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Nov. 8, 1938.
c_. J. scUDDER ET AL
Filed Aug. 2l, 1935
2 Sheets-Sheet l
_o c e
Nov. 8, 1938.
Filed Aug. 21, 1935
2 Sheets-_Sheet 2
dhd Charles J :Scudder’
Patented Nov. 8, 1938
UNITÁ-ED >as'rAT-as
oel-*ICE Í l
invention‘ïrelates tosteel railroad car/con- ' `
'struction-fthe» charaoterifstie/fíeatures-s ofi“ t-hëdn
ventio'n 'bein-g- adapted for :th-e constructionÀ of -boX
¿if-@Figure 6 -is-an- enlarged `.sectional detail. on line
Bri-Biof'Figure 2.
`:"`Fig-ure' Tis/fan enlarged sectional detail online
~-f»cars,f ventilatedA box cars; house, automobile and ‘.Jl 'I’fof Figure 1.
i: ädr-other‘carsffr A'prir-icibal'A object! of the‘invention isA ` Figure 8 is-an: enlarged sectional detail on line
' 'feto'lv provide a’ strong and rigid'ear'ïconstruction-that Is~.~8+-8~1of`:1ï‘ìgurè 1;> and
Figure 9V is an enlarged sectional detail of the
is“ ’relativelyl' of '-ligh't' Weight «and 'with a V>minimum
»l numberI ofeparts. ’ "-To this: endL-Wefprovide acon »l:~.~centralwtop portion.A as.' shown in Figure 2 and
Mf struction 'which continues each of the sides of the 'illustrating more -particularlyî‘the provision forV
'wl l0 1 .ca-r »to formfonìe-half"` of»y ithe» «car top; 'the abutting « securing the `two combined side and top portions 10
e i- extremities îoffthefrespective' combined isi-de ~' and Y. ß of .the >‘car-.togethernand Vthe mounting >of f the
AIVD:topI portions ‘being united1 at thetransverse center
:runway thereover.
i of ' the-'cantori fbyflnovelesecuring and reinforcing ~- l
îvmeansf A further` object is -to provide `improved
tí 1 5 means -to« fventilatef‘thei car effectively; -t-heeventi
f 'llßxi'ndicatesll generally the under-frame struc
ture of Athe ycar Whichlmayl be of usual or suitable
ea‘eithern-builteup 1 or uunit ì steel construction.
I yI " 15
lating provision being effective-between the in ï‘ldenotes! the .sidesillssofi the »under-frame. To
side lining and-the outer steel-sheathing.' A still “i‘these'ï sills; horizontally y‘extending »Z-bars I2 are
~ further object is to provide means for‘eifectively -rî‘securedìl»Inaearryinggout our >invention We pro
carrying ¿off - condensed -moisture which» tends to ‘wide afs‘eriesioffuprightspaced apart Z-bars I3
20» collecton the inside of the outer steel `sheathing -I which'. constitute?thevreinforcing frame Work of 20
e offfthe'carand otherexposed parts, such forma s:thetear;b'odyfbeingfsuitably. spaced apart as re
‘l-.tion 'of condensed moisture» being particularlyex~ uXzlquired forlproper.reinforcement along the length
perienced when the cars are -loaded with Warm motäthe'tear.:»Itl is :to: be Ihere understood that
productspsuchea's hot flour that later cools down fzrzflwh-ere -referenceis made to Z-bars, in the de
¿,25Hto l:the-«roadway temperatures. rPhe distinctive ..<: scription'l of-lthe` bodystructure, this reference is 25
Ail#features'ofiourlinvention are adapted to be applied .:w.tof«l~be:lunderstood »as .illustrative and notre
f1.<-as»‘an=»improved type‘offbody to any usual or ßf. lstrictive andlstructuralS-bars of >anysuitable cross
l«suitable -steel under structure ofthe car. LIt is to r section maybe employed. l The Z-bars I3 are se
ï'fbeuinde'rsto'od-that our-invention is adapted not ~ cured at their loweräends byvsuitable anglefbrack
30:# only'tofth‘e‘A building' of- new 1- cars,l butto the» re .. .etsforë the llke'i` I4 Ytothe-.horizontally extending 30
bui'ldingfof“existing~cars to providey our improved)
' In accordance» »with our- invention the Z-'bars
body or uppery construction." 'Theforegoing and
@other objeets‘ and advantages of the invention Will 'I 1I3.are'of a length-solas toffnot` only extend up the
#be betterunderstood from the following detailed sidesof the carlbfodyrbut Yhalf-way over the top
__~¿„ 35fildesoription-‘taken in connection with the accom A~>las:indicated'iatîîIíiafbeing .for this purpose curved
fopanyingh'drawings', and the`distinctive features v_.orbent atï'the acar ycorners as indicated at I3b‘.
«rfofnnovelty'iwillfbe’ thereafter pointed 'out'in the Y`fia'I‘helabutting¿extremitiesIof these series‘of Z-bars
indicated at‘ël'3cz'aresecured together by suitable
' Eappended"claims.
#'-Referring'to' the drawings:
--ffxteinforoing ltiez.plates E14-‘so as to constitute a
.1; strong'frigidV andfunitary‘body frame Work With 1
«l ‘I0 `~" Figure ‘1 is apartial side elevation with portions
i; -a:rninimum‘.number offparts.v 'Atthe locality I3c
“broken away,'0f a car body embodying the in `¿aol theflineloffïjunction of the Z-bars I3 from the
sa twon; >si-desa. aw-reinforcing-fbar - I5, illustratively
Figure 2 is a transverse’section also With por .sëshowna asl a ».T-‘baiy-is secured. `IIi denotes the
_`.` .tions broken away, online 2--2 of Figure 1.
"isouterasteelf-'sheathing offthe car body which` in
W4" "ÍFigur-e 3 is a fragmentary, longitudinal,V ver »~v.iracco'rdance Swith our invention may also be formed
'ti'cal sectionL on arelatively enlargedvs'oale` at »ìJasL-onefisteel‘plate v»forï'eaoh-side of the oar, such
uithe ‘top` of foneend of .the car and showing par Asai.plateextending up` and ~-being' l:bent over the roof
~. -ticularly .the .provision _for ventilation.
"- frame lWorkto constitute thecar roof.,l It is to be
, .t Figure ‘liis a partial detail plan View of ¿the 1 ...noted'l Ltl'iat"1vve`»fthusE simplify> and strengthen the" Ul 0
Ventilating device of Figure 3 withithez'running ‘lllup-penstruoture 'of= thgcar‘ïwith »the elimination of
:thewuse-‘of si'de‘lplates’ customarily -used inbox,
boa-rd -_ removed.
Figure 5I islan.; enlarged sectional detail of the waveritilatedibox;fhouse; or-= other cars Vand With'our
structure shown in the lower left hand corner of myimprovedfone piece construction of sides and'lroof
at the eaves of the car, we greatly strengthen the Ul al
55 Figure 2.
body structure permitting also the body to be
made much lighter while preserving the requisite
strength. The roof portions IBa of the outer
sheathing I6 terminate in accordance with our
invention, a small distance short of the trans
verse center of the car and their extremities are
bent upward and outward to form ñanges as
indicated at I1 to support the runningv board I8.
While the flanges I1 are shown as bent outward,
this is merely illustrative, and they might be bent
inward within the contemplation of the invention.
The spacing apart of the flanges I1 of the outer
sheathing at the top of the car not only provides
for the support of the running board but also is
a part of the provision for providing ventilation
for the space between the outer sheathing of the
car and the- inner lining or sheathing I9. This
Ventilating provision comprises lab-yrinth cast
20 is to be understood as merely illustrative and
intended to typify any suitable form of louvres,
shutters or like devices adapted to be ñtted at the
ends of the passage underneath the running
board I8 to obstruct the entrance of foreign
In the foregoing as well as other aspects, the
present embodiment of the invention, is to be>
understood in all respects as illustrative and not
restrictive, reference being had to the appended
claims rather than to the foregoing description
to indicate the scope of the invention.
Having now described our invention, what we
claim as new and desire to secure by Letters
Patent is:
1. A steel car construction comprising an under
frame having side sills, upright frame members
cated at I5a to permit the location of these laby
secured to said sills having extensions bent in
ward towards each other to abutting relation and
secured together to constitute supports for the
sides and roof of the car, continuous sheathing
rinth castings. The running board I 8 extends
over these labyrinth castings and the labyrinth
secured to said frame members at each side also
bent inward over said frame bars to form the
form. thereof is such as to allow the air freely
to enter and escape but to largely exclude dust,
then horizontally turned extremities short of the
ings 20 secured to the ends of the car top, the
reinforcing T-bar I5 being out away as indi
cinders, and snow. It will be understood that
the motion of the car will assist the circulation
giving it direction to front or rear corresponding
to the movement of the car. Since the air channel
thus formed under the running board is continu
ous from end to end and connects at the top with
all of the spaces formed between th-e outer and
inner sheathings, and the Z-bar supports of the
sides of the car, free circulation of air will be
35 set up. Such circulation of air is further insured
and promoted by the provision of the troughs 20
at the base of the sides of the car Where the ver
tical Z members are united to the side sills, be
roof, said sheathing terminating in upwardly and
transverse center of the car, a runningboard rest
ing upon and secured to the horizontal extremi
ties of said sheathing constituting with such
sheathing a unitary roof sheet for the car pro
viding a Ventilating channel extending the length 3G
of the car, there being openings through the
car ends registering with such channels, and an
inner sheathing secured to said frame members,
said Ventilating channel serving to ventilate the
space between the inner and outer sheathings in 35
the manner set forth.
2. A car construction comprising an under
framing equipped with side sills, upright frame
tween the side sills and the side sheathing for
the full length of the car at this point. The
trough 20 thus formed, also serves to collect the
condensed moisture that forms on the roof and
side sheets of the car which will -flow downwardly
and collect therein. A suitable number of holes
2| may be produced in the horizontal portion of
the Z-bars I2 to permit such moisture to escape.
Holes 22 may be provided in the webs of the side
channels at the bases thereof to further facilitate
the escape of the water. At the ends of the side
sills somewhat larger holes 23 may be provided,
arranged to be plugged if desired and adapted to
permit the application of means to clean out the
side troughs by air or water as may be desired.
At the locality of the car doors, the Z-bars I3
frame, upright frame bars secured thereto hav
at each side of the door extend the same as the
ing extensions bent inward towards each other ,
others, with suitable bars shown as U bars 24,
extending across the top of the door opening and
suitably secured to the Z-bars I3. The ends of
with their ends abutting and secured together,
a reinforcing angle bar extending over the junc
the car may be provided with usual outer sheath
ing iluted or otherwise formed for reinforcing
effect as indicated at 25. As herein indicated,
the running board I5 may be formed as a steel
plate, the intermediate, transverse portion of
which is supported by the riby of the T-bar I5.
It is to be noted that our improved construction
. of running board including the upwardly and out
wardly turn-ed ilanges I 'I at each side thereof,
provides a convenient handhold extending the
length of the car that may readily be grasped by a
70 person who might slip» while on the running board
or roof, to protect himself. As herein shown, the
inner sheathing I9 is of wood as desirable for
box cars, but of course any suitable lining ma
terial may be used. The labyrinth ventilators
work members secured to said sills and bent to
continue inward forming the roof support with
their ends secured together, and inner and outer
sheathings secured to said frame members form
ing continuous side and roof structures, said outer
sheathing formed and having means associated
therewith to provide continuous Ventilating pas
sages extending the length of the car to ventilate
completely the space between said sheathings,
there being Z-bars fixed to the side sills with
the upright frame bars secured to said Z-bars,
said Z-bars and the outer sheathing constituting
lengthwise troughs to collect moisture with pro- y
vision for the discharge thereof.
3. A steel car construction comprising an under
tion of said ends and secured thereto, and a uni
tary roof sheet composed of sheathing secured
to said frame bars terminating short of the trans
verse center of the car in upwardly and hori
zontally out-turned extremities and a running
board secured to said out-turned extremities serv
ing as a complement of said unitary roof sheet
and spaced above said frame bars to provide
Ventilation, there being openings in the car ends
registering with the passage so formed.
4. A steel car construction as defined in claim
3, wherein said reinforcing angle bar serves as a
support for the intermediate extent of the run
ning board.
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