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" PfwmwdNov-15,i938` ‘n
,` Í
` _
“ `
` « -.Bengemanrßeason.Ówensfvan NuyspCalif., as--i`
,signor` to Bank of America National Trust and v ` A.
Savings Association, Los Angeles, Calif., a Naf,`
\ ‘_1 ‘application
Mayer 1935, serial t No. p 24,329
`" " “
p p ` ‘.Í‘I'his‘inventionfrelates`to valvesand‘rnore par- ` formed in body 2 and has` an integral-extension
" ticularlygto‘a iiuid‘control‘ valve.
‘ j p
Iii at one end that is‘p‘rovidejd `with a-recess Il l `
‘ `¿nobjecteniny‘invention is to provide a novel \ therebyfforming" two ‘upstandingNlugs |2- that'
l valve ‘in whi‘chfthe workingparts1 thereof’need` straddle a“ pin I3` and thereby limit‘the rotational ‘
not be‘accurateiylñtted, but which will provide af movement lof `the member Q1. The other end"of -5
watertight seal when the valve is moved to’closed ' member ‘I `opposite extension Il) ‘extends"i'i’ornEthe`
" position;`
. „
“ 1
. 1 ‘
valve body wherea split clamp I4 ‘engages‘thef
Another‘objectfof my invention is to provide a ` same, ‘andf‘is " adjustablyfïmounted thereon
simple,"inexpensive, but highly eiiicient valve for’` means of the.` clamp screw _I`5`.' ` ‘Y ‘
. l
. `controlling the ¿now of liquids andin which the“`
control arm IB extends `fromlc1amp<`ll and‘is 10
the fthefsaineA
liquid ‘aidsl isin'` moved
forming` toa,¿liguid
`closed§ `provided
means that‘lmay
at‘fit‘s `free
be in"end
nature ‘ñ‘oat
of an‘ïel‘e‘ctric" . `
` "j ‘
,p '
‘ ' `
`.light ‘Qbulb‘lly4 that `is‘thre‘aded "intorengagenient l
" "Other: objectaäadvantagesand features "of` in? „withythel arrn- lSwhich `may ¿have its free, end`
ventionj mayfappearffrom the accompany “draw-9 c‘oi‘leld'a‘s- at I8 toprovidea threadedïsocket` for" lli`
‘ ing`,'the`subjoined detail description andthe> ap#` receiving‘the‘nsual threaded `éndfl9` "ot the‘v bulb'
"De?dèd clàimsi"
` The 'accompanying 'drawing’ïillustrates the in#
The free end `of opening 6 `mayfbe threaded‘asat
`vention in some y"of, the forms lll-at present deem"` 2l)` to provide" means for connecting-an extension
" " ‘
j M pipeïtlieréto;
Figure'jl is4 afside'elevational‘iview ‘of“my"1va1ve“
v".Ñpiaxz‘llring `o`1 nonèmetallic-plugí‘Zl is mountedïin" .
‘ ‘ associated with` Aau container which is shown in” opening ii‘andf‘such packing2|f maybe ¿ofnajnyY ~ `
ï section. `¿Dotvand dash "linesindica'te fa moved;` suitable material such "asrubDerL‘that'is sum
positiongof'thevalve controlwhenïthe’basinhafs` :ciently‘h‘ard -to` permit the pin fiftofrotate inboref
obtained apred'etermined‘quantityïof water@l \ ` .
S-‘ïwithout `theï same binding andwhich is alsol 25
\ .
Fig.` 2fis an axial sectional View of the valve suiiiciently pliableso‘ thatwhen pin 1 ‘is moved
l b l. shown in Fig. 1 and dot and dash linesindicate` ‘to closed position the pressure of the liquid from y ‘
the valve moved to closed position. The control
“ \ ` arm is broken away to contract the view.
~ p
the source of supply will urge the packing against
1 the pin 1 to form an eifective‘liquid‘tight joint.
Fig. 3 is a bottom plan view of the valve shown . p The packing 2l has, a head that is tapered on its 30 ‘
in Figs. 1 and 2. The control arm is broken away
‘ to contract the view.
l .
\ .
vunderside and is adapted to rest upongthe tapered
shoulder that extends from the sidewalls of the
Figs‘i is an end elevational view of a modiiied.
‘form of my novel valve.
` w
bore to theV reduced opening 6, and said plug 2 I. is "
b 3
provided‘with an `aperture b extending there-
Figgöis an` axial sectional `View taken on line . through which registers. with port 8 > when. the 35`
5_5, Fig. 4; ` Parts are broken away to contract Y, "valve is moved to open po`sltio`n`.`¿` Y l
‘the view.
l "
Fig.` `6 is fa. bottom plan view of the valvelshown
in Figs. 4 and `5.
4-6, the valve body 2' is provided with a bore'ß’“
Parts are broken `away to ‘ `that is internally threaded at one end as at l'
‘l contract the view. `Dot and dash’ lines indicate` .for threaded engagement with a supply pipe `5h40`
` . the valve‘in closedp'osition.
b ‘
The other end of bore 3’ is `provided with an b
`My valve l,fshown inY Figs. `1-3, comprises a
"1‘ `valve body 2"that is provided with a bore’ 3 that
is‘ internally threaded _at one end, as at `il, for
threaded` engagement with a supply pipe 5`that
‘ may‘beconnected, asfor example, to usual water
supply pipe lines. The other end of'bore 3 is ‘
`provided with a reduced opening 6,‘across which a
" `movable‘control member 1 extends so as to permit
` the port 8 therein to bemoved into and out of
register with opening 6," to `thereby permit and .
prevent flow of liquid past member 'l from the
source of supply.
in Figs."
b opening 6’ across which ar movable control mem- ~
ber 1’ extends so` as to permit the port 8’ therein ¿
fto be moved into and out of‘register with open- „
ing 6^ to thereby permit `and prevent flow of 45
l liquid past member ‘Hfrom the source of supply.
p `In the construction hownin Figs.4--6,the con
trol member 151s preferably `a flat member that
`is slidably mounted in a guideway such as a T~s1ot
9' formed in the bottom of the >body 2'. The v50
body 2’ is provided with projecting lugs a between`
which a bell-crank‘lever 25 is pivotally mounted
as at 26 and one end 21 l,of such bell crank 25
[The control‘member 1 is‘preferably a pin that extends into ‘a slot 28 formed in control member
It is rotatably mounted in a transverse boreì9- 1 'i'. `The other: end 29 of bellcrankïßis con- 55
` nected -to one end of control arm IB’ by means
œ of the wing nut 30 that is threaded on the bolt
3| and bolt 3| and wing nut 30 coact with wash
ers 32 to effectively secure control arm IB’ in
either air, gas, Water, or any other like or anal
ogous fluids or liquids, the flow of which is de~
adjusted position relative to bell crank 25. The
-_ other end` of controlarr?/'i- 6' may be provided with
and scope of my invention.
sired to be controlled, whether with or without a
iloat means, withoutA departing from the spirit
¿ I.c1aim:
i with the control arm to move the control member y
1 as will be apparent.’V
The packingr 2| ' is mounted in the valve body 2’
so that the same extendmëinto opening G' and
l. A valve comprising a valve body provided
any suitable means to‘receive a iioatiwhich coacts
with a bore for communication with a source of
liquid supply and having a tapered shoulder
.within said bore; a relatively long non-metallic 0
plug inserted in said bore andhaving one end
such` packing isprefer'ably oi the same material “ enlarged to form a head adapted to rest on said
shoulder, saidfplug being provided with an aper
‘ as hereinbefore'degc?lbed, tl'iatfìs~ ‘used for the A packing 2l "and will„operate in a manner anal- '
l5, ogous to the packing 2l to eîïectively form a
ture4 therethrough; and a closure member having
a `port for registry with said aperture the face
liquid tight connection" between tlhe movable-` on saidfplug head, nearest said closure member
member' 6’ and such packing to eilectively shut being tapered to engage the tapered shoulder in
o!! the liquid supply ‘when the valve is movedto vksaid bore, said closure member being contacted
position. ¿q
Y» i
It will; be apparentl‘from thefforegoing thatby
providing _alpaciçirig‘as- herein described, that the
movable member l,of the valve does not have to _be
tightly“I iitted into the valve body in order to
forma valve of Vthis character .which when closed
l' 2ay
does ¿notgleak
" f; .In? operation it
vlil-ppalrent Í that .when„myl
i valve is> used to control awater supply into apen
by said plug and said plug being so constructed
and arranged that lpressure of liquidin Asaid bore
will normally urge said plug against said closure
member to f_orm an effective liquid tight seal
when said port is moved out of registry with said
2. A valve comprising avalve lmdy provided 25
with a_„bore to be connected to a source of fluid
supply;` a jmovable controlv memberl extending
v " i; c ythat the neat .jn >win . beiraised jçr loweredl de~ Y across said bore and provided'with a port to be
pending- upon the >waterleveldu toïfthereby open: Vmoved into and oui-,of registry with `said bore; a
_tapered shoulder within said bore between said 30
and , close, the valve. ‘
closure member and the source of fluid supply; a
relatively long ‘cylindrical non-metallic ' plug
‘ -`vwithï'a pancin Fig. lto. control a water Y_level
my-valvemay be used in any place in` Aassociation
Y “as
witha iloat or iloat _meanswhereby a water levely
is desired to-be maintained _or controlled and this
bein connection Ywith‘a pan e asshown for
mounted in‘saidl bore and having theperiphery
atv one, end thereof enlarged to form a head with
its annular face nearestA the control member 35
tapered to engage said. tapered shoulder andpro
vided with an‘aperturey through `said plug and
as a d nking fountaini kor in association» with' with vwhich the port of said control member is
otherl‘chaniber or receptacle for alfle'cpclyl of' adapted to register; said plug being of pliable
Ywater. Vsuch asv the water ,tanks ïiì'or` .toilet bowls., ' :material 4'that when "said control member> is >moved. 40
lÍt„willalsofbe apparent that my valve may be to closed position, the _pressure of liquid from the
in aannemen withfthelnpw gf nulas such as" source'of supplyv will ‘urge’ said plug againstsaid
- :A gulorair. `ímdk although, I have. used theQterm
understood `ilo mean
member to form an effective liquid tight seal.
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