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NOV. 8, 1938.
Filed June 21, 1937
Patented Nov. 8, 1938
Karl A. Kuhn, Green?eld, Mass., assignor to
Green?eld Tap and Die Corporation, Green?eld,
Mass., a corporation of Massachusetts
Application June 21, 1937, Serial No. 149,426
2 Claims.
(01. 10-127)
This invention relates to improvements in die
stocks and particularly to a stock with an adjustable work guide.
The general purpose of the invention is to provide a stock of this type that is simple, strong,
5 readily manufactured and convenient to use.
The preferred form is adapted for production
by automatic machines and does not require the
use of castings.
Other objects and advantages will appear from
10 the following description taken in connection
with the accompanying drawing in which,
Figure 1 is a plan View of the work guide face
of the stock;
Figure 2 is a similar View of the die face of the
15 stock on a smaller scale;
Figure 3 is a section on line 3-—3 of Figure 1;
Figure 4 is a section on line 4—4 of Figure 1;
tween the body l0 and the lower edge of the cap
apron 22.
In use, a die l3 of the desired size is placed in
the socket l2 and held in position by set screw
14. Guide screws 23 are adjusted to permit cap
2| to rotate on hub 15, cam slots 20 being con
toured-to move the work guide jaws l'l sym
metrically in slot l6 relative to the axis of die l3,
the guide faces l8 being parallel to such axis,
assuring accurate registry of the work with the
die. When the work is inserted between the jaws 10
I‘! and cap 2| is rotated to move jaws l'l into
engagement with opposite sides of the work and
center it accurately relative to the die, screws 23
may be tightened to maintain jaws I‘! in position
and assure the formation of a true, accurate 15
thread on the work.
While various designs and arrangements are
possible within the scope of the invention as de
Figure 5 is a perspective assembly view of the
20 stock body and associated parts.
In the preferred form the stock comprises a
?ned in the claims, the preferred embodiment
has been illustrated to scale to indicate desirable 20
proportions and relationships between part5
body I!) having bar handles I I mounted on opposite sides thereof. The body In has a smoothly
curved longitudinal taper and is adapted to be
25 formed conveniently by turning, grinding and
the like on automatic machines or by other
methods of production without requiring the
I claim:
1- A die Stock comprising a body, handles
mounted on the body, a die Socket in one Side of
the body, an integral work guide hub on the 25
Opposite side of the body, said body, socket and
hub having a circular peripheral contour trans
use of castings, thereby eliminating the waste in-
verse to the body axis suitable folépllbdélcl'iifn by
cident to occasional casting defects and per-
turning, the hub comprising soli
30 mitting the employment of steels having the de-
sired characteristics.
connecting said faces and bore; wor gui e mem
cular die socket I2 adapted to‘ receive a die I3 of
hers mounted in the channels, a cap rotatatlsallly
any usual type held in place by set screw l4. On
mounted on said surfaces, an cam means on
35 the opposite side from socket l2 the body in has
a cylindrical work guide hub l5 provided with a
cap Operatively engaging the work guide mem- 35
transverse guide slot IS in which the work guide
2- A die Stock comprising a body, handles
jaws I‘! are slidably mounted. Guide slot l6 ex-
mounted on the body, a die ‘socket in one side
tends across the work opening 21 in body In to
of the} bOFIY’ and Work gmdmg mean? on the
form guideways for jaws I1 symmetrical with the @3981“ igde of the blgdg?gzuz-nénniggss 111332172?‘ 40
axis of a die in socket l2
1'3’ 12‘
Jaws '1 are provlded .at the“ limeliends wlth
sultable faces for engaging opposite sides of the
nels, a central bore and continuousk?atgurfaces
The body II! is provided at one side with a cir-
an s
arcuate peripheral faces, transverse guide chan- 3O
gm sways’ wor
in the guideways, arcuate walls connecting the
ends of the guideways, a rotatable cap having
1 .
Each uid
work, such as the right angled guide faces I8.
n h
e Jaw
as, a’ S ud
on Its Outer Ion‘
an ap-ron (“fer ymg - e aiacua' e Wa S’ cl‘rc.
ferentlal guide slots in said walls extendmg to 45
the guideways, guide members carried by the
'gitudinal face extending through a cam slot 20
in a cam cap 2| rotatably mounted on 1111b ‘5-
apron extending into Said Slots between the
'guideways, and interengaging means on the guide
In the form Illustrated the apron 22 of the cap
50 2| 1s slidably ?tted’ over the outer face of hub l5
1S liiovléifq1nw?hbgliléde
23 ?tting
gui e s o s
spring was er
provided with o?sets 26 may be positioned be-
members and cap for shifting the guide members
radially upon rotation of the cap and for limit- 50
such rotation to retain the guide members in
said slots.
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