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NQVfB, 1938.
Filed Jan. 20, 1936 '
Patented Nov. s,
i >Julius Taxay. Chicago, Ill., usignor, by directand
mesne assignments; ~ot one-half to James lil.`
Parker, Chicago, lll., and one-half to Miracle
Household Appliance C orporation, Chicagotlil.,
a corporation oi Illinois
application January zo, use, sex-m in».l sans
‘ s claims. - A(ci. _53.4,
-This invention relates improvements in coffee
One object of the invention is _to provide a cotl'ee
removable iilter or strainer Il which is shown as of
, -cup shape with a for'aminous bottom.
'I'he lower portion of the body of the receptacle
brewer which operates on the vacuum principle l ills provided >with an a‘nnular bulge or enlarge
_ but which -is of a form» which renders it morc ment ila which is preferably Aconvex in vertical
conven'ient .in use than the conventionaltwo
' piece glass coifee brewers ofthe “Silex" type and
' which enables the lower or outer receptacle to be
‘ readily cleaned'or scoured.
. Another object ofthe invention' is to provide
a coßee brewer which ‘comprises- an outer recep
section and arrangechto seat frictionally within -
an >annular portion ina of the member i0 which
converges or tapers inwardly and downwardly
_ wherebywhen the memberi 4 has> been pressed into
the outer receptacle to the position illustrated, an
. air tight sealis provided between the receptacles.
tacle, the wall of which has an annular and pref
the r eptacle I0 is formed of metal, the
erably slightly' radially expansible portion so . Where
downward m vement of the portion ila toward
shaped as to provide a stable support for and .seal sealing Yposition eil'ects a radial outward wedging
15 with the body portion of a'rremovable innerre
effect on the thin wall portion I 0a which tends
ceptable in which the ground co'iIee is placed and to slightly expandthe latter and provide an air 15
' into which water from the outer receptacle is
raised by vapor pressure tov form a brew‘which is»
drawn back into the outer receptacle when the
brewer is removed from the source4 of he t.
tight connection between the 'sealing portions andretains'the inner receptacle in the proper posi
It will be noted that the wall of thevv receptacle 20
Another object lof the invention is to provide _ i4 above the annular bulge or band ila is spaced
from the adjacent wall of member I0 whereby a
ing receptacle) and an inner coffee holding re-_ slight tilting or cooking of the member i4 out .of
a’coffee'brewer comprising an outer water-hold
ceptacle telescopically receivable within the other . the coaxial position shown will break the seal
25 and'each having a sealing surface on the body
portion thereof which cooperate when the re
ceptacles are in operative position to provide a
sealed pressure cham r in _the outer receptacle
beneath thelower receptacle, the arrangement
30 being such that the seal can readily be broken and
t the receptacles easily separated.
Other objects relate to various features of .con-Y
struction >and arrangement of parts which will be
apparent from a'consideration of the following
specification and accompanying drawing, where-‘
Figure i is a broken side elevation illustrating
a coiTee brewer embodying the present inven
Figure 2 is a top plan view of the brewer with
the cover removed.
-Figure 3Ais'av broken side elevation of a modiiied
>4form of the invention which is adapted forcom-J
mercial use as in restaurants or other commercial
A In the drawing I _0 is' an outer receptacle which
in the form illustrated resembles an ordinary
,domestic _coil'ee pot orzpercolator and is provided
with a handle il. pouring spout i2 and cover i3.'
An inner receptacle“ is shown 'of <substantially
cylindrical _form withinthe receptacle il, _and is
provided with a funnel il whlchdep'ends into the
- lower portion of member il but terminates above
between the portions Ilia and ida and enable the 25
member I4 to be lifted freely out o1' member I0.
In use, the desiredquantity of water is placed’
'in the‘ receptacle il, member i4 is pressed into the
position illustrated and ground coiïee placed in
the latter, the ñlter il being in position. The so "
4cover i3, if desired,-may be placed in position since "
the ñange ila thereof seats within the upper end
of receptacle I0 and exteriorly of the upper' end .
of receptaclek i4.
The brewer is placed over the source of heat and 35
as .the water approaches the boiling point the
vapor is entrappe'd within the pressure chamber
formed in the lower portionof member I0 due
to the lsealing contact of portions lila andita.
The developed pressure i'orces the water up
through the funnel i5, and Lthrough the ñlter
or strainer i l until `the lower end of the funnel is
uncovered by the descending level of the water in '
I the member Il. „ The brewer can then be removed
from the source Iof heat or the latter turned oil, 45
and' due tothe partial vacuum created within the
pressure chamber due to the cessation of the ap
plication oi' heat. the' coilee brew is drawn down
wardly through the filter into the receptacle i0.
The inner receptacle can then be released from 50
engagement with the outer member by'tilting or
cooking the"v upper end slightly as above men
tioned and removed together `with the coiîee
the bottom thereof. ’I'he upper .end of the funnel Brounds. and-the'clear cofiee brew served from ¿7*
is enlarged'toprovide an annular seat il for a lthe outer receptacle.
_ 2,185,548
portion oi'ïsaid _sealing surface to
It- has been found that metal lcoffee brewers rowannular
an air tightconnection therewith, the por
made in accordance with the above disclosures form
of said inner receptacle above said sealing
provide the necessaryair tight seal between the. tion
portion being spaced from the adjacent walls of
inner and outer receptacles but it will be seen '
that the receptacles may 'be made of glass, porce
lain or like materials if'desired and a cushioning
and sealing gasket of rubber, fabric'or the like
_said outer receptacle to enable the inner recep
tacle to be tilted merely sidewise within said outer
receptacle to break the'seal and release the inner `
» employed -to provide the required seal, yif desired.
In Figure 3 a form of the invention is disclosed .
which is adapted for usein restaurants 'or like
receptacle from ’engagement with the outer rc
2. A vacuum coffee brewer comprising an outer „
receptacle having an inwardly and' downwardly
tapered expansible wall portion, an inner recep
tacle comprising alcoifee holding body and a
outer receptacle which may be made -of,oyen ory >downwardly
depending funnel adapted to extend
“pyrex”- glass, _if_desired.
into the lower portion of said outer receptacle,
A sealing member Il, preferably of‘ flexible . and an -annular Yformation `on the '_body of said
metaly, is provided at the upper end of the recep
tacle I8 and engages a complementary shaped inrier receptacle adapted to b_e pressed into fric
tional contact with said tapered expansible wall
establishments where larger quantities of coffee
are to be made. -In theßgure I8 is a lower or -
portion 2li of an 'upper or inner bowl or receptacle v
2| to provide an air tight connection therebe-` section to provide an' air tight connection i20
tween._ The inner receptacle has a funnel 22 therewith.
3. A vacuum type coffee brewer comprising an
which depends _into the pressure chamber and - outerßreceptacle the interior _of which comprises
preferably yis so shaped at the upper end as to
pressure chamber inthe lower'portion, an inner _'~ r
.provide a seat 23 for a iilter as described above. _ areceptacle
holding chamber at the upper, portion,
'I'he principle of operation of this form ofthe in
tapered wall commonto said
vention is the saine as in thepreviously described . chambers, and an inner
receptacle having a de-`
'I‘he receptacle Il is `shown 'as' provided withn pending funnel at vthe lower end adaptedto pro-_
spiggot 24 for drawing of! the’ coifee brew and a - ject into said pressure chamber and provided
an annular sealing area'above said funnel
water intake 25 for supplying water prior to the- ‘with
an outer surface convex in vertical sec-'
30 beginning of each brewing _ operation.~ The tion >adapted to seat within and _form a' seal witlî
source of heat may be a .conventional burner II. said tapered wall ~of said outer receptacle, said
While the `present improvements operate on the
well known vacuum principle, it will be seen that
the provision o_f cooperating sealing portions on
35 the bodies of the bowls or receptacles, as distin-g
guished from the conventional glass conee brew
receptacles being spaced apart above saidsealing
surfaces yto provide an. annular space to accom
modate radial tilting of _ the inner receptacle 35
within the outer receptacle to break the seal and
`releasethe inner receptacle to enable the same to
ers wherein the seal> is’eifected between a gasket
freely from the outer receptacle.
on the funnel of the _upper bowl and the interior be4.removed
A vacuum type coffee brewer>A comprising
of the constricted -neck of the lower bowl, provide . inner and outer receptacles, theouter receptacle
a support f_or the upper bowl of relatively large having an inwardly oil-set annular _downwardly
diameterîwhich resists tilting of the inner recep ,tapered wall portion constituting a sealing area
tacle with respect to the outer and breaking the intermediate the ends of said receptacle, said
seal therebetween. It. will also be observed that inner receptacle being insertable/within said outer
the sealing portions being. prèferably Úf down
wardly diminishing diameters enablesÍ the inner receptacle and having a bottom provided with a 45
.45 receptacle of the nrst described modiñcation of ' depending funnel and a shoulder outwardly con
yvex in vertical section- adjacent the lower end
the~invention ~to be-pressed directly downwardly
into sealing position without turning -or rotating
. the same and that in the commercial form shown
in Figure 3, the weight of the receptacle 2| is gen
j 59- erally >sumcient to provide the necessary air tight
thereof adapted to engage and 'frictionally seat ‘
within said sealing area of the outer receptacle
to provide a relatively narrow annular seal there-_
between, the uppenportion of said inner recepta
cle above said’sealibeing spaced from the sur- '
wall of the 'outer receptacle whereby-`
It willalso be seen that upon renîovalof the rounding
seal ean be broken and the iinner receptacle
vinner or dipper'receptacle, the interior' of the said
receptacle. is readllyaccessible for released by tilting the same laterally within ~said
55' lower or outer
cleansing or scouring due to the relatively large
' diameter of the same throughout its length as
compared with the gonstrlcted ¿neck of ‘a lower
bowl of conventional glass vacuum coffee brewers.
5. A _vacuum type (coffee brewer comprising
inner and outer receptacles, the outer receptacle ~
havingian inwardly oil'set annular downwardly
tapered wall portion constituting a sealing4 area
intermediate, the _endsNof said receptacle, said
bodiments of the invention for .the purpose ofi’T inner
receptacle being insertable within> said outer
ï illustration, I do not wishto be restricted specif
_ While I have shown and described certain em
ically thereto except as so limited by the ap
j pended claims._
1. A coifee brewer comprising an outer water
receptacle and having a bottoni provided with ra
depending funnel and a-shîiulder outwardly con
vex in vertical; section adjacent the lower end
thereof adapted to engage _and _frictionally seat
within said sealing area of the outer receptacle
annular sealing- surface therein, and -an inner ' to provide a relatively narrow annular seal there- '
coffee holding receptîcle arranged to telescope between, the upper portion of said innerïrecep»
bodily within said outer receptacle and provided tacle above’said seal being spaced from the sur- '7
with a downwardly extending funnelgsaid inner rounding w of 'the outerl receptacle whereby
said seal -may be broken vby tilting the inner
receptacle having an annular sealing portion ad
holding receptacle having af downwardly tapered
_ jacent the base thereofand above said funnel ar
_' ranged unseat :nationally within a relatively nar
receptacle laterallywithin _said outer receptacle.
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