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Nov. s, 1938.
Filed Feb. 2'7, 1929
leonaré’? l/oorizeexs '
Patented Nov. 8, 1938
2,135,927 -
Leonard B. Voorhees, Euclid, Ohio, assignor to
Air-Way Electric Appliance Corporation, To
7 ledo, Ohio, a corporation of Delaware
Application February 27, 1929, Serial No. 343,099
7 Claims. (Cl. 183-51)
The present
invention relates to vacuum
cleaners, and its principal object is to provide an
because of the material already collected.
compared with the present bags, my invention
improved air ?ltering and dust collecting sys- ’ presents 'the advantages of an increased holding
tem for such cleaners; this system contemplating
capacity obtained without material detriment to
5 the use of a bag consisting of a pocket which I the e?iciency of the cleaner; the entrapped dirt 5
'functions primarily as a. dust receiver, a pocket
which functions primarily as an air-?lter, and
an intermediate inlet opening, such opening being
so arranged or positioned relatively to such
10 pockets that the dust and dirt separated from
the initially introduced air will remain practically
undisturbed by the air currents developed during
the subsequent operation of the machine.'
At present, the air ?ltering and dust collect
15 ing bags of portable vacuum cleaners are usually
provided with a bottom opening through which
the dust-laden air enters, and an adjacent pocket
in which the separated dust collects. In time,
and especially if the collecting bag is too infre
20 quently emptied, the smallness of the dust-con
taining pocket will force the accumulated mate
rial to amass in such close proximity to the inlet
opening that the entrance of additional air will
be impeded and the entrapped dust and dirt
after having once settled remains practically
quiescent and is not agitated or disturbed by the
incoming air; bag leakage due to impact pulver
ization of the collected material is avoided; ac
cumulations contiguous to the inlet opening are 10
eliminated; and ?nally, satisfactory operation of
the cleaner over longer periods of time is in
To the accomplishment of the foregoing and
related ends, said invention, then, consists of the 15
means hereinafter fully described and particu
larly pointed out in the claims; the annexed
drawing and the following description .setting
forth in detailcertain structure embodying the
invention, such disclosed means constituting, 20
however, but one of various mechanical forms '
in which the principle of the invention mav be
In said annexed drawing:
Fig. l-is a side elevational view of a vacuum 25 ’
25 kept-in almost continuous suspension. Such ac- cumulations contiguous to the inlet opening or cleaner embodying the present improvements;
in surrounding relation to its collapsible tube Fig. 2 is a transverse section which was taken
valve are detrimental, as on the one hand they
along the plane indicated by the line 2—2 of
result in impairing the ef?ciency of the suction
Fig. 1; and Fig. 3 is a perspective view of a de-'
tached paper liner of the type particularly showrn 30
30 system and as on the other hand they result in
the impactive pulverization of the collected dirt,
such ?rst effect becoming apparent when the ma
chine fails to clean satisfactorily and such sec
ond eifect becoming apparent when fine particles
35 of ‘dust begin to escape through the meshes or
pores of the bag. If the collecting bag is made
of cloth, or if such bag is openable, the above
mentioned effects combine to make necessary an
all too frequent emptying of the bag contents,
40 and if the bag is of the permanently closed paper
variety, such effects make necessary its too fre
quent renewal or replacement.
My invention, with the object of avoiding the
objectionable consequence of present bag ar
45 rangements, contemplates providing an improved
bag having a combined ?ltering and collecting
pocket located out of the path of the currents
of entering air and‘ in downwardly spaced rela
tion'to a second and preferably somewhat larger
50 pocket which desirably functions exclusively as
a ?lter, it being'intended that such ?rst-named
pocket shall accumulate the dust and dirt sep
arated from the intermediately incoming air by
such second named pocket and such parts of the
55' ?rst-named pocket as are not inactive as filters
in the preceding ?gures.
For purposes of illustration, my invention is
here shown in association with a standard vac
uum cleaner which consists ofa wheeled ?oor
tool II), a lower handle I I, an upper handle I2, an 35
intervening valve casing l3, a fan chamber l4,
and a wheel supported motor housing IS. A
rotary valve I6 is so arranged/in the valve casing
l3 that air may be drawn ,through either the
handle II or the handle ii, the former of suchv 40
handles communicating with the ?oor tool l0
and the latter of such handles being adapted for
connection with accessory cleaning devices, such
as brushes, nozzles, etc. A fan casing discharge
pipe I1 is adapted for directing the dust-laden 45
air sucked in through either of the handles into
a con?ned porous paper collecting receptacle
which functions to remove the entrained solid
material by ?ltering the carrying air through its
porous Walls.
When embodied in a machine of the type just
described, my invention contemplates extending
the discharge pipe I1 by means of a suitable tube
l8, such tube making an air-tight connection
with a discharge pipe through a ferrule or the 55
entering the pocket 21 of the bag 28; the dust
like II and having .its distal end attached as by
a clamp 20 to the handle 12. Associated with the
tube 18 is an air ?ltering and dust entrapplng
bearing air strikes the de?ector," and is thereby
given a turn in the direction‘ of‘the pocket 2|,
‘ the solid component of the entering stream ?nally
receptacle 2!, this receptacle desirably compris
coming to rest in such pocket, and, the air‘in' the
ing an outer sustaining fabric bag 22 and an inner
_ porous paper bag 28, the former acting to con
meantime ?ltering through the'pores or meshes '
of the inner bag and thus escaping into the outer
atmosphere. Before any‘ considerable quantity
?ne and protect the paper liner, and the latter
(as above stated) acting to ?lter out the com
- mingled dust "and permit the puri?ed~ air to of dust and dirt has been collected, the entire
,escape into the atmosphere. The bag 21, as best _ inner surface of the liner functions as a ?lter, 10
shown in Fig. 3, is desirably constituted 0! a suit-‘ but as the quantity of separated material in
stitched paper sheet creases and the lower pocket- accumulates addi
tional dust and dirt, the ?ltering effectiveness of
' 24, one ‘side or edge of ' the enclosure so formed
‘having been cut away or removed to form an inlet the walls de?ning the collecting pocket becomes
15 neck or mouth 25 and a tube relief or set-back progressively less and correspondingly the walls 15
edge 26. The upper ‘end of the bag or envelope of the upper pocket become more active, their
so produced is thus somewhat wider than its larger ~area and‘ comparative freedom from ac
lower end, but from a functional point of view cumulations enabling them to eiiiciently perform
their intended functions under the increased
such is not necessarily the case. From an in
spectionvof the drawing, it wlllbe apparent that load thus imposed. 'The inner bag'may, if de 20
the inlet mouth 25 is arranged in a longitudinal sired, be provided with an opening through which
edge of the bag 22 and between the two more or the collected material can be emptied, but pref
less distinct pockets? and 28, the former being erably this bag has no such opening, the entire
advantageously somewhat larger than the latter liner and itsv accumulations being'removed as a
unit from the outer bag and burned or otherwise 26
so that an adequate ?lte'ring area ‘will be pre
' sented even when the accomulations of dust and dlsposedof, a new liner being then inserted in the
' ably folded and
dirt become elfective to diminish the ?ltering ca- -. manner hereinbefore explained. '
) pacity of the lower walls de?ningthe collecting - ' Other modes of applying the principle of my
invention may be'employed instead of the one
explained, change being made as regards the
mechanism herein disclosed, provided the means
stated ‘by any of the following claims or the
equivalent of such stated means be employed.
The ,outer fabric bag 22 in general has the
same shape as the enclosed paper bag 23. but its
upper edge 29 is desirably formed with a slit or
opening 30, such slit permitting of the insertion
I_ therefore particularly point out and distinctly
and removal of paper liners and having its lips or
edges reinforced by suitable bars or strips ii.
The inner sides of the edges of the slit ll are‘
claim as my invention:
1.. In a vacuum cleaner, a collecting bag having
adapted for closing overa ?ap I2, and their
van enlarged upper portion and a reduced lower *
inner end provided_,with a curved de?ector or
baiile 16 and its outer end formed into a con
rent in the direction oi’ said reduced lower portion. ,
2. In a vacuum cleaner, a collecting bag having‘ 45
outer sides are provided with a plurality of eyes portion, a delivery conduitlying alongside said
33, such ?ap being intended for folding over reduced portion and entering said bag intermedi
inclosed paper liner and such eyes being ately oi’ said enlarged and reduced portions, and 40
intended for attaching the assembled bag unit ' a'de?ector associated with the terminal of said
‘to the cleaner’s handle. Secured within the .delivery conduit interiorly of said enlarged por
' mouth 34 of the bag 22 is a tube 35 which has its tion,'and adapted to direct the incoming air cur-'
a ?ltering pocket and a collecting pocket, an oifset
hector 31, such de?ector‘ serving to .direct the
in the wall of said bag intermediately of said
pockets, a delivery conduit lying along the wall
oi.’ said bag and passing through said wall in
said onset‘, and a de?ector associated with the ‘0
terminal of said delivery conduit.
incoming air downwardly or towards or in the
general direction°of the collecting pocket of the
' inner liner, and such connector serving to a?ord
50 a part with which the clamp I! may ooact when
‘the bag~assembly is being arranged in operative
3. In a vacuum cleaner, an integral air ?lterlns
relation to the tube ll.
When a paper liner is to beinserted within its and dust collecting bag one end portion of which
con?ning bag, the slit It is first opened, and then ‘ comprises a ?ltering pocket and the opposite end
portion of which comprises a dust collecting “
.55. such liner is positioned, and its neck is slid over ' pocket, an onset in the side edge of the bag inter
or telescoped with the de?ector I‘, ‘such neck
being held in such relation by means of a resilient ‘- mediate said pockets, and a- delivery conduitv ex
or elastic band or the like. These operations tending along the outside of the collecting pocket
being completed, the ?ap 32 is then folded over and entering said ?ltering pocket through ‘said
the. upper edge of the collecting pocket of “the onset, its discharge end directed away from the w
collecting pocket.
inner, bag and the lips of the slit in the outer
4. In a vacuum cleaner, an integral air ?ltering
and dust collecting bag one end portion of which '
, bag are brought together. when assembled, the
filtering and collecting unit may be connected
comprises a ?ltering pocket and the opposite end
portion of which comprises a dust collecting e5
pocket, an onset in the’ side edge of the bag
with the cleaner by slipping the eyes 33 and I!
85 over the respective’ tube and handle-hooks ll‘
and ll, and byoperating the ‘clamp 38 to secure
the connector 31 to the tube ll. The machine as
so prepared, is ready foroperation in the usual
manner. Accordingly, the motor may be_ started
70 and the cleaner moved about over the pile of av
intermediate said pockets, formed with a mouth, -
and a delivery conduit extending along the‘out
side of the collecting pocket and detachably con
nected to said mouth to discharge away from 70
rug or otherwiseo employed'lto collect dust and
the collecting pocket, into said ?ltering pocket.
dirt, such material being entrained in the cur
rents of air developed by the fan, and then'car
5. In a vacuum cleaner, an integral air ?ltering‘
ried through various -»: a: eways, including the
and dust collecting bag one end portion of which
comprises a ?ltering pocket and the oppo?te end
bore of thetube' ll into the receptacle 2|, On
portion of which comprises a collecting pocket, ‘an 75
o?set in the side edge of the bag intermediate dust collector comprising an inner porous paper
said‘ pockets, formed with a mouth, and a de
livery conduit detachably connected to said mouth
and positioned to discharge away from said col
lecting pocket into said ?ltering pocket.
6. In a vacuum cleaner, an integral air ?lter
ing and dust collecting bag of porous paper one
bag and an outer bag of relatively strong porous
material enclosing- and supporting said inner bag,
each of said bags having one side edge composed
of- nonaligned edge portions separated by an off-_
set, the end portions of the bags on one side of
said o?sets comprising ?ltering pockets and the‘.
end portion of which comprises a ?ltering pocket end portionson the opposite side of said offset
and the opposite end portion of which comprises. comprising collecting pockets, a delivery tube
a collecting pocket, an o?set in the side edge of lying along the outside of the edge portion of the
the bag intermediate said pockets, formed with offset edge of the outer bag adjacent the collect
a mouth, an outer bag of relatively strong porous ing pocket, entering the outer bag through the
material, enclosing and sustaining said paper bag, offset therein, and communicating with the inner
and a delivery conduit detachably connected to bag through said offset, and means carried by
said mouth and positioned to direct its discharge the non-aligned edge portions of the outer bag 15'
away from said collecting pocket into the ?ltering for supporting said bag from said tube and from
the cleaner handle, respectively.
7. In a vacuum cleaner having a handle, a
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