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Nov. 8, 1938.
Filed “Aprilllt 1938
R Lei/a Fffc C'dleé
Patented Nov. 8, 1938
‘ v2,136,115 -
Ruthv F. McOaleb, Evanston, Ill.‘
‘ApplicationApril 4, ‘1938, Serial No. 199,745
6Clai'ms. (01. 54-80)
amount to extensions of the inner walls of the
My invention contemplates and provides cover
ings to. be worn by a long-cared dog, e. g., a _ 7 pockets, are then crossed at the dog’s throat and
cocker spaniel or springer spaniel, tog'protect its ' their respective tapes 9 are carried around the
from contact with mud, burs, its food, dog’s neck to be tied together at; the back of
the neck, as indicated at iii in Fig. 1. Thus the 5
garment is held on the dog in such manner that
the dog cannot dislodge it with teeth or paws
or by dragging the bottoms of the pockets against
the surface over which the dog is traveling.
The means for holding the crossed ?aps ,8 in 10
The object of the in ention is to provide such
coverings which may be (a) easily and securely
applied to a dog, (b) comfortably worn by the
dog, (0) readily laundered, or otherwise cleaned,
10 and
~In (d)
hereinafter manufactured.
described embodiment
of position, with respect to the dog's neck and each
my invention, the ear coverings are in the form‘ ' other, .may be in the form of fastening instru
mentalities other than the tapessa “However,
I prefer to employ tie-tapes for such purpose.
of pockets wherein and wherewith the ears of
the dog may’hang and swing more or less natural
15 ly, such pockets forming portions of a unitary.
garment which preferably is formed,‘ wholly or
as to its pocket portions, of a strong textile
fabric such, for example, as canvas.’
These and other features, objects and advan
20 tages of my invention will appear from the follow
ing description wherein reference is made to the
accompanying drawing,‘ in which
Fig. l is a view in perspective which illustrates
- the ear covering garment being worn by a long;
25 cared dog vof one of the species for. which such
garment is intended;v
The garment usually is colored to correspond‘
or blend with the coat of the dog to which it is ’ /
applied. However, when the garment is applied 20
to a hunting dog, it is usually of a bright red
color, for the same reason that deer huntersad
visedly wear-red garments.
What I claim is new and desire to secure by
Letters Patent of the United States is:
'. 25.
, 1. A garment for a long-cared dog comprising ' ’
a pair of upwardly opening ?exible pockets, in
. Fig. 2 is- a plan view of the garment;
Instead of being made largely of canvas, the 15
garment may be formed, either wholly 01' par- '
tially, of water-proof material.
- which the dog’s earsmay hang and swing natu
‘ Fig. 3 is a vertical sectional ‘view of the gar
ment when draped to substantially the con?gu- _ rally, a ?exible web connecting the upper portions
of the outer sides of the pocketsand- adapted to an
30 ration which it takes while being applied to the" be extended over the dog's head, and ?exible
dog; and
fastening means, ‘connected with the upper-por
Figs. 4 and 5 are cross sectional views taken, , tions
of the inner sides of the pockets, adapted
respectively,v on lines 44 and 5-5 of Fig. 2.
to be crossed-in the vicinity of the throat and to
Similar characters of reference refer to similar be
tied together at the back of the neck.
- -, 3.5
parts throughout the several views.v
The ear covering garment desirably comprises
a-single piece of ?exible material, e. g., a strong
textile fabric such as canvas, which is so shaped,
edgebound, folded and stitched upon itself, as to
40 de?ne the two pockets 6, the pocket suspending
web ‘I, and the throat ?aps 8. . To the tip of each
flap 8 may be attached a tie-tape 9,‘
When the garment is formed largely from a
v piece of canvas
other textile fabric, its edges
2. A garment, arranged to ?t on and besup~
ported by the head of a long-cared dog, provided
with upwardly opening ?exible pockets for the
reception of the dog's ears, said pockets having
the upper portions of their outer sides connected 40 /
by a supporting web arranged to extend over the
dog's head to carry the pockets in their appro- '
prilate ear-receiving positions. 4.
3. A garment for a long-eare'd'dog comprising
a pair of pockets for receiving the dog's cars, '45
45 are preferably embraced by and stitched to‘ a ' means connecting the pockets adapted to be ex
suitable binding tape Ill. ‘The folds ll provide tended over the dog’s head to support the pockets '
the bottoms of the pockets‘ 6, and the sides of
' the pockets conveniently are closed by additional
binding tapes l2.
When the‘garment is worn by the dog, as illus
trated in Fig. l, the dog’s ears hang- down ‘in
in ear-receiving positions, and fastening ‘means
connected‘ with the pocketfand, adapted to be’
overlapped at the throat.
‘4'. A garment, arranged to ?t and be‘ supported
the pockets 6 which are suspended from the ‘top ,by the head of a. longeeared dog, provided with ,
and/or back of the dog's headby the web ‘I, such pockets in which the dog’s ears may hang andv
web amounting‘ to an extension of the outer
55 wall of each pocket. The throat ?aps 8, which
s 35. A garment for a long-cared dog comprising 55
. a. pair of upwardly opening ear-receiving pockets the reception of the. dog's ears, 2. ?exible web
in which the dog's ears may hang and ‘swing nat- ' connecting the upper portions of the outer sides
urally, ?exible means connecting the upper por
tions of the outer sides of the‘pockets, and ?exible
fastening means connected with the upper por
of the pockets and. adapted to be extended over
the dog's head, and ?exible fastening means ar
ranged to extend between the pockets and. under 5
tions of the inner sides of the pockets.v
the dog’s throat.
6. A garment for a long-eared dog comprising
a pair, of upwardly opening ?exible pockets tor
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