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Nov. 15, 193-8..
1%. ‘COHEN
Filed April 4, 1938
R. E B E C C,A
C O. H, E N
~ 2,136,490
> ‘Patented Nov. 15, 14938
PATENT ‘0mm '
ma“ Cohen, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Application April 4‘, 1938, Serial No. 199,864
(Cl- 116-119)
1 Claim.
rality of circular disks 11, 11!, i9, 2t. ,m pivot.
This invention relates to book indicators where
by a reader will. have a positive indication of the d6 extends into engagement with the slot i2
page numberand the line of the page where the ' and so‘ that the said disks are in slidable rela
tion with said carrier member? H. ‘Pivotally
reader has left off while reading the book.
a fold at one end designed to engage the upper
mounted on top of the upper disk 20 is a pointer 5
2|‘. It is to be noted that all the'disks and the
pointer form. a slidable unit relative to said
end of a page and having a slot lengthwise
An. object of this invention is to provide a
book indicator having an elongated strip with
thereof for engaging and guiding a numbered
. 1° indicator up or down the page to the particular
line last left of! in reading the book. .
Another object of this invention is to provide
in combination with an elongated and slotted
strip having means at one end for securing to
1 a the top edge vof a page, a numbered indicator
The pointer 2| has a slot 22‘ lengthwise there
of. The slot'22 is of sufficient‘, lehgth to permit 10'
vision therethrough of the end portions of all
the /disks.
As best shown in Figure 2, the disks ll to
20, inclusive, have indicia thereon all around
their outer circumfe‘rences.~ .A line of indicia 15
having a slotted pointer on top thereof, through
comprising all said disks may thusbe viewed
which slot the‘reader maysee- at a glance th
through the slot 22.
page number last left o?.
Another object "of this‘ invention is to pro
'0 vide a numbered indicator which will provide
the reader with the information of the month,
date and page and also the lastline left off
For the purposes of the present invention which
is to provide means for indicating at. a glance
the page last left off by the reader, I prefer to as
print numbers from 0 to 50 on thedisks i‘i‘and
19. On the disk I9 I prefer to print numbers
from 1, to 31. On thetop disk 20 I prefer "to
With the above and other objects in view, the ~ print indicia indicating the months of the year.
for the reader to resume reading.
.25 invention will vbe hereinafter more particularly
For this purpose I may also print on the pointer 25
2| indicia indicating the month; day, and page.
I may also print oh the pointer indicia indi-'
‘eating a particular year inasmuch as this book
‘indicator may= beused as a greeting device so
forms part of this speci?cation.
' v
Reference will now be had to the drawing, that the sender may set ‘the two top disks with go
_ wherein like numerals vof reference designate indicia indicating the year, the month and the
corresponding parts ‘ throughout‘ the several day, that is the birthday. of the particular per
' described, and the combination and arrange
ment of parts will be shown in the accompany
ing drawing and pointed out in the claim which
views,- in which:
son to whom it may be sent as a greeting device.
Figure 1 is a perspective view of a book, show
35' ing the application of my book indicator thereto.
From the above it will be noted that the reader
of a book may attach the device to thefbook 35
Figure 2 is a front elevation of the assem- ' with the folded portion of clip it in engage
bled book indicator showing a set month, day' ment with the upper portion of the pages as
shown, and by manipulating the disks H and
and page number.
n .
_Figure 3 is a side elevation‘ of the construction I8 may indicate the page number last left o?f. -'
40 shown in Figure 2-.
Also the pointer 2| in the particular setting may M, '
be rotated jointly .with the said disks to a point
where \the pointer will be in line with the line
last left off. The above relates to the use of
In the illustrated embodiment of the_inven
tion, the numeral Ill indicates my book indicator the device when placed directly side-by-side with
45 comprising an elongated carrier member _ll of ‘the page last left off, wherein it is possible to 45
strip form and having a ,slot l2 oentrallythere . indicate the last line itself. It is,‘ however, with-‘
of and substantially throughout its entire length. in the provinceof this invention'to mount the
Figure 4 is a fragmentary view of a modi?ed
vAs best shown in Figure 3, one end of’the car
riermember II has been folded at one end. The
50 fold II is designed to form a clip for embrac
ing the opposite faces of the upper‘ portion of
the pages 14 of a book I! so that the slot l2
may form a guide track-I extending downward
from the upper end of the‘ book’. .
' Rotatably mounted on a'pivot ii are a plu-i
. device inside ‘the cover and in that case the‘
reader may set the book indicator to indicate '
thev page number ‘last left off without having 50
recourse to the pointer for indicating the line
last left
Referring to Figure 2, it will be seen that the
disks 20 and‘ I9 having the month and day
indicia make it. possible for the reader to also 55
indicate the month and day on which the par
ticular page was last left off forthe reader to
resume reading.
It is to be noted that the material of which
the carrier II is made will have an element of
rigidity or stiffness so that it will be adapted to
maintain its form while the upper members are
slid thereon. The device may be made of paper,
Celluloid, leather or metal having the necessary
It is to be noted that the entire device is hid
den inside the book when not in use.
This book indicator may have advertising mat
ter printed thereon and serve as a greeting de
15 vice which may be given away as a gift. The
device may also serve as a perpetual ‘reminder
so that the month and date indications may
serve to remind the reader of appointments
Referring to Figure 4 which shows a modi?ed
carrier 25 having an unslotted bottom layer 26
so that a pivot may be slidably mounted in the
slot 21 of the top layer 28 without contacting
the page of the book. The intact layer 26 is
26 attached in any suitable manner to the top
layer 28 and thus serves as a shield to guard
the pages of the book against damage by the
slidable pivot.
I may also modify the clip portion of the car
30 rier by providing a metallic clip 29 secured at
one end of the carrier. The clip 29 will serve to
positively grip the pages of the book.
It is to be noted that while I have shown my
book indicator in Figure 1 with the carrier in
contact with the upper margin of the pages of the
‘book, that I may reverse the indicator so that
the clip end 01', the carrier will contact the bot
tom margin oi’ the pagesor that it may contact
the side edge oi.’ the pages.
I claim:
A book indicator composed of top, intermedi
ate and bottom members, said intermediate 10
member comprising a plurality of concentric
disks each having indicia concentrically posi
tioned at the outer circumference thereof, said
bottom member forming a carrier for said disks
and comprising an elongated strip having means
at one end for engaging the opposite faces of 15
a page oi’ the book and being slotted substan
tially throughout its length, said top member
forming a pointer having a slot lengthwise there
of for viewing indicia on said disks and having
a sharp angular outer end, said disks and said 20
top and bottom members being centrally se
cured by pivot means, said top and intermediate
members being jointly slidable as a unit relative
to said carrier member due to engagement of
said pivot means with said slot in said carrier 25
member, said carrier having an intact and un
slotted bottom layer for shielding said book from
contact with said pivot.
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