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Nov. 8, 1938‘.
‘ ‘2,136,051
Filed Dec. 24, 1957
2.136.051‘ _‘
Patented Nov.’ s, 1938- '
Rowland, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Application December 2d, 1937, Serial No. 181,483
1 0mm.-
(Cl. 206-29)
My invention vrelates to certain new and useful
improvements in so-called paper match packets.
My main object is to construct the packet in
such a manner as to eliminate the danger of ignit
l. ing the attached unused matches by the striking
of a detached match on the striking strip of the
vIn the accompanying drawing
Fig. 1' is a front elevation of the complete
10 packet;
from right to left;
Fig. 2 is a side elevation of the packet shown in
Fig. 1, looking from left to right;
Fig. 3 is a side elevation .of said packet, looking
Fig. 4 is a view similar to that shown in Fig. 1
with the parts in a different position.
The outside of the packet comprises what I
will term an envelope. This is preferably made
of suitable paper board‘ folded to provide a front
90 I and a back 2. - The ends of this strip are con
nected as by a fold 3 overlapping the lower end
of the back 2 and secured thereto by any suitable
means such as ‘a staple 4, which as shown per
forms a double function as later described. 5 is
ll another staple used to secure together the edges
of the front and back at one side of the'envelope
as shown in the drawing for the purpose later
described. 6—-6 represent a plurality of individual
match ends connected to a base I. forming what I
30 will term a match strip. In the drawing, two of
these match strips are shown. These match strips
are normally so positioned that 'all the match ends
are within the envelope and protected thereby.
In the particular form shown the staple l is so
35 positioned at an angle that one leg penetrates
the base ‘i of each match strip near the open
edge of the envelope‘so as to serve as a pivot for
the match strips whereby they may be swung or
rocked from the normal safety position shown in
4° Fig. 1 to the exposed or unprotected position
shown in Fig. 4, in which position the individual
slightly-beyond the edge of the envelope, as shown
at 1’, forming what may be termed a trigger for
engagement by the finger to permit the match
strips to be swung into the ‘accessible position
shown in Fig. 4. 8 represents the usual striker 5
surface on which safety matches may be struck.
In the preferred form shown, this surface is
formed on or located on the outer surface of the ~
base ‘I. When the match strips stand in the nor
mal position with the match ends safely housed 10
within the envelope, access may be had to this
striker strip 8 through a slot or window in the
front I, whereby a detached match may be struck
thereon. When the matches are exposed for de
tachment (Fig. 4), the striker strip is moved 15
away from the slot and is therefore inaccessible -
for striking purposes and the match cannot be
ignited until the parts have been restored to the
normal safety posltion.. Inits broadest aspect,
my invention is not limited to locating the striker g9
strip as sh awn, since a reasonable degree of safety
would be guaranteed if it were otherwise posi
As already indicated, 1 have shown and de
scribed only one preferred form of my invention, ,5
fully realizing that modi?cations may be made
within the scope of the appended claim and with
out departing from the spirit of the ‘invention.
I claim:
In a safety match packet, a paper envelope so
formed by a paper strip folded transversely inter
mediate its length to close the top end ‘of said
packet, one free end of said strip being folded over
the other free end and united thereto by means
penetrating the several thicknesses to close the
lower end of said packet, a paper match strip
comprising a plurality of detachable match ends
connected to a transverse strip at the base of said
match ends, said paper match strips being wholly
enclosed within said envelope when in its safety ‘0
position, said strip being pivotally mounted near
its edge on the aforesaid connecting means to
match ends are accessible for use as required. ‘ permit said match strip to be rotated to a posi
tion to expose the match ends for detachment, a
close together so that when the match strips are striker strip on one surface of the base of ‘said ‘5
‘5 swung into the safety position shown in Fig. 1 match strip extending transversely of said match
The staple 5 holds the envelope walls sufficiently
they will be frictionally engaged between the in
ner surfaces of the envelope adjacent to the
staple, thus preventing vthe packet from being
accidentally opened.- A small portion of one or
50 both of the base portions 1 of the match strips
near the pivot end of the staple 4 may project
ends, said envelope having a transverse passage I
through one wall thereof registering with said
striker surface only when said packet is closed.
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