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i muren s're'i‘es . enfrnnr estilos
PICTURE rRoJeorrNo Device ~
ClareneeL. Stephens, New York, N. Y.
i i
` Applicants sMarch
so, (o1.
sensi Nu. 198.9519“
" `" l ’
The present invention relates to a. portable.
device is- self-‘contained so thatjt
without external connections. but the invention
manually operated picture projecting device, and;
more particularly, to a readily portable, pistol
is not restricted. to this feature.
shaped device capable of being operated 'oy one
lever-is preferably provided in a convenientposl- Y g f, Y
An operating f
hand and provîdedzwith a; trigger to spin s. > tion for operation by a `linger of- the operatcr’s 5
_ rotatable film carriage for projecting picturesl hand in which the device _is held, 'and in one 1
' from a nim carried by the carriage onto a suit
operative movement,.the lever produces a cycle .Y
It is en object of my invention to provide a
picture projecting. device that is relatively light
oi' operations including energizing, a light source,`
projecting a picture, extinguishing the iight, and . _
framing edifi'erent picture for proiection. The 10
.in weight, suitably shaped to be heldin one hand . operation ls so simple-that even a small child can
of nn operator during use and whichv has a single .»use‘the device as a toywith pleasure and criter‘
operating member conveniently located for op~
eration by a finger. oí the hand holding the device.
It is another object of the present invention to
provide a picture projecting device having a ro~
tetable nlm carriage adapted toV receive o. film
bearing a plurality of pictures, characters. or
the like, and to present the sarne in proper posi~
tion for projection, .either successively or by
_A. further object of the present invention'is te*
tainrnent, but, on the other hand, the device is- if"
oi' projectingthat itpictures
can be o_f
for i5
` ~ ,I
education. instruction and> demonstrations in.
schools,_stores, business establishments. etc.- Due
to the relatively small size and toA the simplicity `;
in construction, Ymy _new picture projecting de- l -
vices embodying the principles.ot-Athepresent in- 20'.. ^"
vention can be' manui’actured'at veryfreesonable f
provide a simple but sturdy and self-contained
casing orstated,
a light source,
a. nlm
bea-ring l _
picture projecting device vrhicl'iv may be easily held - a.“_B'rcadly
. in one hand of an operator when in use and which
is provided with a rotatable film carriage, an
s. plurality of pictures or characters to be prob 25- »j
jected, a rotatable carriage forv supporting the nini . ‘
electric light' bulb and an operating member conf' `and'ior framing a portion-thereof in position for »
venlently located for operation by aiinger oi the
operator’s hand in which the device is held which
serves, when actuated, to spin the'ñlm carriage
and energize thelightbulb whereby. a diiîerent
picture may be projected each time the operat~
ing. member is actuated.
projection through a suitable aperture in the ’i
casing. and an operating; lever for rotating the
s.. different
is ‘projected
the lightVeach
so thatf30
the > ‘ l
lever is operated. The holder» or casing muy- be
conveniently shaped to be held in an operators.
Other objects and advantages of' the presentl hund during use, i'or- example. it _may take the
invention will become apparent from the follow
descrlptlon, taken in conjunction with the
drawing, in whicliz----~
Fie. 1 represents a perspective view of a plc
içure projecting device embodying the present in*
. Fig. 2 depicts o. side elevation of the device
shown in Fig. _1 with one half of the casing re
moved to reveal the interior mechanism and with
come ports in section; _and
Eig. 3 is a vertical sectional view taken on the
line .-"i-ë o1 Fig. 2 with certain parts omitted for
- the esita oi clarity.
Generally speaking, the present invention pro«
vides a picture projecting device which can easily
be held in en operator's hand during use with
out produclngietigue end which can be operated
by e. trigger mechanism to move a rotatable pic~
form o! a. pistol, a. rifle, etc., but it may have 35 l
any other suitable shape. The light source is
preferably an electric light bulb and it has' been
found. satisfactory in practice to include dry .
cell batteries> within the caslngto energize the
filament .when the picture hes been framed for 40
projection. The carriage may be jour-nailed on .
the casing so as to'present different portions of .
the peripheral area. of a. disc-shaped iilm in posi
tion for projection as it is rotated.
Means are
provided for moving the carriage either step-by- 45
.step or spinning it rapidly about its axis and. alà
lowing it to come to rest through frictional losses.
Referring to the drawing, _it will be seen that
a pistol-type, projecting device is illustrated in
which e. toro-part casing ls provided comprising 50
paired sections A and B hinged together at it `
to Aíoríii, when closed. a hollow pistol-shaped
ture carriage successively from picture to picture holder. A latch il normally retains the sec~orto spin the rotatable carriage to any picture by ` tions A end B in closed position. Each section
chance. In a preferred embodiment, the novel comprises o, barrel portion l2, a._ handle portion 55
.i3 and a 'trigger guard f3. 'Ihr-.sections A-snd B carriage will be mounted externo-liv of the barrel
-‘ may advantageously be ldie cast of suitable metal . with the »periphery oi the ñim projecting into.
or alloy„_’ont they may also tie stumped fron-r` the path of" the iight' passing through the prof A. j
sheet rnetsi> o_r molded from thermoplastic Ina-'_ ._ieciion aperture.' The barrel portions i2 oi both.'
terials such as artificial resins, etc.,_us those sections A and B may be provided v_vith narrow.
skillc'din the nrt will readily understands»
slits 28 to >receive the peripheral portions oi the f
iilm'disc 25 and the carriage discs 26 and 2l. '. front end._ Preferably an objective lens lâ is.
Referring to Fig. 2,' it'will be seen the trigger 'f
_ `'fluçbfsrrcl portion. i2 hes an opening i5 atthe
adjustably positioned in the opening i5.. The
guard id on section B has been provided ‘with a -. _
objective lens i8 may comprise a tube il aud'. thicker projection 42€! having a'short shaft 30
lenses i8 positioned adjacent its ends in s men ; extending forwardly therefrom upon which the
n'er well understood by those skilled in the art. carriage discs 255mm 2_1 are rotatably secured' by
By making the opening i5 correspond in size and
a. nut or collar 3i. While this manner or mountshape to the tube i'i. the objective lens t6 may _` ing the discshas proved satisfactory, it is evi`
, _
' _1_5 be frictionally held in adiusted position to focus
the image of the projected picture on any desired
_ surface.
hol-i` the objective lens i5 in position when the
In the embodiment of
the invention represented in the drawing. 'the
» ment with the objective lens i8 is a projection carriage disc 2l isipron'ded with a. ratchet wheel
aperture '-29 of any desired shape that may be - 32 adapted to be engaged. bvs. paw! 33, pivoted to
formed, for example; in a partition «2i secured one end of a bell crank 34. The other end of bell or integral with the barrel portion i2. Further crank 34 is odset asseen in Fig. '_3 and extends"
25 within the barrel portion i2 and _likewise in opti`V through a _slot 35 provided in the 'meeting-edges
cai alignment with the objective .lens i6 and the
of the sections A and B to serve as a trigger -36
projection aperture 201s an electric light bulb 22- ` within the trigger guard ia.- 'rhe ben. crank' is
removably mounted inn socket 23 secured to the , pivoted at 3l' to the barrel portion i2 and is.
--barrel portion i2. Satisfactory results in prac
30 tice- have been obtained by using a‘bulb .having
urgedto a. starting position by a spring _31' which
is attached at one end to. the barrel portion I1
the glass envelope thickened at the end to con
and at the' other a-projectlon 38 on the
dense the light rays emitted from the filament, _ bell crank 34. A second spring 38 is tensloned
but it-_will be understoodby those skilled in the> between the projection 38 and the pawl. 33 to hold
art that condensers and/or redectors may be used .
. 35 to concentrate the iight, in e. beam directed to» '
vWord the projection aperture 20.
the latter against the ratchet wheel. It will be
from the foregoing
that when.
" an operator presses the trigger 3B, the bell crank _
` ‘ A film carriage 24 is rotatably mounted on. they p
34 lsill be rotated causing the pawl 33 to engage
_ holder or casing.. The ill'm carriage itself sup ’ one ‘oi >the teeth of the ratchet. wheel 32 and
- ports’a. film 25 and >is so mounted as .to position. thereby rotate the carriage 24 and the ñlm 25.
' »lo poi-tremor the nim 2s in me been or nent. pans The operator> may advance the carriage 24 step
ing` from the bulb 22 through the projection Vsper- ` _by step to project successive pictures. on the ilhn i __
ture 20. ~The film 25 inay be constructed of any -.
25 or.the
by carriage
giving the
a number
trigger ao!quick
pulL-he It is ' "
suitable materials', and I do not desire to be" spin
limited to any psrtifmrier'type. It- `Le_ only nec~ ' thus possible to usati-ie projecting device o_f the
45 e'fssary that some material be used on which a present invention not only'to project'entertia'dm`
picture or character can he formed. brought or . ing and instructive pictures but also in connec
produced and which will transmit or` reflect rays . tion with games' such as “Lotto". “Bingo”, etc.,
'oi' light whereby the picture or character. thereon
to determine o.“ number or _other character by
ç can be projected. The film 25 is preferably large - chance. - The -ñlm- disc >21'». in- such case. would "
50 enough to bear quite a number oi pictures. char-` v carry the numbers or other characters used in
ecters, or' the like, for projection, and it' has been
the game and the operator would project those.
_ _found satisfactory to make the film in _the tor-m ` ._which happened to stop before 'the aperture 20
of a disc' with the pictures ‘or characters on a i upon a. wall, ceiling or .other surface for the
- '
strip adjacent the periphery thereof. The car-~ participants to see. . -~
55 ringe 24, in such case, may'comprise two discs 2E
- It muy be desirable, particularly when pro3ect~
. and 2l adapted to hold the. film. disc 25 between ing successive plcturœ, n 'srovide means for
them with the picture strip exposed beyond their
y 60
- ‘ _
Rotation may be imparted to the carriage 24
' by any suitable means.
«‘¿0__ Within the barrel portion. i2 in optical align~
dent that a bracket could be provided~ at. anyv
v convenient location along the barrel to serve the- - .1 Í
same purpose as the projection 2€-, . '
Lugs 'I9 on one of the sections A or B
'casing is opened.
__ ` 'K '
stopping the carriage 2t in proper position to
peripheries as may b'e-seen in Figs. l and 3. ï! frame c. picture on the nim 25 :r: the projecting
desired. of course, the carriage discs 25 and 27,' aperture 20. `A simple and effective means for
‘or one oi them. could have substantially the same accomplishing this result comprises a leaf spring
diameter as the ñlm disc- 2S and be provided with
¿il secured to the barrel portion i2 and having a
peripheral openings in which to frame the pic
ball ffii at the free end adapted to engage in
tures or characters on the film for projection. or regularly spaced cavities 52 on one face o! the
the carriage disc could be `provided with means disc 27. The cavities 52 correspond in number to
to receive and hold individual ñlrns framed in the pictures on the film 25 and are so arranged
such. openings.- When the carriage disc is pro- that when the ball 6i rests in a cavity 42 the
vided with openings to frame the pictures, the picture will be properly framed _for projection.
partition 2l may be dispensed with. Similarly, ' The illm 25 may be placed in position in the car~
the film itself may be darkened around the pic'
ringe 24 either by removing disc 25, slipping the
ture to .provide a frame for the same, in which V,film over shaft 30 and replacing disc 2S, or. the 7,9
cese partition 2i may be omitted. In either case film 25 may have e. slit extending from the center
the open end oi' the barrel would form-the pro~- to the circumference so that it. may be inserted
jection aperture.
into or withdrawn from the carriage 23 without
In general the hlm disc 2ï» will have a larger removing disc 2S. ' The contact friction between
diameter than the barrel portion 'i2 and the the laces o! the discs 2S and 21 and the film 2i
ls adequate to hold the latter in position in the
bulb, a nomuilly open circuit connecting Said
sourcc oicurrent with scialle/ht bulb, switching
A source of current [or the iight bulb may
means adapted to clcse'the circuit when the mow
able member is actuated. and a projection lens
comprise dry cell batteries d'3 and 84 positioned
Y 5v iu the handle portion i3. As muy be `seen in Fig.
2. thelioiteries 53 and ‘il are connected in series
in optical alignment with said picture aperture' 5v
and supported by said 'holder where-by the image
by a resilient connector d5 mounted on a smd $6
of e. picture is projected when said triggermeans
projecting up irom'the handle portion t3 sind>
vpressing against the respective ends o! the beit-`
`l0 tenes-»i3 cndftii. When the sections A and B are
is operated.
‘ 'l
2. Al picture projecting device in accordance
with claim i' wherein the holder is provided with 10
muda:> oi material that conducts electricity, in~ means for stopping the mo‘.ement oi' the 'rotat- `
suloting materiel 47' such as rubbcn paper, or Athe able carriage when a' picture is positioned ,for
like. 'is interposed between the connector »i5 and >projection through seid ape ture;
the holder. The other end o! battery »3_3 is elec- '
3. A picture. projecting device> comprising a
` vl5 trically .connected with the cent-er terminal ‘i3 ' vgun-shaped casing having a projection aperture, l5 ï §'Í
of- the nbulb` 'iil ‘cy means of e. conductor t9 an electric light bulb mounted in said casing. a
mounted in 'out insulated from the barrel portion filrn carriage rotatably mounted on said casing,
i2. The ends of the conductor $9 may be in the said carriage being edapted'itseli to support á,
forni of spring fingers 58 and 5i to assure good >film bearing a. plurality oi pictures with a por-
A20 electrical Contact with the battery t3 and the
_ ç _
tion o( the film framed for projection in the pro- 20
terminal #8 respectively. The circuit from bat
v_ =
jection apeiture.
with saide. toothed
I -- tery a: to :he «meer terminal sz of me bum zz ' nected
may be inodev through the casing when it is con~
means including o. bell crenl:_pivoted to »the f
st_itutedfot conducting;- material such as metal, _
casing and a pawi moons plvoted thereon co<V ‘
25 This circuit> is normally open. however, cndis
closed. when the operator pulls trigger 3E.
acting with said toothed wheel for rotating said A2li
carriage, e source of current for said bulb, au@
satisfactory switch comprises a contact member ' normally open circuit connecting said source of' f '
53 having spring endsfâß- and 55, The contact current with said bulb, and circuit closing means
member 53l is mounted in but insulated from the adapted to close the circuit when the trigger is- "
30 barrel portion. i2 in such- a manner that the end operated. whereby operation oi' the trigger spins ,3Q
54* is adapted to press against the battery'ter
the ñim carriage to position another portion‘of _ Y'
mlnai whereas the'end 55 is in the path oi'. some the film for projection and also energizes the
portion of the bell crank 3_5, forexample, the
;;_¿ _shoulder 56 formed by the offset portion shown
in Fig. 3. The circuit is thus closed and opened
with each operative movement of the trigger, the
path of the electric current being from battery
44 through contact member _53. heil crank 34.
'i `
bulb to project the image of the picture posi- 2; Í
tioned in the aperture onto e suitable surface.
4. A portable device for projecting pictures 35`
comprising a metallic holder capable of being
held in a hand o! the user, said holder having n, . - ~ f1
_Projection apertureLcn electric iight bulb mounts. ¿‘- ` '
.barrel portion i2, socket 23 and outer terminal 52 ed within said holder with. one-end of the iilu~` >
4g to the filament and then through the~center ter '_ ment electrically connected to said holder, at`40
mina! 48, conductor 48, batteryv 43 and connector » least one dry cell within said holder, a ñlm disc ,
¿E to the battery-_4i The batteries me? be heid
_ in »position by stops' or lugs 5l'.` It will be appar
ent to those skilled' in the art that the circuit
¿5 may be modified in specliìc detalls and that the
essential vfeature is a normally. open circuit
~ strip-.adjacent -its periphery, a. _carriage itself sur» ‘ï
porting seid film disc rotatably mounted on said> ~
_ '
holder adapted to position successive pictures on 46
said strip-for projection through said aperture. -«
adapted to be closed upon operation oi the trigger ' an electrical connector between the other end of
. 3S. If desired, the batteries £3 and 44 can be said iliamcnt and a. terminal o! said dry cell and
dispensed with andan external source of electric
50 current be suitably connected with the conductor
t3 andthe contact member >53.
Although the present invention has been de
scribed in detail with respect to a preferred em~
insulated from _said holder, switching means for
electrically connecting the other terminal oi’ saidm
" dry cell with said holder to complete the circuitv
through the filament of said light bulb to illurni-v
nate the latter, and means operable by c finger
bodiment, it will be understood that modifica
ofthe user’s hand for operating seid switching means and roteting 'said carriage and film from 55
skilled in the art will readily understand.. SuchV one picture to another whereby the picture on
_modiñcations and variations are to be considered the film positioned in said aperture is projected
within the scope of the invention as described by , from said device and a. different picture is posi~
the specliìcation and defined by the appended tioned for projection with each operation of said .
55 tions and variations muy be resorted to os those
ñnger' operated means.
a film bearing a plurality of pictures. e. carriage
65 rotatably mounted on the holder itseliP support
ing the hlm with a. portion thereof positioned for
projection through .seid aperture. a movable
member having operating trigger means. carriage
engaging .means borne by said member cooperat
70 ing with said trigger means _to rotate said cer
riage and position a different picture for projec
tion through said aperture each time the trigger.
means is operated, on electric light bulb sup»
ported-by the holder for illuminating the posi
;5. tioned picture, a source oi' current for said light
5. A projecting device comprising n. gun shaped f
1. A ‘picture projecting device comprising e. ‘_casing 'having a barrel' portion, e. light bulb
gun-shaped holder having a projection aperture, mounted within the barrel, e. source or electric
l¿ _
' '
current for sold light bulb, a. normally open cir
cuit connecting the source o! current with the 65
light bulb, a. rotatable iilm‘carriege mounted on
the casing adapted itself to support a film been
ing a plurality of ‘pictures and to position o. por-l
tion of seid film within the borrel intersecting ‘
the light path through the barrel in position for "O
projection through an aperture in the end oi the
barrel. e. trigger mounted on said casing. inter-->
mittent carriage rotating means and circuit clos<
ing means operable by said trigger. whereby
operation or `'sain trigger :plus said carriage to rsf
position a -difiere-nt portion of the film for pro~
jeciion in the aperture and iiluminates the light
that portion o! thefiim posítionedfior projection
through said aperture, a normally open circuit
' _bulb to project the image ci a picture on said _* adapted to connect said iight buio with e. source
" 5
- vi5. A picture ifarojectingv device comprising a
» holder adapted to be heid in a hand- of a~ user,
said holder having a projection aperture, a light »
_bulb mounted in said holder in optical alignment
of electric current, swîtching'rneans îorclosingv
said circuit and illuminating said iight «bulb to 5'
project the picture on the portion oi the ñim
positioned for projection through said amertume>
when said manuali ' operable means is actuated;
and an objective lens in optêcai alignment with
with said aperture, n source oi' current connected
19 with said Alight bulb thrown a normally open cir.- l said» picture aperture and supported by 'said 10
cuit, circuit ciosing means, picture supporting holder~ whereby the ‘ :age ci’ a picture on the
means movabiy mounted on said holder itself> portion' of the film positioned Iorïproiection ,
adapted to support in fixedl relation thereto a through said aperture is _nrojjectedfrom the gie~L
plurality oi pictures and bring them one at a
15 time into the beam of iight Aflowing from said
bulbv through said projection aperture, means for
vice and. a different pictureis positioned for
projection with each operation of said, trigger 15
8. A picture projecting `device comprising a.
' >operating member movably mounted on said‘ 'casing having a projection aperture, an electric
‘ ' moving said picture'supporting means. and an>>
1 _’ ï holder in convenient position for operation by a ' llght'bulb mounted- in said casing, a ñlm car~
20 ìdigit of the hand holding the device. said opent-f rlage freely rotatably mounted on _said casing, >2'()
'ing member having mechanical connection with--` >said carriage being 4.acier-»tori itself to support a
;"said circuit closing means andsaid means for>v> iiirn bearing a plurality of pictures-with a por
moving 'the picture- supporting means whereby
tion o1 the film positioned for projection through „» y A
>_actuation oi seiici~ operating meanscioses the-cir~ " the projection aperture, a toothed wheel drivingly >
' 2:; cuit and moves said picture supporting means to
position a different picture for projection eac
time the operating means is actuated.
-‘ »'1. A picture projecting device comprising a
gun~shaped holder having a projection aperture,
30 a film bearing a plurality of pictures, a carriage
irceiyçrotatably _mounted on the holder itself
supporting theçñim'wiih a portion thereof posi
ioned for projection through said aperture, a
movable member mounted on saidhoider having
3:; operating trigger means, carriage rotating means
operatively'connccted with said .movable mem<
' ber and cooperating with said trigger means to
impart free rotation to said carriage and posi
tion different portion o! saisi
¿er projection"
connected with said. carriage. manually operable _25
means' including a bell crank pivoted to the cas~~
ing having means connected therewith coasting
'with said toothed wheel to impart free rotation
tol said carriage,- a sourcer o_í current for said
bulb, a normally open circuit connecting said 30,4
source of Ícurrent with said bulb, and circuit
the adapted
iight bulb
said the
and _
on the portion ofthe film positioned for projec
tion through the projection aperture-when. said
manuœlyoperabie meansris'actuateci whereby -»
each operation of the manually operable means
spins me film~ carriage to position another por
tion of the. film _for‘proiection »rnd‘miect-s the ' _
¿m through said aperture each time said trigger
image of the picture on the portion of the Bim ¿o
"so positioned onto a suitable surface'.
means is actuated, an eiectriclight bulb sup
ported by the holder in position for illuminating
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