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Nov. 8, 1938.
Filed Jan. 28, 1937
5 Sheets-Sheet 1
.l 1
Nov. 8, 1938,
Filed Jan. 28, 1937
5 Sheets-Sheet 2
3 3nvento‘r
Nov. 8, 1938.
‘Filed Jan.‘ 28, 1957
5 sheets-sheet 6
Patented Nov. 8, 1938
2,135,713 '
Clifford B. Higgins, Detroit, Mich, assignor to
H & H Tube & Mfg. 00., Detroit, Mich, a cor
poration of Michigan
Application January as, 1937, Serial N‘... 122,758
7 This invention relates to means for treating
thin metal which comes from the rolling mills in
strip orribbon form spirally wound into rolls;
and an object of the present invention is to pro
5 ,vide means especially adapted for subjecting such
(Cl. 266-3)‘
for holding rolls 2 each formed of a thin metal T
strip or ribbon coiled into roll form; second, a
puller indicated as a whole by the numeral 3
for pulling from the rolls 2, the metal strips 4
comprising said rolls; third, an annealing fur- 5
a strip to an acid bath, during the continuous
nace 5 through which said strips 4 are led from
treatment of the strip by successively annealing,
quenching‘ washing, drying and winding into roll
form, with a ‘continuous movement of the strip.
It is also an object to increase the e?iciency
of an acid bath .instrumentality, by providing
end to end thereof; fourth, a quencher 6 for
means operative in conjunction with such instru
mentality for thoroughly agitating the acid and
applying it to both surfaoesvof‘ the strip in a
1'5 manner to make it most effective in cleaning the
metal, said instrumentality being adapted to be
‘ so arranged relative to the other instrumentali
ties in the line of treatment that the metal strip
will be led therethrough, and the acid applied
water washer-9; eighth, a hot water washer l0;
ninth, a drier H; tenth, a third puller l2 simi
lar to the other pullers; and eleventh, winders 15
‘I3, one for each of the several strips being
treated and each of which strips 4 is being un
wound from a separate roll 2. These several
devices are therefore arranged in sequence and
continuous operation.
ing roll.
It is a further object to provide certain other
new and useful features‘in the construction and
Motive power is provided for driving the strip, 25
or as in the present arrangement shown, the
arrangement of the said bath instrumentality, several parallel strips, by an electric motor 2|
all as hereinafter more fully set forth, reference _ from which motion is transmitted for positively
being had to the accompanying drawings where driving the several feed rolls of the puller 3 and
from these rolls each strip‘ leads to an opening 30
Figs. 1 and 2 together form a diagrammatic in the end of the annealing furnace 5 and is
outline illustrative of a continuous method. of
passed longitudinally of the furnace and out
treating, particularly adapted to include means
through'the opposite .end thereof over a roll 24,
embodying the present invention;
the strip or strips passing through- the furnace
in the form of a loop or sag in the run of the 35v
Fig. 3 isa side elevation of an instrumentality
illustrative of an embodiment of the present in
yention for applying an acid bath to the 'metal
ribbons or strips;
and winding up the strip into roll form, all in a
tinuous movement of‘ the strip inv annealing,
. quenching, applying the acid and other baths
3; sixth, an acid bath illustrative of an em- 10,
bodiment of the present invention and indicated
as a whole by the numeral 8; seventh,‘ a cold
the desired number of separate strips arranged 20
in parallelism, are simultaneously treated by
passing them through the several devices con
secutively and ?nally winding each upon a wind
20 in the most e?‘ective manner during the con
cooling the strips as3 they leave the furnace;
?fth, a second puller 1 similar to the ?rst puller
Fig. 4 is a plan view of Fig. 3:
Fig. 5 is a transverse section substantially
upon the line 5-5 of Fig. 3;
Fig. 6 is an enlarged sectional detail substan
tially upon the line B,—6\of Fig. 4;
Fig. '7 is ‘a section substantially upon the line
. 45 1-1 of Fig. 6; ‘and
Fig. 8 is a section on line 8-8 of Fig. 4.
-As illustrated in Figs. 1 and 2, several instru
mentalities are shown insequence to illustrate
means which may be employed to‘successively
50 perform the several steps 'in the treatment of
metal ribbons or strips, the acid applying means
embodying the present invention being ‘especially
From the roll 24 at the forward end of the
furnace, the strip or strips are led downwardly
into the quenching tank 6 and then proceed
over an idler 26 above the open top of the tank 40
and thence to the'second puller ‘I which‘ com- ~
prises a plurality of driven rolls similar in ar- .
rangement to that of the puller 3 including driv
ing rolls 28 and 29 and an idler roll 30.
The shaft of one of the driving rolls of the 45
?rst puller device 311s provided with a sprocket
upon one end to be engaged by a long chain 3| ‘
which chain extends longitudinally past the fur
nace 5 and quencher 6 and engages a sprocket
upon the shaft of the roll 29.3 The several rolls 50
of the puller ‘I are therefore positively driven
at the same speed as the rolls'of the puller 3 and
adapted to be included as one of ‘said steps, said
therefore the strip For strips are propelled ‘or _
series as shown including; ?rst, a cradle or
moved forwardly at an even speed.
55 holder indicated as a whole by the numeral l
From the roll 30 of the puller device ‘I, the 56
strips 4 are led horizontally across a shallow tray
35a mounted upon tubular supports 35b extend
ing across the upper side ,of an open tank 35
for holding a quantity of acid, and to insure the
proper contact of this acid with both sides of
.the strip or strips passing through the tray 35a
and close to the upper surface ‘of the acid in said
tray, said tank is provided with a series of bucket
wheels 36 secured to stub shafts 3lrmounted in
10 bearings upon the upper edge of one side wall of
the tank and between said wall and the adjacent
side of said tray 35a, and each wheel 36 is pro
and thoroughly cleaning the strips, the ?rst being
a cold water washer 8.
After being thoroughly washed by cold water
in the washer 9, the strips are carried by idler
rolls Ilia into the open upper end of the' hot
water tank I0 and, passing through the hot water
are further cleaned of any acid or scale carried
From the hot water washer or tank ill, the
several strips pass longitudinally through the 10
drier II ‘which ‘is equipped with gas burners, not
shown, or other suitable heating means for heat
vided with a series of peripheral buckets 38 se- . ing and drying the several strips as they are‘
cured to an end disk or wall 39 of the wheel, caused to travel through the drier by means of
the peripheral wall of each bucket forming the third pulling device I! comprising a plurality
15 with
of driven rolls having an arrangement substan
a closed side for the bucket and the inwardly ex
tially-the same as that of the puller ‘I. The
tending radial walls of each bucket forming op
posed sides with the inner side of each bucket lower roll 28 of this puller is positively driven by
the chain 3| which is continued past the acid
formed with a discharge opening 40 for dis
20 charging the acid picked up from the tank by tank 35, and the two water tanks and drier, en 20
each bucket during' rotation of the wheel. gaging a sprocket on the end of the shaft of the
Mounted upon the tray 35a transversely thereof roll 29. The three pullers 3, ‘I and I! are thus
and of said strips 4 opposite each of the bucket connected together to operate at .the same speed
wheels 36, is a tubular trough 4| which has an
open cup end 42 projecting into the wheel be
tween the inner sides of the several buckets of
that wheel so that as the wheel is rotated about
this cup 42, acid will be picked up from said tank
35 by each of the buckets and as they pass over
each cup 42, they will discharge their contents
into said cups and the acid will ?ow from each
cup into the end of its tubular trough 4| and out
through the bottom slot 4|a of said trough di
rectly upon the upper surface of the several‘
35 strips 4 and into the tray 35a.
The several bucket wheels 36 are continuously
rotated by means of a sprocket chain 43 engaging
a sprocket on the shaft of the roll 30 and passing
and- thus drive the strips at three separate points .
of their length at the same speed so that the sev 25
eral strips or ribbons which are being treated will
,be moved forwardly at an even speed throughout
the length of the several cooperating instrumen
talities for treating the metal. ‘
After the several strips have been treated, 30
cleaned and dried, it is most desirable that they _
be wound into separate spirally wound rolls to
facilitate handling, and to so wind these strips,
a winding roll 5| is provided for each strip, said
rolls being mounted ‘in any suitable manner for
wardly of the puller i2 and each of these rolls is
rotated at a speed corresponding to the travel of
the strips to wind these strips upon these rolls.
over a sprocket on the end of one of the stub
shafts 31 of one of the bucket wheels, and a sec
Each of these. roll shafts is rotated at the proper ‘
ond sprocket chain 44 transmits motion from the
stub shaft of the ?rst wheel to the shafts 3'! of
over a sprocket on the end of the shaft of the roll
30, and as the long sprocket chain 3| serves to
drive the roll 29 to move the strips at the proper
speed, and as the roll. 30 is connected to turn
the other bucket wheels so that rotation of the
several bucket wheels is continuous and serves
45 to thoroughly agitate the acid within the tank.
At the same time these bucket wheels serve to
elevate the acid and discharge it into the troughs
4| through the cups 42, imparting momentum
to the flow in each trough so that this acid will
50 be discharged through the slot 4|a in the bot
. tom of each trough ‘with sufficient momentum to
. flow across the upper surface ofthe strips and
tend to loosen the scale on this surface and wash
it away. The lower surfaces of these strips are
55 also directly contacted by the acid which ?lls the
tray and over?ows into'the tank beneath, main
taining the level of acid in the tray at a height
to contact said strip, and which acid is thorough
ly and continuously agitated by the ?ow from
v60 the troughs, tending to wash away the scale from
the lower surface of the strips.
With this ar
rangement the acid bath is thoroughly agitated
and stirred and every part of each of the strips
is subjected to its action and all scale is com-'
pletely removed due to such contact and also to
the direction and force with which the acid is
presented to the upper surface of the strips.
speed by means of a sprocket chain 58 running 40
with the roll 29, the rolls 5| will all be rotated at 45
a speed corresponding to the movement of the
several strips and. these strips will‘be properly
wound upon said rolls.
The acid bath instrumentality 8 embodying
the present invention is therefore particularly 50
adapted to be included in the, line of instrumen
talities, and with this arrangement, a plurality of
strips or ribbons of thin sheet metal may be si
multaneously annealed and treated to produce a
?nished product, and each strip inay be added to
inde?nitely extend its length and provide a con- tinuous process.
Having thus fully described my invention what
I claim is:
1. Means for subjecting a long’strip of ‘thin
metal to an acid bath during the process ‘of
treating and annealing said strip while travelling
in a long horizontal run, said acid applying means
including’ an acid tank across which said run
extends and acid agitating and elevating means
in said tank for stirring said acid and raising it
above the horizontal plane of said run and dis
This acid applying instrumentalityuindicated , charging it downwardly with a continuous ?ow
as a whole by the numeral 8, is particularly xinto impingement with said strip.
2. Means, as characterized in claim 1, and fur 70
v70 adapted by reason of its construction to be con
nected in the series of treating instrumentalities ther characterized in that said agitating and
elevating means includes a rotary member hav
and form a part of the continuous /treating sys
tem. After being subjected to the acid bath, the in__g__peripheral buckets, and means above the
several strips being treated are then passed hori -horizontal plane of said run. of said strip for
.76 zontally over washers for washing away the acid receiving acid from said buckets and discharg 75
ing it downwardly into impingement with said '
run of said strip.
. 3. Means as characterized in claim 1 and in
I eluding a tray above said tank and ‘across which
6. Means for subjecting a long strip of thin
metal to an acid bath during the process of treat
ing said strip while travelling in a horizontal
run, said acid applying means including an acid
tray said run extends and into which tray acid tank across which said run of said strip extends, 5
is elevated from said tank, said elevating means an acid agitating and elevating means in said
including a member arranged to pick up. acid tank comprising a plurality of rotative members,
from said tank and discharge the same down - ‘each having radially extending peripheral buck- ‘
wardly into impingement with the upper sur
ets withthe inner end of each bucket open and
10 face 01.’ said strip.
positioned outwardly from the axis of said mem
‘ber to provide a space between the inner ends of
. 4. Means as characterized in claim 1, and in
cluding a tray above said tank and across which said buckets, a horizontally disposed trough ex
tray said run extends, and a trough extending tending from each rotative member and pro
across said tray above said run and having a
15 discharge opening in its lower side, said elevat
ing means comprising‘ a rotary member having
peripheral buckets arranged to dip into the acid
in ‘said tank and discharge the same into said
5. Means as characterized in claim 1, and in
cluding a shallow tray above said tank and across
which tray said run extends, said elevating means
comprising a rotary bucket wheel at one side of
said tray to dip into the acid in said tank' and.
elevate the same to a level above said tray, a‘
trough extending across said tray above said
vided with an upwardly open cup at the end of
said trough within the axial space of said rota 15
tive member between the inner ends of said
buckets to receive ‘acid elevated from said tank
by said buckets and discharged into said cups,
each of said troughs having an opening in its
lower side above said run of said material, each 20
of said troughs extending transversely of said
run above the same and spaced therefrom to dis
charge acid upon the-upper surface of said run,
a tray supported by said tank above’the level ofv
acid in said tank, said troughs extendingacross
run and opposite said wheel and having an‘ end
and above the level of acid in said tray, and means
cup into which said wheel discharges, said trough
having a longitudinal discharge slot in its lower
:for rotating said members carrying said buckets.
30 side, and means for rotating said bucket wheel. »
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