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NOV- 3, 1938.
Filed Feb. 26, 1938
2 ~.Sheets—Sheet l
Nov. 8, 1938.
Filed Feb. 26, 1952
2 Sheets-Sheet 2
Patented Nov. 8, 1938
* ‘2,135,658
- 2,135,658’
L'ADLE . '
Robert S. A. Daugherty, Bethlehem,‘Pa., assignor
to Bethlehem Steel Company, a corporation of
Application February 26, 1938,'-Serial No. 192,696
(or' 266-39)’
a . Claims.
tion of a slag pot along the line 5-5 of Fig. 1
showing a seat which rests upon the yoke.
In’ the drawings, which show a slag pot of
My invention relates to slag pots used for con
veying molten slag from a furnace to a slag dump,
and particularly to an improved construction of
Slag pots in general are made in the shape of an
thimble shape, I shows the outwardly ?aring side
wall of generally circular contour, and 2 shows the
inverted thimble, with outwardly flaring sides
bottom of the pot which is preferably rounded or
such pots.
"5 '
and a rounded bottom. Such pots are generally
equipped with a plurality of seats intermediate
‘ the top and bottom of the‘ pot by which they may
10 be mounted on a yoke provided with trunnions
which provide a pivot on which the slag pot may
be tipped while resting on suitable supports on
a slag car.
In service, the high temperatures‘ to which slag
15' pots‘ are subjected cause stresses in the walls of
the pots and eventually cause the walls to crack
and thereafter to deteriorate rapidly.
In addition, these high temperatures cause the
walls of the pot to expand, particularly in the
20 region immediately below the supporting'yoke.
As long as such expansion is not excessive, no
harm occurs, but in practice the walls of the pot
are frequently strained beyond their elastic limit
and acquire a permanent bulge or set. When
25 slag is handled and dumped from such a pot in a
molten condition no harm results from the pres
sure of a bulge in the side walls. However, slag
spheroidal in shape.
< In order to accommodate a yoke (not shown)
whereby the pot may be mounted on a slag car, the
wall I is provided with a plurality of seats 3 which 10
rest'u'pon the yoke‘, and projections 4 which ac
commodate means for securing. the pot to the
The pot is also provided with eyes 5 whereby the
pot may be transferred by means of a crane to 15
and from the slag car.
Thelwall I contains a plurality of inwardly ex
tending corrugations 6 disposed vertically around
the circumference of the pot. These corrugations
begin at a point ‘I somewhat above the bottom of 20
the slag pot and terminate at a point 8 somewhat
below the top of the pot. These corrugations
preferably increase in depth from their points of
beginning ‘I and 8 to a maximum at point 9 inter
mediate the ends, but my invention is not in- 25
tended to be limited by this feature, since the
spirit of my invention will be met by the use of
is frequently kept in the pots for a period of
several hours and inrsuch case the body of slag
30 in_ immediate contact with the walls of the pot
corrugations of equal depth throughout their
‘ cools and forms a layer of solidi?ed slag known as
a skull. If a skull is formed in a pot, the sides
of which .are bulged as above described, the con
rugations 6, above described, the top of the pot
striction of the pot above the bulge prevents the
35 removal of the skull by merely tipping the pot,
and it is necessary to break up the skull with
sledges or orowbars before it can be removed from
the pot.
The object of my invention is to provide a slag
40 pot so constructed that cracking, which causes
the pot to deteriorate rapidly, and bulging, which
makes the skull di?icult to remove, are eliminated.
Other objects of my invention will be apparent
from the drawings and from the following de
45 scription.
In the drawings:
Figure 1 is a top plan view of a slag pot con
structed in accordance with my invention;
Fig. 2 is a‘ View partly in vertical elevation
50 and partly in vertical section along the line 2--2
of the slag pot shown in Fig. 1;
Figs. 3 and 4 are views in horizontal section of
the slag pot taken along the lines 3--3 and 4-4
of Fig. 2, respectively; and
Fig. 5 is a fragmentary View in vertical sec
In addition to the inwardly extending cor- 30
is provided with a plurality of outwardly extend
ing vertical corrugations I0 disposed between the
inwardly extending corrugations 6 and having a
maximum depth at point I I on the rim of the 35
pot and terminating at point I2 intermediate the
top and the bottom of the pot.
As heretofore stated, slag pots of ordinary design
frequently crack in service because of the ex
pansion of the walls of the pot resulting from the 40
intense heat of the molten slag contained in the
pot. Moreover, such pots tend to become bellied
immediately below the supporting yoke on which
the pot is mounted in the slag car, with the
results hereinabove described.
It will be seen 45
that with my arrangement of corrugation there
is provided the greatest number of corrugations at
the portion of the pot subject to the highest tem
With a slag pot constructed in accordance with 50
my invention, however, these results do not follow.
The inwardly extending corrugations 6 and the
outwardly extending corrugations I0 act as
stiffening members which reinforce the wall I
and tend to prevent the bellying of the wall. 55
Moreover, in my preferred construction the cor
rugations 6 have their maximum depth and con
sequently their maximum strength at the point
a plurality of inwardly extending substantially
verticalcorrugations extending from a point near
the bottom of the shell to a point below the top
where the maximum deformation of the pot ' of the shell and a plurality of outwardly extend
ing vertical corrugations at the top of the shell.
usually occurs.
3. A ladle comprising a shell having side walls
In addition, the corrugations 6 and I0 permit
the metal of the pot to expand freely under the of inverted frustro-conical shape, said side walls
in?uence of theheat of the molten slag and to containing a plurality of inwardly extending cor- "
contractfreely when such heat is'removed. with r'ugati'ons intermediate the top and the bottom
the result that cracking of the walls" due“ to‘ thereof varying} in depth from their ends to points
stresses set up by such expansion and contrac-. Hintermediatetheir ends, and a plurality of». out
tion is prevented or greatly lessened.
'~ "
wardly extending corrugations at the top thereof
' Since a pot constructed in accordance with-~ increasing in depth from their’ lower to their
my invention will not belly,’ no di?iculty is found
15 in removing the skull ofrcogled" slag which
‘_ _
a shell having outwardly 15.
’ 4. A’ladle
v ends.
formed if the slag is allowed‘to" remain in the
?aring sidefvwallsmdontaining a plurality of in-'
pot for a considerable time.
Wardly disposed‘corrugations extending upwardly
. It will be seen moreover ‘that the, inwardly ieXr-Il
‘to a pointjbelow the rim of the shell and a plu
tending ribs 6 facilitate the removal of any ‘skull,
rality dofjoutwardly disposed corrugations Vex
20 which may be formed on the interior of the pot‘ ‘' tending~upwardly from a point below the rim 20
since by reason; of their.’ increasing depth, from
their poin'tof inception‘! to their point of maxi-.
of the shell to said rim.
mum depth v9 they form bearings upon which the
skull .is supported-as, it slides from the pot, and
lessen. the friction which vresults from the ‘con
tact between the skull and the interior wall of
provided- with a; ?rst series of corrugation ex-f ‘
tending up the wall from near the bottom of the
Having thus‘ Vdescribedhmy,\invention,‘
_ l U What I
' '
75. A ladle‘ havingasubstantially vertical wall . '
wall and terminating short of the top of the wall, 2.5
and’ a second series of corrugation ‘extending
down-the wall from near the top of the wall and '
extending; beyond the ?rst series andin interca-.
claim and, desire to secure by Letters Patent is:
1. A ladle~ comprising‘ a shellhaving outwardly
?aring‘side" walls, said side walls containing a
6. : A;ladle< having a. substantially- vertical wall 30,
provided ‘with a corrugation extendingup the
plurality of inwardly .extending corrugations hav
wallfromnear'therbottom- of the wall and termi-V~
ing their'greatest depth intermediate the ends;
thereof, and ‘a, plurality of j outwardly extending
' corrugations at the upper end thereof.
2. A ladle comprising an outwardly ivflayring'v
substantially circular shell, said shell containing
lated relation therewith. ;
'7 I
nating short of the top of the wall, and a second
corrugation.;_exten-_c_ling down the wall from near
the gtop-thereof to; a pointbeyond the pointof
termination of the “?rst, mentioned corrugation. '
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