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NOV. 8, 1938';
Filed Oct. 17. 1936
5 (/2
ww/s/v 727R
Patented Nov. 8, 1938
Anton Pfau, Portland, Oreg.
Application October 17, 1936, Serial No. 106,146
1 Claim.
(Cl. 280-8101)
Experience has shown that roller_coasters, the
rear wheel supports of which are secured against
movement, are subject to being upset and over
ferred form of embodiment by which the inven
tion may be realized,‘ and in which:
Figure l is a perspective view of a roller coaster
embodying the principles of my invention.
turned when the user thereof makes a sharp turn ' Figure 2 is a sectional, front View of the coaster 5
while traveling at a reasonable rate of speed. ' shown in Figure l, graphically pointing out the
Furthermore, roller coasters embodying the pres
ently known principles of construction have
limited maneuverability and require considerable
space for making a complete turn. It is within
the contemplation of my invention to provide a
coaster which eliminates the foregoing objections.
By incorporating the construction embodying
the principles of my invention, it is possible to
use the coaster not only as a means of coasting
, down steep grades, but also for the purpose of
“whipping” the rear of the coaster by a suddenv
turn of the steering mechanism, thus providing an
added thrill to the user of a coaster embodying
my invention. It is obvious that the extent of
20 the are which the rear of the coaster will make
in its “whipping” movement is directly propor
tional to the speed of the coaster and the degree
of the turn made by the front end of the coaster.
Experience has indicated that it is possible to
25 make several loops with a coaster embodying the
principles of my invention without upsetting the
coaster during its travels. Furthermore, less
space is needed in turning a coaster embodying
my invention.
One of the objects of my invention is to pro
vide a roller coaster possessing increased maneu
' Another object of my invention is to provide a
roller coaster which possesses characteristics that
35 insure against its being upset or overturned when
the user thereof makes a sharp turn while travel
ing at great speed.
A still further object of the invention is to pro
vide a roller coaster having a low center of grav
Another object of the invention is to provide a
roller coaster, the front axle of which is braced
to insure against shimmying of the steering
mechanism, while at the same time, providing a
45 resilient assembly for the steering mechanism of
the coaster.
Another object of the invention is to provide a
coaster which is simple and durable in construc
tion, which is inexpensive to manufacture and to
50 maintain and which is attractive in appearance.
The invention is directed to other objects and
possesses other features of advantage, a full
understanding of which will become readily ap
parent from the following description and the ac
55 companying drawing which illustrates the pre
details of construction of the steering mechanism.
Figure 3 is a sectional view, taken on line 3-3
of Figure 2 looking in the direction indicated,
showing the manner in which the wheel and axle ‘51o
supports are joined.
Figure 4 is a sectional, side view, taken on line
4-—4 of Figure 2 looking in the direction indicated,
which also shows the details of construction of
the front end of the coaster embodying the prin
ciples of my invention.
Figure 5 is a fragmentary, plan view, taken on
line 5-5 of Figure 2 looking in the direction indi
cated, showing the bracing members for the front
axle assembly.
Figure 6 is an end view, taken on line 6-6 of
Figure 1 looking in the direction indicated, show
ing the manner in which the braking members
are retained against the side of the coaster em
bodying the principles of my invention.
Figure '1 is a side view of one of'the rear
wheels embodying the principles of my inven
Like reference characters are employed to in
dicate like parts in the several views shown in 30
the accompanying drawing.
An inspection of Figure 1 discloses a roller
coaster having a top II], which may be made of
any desirable material and of any desirable di
mensions. A front axle I2 has a pair of wheels 35
II journaled thereto. An axle brace, having
arms I3, I 3A and I1 and top I4 is made of one
piece of material as will be seen in Figure 5.
This brace may be made of any material, but
preference is given to a material which has some 40
resiliency. Arms I3 and I3A are disposed in
opposite relation to each .other, and arm I1 is
disposed at right angles to arms I3 and I3A. In
Figure 2, it will be seen that arms I3 and HA
extend downwardly from the center portion I4,
and each have a down turned portion I5 which
are secured in any desirable manner to axle I2.
Arm I'l incorporates a sharp bend I‘IA, as shown
in Figure 4, and is also secured to axle I2 in any
desirable manner.
In order to add greater stability to the front
axle and in order to offer a bearing surface to
r the wheels I I, another brace member I8 is trans
versely disposed with relation to axle I2 and has
at each end thereof upturned portions I9 which 55
are secured to the axle in any desirable manner.
In order to prevent any friction between down
turned portions I5 and upturned portions I9 and
to provide a stable yet resilient front axle as
sembly, the upturned portions I9 are clinched
against the upturned portion l5, as shown at 20
in Figures 3 and 4. By this construction, the
front axle is braced against any transverse or
rearward thrusts while, at the same time, there
10 is provided the necessary resiliency for the front
axle assembly.
A wearing washer 25 is secured in any desirable
manner to the underside of the top I0 and is
adapted to contact the center portion I4 of the
tion of the rear wheels 26, but also the pivoting
of the frame 21 to which the rear wheel 26 is
journaled. The rear wheel assembly is secured
to the top ID through a plurality of bolts 29 and
nuts 30.
A pair of brakes are secured to the sides of
top Ill. The description of one brake will su?‘ice
since both brakes are constructed in the same
manner. A bar 32 extends transversely of the
top I0, and a clamp 33 secures the bar to the 10
underside OI the frame I0.
Brake members 3|
are pivoted with respect to the bar 32. In order
to prevent the brake members 3| from contact
ing the road surface at all times, a spring 34 is
placed between two washers and tensioned 15
against the side of the brake member 3I by nut
35 threaded upon bar 32.
front end of top I 0, as shown in Figure 4. A
The invention has been described in connec
steering arm 2| also has an elongated opening
tion with a speci?c illustrated embodiment dis—
therethrough which coincides with elongated closing
a de?nite arrangement of parts. How 20,
openings I6, when the steering arm 2! is posi-'
will be understood that changes may be
tioned at the front portion of the top I 6. The
made in the elements and in the arrangements of
center portion I4 and steering arm 2| are co
them without departing from the spirit of this
operatively joined to each other by bolt 23 which invention.
passes through the elongated openings in each
I 25
ofthese members and is retained therein by nut claim as new and upon which I desire towhat
24. A rope 22 may be secured to the ends of the Letters Patent is:
steering arm 2|.
15 bracing member.
Elongated openings I 6 are
registerably disposed through the center portion
I4 of the bracing member, the washer and the
The rear wheels’ construction may best be seen
in Figure 7 which shows one of the rear Wheels
26 journaled within one of the frames 27. The
frame 21 is‘ pivoted on a caster pivot 28, the con
struction of which is not shown. It is well to
point out that any type of bearing may be in
135 serted within the caster pivot, although a ball
bearing is preferred. Theimportant feature of
this construction is to permit not only the rota
Means for bracing the front axle of a roller
coaster of conventional design against transverse
and rearward thrusts comprising a unitary axle 30
brace having a top portion and three arms ex
tending downwardly from said top portion, said
arms being joined to the axle, and a second axle
brace positioned transversely of and on the, under
side of and joined to the axle.
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