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Nov. 15, 1938.
Filed Jan. 7, 1937 '
Irig. /
"Pstenied Nov.j15,193`8
Reginald Paulsen, 0slo, Norway
Application January '1, 1937, serial No. 119,372
In Norway July 29, 1936
2 Claims.
The present invention relates to improvements
in ship-hulls and it has for its object to provide
a reinforcing structure for the Walls of the ship
.such as shells, decks, bulk heads, tank tops, etc.
`5 whereby it will be possible to build such Walls
from lighter material than heretofore and thus
(Cl. 114-79)
heads 6 are taken up by plates or girders 3 which
are suitably fastened to the wall and extend at
right angles therefrom. Additional struts 4 are
provided by means of which a permanent ‘con
nection may be established between the main
structure and said girders or plates. I preferably
reduce the Weight of the hull accordingly.
According to the invention I attain this object
attain this by either providing. holes in said plates
or girders through which the auxiliary struts 4
by providing a framing structure or truss which
may pass.
10 is secured to the parts to be reinforced and con-
I claim:
structed and arranged to take up not only a substantial portion of the pressure exerted against
the hull wall but also the longitudinal stresses
occurring therein.
1. A reinforcing wall structure for use in ship
hulls comprising continuous longitudinal main
struts extending lengthwise to the walls of the
hull, said struts being fastened to the walls at
The invention is illustrated in the accompanying drawing which shows, by Way of example,
Certain intervals and having their intermediate l5
portions formed to extend at a distance from the
sevei‘al preferred l embodiments of reinforcing
structures and wherein Fig. 1 is a vertical eleva'tion showing schematically the reinforcing struc-
face of said walls, diagonal struts inserted be
tween said main strut and the Wall of the hull
and connected t0 the main strut and the wall of
` ~ 2o ture.
Figy2 is a simiIar View 0f a, modiñed ar-
rangement. Fig. 3 is a sectional view 0n line
A--A of Fig. 1. Figl 4 is a sectional View on line
C-C of Fig. 2. Fig. 5 is a, sectional View 0n line
B_B of Fig. 2. Fig. 6 is aschematical view cf a
25 series `of longitudinal sections as applied to the
hull of a ship.
Similar numerals refer to similar parts throughf
out the several views,
the hull to firmly maintain `the respective rela- 20
tíonship between said Walls and struts, a plate at
each extremity of the individual main struts fas
tened to the wall of the hull and extending at
right angles therefrom, openings in said plate,
and addìtîOIlal Struts passing through Said Open- 25
ings and connected at their free ends to the main
2. A reinforcing Wall structure for use in ship
` The reinforcing structure according to my 1n- ` hulls COI’IlpI‘ÍSÍl'lg` COl’lÈÍl'luOuS longitudinal main
30 venti‘on comprises a main strut I or a securely
inter-locked series `of such‘struts extending in a
longitudinal direction in regard tothe hull, and
a number 0f rigidly interconnected stifîening élements 0r Struts 2, the Whole being constructed
‘35 and arranged
so that the various stresses
to which
struts extending lengthwise to the walls of the 30
hull, said struts being fastened to the walls at
certain intervals and having their intermediate
poi-tions formed to extend at a distance from the
face of said walls, diagonal strutsl inserted be
tween said main Vstrut and the Wall of the hull 35
gg îïërlêlî‘gnëîlîxëoììì 51233111 be distributed over and connected to the main strut and wall of the
'I'he main strut I is fastened at certain intervals to the plates of the‘hull and its interine‘
40 diate portions are bent to extend at a distance
therefrom. The stiffening struts 2 are arranged
to form diagonal braces between the main strut I
and the Wan of the hun, as .clearly shown in Fig.
4, The stinîemng Struts! ‘are Connected to the
45 wall of the hull and strut l respectively by any
suitable means such as by Welding ‘or riveting.
The compression strains acting upon the bulk
hun to firmly m-amtam the respectwe r-elatiom
shlp betweeîl Sald Wam im? Struts'. a glrder at
each extremlty of the mdlvldual mam struts fas' 40
tened to the Wan of the hun and extending at
right angles therefrom’ a' cover plate fixed t0 the
free end of said girder, and additional struts con
nected with their free ends to saidcoverplate
and the main Struts.
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