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Nov. 15, 1938.
A. NoRRls
Filed Jan. 19, 1937
Patented Nov. 15, 1938
Amos Norris, Overton, Tex., assignor of one-half
to De France Russell, Overton, Tex.
Application January 19, 1937, Serial No. 121,351
1 Claim.
(Cl. 287-113)
This invention relates to clamps especially
adapted for use on pumping equipment of oil
wells and the like and has for the primary object
the provision of a device of this character which
5 may be easily and quickly adapted to a rod
or like device of pump equipment and which will
increase its gripping action on said rod as the
load increases .and is provided with a yoke hav
ing a quick releasable part so that the applica
10 tion of the device to a pump jack or similar de
vice will be greatly facilitated.
With these and other objects in view, this
invention consists in certain novel features of
construction, combination and arrangement of
15 parts to be hereinafter more fully described and
For a complete understanding of my invention,
reference is to be had to the following descrip
tion and accompanying drawing, in which
Figure 1 is a side elevation illustrating a clamp
constructed in accordance with my invention.
Figure 2 is a sectional view taken on the line
2-2 of Figure 1.
Figure 3 is a perspective view illustrating a
25 split sleeve and showing a wedge forming an in
tegral part thereof.
Figure 4 is a side elevation illustrating the
split sleeve.
Figure 5 is a transverse sectional View taken
30 o_n the line 5--5 of Figure l.
Figure 6 is a transverse sectional view taken
on the line 6-6 of Figure 1.
Referring in detail to the drawing, the nu
meral I indicates a body having formed therein
35 a bore 2 opening outwardly through opposite
ends of the body and also has one end beveled
to form a seat 3. The body I has formed in one
side thereof a slot 4 which communicates with
the bore. The bore and slot taper towards one
4,0 end of the body. A split sleeve 5 tapers towards
one end and is adapted to ñt in the bore 2. 'I'he
bore 2 so that the body can be readily adapted
to the rod and then moved endwise thereof to
bring the split sleeve 5 into seating engagement
with the bo-re 2. A wedge-shaped rib 'l is formed
on the split sleeve to enter the slot 4 as the split 5
sleeve 5 enters the bore 2. The reduced end
of the split sleeve has formed therein an annu
lar groove 8 to receive a split ring El which pro
jects out of the groove to abut one end of the
body I to prevent the body I from moving end- 10
wise of the sleeve in one direction. The split
ring can be easily removed from the groove 8
when desiring to remove the split sleeve from the
bore of the body I. The rod 6 forms a part of a
pump equipment and the body has formed there- 15
on a yoke IU which may be adapted or connect
ed with a pump jack or similar device and in
cludes a removable section I I in the form of a
link having both ends bifurcated and provided
with aligned apertures to receive removable pins 20
E2. When one of the pins I2 is removed the link
II may be swung on the other pin .as a pivot.
By having the link I I removable or pivotal when
desired will permit easy application of the yoke
to a pump jack.
25 _
As the load increases on the clamp or rod
greater wedging action will be established be
tween the sleeve and the bore 2 and said sleeve
being split will be caused to contract and create
a tighter grip upon the rod 6.
What is claimed is:
A clamp comprising a body including means
for connecting the same to pump equipment and
having a tapered bore, a split sleeve to receive a
rod and tapering towards one end and positioned 35
in the tapered bore to have a wedging action
therewith and thereby bring about contraction of
said sleeve on the rod, said sleeve having a groove
in one end, a split ring mounted in said groove
to engage with one end of the body, said body 40
split sleeve 5 before entering the bore 2 is adapt
having a wedge-shaped slot communicating with
the bore, and an elongated wedge-shaped rib
ed to a rod 6, as shown in Figure 3. The diame
formed on said sleeve and fitting in the slot.
ter of the rod is less than the diameter of the
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