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Nov. 8, 1938.
Filed Dec. 10, 1936
2 Sheets-Sheet 2
{#15 -11
' - F1 l3 -10f
Patented Nov. 8, 1938
Edwin B. Jones, Harrisburg, Pa.
Application December 10, 1936, Serial No. 115,258
3 Claims. (Cl. 223—52.1)
My present invention, in its broad aspect, has
to do with improvements in devices for clamping
‘and shaping the collar of a shirt, and is designed
terpretation of the scope of my invention should
only be conclusive when made in the light of
'the claims forming a part of this invention, and
to lie ?ush with a table on which the shirt is
that changes in form, size, shape and arrange
ment of parts may be made provided such changes 5
fall within the purview of suchiclaims.
In the ‘drawings wherein I have illustrated a
preferred form of my invention;
Figure l is a side elevation of my table showing
the clamp thereon, and a shirt being shown in 10
5 placed with the front down.
More particularly
, it is my purpose to provide a device of this char
acter which may be set up and sold as an accessory for use with a table provided with an open
ing in which the clamp is seated; and which is
simple in construction, efficient in operation, ad
justable, and capable of being heated to not only
clamp the shirt collar, but form and shape the
same as well.
Brie?y stated, my device contemplates the use
of a detachable frame which is seated in an open
dotted lines;
engaged by the clamp;
Figure 3 is a side elevation of my clamping 15
ing in the table holding the shirt so that opera
tive parts carried by the frame are substantially
?ush with the padded top of the table, and the
frame is provided with means for detachably
20 mounting the same on the table.
The frame
carries a padded shaping block which is pref
erably formed of hard wood, and a slidable
clamping block which is provided with heating
means and which is movable toward and away
25 from the shaping block to clamp a collar there
between to simultaneously hold the same and
shape it. The actuating means for moving the
clamping block has an adjustable actuating link
or screw engaged by an actuating lever so that
30 when a shirt is placed on the table front down
with the collar between the shaping block and
clamping block the lever may be quickly thrown
to bring the blocks together to hold and shape a
collar. Either steam or electricity may be used
in the clamping block to heat the same, and the
frame is preferably formed as a one-piece cast
It will be seen that my device in its entirety is
therefore formed of but six principal parts (1)
the one-piece frame (2) the shaping block (3)
the clamping block (4) the bracket or holder for
the clamping block (5) the actuating lever, and
(6) the adjustable connecting link between the
clamping block and lever. It will be understood
45 that the clamping block is a unit of which the
heater or heating element is a part. My inven
tion therefore has no fragile or intricate parts
which are liable to getv out of order and it may
be manufactured and sold at relatively small
While in the foregoing I have briefly set out
some of the major advantages of my invention,
it will be understood that other objects and
advantages will be apparent as the detailed de
55 scription proceeds, but it is emphasized that in
vFigure 2 is a top plan view of my table showing
the clamp and a shirt shown in dotted lines and
Figure 4 is a detail of my adjustable connecting
Figure 5 is an end view of my adjusting link '
taken on the line 5-—5 of Figure 4;
Figure 6 is a top plan View of my clamping
Figure 7 is a top plan view of the frame of my
clamping, device with the operating parts re
Figure 8 is a side elevation of the frame of my
clamping device with the operating parts re
Figure 9 is a detail of my heater and clamping
Figure 10 is a detail of my shaping block, and
Figure 11 is a detail of the bracket or holder.
In the drawings wherein like characters of
reference are used to designate like or similar
parts throughout the several views;
The numeral l designates my table which has
a padded top 2 formed with anelongated opening
shown in ‘dotted lines in Figure 2 and desig
nated 3.
My clamping device is formed with a one-piece 40
casting 4 constituting the frame and which has
a ?anged under part 5 seatable within the open
ing 3. The operating parts of my clamping de
vice (all except the actuating handle hereinafter
referred to) are ?ush or below the surface of the
table. The frame 4 has an elongated body it and
opposed lateral arms 1 through which attaching
screws or bolts are engaged to hold the frame on
the table. Other details of the frame will be
described in conjunction with the operating parts
carried thereby.
Adjacent one end of the frame is my shaping
block 8 which is preferably formed of hard wood
and has an arcuate face 9 which is suitably
padded as at IE} and a flat back face I! which
is seated against the upstanding lug l2 on the
frame; the block has an opening l3 through
which a pin I4 on the frame is engaged to hold
the shaping block in position thereon. Attached
face of the frame, a connection between one arm
of the bell-crank lever and the sliding block, a
bracket and guide member attached to the frame
between the lug and the bosses and slidably en
as at l5 midway the length of the frame is an
gaging the sliding block ,to guide and support the
inverted U-shaped bracket l6 within which is
slidably mounted my combined heater and.
same, and means extending through the arms
of the frame to attach the same to a suitable
clamping block I‘! which has pipe connections
2. A shirt collar clamp, comprising a frame
10 case the interior of the heater is provided with > member formed with a lug at one end, and op 10
l8 and l8a to a source of steam supply in which
heating coils, or if an electrical resistance unit posed, spaced upstanding members at the other
end, said frame being formed to seat within a
(not shown) is used in the heater there is a con
nection to a source of electrical current supply.‘ conformable depression in a table to lie flush
The frame has slots |8b in the bottom to permit with the top thereof, a shaping block seated
against the lug on the frame, attaching means 15
movement of the steam (or electrical) connec
tions l8 and [8a with the movement of the block on the frame adjacent and spaced from the lug
I‘! and the upper face of the body of the ‘frame for removably engaging ‘said shaping block, a
may have slightly raised guide ribs for the block bell crank lever pivoted between the opposed,
I‘! if desired. Mounted between upstanding spaced, upstanding members at the other end
of the frame, a sliding clamping block mounted 20
20 bosses IS on the opposite end of the frame is
a pivoted‘bell-crank lever 20, the longer arm for movement on the frame between the bell
2| constituting the upstanding operating handle, crank lever and the shaping block, a substan
and the short arm 22 having a bifurcated end 23 tially U-shaped bracket attached to the frame
pivotally connected with one end of a link 24, and extending about said sliding block to guide
the other end of which is pivotally connected with and support the same, an adjustable connection
the clamping and heating block I1. The link between one arm of the bell crank lever and
is of the type having oppositely threaded sections ‘the sliding block to move the same upon actua
engaged in an adjusting nut, such sections be
tion of said lever toward and away from said
ing designated 24a and 24b and the nut 240, shaping block, and means for attaching said
30 so that when the arm 2| is operated the block frame to a table or the like.
3. A shirt collar clamp, comprising a one piece,
I‘! will have no lost motion and will move the
proper distance toward and away from the flat frame member adapted to seat within a
shaping block 8; the clamping and heating block conformable depression in a table to lie substan
has a convex Working face 25 ?tting into the tially ?ush with the top thereof, and said frame
concave working face 9 of block 8 so that when being elongated in shape and tapered at one
a shirt is placed face down on the table I as end, and formed with lateral opposed arms, an
upstanding lug at the tapered end and a pair
shown in Figures 1 and 2 the collar will be posi
of spaced, opposed upstanding bosses at the
tioned between the two blocks 8 and I1 and upon
manipulation of lever or arm 2| the blocks will
other end, flanges formed on the under part of
be brought together to simultaneously shape and the frame to reinforce the same, a pin formed
clamp the collar.
on the frame adjacent to and spaced from the
From the foregoing it is believed that the‘ lug, a shaping block removably mounted on
operation and construction of my invention will the pin and engaging the lug, a bell crank lever
be apparent, but interpretation of the scope of pivoted between the upstanding bosses, a clamp
my invention should only be conclusive when ing block slidably mounted on the frame be
made in the light of the subjoined claims.
tween the shaping block and bell crank lever, a
I claim:—
substantially U-shaped bracket on the frame and
1. A shirt collar clamp, comprising a one slidably engaging the clamping block to guide
piece, fiat frame member formed with an up
the same, an adjustable connection between one
arm of the bell crank lever and the sliding block
50 standing lug at one end and a pair of spaced,
opposed upstanding bosses at the other end, a to move the same toward and away from the
pin formed on the frame adjacent and spaced shaping block, means for heating said sliding
from the lug, a pair of arms extending out from block, and the frame provided with elongated
the side edges of the frame, a shaping block re
openings for slidably receiving connections to the
heating element, and means extending through 55
55 movably mounted on the pin of the frame en
gaging the lug, a bell crank lever pivoted be
the arms for attaching the frame to a table or
tween the upstanding bosses, a slidable clamping the like.
block mounted for movement on the upper sur
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