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Nov. 8, 1938.
Filed April 24, 1937‘
Patented Nov. 8, 1938
FOLDABLE s'roor.
Alonzo 1‘. Welsh, Tyler, Ten, asslgnor of one-third
to Roy R. Bivlere, Tyler, Tex.
Application April 24, 1937, Serial No. 138,840
_1 Claim. (Cl. 15-265)
This invention relates to stools, and its general
object is to provide a stool in the form of a fold
able step ladder with a foot rest to facilitate
cleaning and polishing ‘shoes and a drawer pri
5 marily for housing the cleaning and polishing
equipment, the foot rest being carried by the
reference numeral 8 are relatively wide and in
clude enlarged upper ends 9 to provide rearward
ly directed ears III which are pivotally secured
to the side walls, as clearly shown in Figure 1,
stool or ladder at all times and detachable there
from for disposal into and out of use, while the
which likewise illustrates the fact that the en- 5
larged upper ends are straight to contact the un
derside of the top wall which ends act as abut
ment means for said top wall when the device is
body of the device provides the top thereof and
inset up'position, and when in such position,
10 a seat, as well as a box frame for slidably re
ceiving the drawer and to which the legs are
connected for foldable association therewith.
This invention also. consists in certain other
features-of construction and in the combination
15 and arrangement of the several. parts, to be here
inafter fully described, illustrated in the accom
the front and rear legs are disposed in diverging 10
relation with respect to each other,- soas to amply
support the device and prevent tilting thereof.
The front and rear legs have pivotally secured
thereto diagonal brace members H, and the rear
legs are additionally braced by cross brace mem- l5
bers l2 which are disposed in overlapped associa
panying drawing and speci?cally pointed out in
tion and ?xed together at the point of contact,
the appended claims.
In describing the invention in detail, reference
20 will be had to the accompanying drawing wherein
as well as to the inner edge portions of the rear
legs as clearly shown in Figure 1.
The front legs are provided with grooves in the 20
like characters denote like or corresponding parts confronting faces thereof, to receive steps I!
which are ?xed in the grooves, and it will be
throughout the several views, and in which:
Figure ‘1 is a perspective view of the device ' noted as clearly shown in Figure 4, that one of the
which forms the subject matter of the present steps is provided with a groove II on the under
25 invention with the foot rest in position for use.
Figure 2 is a front view thereof.
Figure 3 is a side view of the'device in folded
Figure 4 is a fragmentary perspective view illus
30 trating the application of the foot rest to a step
of the device.
Figure 5 is a fragmentary. rear view showing
the application of the foot rest to the device when
not in use.
Referring to the drawing in detail, the refer
‘ ence numeral l indicates the body of my device,
which is shown as being a box frame including a
front ‘wall 2 having a drawer opening therein,
and side walls 3 which are provided with guide
‘ 40 ?anges _ to slidably receive the drawer 4, the
side thereof midway its ends for a purpose which 25
will be presently described.
The foot rest includes an attaching arm IS in
the form of a bracket and which is provided with
an enlarged end portion l6 having a slot H ex
tending therein for the purpose of receiving the 30
step, in the manner as suggested in Figure 4
which shows that the under lip‘ of the slot ex
tends outwardly beyond the upper lip and is re
ceivable in the groove I 4, for mounting the foot
rest in'position for use as clearly shown in Figure 35
1. The attaching arm may be made of any ma
terial suitable for the purpose, but is shown from
Figure 4 as being made from ply wood, and ex
tends from the enlarged portion at an upward
inclination to terminate in a ?at upper surface 40
to which is fixed the rest plate l8 that is shaped
to conform to the sole of a shoe for ?tting asso
latter in the form as shown having a front wall
that extends beyond the sides and bottom of the
drawer- to engage the front wall 2, to limit inward ' ciation therewith. When the foot rest is not in
movement of the drawer as will be apparent, and use, it is carried by the device and for that pur
45 the drawer is provided with a knob 5. A top wall pose I provide a bracket l9 secured to one of the 45
bracemembers H, of a width to be received in
6 closes the upper end of the box-frame and ex
tends outwardly beyond the side and front walls, the slot I1 and the bracket I! includes an arm
as well as the rear end portion of the frame, as
spaced from the brace member to receive the
clearly shown in Figure 3, and it will be obvious
50 that the top wall provides a seat for the device.
Pivotally secured to the side walls adjacent to
the upper rear ends thereof, and depending there
attaching arm between the same and the brace
" from, are the rear legs 1 of my device, and it will
be noted that the rear legs are relatively‘ narrow,
55 while the front legs which are indicated by the
member, as clearly shown in Figure 5.
It is thought from the foregoing description
that the advantages and novel features of the in
vention will be readily apparent.
It is to be understood that changes may be
made in the construction and in the combina- 55 .
tion and arrangement of the several parts, pro
vided that such changes fall within the scope of
the appended claim.
I claim:
In a foldable stool in the form of a ladder in
cluding a step having a groove in a horizontal
surface thereof, a foot rest including an attach
ing arm provided at one end with an enlarged
portion, said portion being slotted to provide
upper and lower lips, the lower lip extending be
yond the upper lip and receivable in the groove
of the step for cooperation with the upper lip for
detachably securing the foot rest to the step,
said arm having a ?at upper surface, and a rest
plate secured to said ?at surface and shaped to
?t the bottom of a shoe.
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