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‘ Nov. s, 1938.
Filed Jan. 15, 1937
t/d/nzas' Z? J?rrmé
£14267 6‘, @447
Patented Nov. 8, 1938
James P. Shorrock, Holyoke, Mass, assignor to
B. F. Perkins & Son, Inc., Holyoke, Mass, a
corporation of Massachusetts
Application January 15, 1937, Serial No. 120,719
1 Claim.
(01. 242-111)
This invention relates to improvements in
skein-forming devices and is directed more par
ticularly to the provision of improved devices
for facilitating the winding up of yarn or the
5 like into the form of skeins.
The principal objects of the invention are di
rected to the provision of a skein-forming device
which is novelly constructed and arranged to
form symmetrical skeins of yarn or the like and
10 which is collapsible so as to permit the ready
and easy removal of the skeins therefrom.
According to special features of the invention,
the skein-forming device consists of a novel com
bination and arrangement of relatively movable
15 parts and it is simple in form so as to be econom
ical to manufacture. As will appear, the arrange
ment permits the easy yet efficient manipulation
of the skeins.
Various other novel features and advantages
‘20 of the invention will be hereinafter more fully
referred to after a reading of the following de
scription of the present preferred form thereof,
and‘ reference will be had to the accompanying
drawing, wherein:
Fig. 1 is a plan view of the device of the in
Fig. 2 is a partial side elevational view of the
device shown in Fig. l; and
Fig. 3 is a sectional plan view through one of
39 the cups at a side of the reel.
Referring now to the drawing more in detail
the invention will be fully described.
The device includes a plurality of relatively
movable arms which carry on their ends saddles
35 for receiving the yarn and forming the skeins‘.
parts, the ?xed arm may consist of a pair of
spaced members 4 and 6 and these will have
saddle forming parts IS on their outer ends.
Preferably I arrange the arm members 4 and 6
?xed to the shaft so that they are innermost or
adjacent one another, as shown, while the ro
tatable members 2 and 8 are outside the arms
4 and 6. With this arrangement, there are two 10
cup bearings [2, one ?xed on each‘ end of shaft
l0 and outside the outer movable arms-2 and 8.
coil spring
in and its
2 as at 22.
within at least one of the cups I2 is a
20 which has one end ?xed to shaft
other end ?xed to the rotatable arm 15
The spring 20 surrounds the shaft, of
course, so that when the arms 2 and 8 are moved
counter-clockwise relative to arms 4 and. 6 and
from the normal position shown in Fig. 1 the
movement is resisted by the spring and when re 20
leased the spring automatically returns arms 2
and 8 to normal position.
' By normal position is meant the crossed po
sition shown in Fig. 1. It will be seen that when
in use the skein-forming device of this invention , 25
is mounted on its bearing cups for rotation and
yarn to be formed into a skein is led thereonto.
As the device rotates, the yarn is wound up and
caused to traverse the saddles to form the skeins.
When these skeins are formed and it is desired 30
to remove them from the device, the rotatable
arm members may be moved into a position ad
jacent the other arms, thereby facilitating the
removal of the skein from the device without
straining or in any way injuring the yarn com
When a skein has been formed, adjacent arms
may be moved relatively closer together so as to
decrease the overall perimeter of the device and
posing the skein.
permit removal of the skein from the device‘.
far. To this end, I provide an upstanding stop 40
There is a central shaft l0 and what may be
called a journal or bearing cup l2 for the reel.
The cup i2 is ?xed to the shaft and is preferably
hollow as shown for apurpose which will present
1y appear.
I0. Where the rotatable arm mentioned above is
formed of a pair of spaced connected-together
An arm member or members 2 is rotatably
mounted on the shaft and it carries saddles on
its opposite ends. In the form shown, I pro
vide a pair of spaced arms 2 and 8 which are
similarly mounted on the shaft and which are
50 connected at. their outer ends by saddle-forming
members I4. Thus, the two arm members 2 and
8 constitute a unit although it is to be understood
that a single arm member, suitably rotatable,
will suffice.
Then I fix another arm member 4 to the shaft
It is desirable when the arms return to their
said normal position under tension of the spring
that the rotatable arm or arms do not rotate too
30 on arm 2 which is adapted to be engaged by a
stop 32 provided in bearing cup l2, as shown.
While I have described the invention in great
detail and with respect to a preferred form there
of, it is not desired to be limited thereto since 45
many changes and modi?cations may be made
therein without departing from the spirit and
scope of the invention. What it is desired to
claim and secure by Letters Patent of the United
States is:
As a new article of manufacture, a skein~
forming device of the class described compris~
ing in combination, a substantially straight uni
tary arm member, a shaft ?xed to said arm mem
ber substantially centrally thereof whereby por
tions thereof extend outwardly radially of the
shaft in opposite directions, another substan
tially straight unitary arm member rotatably
mounted on said shaft substantially centrally of
the arm member whereby portions thereof ex
tend outwardly radially of the shaft in opposite
directions, said arm members being normally
disposed so that the said outwardly. extending
parts of one of them are at right angles to the
10 outwardly extending parts of the other, a bear
ing cup ?xedly associated with said shaft, a coil,
spring disposed within said cup and around said
shaft with its inner end ?xed to said shaft and
its other end ?xed to said rotatable arm mem
ber whereby the latter is urged to its said normal
position but permitted to rotate to a position
where all of said outwardly-extending parts
are in substantial alignment, and stop means as~
sociated with said rotatable arm member and
cup to limit the rotative movements of the said
rotatable arm member.
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