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Nov. 15, 1938.
Filed Jan. 2"?,v 1936
Patented Nov. 15, 193s
` .l L y2,136,718
DavidA. Wallace; Detroit, Mich.
Application January 27, 1936; `Serial No. 60,969
Y 9 claims.l
‘ The present invention relates to roof elements
formed of metal'o-r tile and to the means `for
The primary object of the presentinvention
5 is to provide means for forming a roof Aof tile
or metal roof elements which when assembled
Another object of the present invention is> to
provide a roof construction which may be assem
10 bled with facility without the use of skilled labor.
to be covered by the shingles 50 and secured to
this structure in any suitable manner is a plu- 5
rality of spaced substantially U-shaped holders
55 for the shingles. Each holder comprises ‘a base
‘56 which may be rigidly secured to the roof struc
ture 51 `in any suitable mannerrand extending
upwardly from` the base are spaced` resilient 10
Still another `object oi the invention‘is. toj pro
`ilanges 58 provided adjacent their upper ends
Another object of the present invention is to
necessary to position the resilient ñanges 52 of a
provide a roof construction which is particularly
adapted for use in combination with metal build
ing frames. In this respect resilient metallic
20 channels for receiving and supporting the tile'or
metal roofing elements, are welded to 'the metal
frame of the building so that the frame and chan
nel members mutually reinforce each other with
the result that the building frame and the roof
25 body incorporate a high degree of mechanical
With the above and other ends in View the in
vention is more fully disclosed with reference to
the accompanying drawing, in which
Fig. 1 is a plan View of a metallic shingle;
Figs. 2 and 3 are sections taken on the' lines
2--2 and 3--3 of Fig. 1, respectively;
Fig. 4 is a perspective of a detail;
Fig. 5 is an assembly view in side elevation of
3 Ul i the shingles on a roof, and
` Fig. 6 is a view shown in cross section taken
along the line 6-6 of Fig. 5.
Referring to the drawing by character of ref
erence the numeral 50 designates a substantially
4O rectangular metallic shingle formed at one end
4 with a downturned flange 5I for abutment by one
end of a sheet of insulating and sound deadening
material 54 which may be bonded or otherwise
vide for insulation as to heat and Coldwan re- ` Äwithf inwardly directly elongated extended por
spect to both tile and metal .types of'rooñng ele-V tions 59 which seat in the `grooves 52 to resiliently
ments, and in the case of metal roofing elements hold‘the shingles in place. ‘
In mounting the shingles on the roof it is only 15
to provide for insulation as to sound.
‘ ‘
The numeral 51 designates la roofing structure
erecting and supporting them in a building. "
provide an absolutely fire-proof roof. ,
(C1. 10s-_10)
sheet form and tapering longitudinally of the
suitably secured to the underside of the metallic
shingle. The shingle 50 may be formed of sheet
metal and is provided with a pair of downturned
spaced resilient iianges 52 which are formed out
` of the shingle 'and extend longitudinally thereof,
5o the flanges 52 being formed along their lower
edges with outwardly facing grooves or elon
gated sockets 53. The insulating or sound dead
ening material 54, which may be tar paper or
other suitable material is pierced by the depend
55‘ing flanges 52, the insulating material being in
shingle between the upturned iianges 58 of a
holder and rpress the shingle into place or until
'the extended portion 59 snaps into the grooves 52
`of the holder.
- In order to avoid metallic contact between ad--
jacent or overlapping shingles the insulating ma
terial 54 extends below or beyond the lower edges
of the abutment flange 5I asV shown in Fig.`> 5.
Also the holders 55 are relatively spaced, such 25
that the shingles 50 overlap, the upper overlap
‘ping end portions of the shingles being pressed
against the lower shingle end portion by the `re
silient or tensioned holders.
lnïFig. 4 there is illustrated in perspective a 30
`fragment of a` channel shaped retainer'fora tile
rooñng element (not shown) the retainer having
means providing an abutment for preventing
endwise movement of the tile with respect to the
channel after the tile have been placed therein. 35
The channel is generally designated by the nu
meral 65 and has a corrugated web portion 66
to which a bar 61 is welded to extend. crosswise
thereof. Where metallic roofing structures are
encountered, the retainer 65 may be welded Yor 40
be otherwise suitably secured thereto.
Although specific embodiments of the inven
tion have been illustrated and described it will
be understood that various changes may be made
within the scope of the appended claims without 45
departing from the spirit of the invention and
such changes are contemplated.
What I claim is:
1. A roofing element comprising a sheet metal
body and a composition body, said metal body 50
having a pair of spaced apart arms extending .
through said composition body, said arms having
retainer receiving means.
2. A rooiing element comprising a sheet metal
body, a composition body, said metal body hav- 55
ingone end of said composition body, and a pair
of arms integral with said metal body and pro
jecting through said composition body, said arms
metal, a metal channel comprised of resiliently
yieldable side walls united by an integral web,
said side walls having retainers thereon, said
channel having its web welded to said metal sup
having retainer receiving portions in their outer
porting structure, metal roofing elements and
resiliently yieldable elements integral with said
ing one end extended over and partially cover
3. A roof composed of roofing elements laid in
overlapping relation with one edge and a portion
of the upper surface of each element exposed,
10 each rooñng element comprising a Wear resist
ing fire-proof surface body, and a composition
insulating body secured- to the under surface
thereof, the surface body being extended over a
portion of the exposed end of each roofing ele
rooñng elements, said resiliently yieldable ele
ments being received between the walls of said
channel and being compressed thereby to main
tain them in engagement with the retainers there
on and supporting said rooñng elements with one
overlapping another.
7. A roof comprising a supporting structure ex
tending at an angle relative to a horizontal plane,
a plurality of pairs of yieldably spaced apart ele
being spaced slightly from the lower surface of ments attached to said supporting structure,
the insulating body whereby it protects thema »roofing elements, resiliently compressible means
jor area of the said exposed‘end yet does not on said roofing elements received in respective
contact the surface body of the roofing element sets of spaced apart elements and retained there
in by resilient pressure resulting from compres
20 which it overlaps.
4. >In a construction of the character described, sion by said spaced apart elements whereby they
support said roofing elements overlapped, and
a stationary support, a resiliently yieldable re
tainer means attached to said'support, roofing positive, means for preventing sliding movement
15 ment with the terminal of the extendedjportion
elements, and resiliently yieldable means on said
of the lowermost one of each series of roofing
roofing elements received in and compressed by
elements and through the inter-engagement of „ .
said retainer means and retained therein by the
the several overlapped rooñng elements of each
series holding the entire series against sliding
8. In combination, a channel member having
resiliently yieldable side walls, lengthwise tapered ¿J
friction induced through compression thereof,
said retainer means and last named means sup
porting said roofing elements in overlapped rela
30 tion with the overlapping ends held pressing
against the roofing elements which they overlap.
5. -In a construction of the character described,
a stationary support disposed `at an angle with
respect to a horizontal plane, resiliently yieldable
retainer means attached to said support where
by »it‘extends at an angle substantially corre
sponding thereto, roofing elements, resiliently
yieldableameans on said roofing »elements re
ceived in and compressed by said retainer means
and held therein by friction induced by compress
ing the same, said retainer means and last named
means supporting said roofing elements in over
lapped relation with the overlapping ends held
pressing against the roofing elements which they
engage, l and positive means in said retainer
means adapted to be engaged by the resilient
roofing elements, and resiliently compressible
projecting portions on said rooñng elements, said
projecting portions extending between and com
pressed by said resiliently yieldable side walls and
frictionally engaged therewith as a result of com 35
pression thereof to support said roofing elements
with the thicker end overlapping the thinner end
of the next adjacent rooñng element.
9. In combination, a channel member having
side walls, rooñng elements, said roofing elements 40
comprising sheet metal outer layers and com
position inner layers, resiliently compressible pro
jecting portions integral with the sheet metal
and projecting through the composition layers,
said projecting portions extending between and
compressed by said side walls and vfrictionally en
means on the lowermost roofing element to pre
gaged therewith as a result of compression there
vent sliding thereof downwardly in said angular
of to retain said roofing elements with respect
1y disposed retainer means.
6. Ina construction of- the character described,
»a stationary supporting structure formed of
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