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NOV. 8, 1938.
Filed Jan. 28, 1954
Patented Nov. 8, 1938
Roye W. Franks, Salt Lake City, Utah
Application June 28, 1934, Serial No. 732,810
2 Claims. (Cl. 236—45)
My invention relates to draft control devices and ?anges I provide a cross bar 5| secured to one side
has for its objectto provide a new and efficient of the plate by a block 52 and to the other side
draft control device which will control the draft by a changeable weight 53. Onto the bar 5| I
in the ?ue and prevent any draft through the then mount an adjustable table weight 54 said
5 furnace when it is not burning and which at the weight being provided with a set screw 55 to allow
same time will prevent any excessive draft for adjustment thereof and for locking it in a de-'
through the ?re box when the ?re is burning.
termined position on the bar 5|. The plates are
A still further object is to provide a draft con
pivotally mounted in the frame work by hearing
trol device which will save fuel in the quantity blocks 56 and 51 being secured to the plates on the
0 used and which will produce greater heat and effi
same side as the adjustable bar and each block is 10
ciency from the fuel used in the furnace.
bored to receive a pivot pin 58, which pin is
These objects I accomplish with the device il
screwed through the ?ange of the frame work 31.
lustrated in the accompanying drawing in which
similar numerals and letters of reference indicate
15 like parts throughout the several views and as de
scribed in the speci?cation forming a part of this
application and pointed out in the appended
In the drawing:
Figure 1 is a view of the draft control device
showing the draft control plates mounted ver
tically looking into the device from the end which
is attached to the flue pipe of the furnace, with
part of the bellows diaphragm cut away.
Figure 2 is a side elevation of Figure 1.
Figure 3 is a vertical elevation of Figure 1.
Figure 4 is a view of the control removed from
the casing.
In the drawing in which I have shown my in
vention the casing is shown as F; and this casing
is attached into open connection with the ?ue by
the flange 35. The end 36 of the casing F is open.
The control for this device consists of a centrally
. mounted control frame work 31 mounted on stud
35 shafts 38 and 39 which extend out through the
sides into bearings 40. One shaft 39 extends be
yond the bearing and is provided with anadjusta
ble connection block 4| to which a control arm 42
is secured. The arm 42 is in turn connected with
40 a diaphragm 43 by a link 44. This frame work
These blocks 56 and 51 are mounted in a pre
determined position nearer one edge of the plates
than the other to make the plates mounted off 15
center so that when the frame work is partially ro
tating the plates will either open or close them
selves independent of outside in?uence ‘other
than draft through the casing F. As shown in
Figure 3, the arrows a show the direction of open 20
ing of the frame work 31.
The bellows diaphragm 43 is provided to oper
ate the framework 31 when it is desired to con
trol this frame work and the position thereof by,
or commensurate with, either the pressure of the 25
fuel being fed, or the pressure of the steam in the
furnace when the device is in use on a steam boiler
type of furnace. Thus when the pressure in the
steam boiler is high, the frame work will be held
closed or beheld open depending upon which side
of the pivot shaft the arm 42 is mounted or upon
which side of the casing F the bellows is situated,
and it will be obvious that under certain condi
tions, the bellows will be mounted above the arm
42 instead of under it. As shown in the drawing, 35
Figure 2 shows the link 44 connected to the weight
45 but, this link may be connected in any suitable
manner desired, depending upon the require
ments, and whether the installation is on a steam
boiler furnace, an oil ?red furnace, or on a gas 40
is rotatively balanced by Weights 45 carried on the
?red furnace.
arm 42 or on other like arms which may be ex
It is to be further understood that in some
cases there will be no need of any bellows dia
phragm as the device may be used without any
such control with equal success.
tended from the block 4|. In the casing F across
the top thereof I provide a stop angle 46 and a
45 like angle 41 is Secured across the bottom of the
casing F both of which are to stop the frame work
31 when it comes to the vertical position. In this
frame work I then mount the weighted off center
draft responsive closure plates 48 and 49. Each
50 plate is identical except, that they are reversed,
one to close each half of the opening through the
frame work 31. The plates are made of a sheet of
metal 50 having all edges turned up to form a
?ange therearound and directly across the medial
55 section of each plate on the side enclosed by the
Having thus described my invention I desire to
secure by Letters Patent and claim:—
‘ 1. In a draft control device, the combination of
a casing mounted on the ?ue of a furnace in
open connection therewith but not in the path of 50
travel of the consumed gases; a rotatively coun
ter balanced frame work in said casing; draft re
sponsive plates mounted off center within said
frame work; means to adjust the closing pres
sure of the draft responsive plates to control the 55
amount of opening and. the position of the frame
work depending upon the suction through the de
mounted to close the opening in said framework
when shut, said plates being mounted off center,
vice and upon the ?re conditions in the furnace.
2. In a draft control device, the combination of
and at right angles to the mounting of the frame
Work; and means to adjustythe closure pressure
a casing mounted onto the side and in open
connection with the ?ue of a furnace but, not
ing and the position of the frame work depend
in the path of travel of the consumed gases; a ro
tatively counter balanced frame work mounted
across said casing; draft responsive closure plates
of the draft responsive plates to control the open
, ing upon the suction through the ?ue pipe.
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