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‘ ‘Nov. ‘15, 1938.
‘ Filed Aug. 28, 1957
‘ HLBwwa/J
‘ Patented Nov.‘ ‘15, 1938 a
‘REAR. VIEW mrmoa ‘
Harley L. ‘Bernard, Quincy, Mo.
Application August‘28, 1937, Serial No. 161,517
'I‘Claim. “<61. 24s-29s)
.This invention relates to motor vehicles and‘ I adjacent‘the forward end of the driver’s com-w
more particularly to a device adapted to be at; partment.‘
A tubular housing ‘II which is pro?
tached‘ to a motor vehicle to‘ enable the driver ‘ vided with an outer ?ange I2 is disposed within
1‘ of the vehicle to see rearwardly oi.’ one side 01'
the vehicle.
the cab or driver’s compartment of the vehicle‘
‘ and the ?ange ‘
object of this inventionis to provide a rear‘
I2 isadapted to engage against ' 5‘
the inner side of the wall ill of the vehicle.
view mirror which may be mounted‘ on a vehicle,
housing II is provided with an elongated slot l3
the .device being particularly ,adaptedior, use in 1 and‘ a plurality of notches it are provided in one
connection with motor trucks or the like: so that .side voflthe slot l3. ‘A supporting rod I5 is slid
10 the operator of the vehicle may see rearwardly
able in the housing H and the inner end of the 10
of the vehicle particularly whenbacking or park ‘ ‘rod
I5 is provided with an‘ operating lever l6
ing the vehicle.
. i v
which is threadably. secured to the rod l5 and pro
9 It is‘, of course, well-known. that motor trucks
‘vided with knob H.
or the like have bodies which‘ are considerably 1 ‘
The lever l6 projects through the slot l3 and
wider than the ‘cab or‘ driver compartment and. . is adapted to‘ seatin a selected notch I4 so as 15
‘ that in order to provide a means whereby the 1 to‘hold the rod l5 in a predetermined selected
driver can look rearwardly it is necessarvto pro-‘1
, vide a relatively long supporting arm fora rear
. view mirror. . At the‘present time, such relatively
1, 2o long supporting armsare ‘provided for‘ rear view
position relative to the housing II. A ‘bushing
I8 is disposed about the rod I5 on the outer side
of the vehicle wall‘ l0 and‘ is provided with a
‘flange l9 engaging against the wall I0. ‘Bolts or 20
mirrors but: these arms are ?xed tov a side offthe“ '‘ suitable fastening devices 20 engage throughthe ‘
cab and are subjected todamage in view of their ?ange l9 and the flange l2 and thus support the
projecting nature‘. It is ‘therefore an object of housing llin a substantially horizontal position.
. this invention to provide a rear view mirror which A. mirror 2i mounted in an angular frame 22
is shiftable from‘ an inner collapsible or inoperé‘ .which has a bushing ‘or bass “secured to the 125 1
ative position toan extended or operative posi
tion, the extension of the mirror being to a degree outer end of the supporting rod l5.
In the use of this device,the mirror 2| may be
determined bythe driver in order ‘to enable the‘
driver ‘to see rearwardly as when backing or the“ normally disposed in an inner or‘ collapsed posi
tion with the lever l6 engaging in the innermost
Another object of this invention is to provide notch 14. When it is desired to extend the mir- 30
‘ ‘a device of ‘this kind which is relatively simple
ror‘ 2| to an operative or extended position, the
“in construction and which‘ may therefore be lever I6 is raised and then moved outwardly along ‘
‘ relatively cheaply‘ ‘manufactured ‘and‘sold and 1 ‘the slot l3 so asvto move ‘the supporting rod I5
which maybe mounted on any conventional motor" outwardly to a position where the mirror 2! will
~ 1
vehicle so *as tolplfoject laterally thereof‘ to the
be“ disposed beyond the‘ adjacent side wall of the 351
desired degree.
truck or vehicle body.
With the foregoing and other objects in view, 1
It will be apparent from‘the foregoing that
the invention will be more fully described here- ‘ while in an operative position the mirror ,2] will
project beyond thezside of the vehicle body, the
401 inafter, and. will be more particularly pointed‘out 1
in the claim‘appended thereto.
mirror 2| may be quickly and easily returned to ‘.10
In the drawinggwherein like symbols refer to.
like or‘corre'sponding parts throughout-the sev
eral views.
Figure 1 is a detailed rear elevation of a device
‘ constructed according‘to an embodiment of this
‘. invention, showing thedevice mounted in a ‘motor
vehicle, the vehicle being fragmentarily shown
and partly in vertical section. 3
Figure‘2is an enlarged‘ fragmentary sectional
view taken on the line 2—2 of Figure 1.
Figure 3 is ‘a sectional view taken on the line
3-3 of Figure 1.
, ‘
an inoperative or‘ collapsed position closely ad- ‘
‘jacent the side wall ll] of the vehicle.
This de- .
vice embodies the use of relatively few‘ parts
which will not get out of order easily and which 45
are so constructed that they may be mounted on‘
any conventional vehicle body in anysuitable
position convenient to the driver of the vehicle. ‘
7 It is, of course, understood that various changes
and modi?cations may be made in the details‘ or '50
construction and design of the above speci?cally
described embodiment‘ of this invention without
departing from the spirit thereof, such changes
Referring to the drawing, thenumeral Ill des- 1 and modi?cations beingVrestricted only by the
ignates generally the side wall or a. motor vehicle ‘ scope of the following claim.
l' “
liming], tubullrhoulingtormed withenelon-
pueingthrunidhuhingsnd into the housing
e plurality of
tor rotetive end lonaitudinel movement therein,
| notches, aid housing being formed et one end
Ind on operating lever receivable in said slot and 5
l mbullr’?m'zed bushing muted
adapted to rest in a selected notch thereof, laid
to rezilter with the bore of aid housing, bolt!
opemting lever being thretdebly engaged et one
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