illustrated in Fig. '1. >
Fig. 3 is a longitudinal section viewed from the
opposite side of the machine as illustrated in
'Fig. ‘4 is an enlarged view partially in section
and partially in elevation, disclosing the preferred
45 means for journalling the rollersembodied in the
Fig. 5 is an end elevation of ‘one of the rollers
on an enlarged scale.
Fig. 6 is a side elevation of one of the inserts
or beaters embodied in the machine.
Referring to the drawing by reference charac
ters, and wherein like characters designate like
parts, I0 designates a frame which may be of
any suitable materialand construction for sup
porting an inclined trough or chute I I.
The frame I0 as illustrated embodies a pair of
relatively long legs I2 for supporting the higher
end of the chute I I and a pair of relatively short
legs l3 for supporting the lower end of the chute
II, the frame further embodying a pair of later
Secured to each of the bars 2I is‘ a 'pair of
bearings 24, the bearings on one of the bars being
closer each other thanthe bearings, on the other
is simple in construction, effective in operation,
and is capable of being manufactured and sold
at relatively low cost.
trated in Fig; 4.
projecting ends for effecting adjustment of bars
2|, particularly if the chute be constructed of
the meats and shells.
disposed a motor support I5. While the chute I I
is disclosed as being‘ supported on the legs. I2:
and I3 in a ?xed inclination, suitable means may
be provided for adjusting such inclination.
The chute I I embodies a floor I6, opposite sides
II of a suitable height, ends I8 and I9, and a
removable cover 20. Disposed within the chute
I I closely adjacent the sides I1 is a pair'of bars 2I
each of which is adjustably supported in verti
cally spaced relation to the floor I6 by bolts ‘22'
adjacent the ends thereof, as is more clearly illus-l
successive impacts of the heaters on the cracked
20 gravity to the heaters in succession whereby the
ally spaced horizontal members I4 on which is
bars 2I,‘are inclined relatively to each other and
the ends I8 and I9 of chute I I, as is clearly indi
cated in Fig. 2.
The reduced ends 25 of the rollers 26 and 21 >
at the adjacent or nearer ends thereof project
through‘the adjacent'side I1 and have ?xed 35
thereto grooved pulleys 28 and 29 which are oper
atively engaged by a V-belt 30 for transmitting
rotation of roller 21 to roller 26.
* -
Fixed to'extension 25 of roller 21 adjacent to
and ‘outwardly of pulley 29 is a grooved pulleyv
3|“ which is operatively engaged by a V-beltl32
which also operatively engages a grooved pulley
33 on an electric motor' 34 suitably secured» to
the support I5. The lower end I9 is provided
with discharge openings 35, and a suitable dis 355
charge trough ‘36 is provided which opens through
the side I'I above the lower end of roller 21. ,
As is clearly illustrated in Fig. 2, the roller 26
is inclined downwardly toward the belt drive while
roller 21 is inclined downwardly away from the 50
belt drive; This may be reversed, however, it
being sui?cient only that the rollers be inclined
whereby nuts fed into the upper end of the'chute
I I will travel by gravity toward the lower end'of
the chute along the successive rollers.
The roller 26 is provided adjacent its lower end
with a reduced portion 31 providing a nut exit
Opening and each of the rollers is provided with
diametrically disposed inserts or heaters 38 which
may be constructed of wood, leather, steel or any 60
sidered as illustrative only,fand ‘not restrictive,
the scope of the invention being de?ned in the
other material ioundmost suitable for their par
ticular use.
The inserts 38.,areeach preferably provided with '
_W_hat I claim and desireitosecur byrU. S.
ribs or corrugationsgas is indicated at 3,9 in Fig.‘ 6.
Letters Patent _is:.
r 1
5 ‘ The removablelcovern may be secured iii: po
' lJA'machi'ne forhullin'g'or shelli
sition by any' suitable means and is provided with
a pair of angle irons 40 for a purpose hereinafter. prising an inclined chute, a pair of’ oppositely
inclined rollers spaced longitudinally of the chute
Having described a matched. constructionjpifr and, having their opposite ends journaled adja
10 the machine constituting my invention, the'o'pereu centiopposite sides of thechute, means projecting 10
ation thereof is as ‘follows:
7 _
, ~
fromthesurfaces of the rollers for agitating and
.Nuts' whichihave been cracked are ‘fed‘in‘to the 7; beating thenuts resting on the floor oi". the chute
‘ V chute I I above the roller 26 by 'any's'uitable means, ._'adjacent. the rollers as they progressively advance
'as e. g. by a conveyor which may be utilized to. , downward in the chute, an opening in a side wall ' r
15 deliver the nuts from a cracking station to the‘ of the chute in advance of the lowermost roller 15
- chute ‘in advance .of theroller 26-. .>
_ior-discharging‘partially. shelled nuts, and open
\ The; rollers 2mm‘ 21 arerOtated: in amine" ings in» the lower end of the .chute' ,ior .dischargj
' direction and/at. relatively highspeed. by. means
of-belts 30 :and. 32: and' electric .motor '34.. The
vnuts'willibe subjected to a beating action 'by the
ing. completely shelled’nuts.v
v2, The structure .- de?nedigin.rclaimc-liwherein> ,' '
the ‘7 rollers are journa-led- in adjustable: bearings .20
yieldably supportedfromthe ?oor of the chute.
'3. A machine for ‘mining or .shell-ing'nuts‘ corn-v j
nut‘swhile being thus‘acted upon will :slovvlygravi
tatetoward the lower end of the roller, and .upon prising an inclined nut-receiving receptacle hav
reaching the. exit opening de?ned by theireduced ing a bottom, sides, upper and, lowerends, and a
II portion. a‘l‘will pass into the space in‘advance. of ' covena bar adjacent each of said sides and. with,
the second roller 21' adjacent? the :higher end. in the ‘receptacle, a pair; of;beari_ngs. supported by
each of. therbars in unequally'i'spaced relation,
' ~ ribbed inserts 38'carried- by‘ the »roller-265and, the
i Thenuts will‘ be similarly acted upon by the ' nut agitating and beating rollers: oppositely in- V .7
. ribbed inserts 38 carried'bythe roller 21,- and'upon clined relative to the endsqofthe receptacle jour-}
U! reaching the lower end‘thereof or previous to such 7 naled;in said bearings‘, means ‘for rotating the 30
time, thehul'ling will have beencompleted'. and the
se'pa'ratedmeats and ‘shells will gravitate to the
lower end; of the chute and pass through. openings
35 into a suitablere'ceptacleToronto a conveyor; 7.
rollers in unison, yieldable means supporting. said
bars in spaced vrelation to the ?oorgof thereceptw
cle, and. adjustable meansri-for moving theibairs
toward the iioorraga-inst the. action of said yielda
While practically all the nuts will. have been ' ble means for spacing the rollers-rfrom.the1?oor
su?icientlyrtreated to‘ effect‘ hulling‘wotthe. meats, for, mosteffective agitating and-l beating,‘T action '
from'the shells upon reaching the lower endtrof upon nuts of various sizes; I
roller 21, still any which may not have beenxso
treated or’ those imperfectly‘. separated will pass‘
4. The structure defined invclairn- ;3,.,
said cover isprovided with‘ projections extending‘,
transversely( thereoi and above saidnrollersqfor V
‘ preventing passage of nuts rbetweenthe cover‘ and,
in‘g action :of the-ribbedinserts or heaters 38- for the 5rollers. V,
k " outv
> The
the trough
are dependent
36.... ‘
r upon.
.1. . the beat;
- _ ' e?'ective separation of the-.meats from the shells,
the nuts resting upon the: floor, ISiand constantly
'4; g‘ravitating toward the loweriotexit end of the
chute, and ‘101' most e?lcient'action‘ the rollers 26
_ 5.. Arnachine for’hulling; or.‘ shelling ‘nuts; com;
prising an inclined chute forreceivingrandg-per
mitting gravitational feed-,oflnuts:fromthe'upper 7
end thereof, a pair of spaced rollers having-their V
' and 21 should be disposed ata predetermined dis
opposite ends- journaled :adjacent opposite sides
tance above the ?oor 15,. dependentfupon the size
and character of nuts beirigtreated,‘ and ‘the spac
from the bottom of the chute and each provided‘
l‘ngxof the rollers from thec?oor canfbel. readily
adjusted by means of the bolts; 22; .thefsprlngs- 23
normally maintaining the rollers in’ any adjusted
position relative to'jthe' ?oor I6.
I 7 l
of. _the-;_chute,. the rollers:l being equally spaced
with- agitating. and. beating. vmeans ~for ' succes
sively: acting upon. the nutsresting upon therep?oor so...
of the chute adjacent the. respectivevrollersias '7
' they‘ progressively’ advance forwardly-'injthe
. ~.
7 The‘ vertically disposed ?anges, of jthe‘angle
chute, and wherein the ?rst of-psaidrollersge'n:
irons'lr?terminate closely above‘the-rollers26 and countered-‘by the nuts is provided with a reduced
~. ' 21 and thus act to prevent the‘ nuts from; passing ‘ portion-V intermediate -it_s.~,ends;;t.o permit .thepar- ' V
- tially shelled nuts to pass Vtherethrough fortune‘ '
'5' between
_ 5 While 1 the
- as cover
._ embodiesonly
' ‘
the“ agitatirlf “and beating action byline other
twofinclined rollers, and‘which are su?icient for
e?ectiveihulling'i of the 'me'ats from theishells, I ‘6. A machineiorhulling orsheiling' nuts
v‘nevertheless additional‘ rollers may be‘ ‘provided prising an inclined chute for receiving'andperr
if desired, and the chute-ll may be supported mitting. forwardmovement of thea-nutsga-nd a
. forfadjustm-ent oftheinclination' thereof; ; '
The§jchute may 'be' constructediof any desired
.material, but'if constructed of woodthe. ?oor. I6
and‘Fsid'es l1 shouldbercovere'd with sheet metal’ to
‘its sidesgof.
ends journaled»
and provided
adja: i-~ V
with agitating . and beating means .for acting
upon the nuts resting uponthe floor of; the chute
provide? smooth surfaces whereby‘ the nuts = will‘ adjacent, the, roller asthey; progressively; advance
readily gravitate toward the lower ‘end of the» toward-the rol1'er,~and- wherein. said vagitating and
While I have disclosed: but a‘single‘ speci?c
émbodlment'of myfinvention, same is to' be con
"beatingmeans comprisesaribbed-bars extending '
longitudinally ofthe- roller.
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